All The Fun of The Fair Pt. 01

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It was during the August Bank Holiday of 1985 when my first marriage came to a crossroads that it never recovered from.

I was 23 and had been married for just over two years. I worked in a local bed making factory and my husband on the North Sea oil rigs; two weeks away and, in theory a week at home.

Before getting married and probably the first six months afterwards we had been ‘loves young dream’; but in the months that followed he would finish work on the Friday afternoon; take a helicopter to Aberdeen and instead of rushing home to my heaving bosom, had started staying the weekend in The Granite City ‘winding down’ then arriving home on the Monday, then would spend the week drinking until he couldn’t stand up; which wasn’t a great combination with his new found passion for gambling.

I on the other hand, worked 40+ hours a week in a brain numbing job; kept the house neat and tidy always had a hot meal waiting for him at the time he had promised to be home by; but never arrived. Plus; after initially pining for a baby had more recently gone back on the pill as our sex life had dwindled to the very occasional drunken, “spread your legs”; followed by huh, huh, huh … mmmmmm, then him rolling off sated and immediately falling asleep.

By that August weekend, even though several of my horny young male colleagues were eager to get inside my knickers, I had been completely celibate for nearly three months

As my husband had returned Up North on the Sunday afternoon and I was very lonely and was even starting to think about starting divorce proceedings; when I bumped into a younger ex-neighbour, who I hadn’t seen for years on the bus home from work on the Thursday night.

Without going into intimate detail about my ailing marriage she told me that I needed a ‘night out on the lash’ but that wasn’t my style; especially because married women ‘flying solo’ was frowned upon in my town; so she suggested we go to the Funfair on the Common; for a laugh.

As she got off the bus, we agreed to meet at 6 on the Friday at the Bus Station in town.

It was a lovely sunny and sultry evening so I decided to wear my Wrangler jacket with a new cotton dress that was a few inches above my knees and slightly flared; and for the first time in months took great care with my make-up; especially the bright red lipstick.

Helen was wearing a short denim skirt and and a pink cheesecloth shirt that was both a bit tight and see-through; showing her cleavage and bright red bra.

After being convinced to have a couple of drinks to ‘start the night’ we eventually went to the The Fair which was very busy with families and gangs of lairy teenagers; but with Helen at my side hardly ever stopped laughing, which was something I’d forgot I could do.

At about 8 we went on the Waltzer where we soon caught the attention of the lad taking payment.

“Hello ladies.” He grinned as he held his hand out for the cash; “are you looking for a fast ride or a slow one?” He winked.

I blushed; but Helen cheekily replied; “Oh … a fast one of course; we both love a fast ride!”

He gave a cheeky smile then locked the bar in place; accidentally touching my boob at the same time, making me shiver.

As the ride started he returned and gave our car a big push making it spin and Helen and I squeal; which meant he gave it a two-handed push and it spun so fast my dress lifted up giving anyone watching a view of my knickers!

The lad moved on to the other cars; but quickly returned; spinning the car again and as my hands were gripping the bar, my dress lifted up again; much to his delight as he was now standing inside the car with us.

“What’s your names?” The badly tattooed and greasy haired lad asked with a twinkle in his eye.

“I’m Helen and she’s Sue.” My friend replied, “Why?”

He pouted and winked again; “I’m Shane.” before jumping out and giving us another two handed spin.

Our legs were wobbly as we got off and out of nowhere Shane appeared between us and slid his arms under ours, cheekily tickling our tits as he helped us onto the top step.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened and Kastamonu Escort looked at Helen who was laughing her head off.

“My skirt kept blowing up!” I gasped and laughed at the same time.

“I thought my tits were going to fall out.”

“Do you girls want another ride?” Shane appeared again; “free?”

We looked at each other and laughing, nodded at him.

Back in we went and the super-fast spinning began again, and each time my dress flew up in the air; much to the delight of some Dads waiting for their kids who kept getting flashes of my knickers.

At the end Shane asked if we wanted a third ride; but Helen said she fancied a go on the dodgems next. Pretending to be upset he pouted then leaned in to whisper into Helen’s ear; “Come back and see me when you want a proper ride darling.” Then tapped her arse.

Somehow he must have signalled to the guy on the dodgems as he too had a subtle feel of our boobs as he slid the leather strap over our heads; much to Helen’s amusement and my own embarrassment (sort of).

Half an hour later Helen wanted to go back to the Waltzer and who was I to stop her?

The look on Shane’s face was priceless when he saw us; “Back for another fast ride ladies?”

“Do we have to pay this time?” Helen giggled.

“A ride for a ride?” He laughed.

I wasn’t sure what he meant but Helen kept giggling, then looked at me then back to him and nodded.

“You’re on then.” The scruffily handsome fairground worker grinned.

