All in the Family Ch. 09

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Chapter 9

College Days — Part 3


Please read the introduction to Chapter 1 if you haven’t already done so.

I am writing this story as close as I can from the material shared by this amazing couple. They trusted me with their story, and I hope I have done them justice. With their consent, I have taken liberties with the sexual content and in creating much of their dialogue in the interest of telling a more erotic story, but the basic settings and occurrences are accurate. I have also chosen to tell it in my friend’s voice instead of as a narrator. Jack


One of the things we decided to do was to get out of town and visit Cape Cod for a weekend. We all thought it would be fun to explore. There were a couple of places we wanted to visit that some of the kids had been talking about. Places where we could really have some fun — like this nude beach on the Outer Cape and this bar that was supposed to be very hot. Bill and Dilen said they had been there before and it was great. So, we agreed to go after mid-terms while it was still Indian Summer on the Cape. Besides, Dania had said she wanted to experiment with some more public exhibitionism, and I got the impression that neither Bill nor Dilen were a novice at it. We called it an afternoon and all headed back to study.

The week went by without incident — classes — home – study – play – study – sleep ….. On Friday when we got home, Dania suggested we try this bar in Allston that she had heard about. I said sure but I had to finish this paper. We planned to go about 7.

A little after 7:00 I looked up and saw Dania standing there watching me.

“Someone is dressed to get lucky tonight,” I said from my desk.

Dania grinned at me. “I hope so.” Her smile told the whole story.

“In that outfit, you shouldn’t have any problems,” I commented before rising to go change.

As I walked past her I couldn’t help but appreciate what she looked like. Man was she gorgeous — and all mine. She was wearing a short skirt and had on a white semi-translucent blouse open to the middle of her chest showing plenty of her cleavage. Her perfect breasts were barely contained within the stretched out material. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so her nipples were clearly visible. Her hair was flowing down over shoulders, several strands of curls framing her face.

We drove out to Allston and found the club on the first try. There was a parking lot next door and luckily there was a spot for the car. When we entered the place it was already in a full swing party. The dance floor vibrated as the speakers blasted loud music that boomed a steady bass beat. Women were in various states of dress most of them braless and the men they were with were taking full advantage with dirty dancing. Dania pulled me to the dance floor. Her body language spoke of desire as she rubbed and shimmied against my body. As we twisted and moved, she could tell her actions were arousing me. My cock was quickly getting hard as her ass pressed against me. She was really enjoying the music and my reaction to her dancing. How could I not — what an incredible woman she was. She let me know she knew by accidentally brushing my dick through my pants as we danced.

We danced casino şirketleri for about six songs. There was no question in my mind that all the men and women were watching her as they did their own steps. She was beautiful and sensual and graceful in her delivery. The guys were drooling and the women were jealous. When the last song ended she whispered in my ear.

“Are you really ready for some fun? I certainly am!”

She grabbed my hand and led me through the throng of dancing bodies. I could sense the thoughts as we walked through them. Everyone was thinking — what a lucky guy! She pulled me around the side of the building and down the service alley. My heart hammered in excitement and a little fear about what she had planned.

Without saying a word, she pressed her body against mine, pushing me up against the brick wall of the club. Even through the solid rock, the vibrations of the music thrummed into us. She pulled her skirt up and left it bunched around her waist. I slipped my hand between her legs and cupped her pussy. She hadn’t worn any panties either. She moaned “Oh yes!”

I played with her clit as my other hand yanked her top open, freeing her beautiful tits. A gasp escaped her as I sucked her nipple into my mouth and started nibbling lightly. Her legs opened wider as my fingers continued to probe her slit and then slid deep inside her throbbing pussy. Faintly over the booming bass inside, I could hear the moans I was so used to hearing when she got excited. And boy was she getting there quickly. I figured it was a combination of the dancing and being in the public alley next to the parking lot where someone could see us. Exhibitionism was something that clearly got her excited.

She gripped the waistband of my pants and yanked open the button. The zipper was next and my pants were hanging by my knees. I hadn’t worn any underwear either. Her fingers wrapped around my swollen cock and she stroked it slowly, sliding her hand up and down.

“Please… take me here and now, Dan!” she begged. “Please do me – please.”

I was totally blown away. We had made love outdoors but always at the privacy of the cabin. But this had a whole different dimension. I was as hot as she was and ready to go. This exhibitionism thing was going to be great.

“Whatever you say.” I said and squatted down, grabbed her under her thighs and lifted her off the ground. I swung around and pushed her against the wall to keep her in place and she moaned when the tip of my cock pushed against her wet entrance.

“Oh yeah, do it Dan — I want you soooo bad!” she groaned as I slammed my hips forward and drove my dick in to the hilt.

“Oohhhh gggggggooodddddd yyyyeeeessss…Ugghhh.” she moaned as I started slowly pushing in and pulling out in a rhythm that matched the beat of the music while I had the full weight of her body clinging to me.

“More …. More … mooooorrrrrrrrrrreeee!” she was getting close.

I continued to slam into her, each thrust into her sending shockwaves of pleasure into her core. She held on for dear life as her body exploded. Her cries of ecstasy echoed through the alleyway as the orgasm crashed through her. The convulsing muscles in her pussy clenching tightly around my dick as I lost control and emptied a load into her.

I casino firmaları set her feet back on the ground and kissed her.

