Always the Quiet Ones

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“Should we tell the taxi to go, or wait?” Eve, my girlfriend, asked.

We had just arrived at Greg’s apartment after a night of dinner and drinks. My girl Eve and I were helping Greg to his front door. Greg was so drunk that we were worried that he might not be able to get to the door without falling down and there was no chance that Jessica could get him to the door.

“You guys are always welcome to spend the night.” Greg slurred. Greg was usually not a big drinker, but he was promoted today, Friday, and he was in a mood to celebrate. All of us, except possibly Jess, were all good and drunk; Greg was just the most drunk.

“Of course we know we can spend the night, we are just concerned we might stick to the furniture,” said Eve.

“Oh, really?” Greg said, not quite in the state of mind to come up with a clever retort. He finally got the door unlocked.

Behind us we heard the Taxi pull away.

“Well, it looks like that decision was made for us. Did anybody bother to pay him?” Eve said.

“I did,” Jess said, in her usual style of two word sentences.

We walked into Greg’s apartment and were shocked to see the place was immaculate. Greg was no slob, but his apartment usually reflected the fact he was a bachelor: Clothes on the floor here and there, dishes in the sink, dead plant by the window, video game cables strung across the living room and a general level of untidiness. Now there were fresh vacuum lines on the floor and even the ash trays had even been whipped out.

Eve smacked Greg on the back of the head. “Did you make Jess clean your apartment?”

“Hey!” Greg said.

Jess shook her head and said in her small voice, “Oh, no he cleaned the apartment himself.”

I had known Greg for years, since were in high school. I had seen him clean his apartment on this level twice before, the first time was when he was in a very serious relationship, and the second was when he was engaged. Cleaning, for Greg was like a declaration: I like you so much I will even dust the shelves.

I looked back to Jess. She didn’t seem like Greg’s type. She was hot. I mean hot. She couldn’t have been more than five foot one inch, red hair that hung down just past her shoulder blades, probably a B-cup, a thin waste, lean all over, but not bony, legs that were long for her height and a butt that any man with a pulse wouldn’t be able to pry their eyes off of. On one of our few double dates I had even caught Eve looking at Jess’ ass.

I can see why Greg had taken her out, if I hadn’t been dating Eve, I would have done about anything for a roll with her.

However, the reason I was surprised that Greg was still going out with her was because she was probably the quietest person I had ever met. Greg usually was attracted to girls of a more outgoing nature. Double dates with Greg almost always had a conversation that led to sex talk by Greg’s dates. Jess was no introvert, while we were chatting at dinner she didn’t just stare at her food, she look at us while we talked, and laughed at our jokes, but she just didn’t say much.

“So where do we sleep?” Eve asked.

“There is a pull out bed,” Greg said pointing at his couch.

Eve walked to the couch and started taking off cushions. I walked to help, but not too quickly, I always take an opportunity admire Eve’s ass. Eve was taller than Jess by at least 6 inches, and thicker all over, but not fat, just a little softer looking. She had curly blond hair, blue eyes, D-cup breasts and, just between you and me, Eve had the prettiest pussy I had ever seen. She was twenty had just been with one other guy before me, and only for a year. They hadn’t had sex often, and he later came out of the closet. Eve hadn’t ever had an orgasm before we got together, so while other girls her age had been wearing out their pussies like there was no tomorrow, Eve’s was in near mint condition. Sometimes I just liked to look at it so she usually kept shaved, just for me.

Looking at her ass, I felt my cock stir.

I walked over to the hide-a-bed and pulled it out of the cough frame. When I unfolded the bottom half of the bed I heard Eve gasp. On the mattress was a purple dildo. I had never actually seen one before and my first thought was that it was almost the exact same size as my dick. About seven inches, at the base there was a hilt and beyond that was a strange piece hooking upward. I looked over at Jess and her blush reflected her bright red hair.

She dashed to the bed, grabbed it and ran into the bedroom.

“Well, this is awkward,” Greg said. “I trust you two are so drunk you won’t remember that in the morning?” Greg’s eyes seemed to plead at us.

Eve and I both mumbled our assurances that we weren’t going to remember it.

“Good to hear. I think I am going to go to bed now. I will see you two in the morning.”

Greg stumbled into his bedroom.

Eve crossed the room and dropped the blinds and I turned out the lights, it was almost pitch black in the room, even after our eyes adjusted. I stripped down to my boxers and Eve went down to her bra and panties. We climbed onto the hide a bed and I pulled the blanked that was folded on the pack of the couch Bycasino on top of us.

I gave Eve a kiss. Her tongue flicked out of her mouth and soon we were making out deeply. We started to grind out pelvises together.

