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I did not see the accident but I was there to watch most of the terrible left overs. Two cars torn all to pieces and two people torn to pieces almost as bad as the steel shield they were riding in. I had never seen anything like it before. The police tried to keep the younger kids away but it was imposable not to see the carnage.

It was already getting dark when the last of the cars were towed away. All that was left was the skid marks on the road and a few tiny pieces of glass along the curb.

I was the last to walk away. I had no reason to leave as I lived just up the road. I walked out in the road and looked both ways. You could see for along distance in both directions. It was hard to understand why one or the other could not have seen the other coming and do something to avoid hitting each other. But neither had seen it coming and now both were dead.

It was just a little reflection there at the curb. It caught the remaining light of day just right; it was shinning.

It was a little silver ring with a deeply engraved design. The design was a cross with a small cresset moon at the end of the four legs of the cross. The cross and moons were inside a circle inside a triangle imprinted on the top. No stones of any kind. The detail was share and clear. It was heavy for its small size.

I wondered if it might have belonged to one of the people killed in the accident.

Picking it up and looking it over it seemed to not be damaged or even scratched. My thought was to check with the police later and if it belonged to one of the people I would return it.

It slipped on my little finger easily. I liked the way it looked and felt. I thought maybe it was just lost and had not belonged to one of the unfortunate people in the accident. I had never own a ring and I liked the way it fit and looked. I wondered it there is a difference between a girls ring and a boys ring. Which was this little sliver ring?

I had just turned nineteen and I thought this was a birthday present from some unknown person and I accepted it willingly.

As I came in the back door my mother told me to get cleaned up as dinner was about ready. I asked what we were having and she said “Meat loaf, mash potatoes and pie for dessert.

As we ate Mother told me her sister Polly was coming over and they were going down to the roadhouse for a drink. I knew what that meant and without thinking I said “I guess Mr. Dean will be there too.”

Mom said “Yes he is there on most Friday nights.”

I said “I wish you would not see him anymore.”

Mom looked at me and said “Of course darling if you don’t want me to see Fred Dean any more I will not.”

I looked at Mom as if she were drunk already. Why she agreed with me was a surprise. But then I thought she is just saying that to keep me from saying anything more. I said “I really don’t like him. I think he is not right for you Mom.”

Mom smiled and again agreed with me and said she would not see Mr. Dean any more. I said “Why don’t you come home by midnight. I think it is much safer if you don’t drive any later than that with all the drunks on the road.”

Again much to my surprise she said that was a good idea and she would be home by midnight.

Mom and Polly left about eight. I was still thinking about what Mom had said and wondered if she was just putting me on or if she was telling the truth.

I had seen Mom and Mr. Dean one night parked out back and I knew there was something going on but I was too far away to see. Sex is something I know very little about but I know enough to know what ever they were doing Mr. Dean was enjoying it.

I’ve seen Mom drunk or very nearly so a few times and each time she was acting very sexy. I hoped she would not get too drunk tonight.

I was still up at midnight when Mom came in the back door.

She was not drunk but she was feeling good there was little doubt about that. I said “I’m glad your home safe and sound. Did you have a good time?”

Mom told me she had danced, drank and had a good old time. I asked about Mr. Dean and Mom said he was there but she did not dance of even talk to him. I told her that was great.

I had several hours to think about how Mom was so willing to go along with what I suggested. I had no idea why she had changed so but I liked it. I told her so.

Mom said “Any thing for you son. All you have to do is ask.”

I asked if Aunt Polly had also left early. Mom said no she was going to go home with a friend. I laughed and said “I bet she will and he’ll be happy about that.” Mom said “Polly is old enough to do as she wants. Besides I’m home and that is what you wanted right?”

I said “Yes. I’m happy your home early. If you want you can stay up late with me and watch this old movie.”

Mom said “I’d like that but first I need to get out of this dress and slip into a comfortable robe.”

I said “Me too. We’ve got fifteen minutes why don’t we take a shower. I know I’ll feel better if I do.”

Mom said “Sounds bursa eskort bayan like a great idea. Why don’t you come join me in my shower it’s bigger than yours.”

I looked at her like she was nuts. But that is when it jumped up and grabbed me. I had said “why don we take a shower.” Mom again had agreed with me with out a word of opposition. What was wrong with her? I said not to see Mr. Dean and she had not, I said come home by midnight and she was and now I said lets shower and she took it to mean shower together for real.

Something was seriously wrong and I had no idea what it was. I said “That’s OK Mom I’ll shower in my shower and you can use your own.”

Mom said “Well OK. Anything you want dear.”

Again this “Any thing you want.” popped up and I was beginning to see a pattern that I liked.

I tuned the TV to the movie as Mom came and sat next to me on the sofa. I said “You’re not too tired to stay up are you?”

