All in the (Step) Family Ch. 15

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The next night after dinner, everyone was sitting around in the living room, and Damon and Denise looked at each other.

“You wanna ask ’em, or should I?” he asked her.

“Ask who what?” Clay asked, looking over at his son.

“You ask.” Denise said.

“Okay, yesterday you said Michelle moved back because you ‘held her down and made her cum over and over again’.” he said, “We were just thinking, that’s kinda vague. You wanna elaborate a little?”

“Yeah, mom,” Denise said, “We want details.”

“You know,” Michelle said, “They’re right. We never did tell them the whole story.”

Sonja nodded. “Okay, it all started when I invited Michelle to come down for Thanksgiving. Your father, Amy and I came up with a plan to convince her to move back.”

“We were gonna do everything and anything we could to convince her.” Amy said.

Michelle arrived the Monday before Thanksgiving, leaving Sonja plenty of time to put her plan into action. Sonja picked Michelle up at the airport, leaving Clay and Amy to get things set up at the house.

“I missed you so much ‘Chelle.” Sonja said once they were on the road back to the house. “I mean we haven’t had a chance to get together since the wedding.”

“I know,” Michelle said, “Especially now that all the family secrets are out. I wish I could have been here for that.”

“Well you know, if you still lived here…”

Michelle rolled her eyes, “Jesus Christ girl, I haven’t even been here five minutes! Give me at least an hour before you lay that guilt trip on me!”

“You love me.” Sonja said, laughing.

“Of course I love you,” Michelle said, “I don’t always LIKE you, but I will always love you.”

Both women shared a laugh.

“Seriously ‘Chelle, you should move back,” Sonja said, “Especially now that we don’t have to sneak around. I could eat you out right in front of Clay and he won’t even bat an eye. Hell he’d just join in. Then of course there’s the kids. You’ve already had Damon, and I know Bridgette and Denise would love to get their hands on you.”

“I know, they’ve told me as much.” Michelle asked. “Speaking of which, are they gonna be here?”

“Unfortunately not,” Sonja said, “We figured it’d be easier if they came out for Christmas instead. Plus, Damon’s got a game on Thanksgiving day. It’s just gonna be me, you, Clay and Amy.”

“Shit, I don’t know if I’ll be able to fly back here for Christmas.” Michelle said.

“Then move back.”

“Okay, honey, I’ll tell you what. I’ll think about it. I will seriously think about it.”

“Little did she know that we were going to influence her thought process.” Sonja said. “You know how demanding she can be in bed, well I decided that it was about time I turned the tables on her. In fact I pulled out a whole new side of my personality I never knew I had before.”

“Come on, I want to show you something.” Sonja said, taking Michelle’s hand as soon as they walked in the front door.

“Wait, can’t I at least put my stuff upstairs?” Michelle asked, as Sonja yanked on her arm.

“Later,” Sonja said, leading her to the den.

Clay and Amy were waiting in the den where they had a huge futon laid out on the floor covered in thick, absorbent towels. Both of them were naked and smiling as Sonja practically dragged Michelle into the room.

“Sonja, what is –” Michelle asked, turning to face her best friend. She was cut off as Sonja grabbed Michelle’s face and planted a deep, passionate kiss on her and then gently shoved her backwards where Clay and Amy caught her, and started to undress her.

“God, Sonja, you were right.” Amy said, pulling Michelle’s bra off. “Her tits are fucking amazing.”

Amy started licking and sucking on Michelle’s 44DD tits, and Clay massaged her clit. Michelle reached for Clay’s cock, but he grabbed her arm and stopped her. Amy and Clay had her lay down on the futon as Sonja stripped and joined them, sitting down in front of Michelle. She leaned over and kissed Amy before leaning to the other side and kissing her husband.

“Ready?” she asked them, they both nodded. “Hold her down.”

Amy and Clay pinned Michelle’s arms down causing Michelle to cry out in shock, and Sonja sucked her middle and ring fingers into her mouth, then jammed them into Michelle’s pussy and started furiously finger fucking her.

“This was more intense than any other time your mother fingered me,” Michelle said, “I’ve had those fingers inside me more times than I can count, but never like this.”

Sonja’s face was a mask of lustful concentration as she relentlessly drove her fingers into Michelle’s sweet, wet pussy. Clay and Amy were playing with her huge tits, and Michelle was turned on and scared at the same time. She had never seen this side of Sonja before. She would later admit she kind of liked it, and that got her even more turned on. Just when she thought she was going to cum, Sonja suddenly stopped, pulled her fingers out and licked them clean.

“Your turn,” she said to Amy, and the two switched places, and Amy Girne Escort repeated the process. Driving her fingers into Michelle’s now soaked cunt, and started hammering her.

