All Work and Some Play

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My industry is one of the remaining male-dominated sectors of the work force. Home renovations. So you’ll forgive me if, even as a progressive male, I find having a woman on our crew to be something of a novelty. We hired her about a year ago, and it’s been a good experience for all of us. She’s young and inexperienced, but eager to learn and a lot less boneheaded than any guy her age would be. The rest of my crew-mates and I like to think that we’re forward thinking, respectful men, and we take our responsibility as such seriously. Still there was a nervousness as Billie, our female apprentice, came aboard. Sure we’re progressive, but our humor is sometimes crass, sometimes subversive, though never demeaning. How would it be to have her around? Time was spent testing the waters, seeing what she was okay with and what not, making sure the lines of communication were open in case something that was funny for the rest of us was uncomfortable for her. As it turned out, other members of the crew could at times be more sensitive than she was, and I was delighted the first time she made a joke about getting caulk in her mouth!

Physically she is petite. Weighing in at no more than 90 pounds wet (more on that later), her work clothes are often baggy and reveal little of her form, but in the warmer months she wears shorts to work which reveal some very nicely toned thighs and calves. Her breasts are probably no more than an A cup, but she is by no means flat-chested — I’ll never forget the first or second day she was there, with her and me working together on a sheet of drywall: we both braced it upright, and I felt my cheeks flush as her breast began to brush against my hand while she worked the drywall saw in and out of the board. I can only imagine that she felt it too, if not the heat radiating from my face, but she did not pull away. Nothing was said.

In reality the story should end here. To imagine her as anything other than a co-worker is laughable on a number of levels; first of all, that she and I are both attached — I am married, and she lives with her boyfriend. Secondly, that she is nearly 20 years my junior. Now, it’s one thing for men in their forties to jerk off to porn containing girls in their late teens or early twenties. At those times we forget our age and exist as horny teenagers ourselves, and everything is as it should be. But in real life, 40-year-olds and 20-year-olds are at very different places in terms of maturity, social standing, stage of life. So I would not have expected the following to take place…

Billie and I were alone on the job site. We have an easy way of relating to each other, an understanding that there is a mutual respect, as well as an appreciation for licentious humor and stories. So while we bursa escort sat on the front step during coffee break, each scrolling through our respective social media feeds on our phones, she looked over with interest when I guffawed at something I had just seen. A friend of mine runs a couple of porn sites, and posted a link to one of her promotional videos. A disclaimer read that while it was definitely NSFW (a point I completely ignored) it didn’t contain any outright pornography, it did contain naked people being naked. The wording of the disclaimer was what had made me laugh. Well I had to check it out. In fact, it felt entirely natural with Billie sitting beside me, to click on the link and watch the video.

The first minute-and-a-half of the video truly was pretty tame. It had naked “porn stars” talking to the camera about their jobs. The last thirty seconds, however, were different. The disclaimer I had read was not entirely accurate. Suddenly, there were two naked babes on the screen. One of them, lying on her back with her legs spread, the other one toying the first with a big black vibrator. And they were HOT.

I was caught a little off guard but continued watching, feeling that familiar hot swelling between my legs, and my cheeks turning red. “Dayum…” muttered Billie beside me. I glanced over at her to see her cheeks flushed as well, eyes glued to the screen.

I chuckled a bit nervously and said, “Sorry, it wasn’t supposed to have any of this in it…”

The video ended. We both laughed at what we had just watched together. And then she said, “Let’s see that again.”

I swallowed hard and pressed play again. “Skip this part,” Billie said to me of the first segment with the interviews with naked people. “Let’s see the ending again.” So I fast-forwarded to the final 30 seconds and again we watched two hot, naked girls getting each other off. My eyes darted to Billie who was still blushing furiously, squirming a little and absent-mindedly caressing her left breast with her hand, eyes still on my phone. She noticed me looking and giggled a little. “Oops” she said and took her hand from her breast. “Maybe I’m liking this a little too much. What are you making me watch at work!?” she chided as she punched my arm. That did it — my cock had been steadily growing but now it was completely engorged. I’m sure she noticed; my work pants are a heavy material that doesn’t yield easily, and my hard cock pressed outward at an odd angle. Billie gave me a sly sideways look and said, “Come on, neither of us can work like this, let’s move this inside!”

I followed her through the door and we turned into the living room which was devoid of furniture on account of the renovations we were doing. She sat down on the floor and patted bursa escort bayan the spot beside her. Wordlessly I sat down beside her. This time she pulled out her phone and held it up so we could both see it. She typed in the name of her favorite porn site and before long, a scene containing a young woman and a very well-endowed man was playing out before us. I was still a little nervous but I was so turned on by this point, my inhibitions were quickly leaving me. “Are you sure about this?” I asked her. “Fuck yeah, I can’t watch something like that and then just do nothing about it!” she said, her eyes flashing at me.

