All Three Holes Pt. 03: Susan’s Plan

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Susan’s Plan

“We have an hour,” said Susan. “Let’s step into my ‘dressing room’.”

She ushered me into a small pink bedroom almost filled with a large bed covered in a red satin spread, and shut the door behind us. We perched side by side on the edge of the bed, and she took my hand. It was hard not be distracted by her beauty, her charisma, and her huge, perfect, bare breasts spattered with cum. She unhooked her dog collar, absently licking a drop of cum off the leather, and set it beside her on the bed. She smelled so sweetly of sex.

“Can you believe it?” she asked. “A one-hour non-fuck break. Sometimes the porn business is just weird.” She rubbed the last of the sperm into her tits like it was skin cream. I guess for Susan it kind of was.

“Okay, sweetie. Let me make sure I understand the problem. Tell auntie Susan all about it, hm?” She sat patiently beside me, just listening.

“I’m flummoxed,” I began. “How can I possibly give Bobby a treat like the one he gave me?” I asked plaintively. “He was so sweet, he got enough men to fill all three of my holes at once, and made me feel safe doing it. He had me cumming for hours, not to mention being being fucked and cum in until my mouth, cunt, and ass were all overflowing with warm jizz. I’ve never been so happy. But I was able to fuck all those men, three at a time, because I have a pussy, a mouth, and an ass, but Bobby only has one cock, the poor dear—no matter how many women I bring together to fuck him, he can only do one hole at a time, there’s nothing a group can do for him that I can’t do by myself. I’m at my wit’s end.”

I felt like crying. Susan took my hand and stroked it.

“It’s true that Bobby only has one cock,” she said gently, “but he has two eyes, two ears, and two hands. You and I can give him an eyeful, an earful, and a double handful. His own personal lesbian porn show, with heterosexual touching privileges.”

I pursed my lips doubtfully. It sounded more like a present for Susan than for Bobby.

“And,” she continued, “he has two nipples, two balls, a mouth and an asshole. If we get creative, I mean really creative, we can stimulate him seven ways from Sunday. Add in all the places he can put his cock in the two of us, and we can give him a birthday he’ll never forget.”

I Anadolu Yakası Escort nodded thoughtfully. “Mmm, I’m beginning to see the possibilities. Oh, Susan, this will be so much fun!” Just like that, Susan had taken me from tearful to cheerful.

“Of course it will, girlfriend. And with a little planning, we can give him hours of pleasure without any frustration, and with one hell of an orgasm at the end.”

“I was wondering about that. Oh, Susan, I knew I could count on you. What should I do?”

“The first thing is to let him build up a little steam, starting tonight. It’s okay for you to tease him a little, but don’t let him cum for a couple of days. We want his balls full.

“Then we’ll start his birthday with a bang. The two of us can bring him to a spectacular orgasm before he knows it, in the first five or ten minutes, so he’s happy and loose but still wanting more. Then we give him a viagra and a show. We tease him and tickle him and please him for an hour or more, keeping him turned on the whole time.

“When he gets good and hard again, we fuck his brains out. It’ll take forever to make him cum a second time, and that’s exactly what we want. We take turns sucking him, we let him slip his cock straight from one pussy into another, from asshole to asshole, ass to mouth, you name it. When he starts to get close, we pull out all the stops. We fuck him or blow him, whichever he wants most, while the two of us tweak his nipples, suck his balls, talk dirty to him, fill his hands and mouth with our tits, and fuck him up the ass with a special dildo I have, that’s like a series of rubber balls. When he starts to cum the second time, I’ll pull it out of his ass as he spurts—pop, pop, pop! He’ll go through the roof!

“Then you or I will lick his cum out of whatever hole he shot his sperm in and share it, tongue to tongue, while he watches.” Susan smiled smugly. “Five’ll get you ten he passes out within a few minutes, and you and I can have a little afterparty all our own.”

Susan leaned in and whispered in my ear. “I’ll let you eat birthday cake out of my cunt.” She nipped my ear playfully and I gasped. I shivered with pleasure and anticipation as she slipped her tongue into my ear, followed by Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan her warm breath. I was so excited I barely noticed that she had slipped her hand up my dress and pulled my panties aside. The next thing I knew, she had a finger inside me, massaging the entrance of my suddenly moist vagina, while her thumb swept around and around the shaft of my rapidly swelling clit.