Michelle thrashed around as Amy used her other hand to stimulate Michelle’s clit, but because Sonja and Clay were holding her down she couldn’t thrash around as much as she normally would. She was grunting and moaning and trying to thrust her hips up, but Clay held her arm with one hand, and held her hips down with his other. Sonja knew when Michelle was about to cum and when she sensed her “sister” was on the verge, she looked at Amy.

“Ok, that’s enough,” she said, and Amy, like Sonja, stopped, pulled her fingers free of the warm, wet depths of Michelle’s pussy and licked her fingers clean.

“No, it’s not enough,” Michelle said, struggling to get free.

“Michelle,” Sonja said. “Shut up. You’ve taken my son’s cock. Now you’re gonna take my husbands. Clay, fuck this horny little bitch.”

Clay and Amy switched places, and that’s when Michelle realized what Sonja was up to. They were getting her wet enough to take Clay’s cock. Clay mounted her and slid his cock deep inside her, and Michelle screamed with pleasure as all of Clay’s eight and a half inches slid inside of her in one swift motion. The sight of her husband’s cock disappearing inside Michelle’s cunt got Sonja so wet, she took Michelle’s hand and put it between her legs. Michelle’s hand moved seemingly on its own accord and started rubbing Sonja’s pussy. Amy copied Sonja and stuck Michelle’s other hand between her legs as she watched her brother fuck Michelle.

Michelle turned to Damon, “Remember how you fucked me in my hotel room? That’s how your father fucked me. He just slammed his cock into me over and over and over again. It definitely wasn’t sex, it sure as hell wasn’t making love. This was straight up fucking. He was relentless.”

“Well, I’ve watched dad fuck every other woman in this room,” Damon said, “So I can believe that.”

Michelle didn’t know where to look. At Clay above her, grunting with effort as he slammed his cock into her, to her right at Sonja who was practically masturbating with her hand, or to her left where Amy was doing the same thing. She didn’t like not having any control over the situation. Clay wasn’t exactly holding her down, but he was a 6′ 4″, 235 pound man driving an eight and half inch cock into a 6 foot tall, 120 pound woman who had her hands trapped between the legs of her best friend and her best friend’s sister-in-law.

Clay leaned down to kiss her, and she gave in and found herself kissing him back, and feeling disappointed when he broke the kiss, craning her neck up to get more, but then she felt her orgasm approaching, and she then wondered if they’d stop her from cumming again. Sonja saw the look on her face and looked at Clay with a smile on her face.

“She’s gonna cum. You ready baby?” Sonja said, looking at Clay, then she looked down at Michelle. “Don’t you fucking hold back. Cum all over my husband’s fucking cock!”

Michelle’s body spasmed and she screamed in pleasure as her orgasm hit like a 10.0 earthquake. Clay pulled his cock out and Michelle’s cum shot out of her and hit Clay right on his chest, followed by a second blast that hit his stomach. Michelle was still screaming in orgasmic bliss as yet another stream of pussy juice erupted from her spasming cunt. Amy and Sonja put their hands over her pussy, getting the juices all over their hands and licked their fingers clean, but Michelle wasn’t done. Two more streams shot forth from Michelle before she finally settled down.

Sonja and Amy released Michelle’s hands and Sonja dove on Clay’s cock, licking it clean, while Amy ran her tongue all over her brother’s body, licking up as much of Michelle’s orgasmic juices as she could. Michelle started to sit up, but Sonja caught the movement out of the corner of her eye.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” she asked, “We’re not done with you yet. Amy, you know what to do.”

Amy smiled and nodded and moved between Michelle’s legs and started licking her still soaked hole. Sonja licked Clay’s cock one last time and then sat on Michelle’s face.

“Eat my fucking pussy,” she said.

“So, daddy, what were you doing while all this was going on?” Bridgette asked Clay.

“Me?” Clay said, “I was just sitting back, enjoying the show.”

“See, that’s the difference between you and me dad,” Damon said, “I’d still be ready to go, and I’d have been balls deep in aunt Amy.”

“I was enjoying the view.” Clay said, “I mean look at the three of them and imagine the sight of your mother sitting on Michelle’s face and your aunt eating her pussy.”

Sonja ground her pussy on Michelle’s face and reached down and grabbed a handful of her braided hair.

“Eat my goddamn pussy Michelle. You know what I like so fucking give it to me. Don’t you fucking hold out on me.” Sonja said through gritted teeth. “I’m not letting you up until my pussy Magosa Escort juice is going down your fucking throat.”