We both watched the porn scene a little longer, me not quite knowing what to do, when she unsnapped her pants, opened the zipper and slid her hand down inside. My balls were absolutely aching, I was so turned on by how completely naughty this all was. Billie was already starting to breathe a little heavier. I unzipped my pants too and slid a hand into them, awkwardly tugging on my aching dick. Billie looked at me and said “Well this is no good, we can’t get anything done like this!” She placed her phone on the floor, stood up and — my breath caught in my throat — hooked her thumbs into the waist line of her work pants and pushed them down. Once past her slim hips, they fell to her ankles. She stepped out of them. She was wearing the cutest little pair of white cotton panties, bikini cut, with tiny little pink flowers printed all over them and a pale pink trim. “Well come on!” she teased me. “I’m not going to be the only one doing this!”

I chuckled a little and stood up myself, saying, “Oh my god, I can’t believe this is happening…” while I pushed my own pants down and kicked them off to the side. My prick was so hard the tip of it stuck out the top of my boxer briefs. “Oh, nice Jim!” she laughed. And then, if it were possible, my pulsating cock got even hotter and harder, because Billie was now performing the same maneuver on her panties. Thumbs in, slid down, on the floor. My dick twitched. Not only were her thighs an Easter lily white, perfectly shaped, with the cutest thigh gap between them, hips just slightly wider than her waist, but her pussy was beautiful — pubic triangle covered in just a light down, plump lips bisected by a perfect little line. She laughed at me. “Jesus, Jim! Close your mouth.” And sat back down on the floor. Self-consciously I also thumbed my shorts down, rock hard cock bouncing out and standing at attention. Billie gave it an appraising look and said, “Nice! Your wife is a lucky girl!”

I sat down again on the floor next to her, reclining a bit so I could thrust my hips out a little. She picked up her phone again so we could continue watching the scene. As she watched, she spread her escort bursa slender legs apart giving me a full view of her snatch. I thrilled as I let my eyes trace down over her slit, plump lips slightly parted now, clitoris peeking out. Following downward, I glimpsed into the barely-opened entrance to her cunt, pink disappearing into darkness, with just a dribble of clear liquid trickling out and moving toward the balls-achingly gorgeous divot between her perfectly formed ass cheeks. Instinctively I grabbed my cock and started jerking. Billie saw me looking at her. “Ohhh, you like that huh?”

“God yeah,” I crackled through my dry throat. She set her phone down on the floor, face down, and said, “Guess we won’t be needing this anymore.”

Watching me watching her, she slid her hand over her belly and to her crotch. Her middle finger glided over her slit and arched, pushing up into her hole before sliding back out and up. Her lips parted to either side, hugging her finger as she rubbed it up and down over her clit. Her eyes closed half way and she let out a low moan. By this time I was wanking furiously — I could already feel the pressure starting to rise. Billie opened her eyes and looked at my glistening cock hungrily, her finger flicking over her clit faster and faster. Both of our breathing was quick and heavy, and I’m sure her heart was beating as wildly as my own. I knew I couldn’t last much longer. My gaze wandered down over the fine curves of her splayed thighs, swung over the tighter curves of her ass cheeks and inward toward her tight brown asshole. As if on cue, her moaning began to rise in pitch, her hips and belly began to jerk and that mouth-watering little asshole started to spasm, tightening impossibly before relaxing, gaping, squeezing tight again as her body rocked with an orgasm. My own cock responded in kind, that delectable ache starting in my balls before growing to consume my entire member. Hot, thick cum came spurting out, spraying out across the cardboard floor protection, soaking in. A particularly zealous stream leaped the gap between us to land on Billie’s thigh, trickling down in both directions, both toward the front and back down toward her ass cheek, following its crease before dripping to the floor. “Mmmmm,” smiled Billie as she noted the warm jizz running down her leg, dangerously close to her dripping cunt.

We both lay there in exhaustion for a few moments, basking in our ecstasy.

Still blushing, I finally said to Billie, “Well, we’d better try to get something else done here or Brian is going to have some questions.”

“Yep! And I don’t think he’ll be satisfied if we told him we spent the morning masturbating!” she joked. We got ourselves dressed again and attempted to get back to work, but it was just a little hard to concentrate. My mind kept drifting back to those slender thighs, the hollow where they met with her pubis, the plump velvety lips, the perfect line of her slit… it was going to be a long afternoon.

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