Always a First Time

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Mike and I were enjoying an early morning run through the woods as we do whenever he visits my wife and I. He was slightly ahead of me and, try as I might, I just couldn’t avert my eyes from his swaying bottom, his arse cheeks rubbing together in the tight white shorts he was wearing. I knew I shouldn’t be looking at him the way I was, but his arse was just so damned attractive and very very sexy.

Mike slowed down to allow me to catch up, at forty years of age I am still reasonably fit but not as fit as a nineteen year old who attends the gym regularly and plays football each week for his local Sunday League team. Mike smiled at me as I neared him, feeling a desperate need at the same time to relieve myself.

“I gotta take a piss, Mike,” I said.

“Me too, dad,” Mike replied, “best go in the bushes, don’t want any dog walkers seeing us.”

My son turned and headed off the main path down into the undergrowth where we would be safely screened by the trees. As the shadows from the trees fell on him, his bum looked even more succulent, accentuated by his skimpy shorts framed by his white matching sleeveless vest. I could feel my cock hardening inside my shorts and I willed it to go down as Mike stopped in the copse, reached inside the right leg of his shorts and took out his prick.. I stood next to him and took out my own appendage too and together we began to let fly with two gushing streams of hot steaming father and son piss.

“Fucking hell, dad,” Mike said, “I need this.”

“So do I, son,” I replied as our pee splashed against the bark of the tree, “I was bursting.”

From ogling my son’s bum for the last ten minutes or so, I decided I couldn’t resist it; I just had to sneak a quick glance at his cock. Fucking hell, he was big, just like his old man, a right chip off the block and a classic case of like father, like son if ever I saw one. Mike had his foreskin peeled back, as did I, and as he shook the last drops of pee from his knob, he smiled across at me.

“Like what you see, dad?” he said, nonchalantly.

I was taken aback by my son’s direct comment. Obviously, in eyeing up Mike’s prick, I had not been discreet enough. There was no point denying it, I had been caught, hook line and sinker.

“You’ve got a nice dick, son,” I said and then, as a wave of nausea swept over me, I hastily added: “but I shouldn’t be saying things like that.”

“Why not, dad?” Mike rejoined as if this was the type of conversation every father and son had every day. “I’ve seen you ogling my arse in my shorts while we’ve been running and looking at my dick while I was pissing. If you want it, you only have to say.”

By now, I too had finished pissing and the early morning air grew pungent with the scent of freshly disposed pee. I had thought my embarrassment would cause my cock to return to its flaccid state but when I looked down, it had grown to mammoth proportions and literally throbbed in my hand.

Mike turned and walked towards me, holding in his hand his equally throbbing cock, which was now as hard as mine after relieving himself. My mouth was watering at the sight, I had never in a million years dreamed that a moment like this would happen, despite having secretly fancied my adult son for the past year or so, and now here he was offering me sex on a plate.

“Dad,” Mike said, sensing my dilemma, “there ain’t nobody here but us chickens. If you want to suck my prick, then it’s all yours.”

I couldn’t refuse an offer like that. Sweeping caution to the wind, I fell on my knees, oblivious to the stings from a few nettles, and looked up at my son. His cock, with his retracted foreskin and his big balls hanging out through his shorts as well, were being presented to me as if the taboo act we were about to embark on was the most natural thing in the world.

“Suck it, dad,” Mike said, “I really need a nice hot fatherly blowjob.”

“In a moment, son,” I replied. Now that I had decided to abandon any idea of propriety, I wanted to admire my son’s cock to the full.

“You have a beautiful prick, son,” I said, “and such lovely juicy balls,” I went on, reaching out a hand and cupping them gently. They felt absolutely delightful in my hand and with my other hand I gave several quick tugs on my cock.

“They’re full of spunk, dad,” Mike replied, “as I’m sure yours are. Now, don’t keep me waiting, you horny sod, suck it. Suck it hard.”

I reached round behind Mike and grabbed his arse cheeks, enjoying the luxuriating feel of his buns in my hands through the tightness of his shorts. A whimper of pleasure from Mike gave me the courage to continue and I pulled him closer towards me until his dangling cock was literally only an inch or so away from my waiting mouth.

“Fucking hell, son, your bum feels great in those tight shorts.”

“Yeah, dad,” Mike replied, “I like you touching up my arse. Now quit speaking and get sucking.”