Without warning Eve stopped and said, “Do you think Jess is pretty.”

“Yeah, but not as pretty as you.”

“We aren’t talking about me. I had a dream about her the other night.”

“Really? What were you doing with her?”

“We started making out, and then she starting playing with me, putting her fingers in me.”

At this point my private was at rigid attention.

Like most guys, I had, as subtly as possible, probed to see if there was any possibility that bringing another girl into bed, and she had never expressed the slightest interest in other women.

We started to hear creaking form Greg’s bedroom.

And we started to giggle.

“Hey Greg! I think your air conditioner is broken!” I shouted. “It’s making a horrible squeaking noise!”

The creaking continued.

“They are going to make me horny,” Eve said.

“I would hate for you to be horny,” I said. Pretty soon we had the hide-a-bed creaking, my boxers and her panties pushed to the side.

I felt Eve caressing my ass, pulling me into her. She started running her fingers over my asshole, pausing on it and applying gentle pressure. We had never done any sort of butt stuff so I was a little surprised.

“I like it when you play with my ass,” I said.

“What?” Eve said, and stopped moving.

I looked over my shoulder and was shocked to see Jess sitting on the edge on the bed completely naked with a hand on each of my ass cheeks. Greg was standing in the hallway, also naked and a big grin on his face. Greg turned on the hall light, giving us more than enough light.

“I heard what you said,” Jess said. Jess pushed forward between me and kissed Eve on the mouth, and put a hand on Eve’s beautiful pussy and gave a couple of quick rubs to her clit.

“Holy shit,” I said. Eve was so shocked that she still hadn’t moved.

I pulled out of Eve and sat back ready to enjoy what I thought was going to be a hell of a show.

“Wait a minute,” Eve said. “I don’t know about this, I’m not a lesbian.”

“That’s ok, neither am I. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. What does it matter if the mouth that goes down on you had a cock or a cunt at the other end of it?” Without another word Jess slid down and gave a little kiss to Eve’s pussy, a lick and in a few more seconds she was making sloppy, slurping sucking noises. Eve’s breath quickened and she grabbed the bed sheets.

And, then Jess stopped.

“Ok, these are the rules. Whatever I do, Greg does, and whatever Eve does Danny has to do. You two mirror us.”

“Whoa,” Greg and I said in unison. Greg said, “I don’t know about all that.”

I said, “Maybe we should all just stick to our own comfort levels.”

“Yeah,” Eve said, “Dan shouldn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to.” She was probably thinking about her first lover, how turned out to be gay.

“Of course he doesn’t. Nobody does. Now, Danny, Sit down on the bed, like Eve is, or I will just have to go back to bed.”

I took a step and stopped, thinking.

Jess said, “A minute ago I said, ‘it doesn’t matter if the mouth that goes down on you had a cock or a cunt at the other end of it.’ And it was ok for Eve, right? That isn’t very fair if it only applies to her.”

With that I sat down on the bed and matched Eve’s position.

The three of us looked over at Greg. A large part of me wanted him to go away. Greg turned without a word walked into the kitchen and returned with a large bottle of 151. He took a pull from the bottle and handed it to me. I took a pull, felt the burn and offered it to the women, they declined and I set it down on the small table beside the couch.

I couldn’t help but notice that Greg’s uncircumcised cock was no longer hard. I thought, he is going to power through this just so he can fuck Eve. I couldn’t blame him, I really, really wanted to fuck Jess

Greg matched Jess’ position, his face only inches from my cock, I could feel his hot breath on it.

Jess giggled, and Eve let out a nervous laugh.

Jess kissed Eve’s pussy and looked over at Greg.

Greg took a deep breath and kissed my shaft. My cock twitched.

Eve and I held hands.

Jess put her nose to the very bottom of Eve’s beautiful pussy and sniffed while running her nose from the bottom of to the top of Eve’s lips. Greg sniffed my cock bottom to top. Jess gave a quick lick to the bottom of Eves pussy, and Greg licked my balls. And then Jess plunged into Eve’s pussy, and Greg was down on Little Danny. Through it all, Greg and I were watching Jess and Eve, but I couldn’t help but get lost in Greg’s mouth, he could get most of it in his mouth and through it all he paid special attention to the underside of my dickhead. When Jess started to put her fingers inside of Eve, Greg started using his hand up and down my shaft with his mouth. I started getting close and Eve was there, hearing her climax was working for me, too.

“My Bycasino giriş fingers… are in… her,” Jess said between licks and sucks.

“Danny doesn’t… have… a pussy,” said Greg.

“They aren’t in… Eve’s pussy.”