Michelle found herself getting more turned on by Sonja’s new attitude. She sometimes liked to be bossy in bed, true, but never like what Sonja was doing. They had only been going at it for a few minutes, but all four of them were already covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Clay, who had been sitting off to the side, stroking his cock back to life, finally moved back over to the women and started licking and sucking on Michelle’s humongous tits. He ran his hand up Sonja’s tattooed back and she arched her back and moaned, partially from her husband’s touch, and partially from the tongue lashing her pussy was getting from Michelle. Michelle arched her back and a muffled moan of pleasure came from in between Sonja’s legs.

“My sweet sister-in-law’s eating your pussy good, isn’t she?” Sonja asked Michelle. Michelle of course couldn’t answer, because Sonja was still grinding on her face.

“She tastes so fucking good, Sonja.” Amy said, “You want some of this sweet pussy bro?”

Michelle squealed and her body jumped as Clay and Amy tag teamed her pussy. Clay licking and sucking on Michelle’s clit, while Amy dragged her tongue up and down along her pussy lips. Michelle’s body started to shake and a muffled scream of pleasure came from between Sonja’s thighs as Michelle had another orgasm, and caught Amy right in the face with her first blast, Amy opened her mouth and tried to swallow most of the second stream of pussy juice that shot out of Michelle. She sat up as a third geyser of cum flew out of Michelle’s pussy, hitting her in the chest.

“She wouldn’t stop fucking cumming.” Amy said, “I was soaked head to toe. Your father said I looked like I had just come out of the pool.”

“Yeah, we know what that’s like.” Bridgette said, looking at Denise.

“Me, being the gracious brother that I am, offered to lick it off.” Clay said, with a cheesy grin on his face.

“You’re so magnanimous daddy,” Denise said, giggling.

Sonja looked down at Michelle, “You didn’t make me cum. Now, I’m gonna have to eat your pussy.”

Sonja got off Michelle long enough to turn around in the 69 position and started licking Michelle’s pussy as Michelle went back to work on Sonja’s pussy. Clay, true to his word, was licking as much of Michelle’s cum off his sister’s body as he could. Amy pulled him up and kissed him.

“Fuck me baby bro,” Amy panted. “Fuck me while Sonja makes that bitch cum.”

“But don’t cum just yet, honey.” Sonja said, picking her head up to look at them, “Because you know what I have planned next.”

Amy and Clay smiled, because they indeed did know what Sonja had planned. Clay slid his cock into his sister, and they slowly fucked while they watched Sonja go back to work on Michelle’s cunt. A few minutes later Sonja threw her head back and screamed in pleasure as Michelle coaxed her first orgasm out of her.

“Oh fuck! Yes! Goddamn it… I’m fucking cumming!” Sonja screamed, followed by a wordless howl of pleasure as she gushed into Michelle’s mouth.

Sonja renewed her oral assault on Michelle’s pussy, adding her fingers to force Michelle to have another orgasm, and in short order she did. She screamed again in pleasure as she had another squirting orgasm, pussy juice spraying out of her like a fire hose. Amy and Clay disengaged as it was time for the next phase of Sonja’s plan. Michelle lay exhausted on the futon, trying desperately to catch her breath. She’d had intense sex in the past, both with and without Sonja, but nothing like this. She’d never cum this much in this short of a time frame. She’d had multiple orgasms of course, but they were more spaced out and there was a lot of build up to them, but this… Sonja, Clay and Amy were wearing her out. And apparently they weren’t done.

Sonja and Amy grabbed their strap ons.

“Oh shit.” Michelle gasped.

“That’s right baby,” Sonja said, “We’re gonna fuck you. All three of us. In your pussy, your ass and your sweet mouth.”

“My ass?” Michelle asked. “Sonja I can take a finger… but I’ve never had a cock in my ass before.”

“Well there’s a first time for everything.” Sonja said, applying lube to her strap on. “You’re getting fucked up your ass, whether you’re ready or not.”

“Don’t worry,” Amy said, “They fuck me up my ass ALL the time. And I fucking love it.”

“I didn’t think I’d like it either.” Sonja said, “In fact, I didn’t even think Clay’s huge cock would even fit in my ass. But don’t worry, we’ll work you up to that. Now flip the fuck over.”

Amy lay on her back and Michelle was instructed to mount her in the cowgirl position, then Sonja pushed her down on her hands and knees.

“Don’t tense up,” Amy said as Clay and Sonja held Michelle’s ass cheeks apart.

Sonja took one of her lubed up fingers and slowly slid it into Michelle’s backdoor. Michelle tried to relax her sphincter and hissed as Sonja stuck her finger Lefkoşa Escort in. Usually Sonja wouldn’t go any further than the first knuckle, but this time she went all the way in. She pulled her finger out and then looked at Clay and nodded. Clay had lubed one of his fingers up and pushed his finger, which was thicker than Sonja’s, into Michelle.