He paid us even more attention than earlier; making the car spin really fast and on each rotation I would scream my lungs out as my dress would fly up again; which was strangely turning me on; and in my more lucid moments was looking forward to a good fingering session when I got home.

I was very dizzy when I got off the ride and hardly noticed Shane cupping my boob as he helped me to the top step.

There was a strange look on Helen’s face as Shane said; “Stay there; I’m going to get some cover.”

He leant over the railing and called to another worker; telling him to takeover while he went for a break.”

Then in the blink of an eye, he had his hands around both our waists and we were walking away from the funfair towards the trailers and vans. Even at this stage I naively didn’t know what they had planned so just kept walking; occasionally pushing his wandering hand away from my boob.

When we arrived at big transit van he let go of me as he opened the back door.

“In you go ladies.” He huskily told us and without a second thought I ungainly followed Helen in; clambering up in the most undignified fashion; only to be helped by Shane who slid a hand up my dress and pushed me in via a huge hand on my nylon covered arse.

“Hey!” I called out as I landed face first on some rough blankets.

Thankfully he ignored me and scrambled over to Helen who was kneeling next to some boxes. Without a single word they were kissing like star-crossed lovers and his hands were all over her tits and arse; quickly lifting her skirt up to reveal a tiny g-string.

“Oh my God!” I wasn’t expecting this! Helen wasted no time either unbuckling his belt and pulling the zip down on his dirty jeans while still French-Kissing the hunk. With one hand still up her skirt he eased his jeans down. Then I couldn’t believe my eyes when his grubby pants followed and his huge cock sprang into view; making me gasp then put my hand over my mouth.

What was going on?

Why didn’t I run?

Helen quickly wrapped her hand around the shaft and began wanking it as he unbuttoned her shirt and threw it towards me… quickly followed by her bra.

Shane now began suckling on her big boobs as she was furiously wanking him; making it grow at least another inch, maybe two before my very eyes.

Satisfied with the length and firmness Shane pushed Helen down onto the blankets; “Get your knickers off.”

She already had them down to her knees and as soon as they were off automatically spread her legs for him.

The horny fairground worker rubbed his knob along her slit, then looked at me and Kastamonu Escort Bayan winked, then slowly slid his massive cock deep into my friends young fanny making her grunt and pant for breath.

Once fully inside her he looked at me and grinned, then with his hands clasped to her wobbly boobs began ferociously fucking her … only three feet away from me. I could hear ever single noise they were making and the smell of sex was intoxicating.

I had no idea that sex could be this raw and exciting as Helen kept grunting and bucking her hips to meet his rugged thrusts; “Fuck me harder you bastard!” She occasionally panted too; and Shane responded with some vicious thrusts that sent her back a foot or so until she was pressed against a wooden box.

“Where do you want it?” Shane finally panted, “your cunt or your tits?”

“My tits… my tits! I’m not on the pill!” Helen squealed.

Now sitting cross-legged with my back to the van side, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when he pulled his cock out… it was covered in her slime and was simply huge! I had no idea that cocks could be that big.

Helen manoeuvred onto her knees and pulled his long cock between her quivering tits; then rubbed her tits up and down the shaft, licking his shiny knob when it appeared at the top end.

“Do you suck?” He grunted; and Helen nodded. “Suck me off then.”

All kinds of emotions were flying through my mind … this was madness; but I couldn’t look away especially when Helen grabbed his cock and pulled it into her mouth. I had no idea that this was something people did … my God she looked so sexy as she wanked his shaft, cupped his balls and used her mouth to pleasure the young lad.

Now really excited Shane pushed her hand away and began wanking his cock into her mouth as she gripped his thighs; and with one vicious thrust and a guttural gasp he orgasmed inside my friend’s mouth! Then he grabbed her by the hair and forced her face even deeper onto the shaft; “That’s it … take it all, you dirty cunt… swallow it all.”

From the look on Helen’s pretty little face I wasn’t sure that the instruction was necessary … but sounded very sexy and masterful indeed.

Still with her face impaled on his cock; Shane looked over at me … “That turn you on?”

I didn’t know how to honestly reply, so shook my shoulders; which made him laugh out loud.

“It fucking did; didn’t it?” He joked; “I bet your fanny’s soaking; isn’t it?”

Slightly scared I shrugged my shoulders.

Helen was now lying on her back and Shane was standing in front of me, with his cock dangling between his legs, not as hard as before when it was standing to attention but still probably two or three inches longer than my husbands.

“Show me how wet you are.” He glared at me, as his cock swayed from side to side.

“What do you men?” I whimpered.

“Show me how wet you are; pull your knickers down.”

“Go on Sue,” Helen giggled; “show him your fanny … I bet he can keep it up for another fuck if you do.”

“Show me.” Shane grunted.