Greg reached over to Eves pussy and wiped up some of her cum onto his finger and then put his finger in my ass, then went back to work on my knob.

Part of me wanted to not betray my friend and warn him I was about to blow my load, and the other part didn’t give a shit. I was still deciding when Eve started to scream, and the decision was made for me.

“Blurgh!” was all Greg said. He took his mouth off my cock in time for another squirt of cum to shoot up his nose.

At that moment I felt really bad.

Eve said to Jess, “Holy shit. Thank you! Thank you!” She pulled Jess up and started kissing her passionately. Greg, on the other hand climbed up on top of me. His face looked mad, but his erection told me he wasn’t all that upset. He still had the better half of my load in his mouth and then he put his mouth on mine and spit.

“You two don’t match.” Jess said. And then Greg kissed me.

It was different than kissing a woman, the stubble and the saltiness, but the latter was my fault. Our tongues touched and I could feel my cock starting to get hard, which surprised me.

“You still don’t match, we happen to be scissoring.” I was surprised to hear Eve say.

What the hell, I thought, I tucked his dick to the left of mine down along my taint and then I did the same as mine. The girls resumed kissing and so did we. Without dicks side by side like that it was strangely like fucking, but there seemed to be an exaggerated curve to his dick that made it massage my asshole. Eve started sucking on Jess’ nipples, and I did likewise.

“You made me feel so good I want to make you feel that good too,” Eve said.

Shit, I thought.

“Ok, but first, Greg said something mean earlier, so get on all fours.” Eve did, and I matched, and then Jess stuck her tongue all the way up my beautiful girlfriend’s asshole. I felt Greg’s tongue enter me. It was alien and strange, but it felt good.

After that Jess and Greg were on their backs, and Eve and I were poised and about to take the plunge. I got my first look at Jess’ pussy and, yes folks, it also had bright red hair, but only a neatly trimmed patch above her slit.

Greg’s dick was not circumcised, his dick was about the same length but the head was bigger and the shaft wasn’t as thick. But there was a curve to his dick, so it curved back up toward his head

Eve had never eaten pussy before and I had never sucked a dick. Eve squeezed my hand and without a word she plunged in, burying her face into Jess’ pussy. To match I started to suck Greg’s balls. Eve started to rub Jess’ clit, so I started to rub Greg’s shaft. I noticed a large amount of precum on it and that lubricated it. Soon Eve turned her attention to Jess’ clity and then it was my turn to suck cock. I pulled back his foreskin and went to work. It wasn’t that bad. I don’t think I could ever get into guys, but it wasn’t bad.

Jess came some but didn’t climax, and soon Greg blew his load in my mouth, it was salty tangy and spicy, I thought of the women and the mouths I had spunked in, and then I swallowed, fair is fair.

“You boys have been so good, I think you both deserve some pussy.” Jess said. Eve laid down next to Jess. Gerg crawled on top of Eve, already ready for another go, and I crawled on Jess. Greg pushed into Eve and she gave a little gasp. I entered Jess. She was still full of cum from getting eaten and I slid in, but then the strangest thing happened, Jess seemed to grab me and hold on. She relaxed her pussy muscles and I gave another thrust.

“Fuck me you cocksucker!” Jess yelled.

“Oh, I am gonna fuck you, you fucking dyke rug muncher.” Since I had came once already I was ready to fuck her hard and fast, faster then I normally would have, for fear of finishing before my partner.

“Do you like that, you whore?” Greg was saying to Eve.

“Oh, fuck yes.”

“Say you are a whore, beg me to keep going or I will stop.”

“No!’ Eve said. “Please don’t stop. Fuck me, like the dirty fucking whore I am.”

Jess said to me, “Do you like watching him fuck your lover?”

“Fuck yeah.”

“You know the curve to that cock you love sucking so much? It is rubbing the shit out of her g-spot. “FUCK!” Jess grabbed my waste and forced me to fuck her faster.

Eve screamed and Jess roared. She fucking roared.

She started fucking me faster and faster.

As both women climaxed they started making out.

Eve went rigid, gave one last final grind to Greg and then relaxed.

Jess on the other hand pushed me out of her, just in time to spray. I had seen videos of female ejaculation before, but I wasn’t prepared for it. The spray started gushing on my dick, but then the direction changed toward her face. The spray was continuous and in the middle of it, just for a second, it seemed to become some sort of cunt cum rainbow. Then it all came splashing down on her stomach and face.

“That was fucking hot,” Eve said.

Greg Bycasino deneme bonusu pulled out of Eve and slid between me and Jess, and stuck his dick in her, I was about to get mad that I got forced out, I hadn’t even came my second time yet, but Jess caught me with her legs and pulled me back toward them.