I wasted no further time as I opened my mouth and took Mike inside. I licked the tip of his knob for a few seconds bursa otele gelen eskort and then took the entire shaft inside, taking it right to the back of my throat. The sun shone down on us and the birds were singing high up in the trees but, at that moment in time, it could have been pouring down with rain and I wouldn’t have given a damn.

“That feels great, dad,” Mike said as I went to town. Unbeknown to Mike’s mother, I had sucked plenty of cock in my youth before we were married but this was the first time I had had a man’s cock in my mouth for nearly twenty years and the fact that it was my own son’s cock gave it a surreal feel, adding to the exquisite pleasure as we indulged in incest for the very first time.

“Hey dad,” Mike said, after I had been blow-jobbing him non-stop for nearly ten minutes, alternating between sucking his prick and licking his huge sweaty balls, “what do you think of this?”

I rested back on my haunches and watched fascinated as Mike turned his back to me and slowly lowered his shorts. As his bare arse came into view, my excitement reached fever pitch. I had thought my son’s bum looked fantastic in his shorts but it looked even more spectacular and exquisite in its naked form. His smooth hairless cheeks were nicely rounded in perfect proportion to the rest of him, perching nicely at the top of his athletic legs and his long narrow crack looked divine, dividing his bum into two beautifully separate globes.

“I know you like seeing my arse in my shorts, dad,” Mike said, “but do you like it bare?”

“I don’t think I have to answer that, son,” I said, giving another couple of tugs on my own prick which had remained rock hard, as if cast in stone, ever since Mike had started giving me the come-on. A long gob of pre-cum had formed through my piss slit while over on the tree, the stains of mine and Mike’s piss were drying rapidly in the sun.

“Take a look at this, dad,” Mike said and before I could object or say anything, my son arched his body forward, bending right over and sticking out his arse immediately in front of my face. As if reading my thoughts and knowing what I wanted to see, Mike quickly reached round with his hands, gripped his buns and spread them wide, exposing his tight pink arsehole to his own father.

“Lick it, dad,” Mike implored, “lick your boy’s arse. I want to feel that hot daddy tongue of yours deep inside my tight arsehole..”

By now, both of us had reached the point of no return, we had crossed the threshold of a very taboo act frowned on by society but, hey, we were consenting adults and, in any case, what has a person’s sex life got to do with anybody else? My son was seducing me, not the other way round, and it was entirely mutual, I assure you.

I didn’t waste a second complying with my son’s request; I stuck out my tongue and sent it careering towards his waiting twitching arsehole. Mike winked his hole at me as my tongue approached, and I nearly came my load as he worked his arse muscles in and out, thin erotic lines forming on the walls of his arse as he spread his cheeks as wide as he could for me to get my tongue as deep inside as possible.

“Oh fuck, dad, that feels so good,” Mike breathed heavily as my tongue made contact and I began to slurp it up and down the crack of his arse between his two finely parted cheeks. As I went in deeper, determined to give my son’s bum a good tongue-lashing, Mike’s arsehole tightened around my tongue until I was rimming him for all I was worth. The red ruby mound of his rosebud tasted absolutely delicious, it had been so long since I had rimmed a man that I had forgotten how pleasurable it was. And it was all down to my son for re-awakening sensations in me, which had lain dormant for far too long.

Fucking hell, I thought, if his mother could see us now!

I* * * *

“Bend over, dad,” Mike commanded, as I stood up after rimming my son for what had seemed an eternity, “I want to give you a treat you’ll never forget.”

“You’re a right horny little fucker, aren’t you?” I replied, beaming with paternal pride, “and there was me thinking you were inexperienced.”

“You get a lot of cock at college, dad,” Mike said, “I ain’t no fucking virgin.”

“I can see that,” I said, as I bent over and stuck my ass out towards my son. “Now whatever you want to do, my darling boy, my arse is all yours.”

“Fuck, dad,” Mike said, almost in whispers, “that is one hot daddy arse. Spread your cheeks the way I did. Open up that tight hole.”

Mike stood back and masturbated as I positioned myself as best I could so as not to lose my balance. I slid my shorts down until they were halfway down my legs while my vest rode up my back as I grasped my buns and parted them as wide as I could. The morning which had begun so innocently had now metamorphosed into a hot incest session that I could never possibly have envisaged, not even in my wildest dreams.