“Oh, the things I want to do to you,” she breathed into my ear. Her fingers moved in rhythm with her words. “I. Want. To. Fuck. You. Silly. I want. To make you. Cum. Again and again. While your husband watches. I want you. To suck my clit. While your husband. Fucks you. Up the ass.”

She made me so hot. My back arched as she swept a finger-full of my slippery pussy dew up over my engorged bud and rubbed it in with her thumb. Susan purred in my ear as her fingers did the walking. I closed my eyes. I was lost in the sensations; all I felt were my pussy and clit. It was like my whole body, my whole being, was all clitoris, all cunt.

With a gentle nudge, Susan encouraged me to lift my ass so she could slip my panties off and push my skirt up around my waist. Her mouth slipped from my ear and began to trail kisses down my face. Her hand withdrew from my cunt with a caress, slid up my blouse and began to fondle my braless nipple. Then both her hands were up my blouse, softly pinching and stroking both of my nipples, as her tongue began to lick, lick, lick its way up my thigh. I laid back on the bed. Her lips kissed and sucked my pussy lips. Her tongue slipped between my labia and entered my twat, thrust into me and circled my entrance, then slid up to my clit. Her lips wrapped around my love bud and she sucked me into her velvet mouth. I was on fire.

Suddenly her fingers pinched my nipples hard and she sucked my clit even harder, rubbing the tip of her tongue firmly up and down my shaft, then battering the head of my clitoris from side to side with her whole tongue, faster than I would have thought possible. I screamed with pleasure, out of control, cumming, then cumming again. Her fingers and tongue were unrelenting. She drove me from peak to peak, climax to climax, until I was swept away into one endlessly prolonged orgasm that turned me Escort Anadolu Yakası inside out.

When I opened my eyes, I was lying on my back, looking up into Susan’s warm brown eyes. She kissed me, and I tasted my pussy on her lips and tongue, mixed with the salty sweetness of her mouth. Her breasts pressed against mine, still sticky with a man’s ejaculate.

She stroked my face. “You are something special, girlfriend,” she murmured. “Your husband is a lucky man.” She kissed my forehead. “And he’s made you happy. So let’s you and I give him something extra nice in return.”

That night I feigned a headache, but still reached out and took Bobby’s warm cock in my hand, squeezing it and holding it as we fell asleep. He awoke with a huge hard on, but I had set the alarm a little late so there was no time for sex before work.

The next night was Friday, the night before Bobby’s birthday, I waited until after dinner, then asked him if we could rent a movie on the Internet. It was a long movie and it ended late. I suggested a porn chaser, and he readily agreed. I fondled him during the whole movie, and took his engorged cock in my mouth for part of it, gently sucking the head, but stopped before he came. I kept playing with his nipples and rubbing his cock to keep him right on the edge.

When it was over, Bobby was literally throbbing, and so hot to fuck me he was quivering. I let things start out in the usual way, encouraging him to suck and lick and finger me until I came multiple times. Then, when it was his turn, I yawned and asked him sweetly if I could just go to sleep with him, I was so tired.

I could tell it was hard for him, in every sense, but Bobby is a gentleman, first and foremost, and he loves me. So he said of course it was all right, we had the whole day tomorrow. He curled up beside me with his dick as rigid as a steel pole, but hot. I took his manhood gently in my hand and fell asleep, holding it all the while.

Saturday morning Bobby woke up with the biggest erection of his life, warm and engorged, the veins standing out in purple on his hard, hard cock, the swollen head red and proud. I took it around the base and admired it from an inch away. I smelled the funky bouquet of his lust for me.

Then the doorbell rang.

“Don’t get it,” Bobby said.

“It might be important, baby,” I replied. “I’m expecting something for your birthday and I think I have to sign for it.”

I jumped up and left the room, heading for the front door naked. I was expecting something, all right, but I knew I wouldn’t have to sign for it.

Bobby was going to be so happy!

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