“You had better get into that pussy.” Jess said.

It wasn’t easy but soon Greg and I were both in Jess’ pussy and Eve planted her pussy on Jess’ face. Greg went to work on her asshole.

I couldn’t believe it, but soon Eve started on her third climax and on Jess and Greg their second. I could feel Greg’s jizz flood into Jess’ pussy.

The three of them laid back and started to relax, the three of them lit up cigarettes. I had never seen Jess smoke before.

“You didn’t cum yet did you?” Jess said to me.

“No,” I said, I wanted to mount Eve, but she was smoking. I lit up my own smoke.

Jess whispered into Eve’s ear, Eve shook her head and said no. Jess whispered again and said Eve no again. The third time Eve thought for a moment and then said yes. Jess giggled and kissed Eve.

Jess crawled toward me crawled on me. She crawled higher, careful of our cigarettes , until she was rubbing her cream pie on my face, and then she crawled off the bed and ran to her room. Eve started licking the cream pie on my face. When she returned she had her hands behind her back.

“Danny do you think you could get off if you stuck it in Eve’s tight little asshole?”

“Hell, yeah!” I said. I had never been in anybody’s ass before.

“Good.” From behind her back she produced a bottle of lube.

Everybody put out their cigarettes.

“But, remember, Danny, fair is fair.”

My eyes got wide and I looked at Greg. “No, that isn’t going to happen.”

“Aww, well, then I suppose that this will have to do.”

The purple dildo appeared in her other hand with a set of straps. She put the straps on Eve and mounted the dildo into it so the hook curved up and hit Eve’s g-spot.

My dick was hard as ever just looking at her, from her huge tits to her sweat covered body to her purple boner, I wanted to want to say no, but I gladly said, “Fuck me.”

“Come here and help,” Jess said to Greg.

I got on all fours.

They both started licking my asshole. Fingers started to enter me, and rub my cock and balls, Jess knew what she was doing, she started to massage my prostate. Then the fingers were gone and I could feel the dildo. Covered in lube Eve pushed, she hit what felt like a second wall. It hurt.

“Whoa. Wait.”

“Slowly, honey,” Jess said.

After a minute Eve began pushing and this time she slid in all the way to the hilt. It started feeling kinda good.

Jess whispered something to Greg. He slid under me and started sucking my cock.

Ok, I thought, and then I put his in my mouth.

“I like that your enthusiasm, Dan, but, that is my cock,” Jess said.

She rubbed lube onto her asshole and then all over his cock, then she sat on it. All the while Eve was fucking my ass and Greg was deepthroating me. Jess started to bounce on Greg’s cock, and then I twisted my head to start licking her pussy, the angle was a little awkward but good. Eve was thrusting harder and faster. Behind me Eve was starting to cum again, I could feel my cock starting to twitch, I was getting close. I said as much.

Eve finished a small climax and said, “Well, then I guess it’s my turn.”

We disentangled ourselves from each other.

Jess laid on her back with her ass on the edge of the bed. Greg started fucking her ass again. Eve started sixty-nineing with Jess, the strap-on gone, and I started licking Eve’s asshole, putting one then two fingers in her tight sphincter, getting her ready. Then I put my battering ram at the gate.

“Will it hurt?” Eve asked.

“A little, don’t worry, I will take care of you,” Jess and resumed her licking.

And then I pushed. I went in slowly, so slowly.

“Ooh. Wait.” That made me smile.

Jess started fingering eve as she licked her.

After a minute I pushed again, and all the resistance was gone and I was in all the way. I had never felt anything so tight around my cock before. I started a faster thrust and sooner than ever Eve started breathing hard. Jess started breathing hard Greg started breathing hard.

Jess said, “don’t either of you cum in us. You both wait until you are both ready.”

I pulled out and shoved my cock down Jess’ throat, gave her a few thrusts and shoved it back into Eve’s asshole, Eve gasped. A couple of minutes passed and I could feel my cock twitching. I announced that I was ready.

“Not yet,” Eve begged. I held out a little longer, and she started a screaming orgasm. Right behind her Jess started a guttural, roaring, screaming, thrashing orgasm, seconds later Jess gushed another large amount of liquid from her pussy, this time Eve caught it all with her face. Greg said he was ready, I gave one last thrust and then Greg and I pulled out. Eve kneeled in front of Greg and Jess in front of me they started jerking us off. I began to blow my load on Jess’ small tits, Greg started on Eves huge tits. When we were done, the girls started kissing and rubbing their tits together, mixing our cum. Then they turned to us and started rubbing their tits on my and Greg’s faces, Eve on mine and Jess on Greg. Then they started kissing us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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