“You ever been fucked, dad?” Mike asked, still bursa eve gelen escort bayan wanking his cock as if his life depended on it. From my bending stance, I glanced back over my shoulder and smiled at the sight of my son’s big pink knobhead peeping in and out of his foreskin as he wanked, glistening with pre-cum, highlighted by the sunlight and shadow from the trees.

“Only by your mum’s strap-on for the last twenty years,” I replied, “though I did take it up the arse from other guys when I was at college,” I added, as many happy memories of those long lost days and countless suckings and fuckings after lights out came back to me.

“Then it’s high time you experienced the real thing again,” Mike said, pulling his shorts down too until they languished around his ankles and, before I had even a chance to object – not that I was going to – Mike moved in behind me and tentatively placed the head of his cock at the entrance to my arsehole. Not having had a real cock for more than a generation, it felt wonderful and all the more exciting knowing that it was not any cock but that of my own doting loving son.

“Gee, dad,” Mike breathed heavily, “I so wanna fuck your tight arse.”

“Go ahead, lad,” I replied, “I ain’t gonna stop you. But it may need a bit of lubricating first.”

Mike dropped to his knees and sent his saliva-encrusted tongue into my hole, sending all kinds of tickling sensations through me as he rimmed me to get my hole thoroughly prepared for the incestuous invasion. Just as I had forgotten how pleasurable it was to lick a nice hot manhole, so too I had forgotten just how great it is to be licked in that area yourself. My arsehole could have gone on enjoying my son’s tongue for a lot longer than the ten minutes or so he spent preparing my hole for a good hard fucking but I wanted to feel his cock in my arse – and I didn’t want to have to wait another minute longer.

“Fuck me, son,” I breathed, “fuck your daddy’s tight arse.”

Mike stood up. his cock looking like it was on a spring as it pointed upwards to the sky, the thick head of his knob that would soon be inside me glistening with pre-cum. Birds and moths flitted all about us, probably thinking: these bloody humans, but neither Mike nor I took any notice of them. I felt like I had passed from the earth onto another planet as the head of Mike’s cock gently nudged my hole and he began to work his way in, slowly, slowly, slowly, nice and gentle, not wanting to hurt his old man, he loved me too much for that. “Oh yes, lad,” I breathed as Mike’s nineteen years old knob passed through my pain barrier and became firmly embedded in my forty years old anus, “that’s it, lad, fuck me.”

Mike never said a word as he started the fucking in earnest with me pushing back my arse to meet every thrust. The feeling was incredible, how many other fathers let their own sons consensually fuck them, I wondered, as Mike continued to pound my hole with an expertise that defied his tender years? I glanced over my shoulder again and smiled up at my son whose eyes were rolling in his head, his face drenched in sweat as he exerted all his powers of concentration on pleasuring himself, and me too. It felt so great to have a real cock in my arse again after so long, Mike’s mother’s strap-on is very good, of course, and I look forward to many more fem dom sessions with her, but you can’t beat a real live cock, especially if the cock in question is blood related to you.

“Yeah, fuck that arse,” I breathed heavily, enjoying every scintillating second as Mike’s cock forced itself in, all the way up to the hilt, my arsehole feeling as if it was on fire, a flame so intense that not even the fire brigades from several counties would be able to dampen down.

Mike was easily able to keep up the pressure, he was an absolute natural at the sex game, as I was rapidly discovering, and I began to wonder how many other arses he must have fucked in the past year or so to be as good at it as he was. After ten minutes, we changed position, Mike finding a patch of grass and seating himself on it and I stood over him with my back to him, spreading my buns wide again as I lowered my bum onto his cock, slowly and gently again, until it was balls deep inside me. I began posting up and down on Mike’s cock, wanking my own at the same time, Mike’s big spunk-filled balls slapping rhythmically against the insides of my thighs as he gave me the fucking of a lifetime.

“Oh yeah!” I sighed, contentedly, my bottom aching yet not wanting to stop, “that feels so good.”

Mike’s grunts of pleasure grew louder with every thrust of his cock. As he rammed it in, again right up to the hilt, my arsehole tightened around his prick and I began to see stars, I hadn’t been so exquisitely pleasured like this in years. My own grunts of bliss started to grow as loud as Mike’s, joining me in unison as we both became lost in a world I had never even imagined, let alone thought existed. It was hot taboo sex at its bayan eskort bursa most hardcore and taboo and that is what made the whole thing so wonderfully and fantastically exciting, the fact that what my son and I were doing we shouldn’t be doing at all.