I uncurled my legs and did as I’d been told; slowly pulling my nylon knickers down my legs; no longer caring that this stranger could see my hairy pubes and swollen pink fanny flaps.

“I thought you were going to play with yourself when you were watching.” He laughed, “you couldn’t take your eyes off us, could you?”

He was right; so I shook my head.

“Fucking Hell … your fanny’s fucking soaking … look its running on the floor.”

He was right again; I was so turned on I could actually feel my juices overflowing.

“Take your dress off and show me your tits.”

Shaking I obediently followed his instructions again; quickly discarding my denim jacket and unbuttoning my dress.

“Fucking Hell!” Shane laughed out loud; “Is that a fucking wedding ring?” I quickly pulled my hand down; but Helen answered for me.

“Yeh … but her husband hasn’t given her any for months … that’s why I brought her here.”

“Get your tits out then; Married Lady.”

I scowled at my friend, who was smiling from Escort Kastamonu ear to ear … but complied, unclipping my bra and placing it beside me, nervously letting my friend and this young stranger look at my firm 32B’s, as I knelt before them.

“Okey dokey, Married Lady; it’s your turn to get me hard again… suck it!”

His long cock was now dangling only six inches in front of my face and I could not only see the last drops of spunk on it; but could smell it and Helen’s fanny juices too.

“But … I’ve never …”

“What?” He laughed as he rubbed his sticky cock across my cheeks and nose. “This is gonna be your first blow job?”

I nodded; as he ran the fat knob along my lips. “Open up Married Lady, open up.”

With a deep inhalation through my nose; I did as ordered and he slowly fed his cock into my mouth.

“Suck it, Married Lady … suck it!”

Without knowing what I was doing I tried to copy what Helen had done; and thankfully Shane soon began to sigh… with pleasure.

This was fun … and very sexy, sucking a stranger’s cock; especially when I felt it begin to swell and grow inside my mouth.

Shane then grabbed the back of my head and forced it further onto his ever swelling cock; and was now fucking my mouth as he playfully slapped my tits and very sensitive nipples.

Soon his cock was too hard for him to stay in this position so he pulled out and made me get on my hands and knees on the blanket.

Once there I assumed the doggy position; something I’d loved on my honeymoon and soon afterwards but not a position I’d been fucked in for over two years.

He knelt behind me and nudged my legs further apart before touching my married fanny with his huge bell-end, which made me flinch.

“Ready? Married Lady?” Shane chuckled as his knob penetrated my pussy, sliding in about three or four inches, making me whimper. “Fucking Hell missus; this is as tight as fuck … what’s your husband been using? A fucking pencil?”

Obviously a rhetorical question, I didn’t answer nut flung my head back as he forced even more of his dirty cock into my under-used pussy.

I was quickly panting for air and swinging my head back and forth as Shane built up a head of steam; fucking me like a wild stallion to the accompaniment of Helen shouting; “That’s it … fuck her really heard… make her scream!”

At one stage; when he had slowed down and was pinching my nipple I wailed; “This is so good … so amazing!” Which made them both laugh.

I have no idea how long this lasted 10 minutes? 15? But much much longer than I’d ever known before; and only afterwards did I realise that after cumming in Helen’s mouth so soon before meant he could last this long.

At one stage I couldn’t stop myself rubbing my clit as I pushed my hips backwards to match his fierce fucking, occasionally slapping my pert arse cheeks; making myself cum twice in quick succession.

I was like a rag-doll when I felt him speed up one more time and then shoot his spunk deep into my married fanny, before unceremoniously pulling out and letting me fall forward into a well fucked heap. But he wasn’t finished with me; kneeling beside my face he flopped his sticky cock onto my cheek.

“Clean it up so I can get back to work.”

Without a care in the world I gleefully licked and sucked every drop of his seed and my juices off his gnarly shaft until he grabbed my hair and forced his semi-hard dick deep into my throat making me gag; but both him and my friend laugh loudly.

“Okay ladies; get your drawers on; I’ve got work to do.” Our young lover announced as he fumbled for his underpants.

Five minutes later he was swaggering back to the rides as I was still fastening the buttons on my dress.

“That was fun; wasn’t it?” Helen giggled.

“I suppose so.” I replied as the magnitude of what had just happened was beginning to hit me.

“I suppose so?” She hissed, “Fuck off Sue … you fucking loved that! That’s the best fuck you’ve ever had, wasn’t it?”

With a sly smile, I looked at her and nodded as I looked at my watch. Unbelievably it was still less than thirty minutes since we had entered his van; and he’d fucked us both in ways I’d never believed possible.

Half an hour later we were being chatted up by three much older men in a bar not far away; but after thinking about for a few minutes didn’t think my fanny could take any more … for tonight anyway.

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