“Amazing — how amazing you are.” Was all she said. “Let’s go home and do it again!”

As we started to redress ourselves we heard some clapping. Standing at the end of the alley were four or five couples with large smiles giving us an ovation. We bowed, Dania’s tits hanging out through her open blouse as she bent low, and waved back. As we approached them they all patted me on the back and I’m not sure where they patted Dania but I know it wasn’t on the back. I told her I wasn’t real happy about the last part as she led me back to the jeep. She agreed it was uncomfortable for her being groped as well.

That night at the apartment after we had animalistic sex we spoke about the thrill of the exhibition at the club and how it made us both so crazy. We decided it was something we wanted to explore more.

A couple of weeks later Dania and I decided to go to the mall Friday afternoon after class. She wanted to look in Victoria’s Secret and pick out some underwear — why I don’t know because she rarely wore any these days, and maybe some massage oil and scented candles for us. While we were at Victoria’s Secret, I was getting a hard on from the women fondling the lingerie and Dania noticed.

“Where are you — hey Dan. What are you thinking?” she asked me.

“Oh nothing, just how hot you’d look in this.” I said as I held up a light blue teddy with a lacey part to it. It kind of looked like a mini-dress more than a teddy.

“Well I think we need to go into the dressing room and see.” she answered with a big smile and a lustful twinkle. “Let’s go try it on!”

She took my hand and led me into a dressing room near the back. When we were sure no one was looking I stepped in after her and we closed the door. I immediately started kissing her — I had gotten a little worked up. She started grinding her thigh into my dick. I adjusted and got my leg between hers. Without so much as a warning, I took off her shirt and starting rubbing her nipples.

“Honey, you have the nicest tits.” I whispered into her ear. I leaned down a little and put my lips over her left nipple and she started to moan softly.

“Oh my does that feel good. You just make me crazy for you when you do that!”

I sucked on her nipple, swirling my tongue around it. With my free hand I squeezed her other breast.

“This has always been a fantasy of mine and I can’t believe we were having sex in a dressing room.” She moaned ” Whatever you do don’t stop!”

I licked my way down to her waist and slowly pulled down her pants, pulling them off along with her panties. I blew on her clit and I could feel the heat coming from her pussy. I reached and started stroking her now very pink pussy lips inserting my finger just a little to keep her juices running. She was in pure ecstasy.

“Ohhhh Dan…goddddd yesssss…..ohhhh right there…yessss…..” she moaned again and again getting a little louder each time. I didn’t take much notice, I was very, very busy making her jelly in the knees.

All of a sudden, a cashier unlocked the door startling us.

“Ok you two guys, cut it out, your making me crazy out here. Go home and finish her güvenilir casino off,” she said with a wink at me, “or I’m calling the cops for indecent exposure.”

We apologized to the cashier while I put my clothes back on. As we left the store, we were all three laughing. “One of my better days here,” she said ” and I am a lot jealous of you guys!” and she turned back to her folding.

The minute we got out of Victoria’s Secret, we burst out laughing again.

“You think she was turned on? She said she was jealous. Maybe we could hook her up with a friend. She looks like she needs a little fun!” We were laughing so hard we almost passed the car in the lot. We talked about it all the way back to the apartment.

“You think Bill and Dilen would want to try this too?” Dania asked.

“They are already experts at it. Maybe we can get some lessons. We were raised so damn traditional. I am sure mom and dad would never have considered doing anything remotely like this.” I turned to look at my beautiful sister, the woman of my dreams and my fantasies.

” Dania, this is the kind of thing that makes me love you more and more every day. We are so compatible, even to the games we like to play — with and for each other. I really love you baby!”

“And I you.” she answered as she snuggled up next to me in the jeep. How could it get better.

“You know,” she said after a while, “this new freedom can go to a lot of bad places if we let it, like jail. But I love you so much, and I want to make you the happiest person in the whole world both emotionally and sexually. Dilen and I have a class together, and I found out that they are really into exhibitionism. When I asked her about it she explained their rational. I thought about it a lot and it makes sense to me too. What we have is so good. You fill the gaps for me and take care of all of my needs spiritually, emotionally and physically. And I try very hard to do the same for you.”

“You’re very successful at it, honey” I answered. She smiled at me and I was lost yet again.

“But there is a dark side to our relationship. It’s like the big lie – this big secret we carry where we cannot be what we are to each other in public without fear. We cannot show the world the beauty of what we have without the dread of someone finding us out. It drives me crazy some times.”

“Why hadn’t you said something to me before?” I asked.

She looked funny at me. “Don’t you have the same feelings?”

“”Yes, sometimes I wish it were different. But I have rationalized it. What we have is so good that I am willing to put up with a little down side to keep it. It’s how I have been managing. Do you think that’s shallow of me?”

“No — its is how you cope and no one has the right to judge that. I just may not be as good at it as you are, or maybe men and women are wired different about this kind of thing. What I have realized, though, is that in my exhibitionism I get a release from the darkness and I give my spirits a little lift. I ‘m not sure I am explaining it right!”

“I think I understand. I wonder if it really is as Dilen and Bill say — it makes it more powerful somehow. We were pushing the passion button pretty hard after that little escapade at Victoria Secret and at the bar the other night. Do you think it is a direct result of the exhibitionism?”

“Well there is only one way to find out.”

“I like your style.”

“Then let’s call Bill and Dilen and see what their plans are for the weekend.”

To be continued…

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