“I’m gonna cum, dad,” Mike said, a short while later, having fucked me for half an hour or more, by which time I had begun to think my son’s cock had taken up permanent residence inside my arse, “yeah, aaaaaahhhh, oh fuck, here it comes, dad.”

“Yeah, cum inside me, son,” I breathed, “I want to feel your spunk in my hole.”

The words had scarcely passed my lips when I came myself, having wanked non-stop the whole time Mike had been fucking me. As my spunk gushed fountain-like from my cock, draining my balls of their entire contents, I felt my son cream my hole almost simultaneously and a warm glow ran through my entire body as Mike discharged a vast quantity of his hot seed deep inside me.

After we had come down from the sheer intensity of our orgasms, I lifted myself off Mike’s prick and rolled over onto the grass alongside him, folding him into my arms. A long ribbon of white-hot incestuous spunk was dripping from my arsehole as we kissed passionately on the lips, sending our tongues deep into each other’s mouths.

“Thanks, son,” I said when we eventually broke free from the kiss.

“Thank you too, dad,” Mike replied, “I hope you enjoyed your first fuck with your son.”

“I certainly did,” I replied, “but remember, not a word about this to your mother.”

I had scarcely finished speaking when I heard a noise in the undergrowth behind us, a noise that signified the crunch of approaching feet …

* * * *

“Oh, shit!” I whispered, “we’d better get dressed, there’s somebody here..”

“It’s OK, dad,” Mike said, grinning.

“What do you …..?” I began and then stared dumbfounded at the approaching female figure. My wife, dressed in running kit, was smiling at us and beaming at her two men with pride and lust in her eyes.

“What the fuck ….?” I began again.

“Never mind about “not a word of this to your mother”,”, my wife said, giggling. “Mike told me he planned to seduce you this morning so I followed you. I watched the whole thing through the trees over there and may I say it was a wonderfully horny and pornographic show you both put on for me.”

“Mike!” I cried, flabbergasted.

“Don’t worry about it,” my wife replied, “it was, as I said, a fantastic show and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it for the world. And there’s something you need to know, too, honey,” my wife continued, her eyes twinkling mysteriously.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Tell him, mum,” Mike said, standing up full frontal nude before both his parents and without any inhibitions whatsoever, his cock already back on the horn and his recently emptied balls dangling provocatively below.

“Tell me what?”

My wife took a deep breath before answering as she stared at her son’s aroused prick, unable to take her eyes away from the majestic spectacle of Mike’s penis which the young man was uninhibitedly displaying. “Mike seduced me yesterday, too,” she said, in a voice that implied it was completely understandable, almost as if Mike had taken her on an outing to the shops, “and we both said we’d like to get you involved to make it a real family affair. After all, you wouldn’t like to be left out, would you? So Mike told me where you’d be this morning and I followed.”

My cock, which had started to deflate, was slowly beginning to once again rise to the occasion. “You been fucking your mother?” I said to Mike, trying to sound stern, but excited at the thought. If my wife had been secretly watching me taking it up the arse from our son, then there was no reason why I shouldn’t have them put on a show for me too — only in my case there would be no furtive watching from behind a row of trees, the secret was out and any further attempts at subterfuge were now out of the question.

“Of course, dad,” Mike replied, “I love both of you very much and I can’t think of a better way to show my love than to fill both of you up with my spunk, can you? Now, let’s get dressed and get home, we have a party to attend.”

“We do indeed,” my wide replied, “and my pussy can’t wait much longer, it needs a really good seeing to. And with two horny men with their tongues and pricks at the ready, I should be in for a real treat.”

“You sure fucking are, mum,” Mike replied, “I can’r wait to lick and fuck that lovely juicy cunt of yours again.”

Mike pulled on his vest and shorts, his spectacular arse now looking as superb in his shorts as it had done earlier only this time with the added excitement doe him of his tight sexy curvaceous bottom being appreciated by both his parents. And not only his arse, his cock was now rock hard again and tenting out the front of his shorts so much it looked like it would burst through the material at any moment, ripping his shorts to shreds.

I could see my wife licking her lips as she eyed up Mike’s shorts-clad buttocks and I smiled at her, receiving a nice heartfelt smile back in return as I pulled on my running kit. Then my family and I started the run back home – and to our first family threesome, proving that, in our case at least, dreams really do come true and that there is always a first time. For everything ….

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