Her eyes went wide. “Oh my god!” she yelled.

“And that’s only your finger,” Sonja said to Clay, “I wonder what’s gonna happen when I shove this cock inside her?”

“Let’s find out,” he said, pulling his finger out. Sonja smiled at her husband and kissed him before they guided seven inches of molded silicone into Michelle’s asshole.

“Don’t. Tense. Up.” Amy said, as Michelle squealed in a combination of pleasure and pain.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Damon said, “Back up. You like anal sex?”

“I do now,” Sonja said, “Amy convinced me to try it. We started with her finger, then one of her vibrators before moving on to her strap on. When I was comfortable with that, I let your father try it.”

“Don’t look at me like that,” Denise said, when Damon turned to look at her, “You’re not shoving that monster up my ass. At least not yet.”

“Can I get back the story please?” Sonja asked.

While Sonja was playing mean, she did take the time to inch the strap on into Michelle’s ass, and paused when she was all the way in. Michelle took Amy’s advice and relaxed allowing Sonja to slide into her easier. Sonja pulled out, until just the head was in, and then pushed back in again. Amy started moving in and out of Michelle’s pussy, alternating with Sonja. When Sonja pulled out, Amy pushed in, and vice versa. It took them a few strokes to get the rhythm just right. Once they did, Michelle gave in. Clay moved around to Michelle’s face and shoved his cock in her mouth. She was getting used to the feel of being double penetrated for the first time, she almost forgot that Sonja promised they’d fuck her pussy, ass AND mouth. She had taken Damon’s cock easily, so swallowing Clay’s equally impressive rod was no problem. The fact that he was fucking her face on the other hand…

Amy looked up at the sight of her brother’s cock in Michelle’s mouth, and leaned up to lick and suck on his balls in between making sure she was keeping pace with Sonja. Sonja, meanwhile, was enjoying the sight of the strap on sliding in and out of Michelle’s ass. It wasn’t long before Michelle felt another orgasm building, and took Clay’s cock out of her mouth long enough to let them know.

“Oh holy fuck, I’m cumming again…” the rest of what came out of her mouth was a wordless screech of pleasure as she gushed all over Amy’s strap on which was deep inside her pulsing cunt. She couldn’t exactly move as Sonja was holding her down as Michelle’s body shook with orgasmic pleasure.

“Jesus, she’s cumming all over me again!” Amy exclaimed.

Clay shoved his cock back in Michelle’s mouth and Sonja continued to fuck Michelle’s ass. Amy leaned up and continued to help Michelle by licking Clay’s balls. The feel of Michelle’s warm mouth and his sister’s tongue on his balls was enough to push him over the edge and he fired his second load of the night down Michelle’s throat. Michelle desperately tried to swallow it all, but there was just too much. Some of it leaked out of her mouth right down into Amy’s.

“Denise, are you even listening to me?” Sonja asked.

“Hanging on your every word mother.” Denise said, and went back to sucking Damon’s cock.

“With your brother’s cock in your mouth?”

“I can’t help it if your story got me turned on.” Denise said, annoyed that she again had to stop blowing Damon.

“You asked me to tell it!” Sonja argued.

“And it got my pussy wet!” Denise argued back. “Why do you think we wanted you to tell us? You think Damon’s cock got hard just because of me? And look at daddy, his cock is hard too.”

Sonja looked over to see the very obvious bulge in Clay’s pants. He unzipped his pants to show his wife that he did indeed have an erection.

“And look at Bridgette.” Damon said.

Bridgette, upon seeing Denise pull Damon’s cock out of his pants, pulled her own pants down and was unashamedly masturbating.

Damon looked back at Sonja. “I bet your pussy’s wet too.”

Sonja didn’t object when Clay reached over and slid his hand inside his wife’s pants.

“It is.” he said, gently rubbing Sonja’s clit. She moaned slightly and arched her pelvis into his hand.

“So is mine,” Michelle said, pulling off her shirt. “So let’s jump to the end.”

Michelle had four more explosive orgasms. First by scissoring Sonja, until she squirted all over Sonja. Then she rode reverse cowgirl on Amy while Clay and Sonja fucked the same position next to them. Sonja constantly leaned over to kiss and fondle Michelle until she exploded again. The third orgasm came about when Amy and Clay again held Michelle down and Sonja used nothing but a vibrator to slowly bring Michelle to a boil before she had another screaming, squirting orgasm. Finally Michelle was on her back, with Amy sitting on her face, Sonja between her legs licking her pussy, and Clay behind Sonja fucking her doggy style. Clay came first, quickly followed by Sonja, Amy came next, and Michelle had her final orgasm, squirting all over Sonja and Clay.

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