“No not at all. I’d like to just relax and enjoy a movie with you.”

I asked “Mom you seem to agree with every thing I say. Why is that?”

She smiled and said “I just think what you’ve said make a lot of sense. And since you’re the man of the house I want to please you.”

I hugged Mom and told her I liked her attitude. She hugged me back. I noticed her robe had pulled open a little and I could see her breasts. I wondered what Mom might do or say if my robe came open and I exposed myself. It was a thought. Maybe not a good idea but if I thought it I must what to do it…

We watched the movie for a few minutes when I hooked one leg over the arm of the sofa getting comfortable. My robe opened and I let it hang open. Mom did not seem to notice. It was crazy I know but I wanted her to notice me. I wanted her to see my cock. It was as if I was going all crazy inside and I wanted to show off to my mother.

I moved and my robe fell wide open and I started to get a hard on. There was nothing I could do to stop it nor did I want to stop it. I felt my cock slowly jerk and get hard. With every beat of my heart my cock jumped and grew longer and harder. I looked up to see if Mom was watching.

Mom was sound asleep. She eyes were closed but she was still sitting up. I flipped off the TV and stood my cock pointing straight at Mom’s face. I knew all too well want a blow job was so I leaned forward an inch or so brushing the tip of my cock across her lips. Mom never gave any indication she felt it. I lifted her to her feet and helped her up the stairs and saw to it she was comfortable on her bed.

I pulled her robe back and took a good long look at her slim body.

Her breasts were not too large but well shaped and firm with rather hard nipples. I trailed my finger tips over the nipples. Softly, feeling the warmth, learning their shape and softness.

I found her thin brown hair fine as a baby’s to my touch. I needed not to part it to see the swelling of her clitoris and the slightly pink crack that was hiding between her legs. I wanted to lick it, taste it and smell it… I did none of this… I don’t know way I did not I surely wanted to do all and more. But instead I pulled up the sheet and left the room feeling a bit sheepish.

But rattling around in my head was this strange feeling that some how I had gained some weird hold over my mother and she was responding to the slightest suggestion. I wondered how far this power of suggestion might lead. It was something to consider and think about. I might sneak up on this idea slowly and do a test to see just how far my power of suggestion really goes.

It was late the movies was not all that interesting so I did not return to it but went to bed and what wonderful dreams I had.

I woke still thinking of the strange behavior that my mother had shown the night before. I found her in the kitchen with a pot of coffee in her hand. I said “May I have a cup mother?”

“Of course dear, how do you like it?”

“Cream no sugar.” I said.

My coffee was served with out question. Normally Mom would have said something like “Milk is better for you or you don’t need the caffeine at your age.” But not too day. “Why?”

I asked casually “What are your plans for today?”

Mom said “Not much I need to do some laundry maybe later do some shopping down at Peterson’s market. How about you what are you going to do?”

I smiled and said “I thought I might go up to the Park and hang out by the lake. Just enjoy the day. Maybe walk in the woods. There are some very nice trails up there. If I’m lucky I might meet a girl.”

Mom smiled and started to speak when I said “I wish you would go with me.”

Mom stopped sipping coffee and said “Well of course I will. I’d like that.”

I said “I would like it if you wore those soft cotton shorts and snug haler top. If you did not ware panties they would look nice.”

It was a far leap and I was ready to be rebuffed if not out right yelled at. But Mom only smiled and agreed that she would be very bursa merkez escort happy to ware that outfit and I was right with out panties here would be no lines.

Pushing the envelope still farther I said “Mom, You’re so beautiful naked. I think you should go naked around the house more often?”

“Why, of course any thing you want dear. Just tell me when.”

I said “Now would be nice. I would love to see your breasts.”

Mom smiled and set her coffee cup on the counter and pulled her t-shirt over the head and unhooked her bar. I said “That’s fine. I really do love your breasts.”

Mom smiled and turned so her breasts were in full view. I said “Come here stand next to me so I might see them closer.”

No hesitation; she moved around the table and stopped just inches from me. I placed my hand on the small of her back and pulled her closer. I took one small firm nipple in my mouth. Mom made no movement to pull away of stop me in any way.

I suckled the breast for a minute and kneaded the other with my hand. Both nipples grew firmer. I looked up to see her smiling down at me. I asked “Do you like having your nipples sucked?”

“Yes. Very much and it feels so good when you touch both nipples at the same time.”

I looked into her eyes. It was like looking into a reflection pond.

I saw myself and all that I desired in my mother’s eyes. I saw the love of a mother for her son.

I saw the deep sensitivity of a woman that enjoy the presents of a man and the interaction of two warm bodies. I saw my mother for the first time in my life as a woman that needed to be loved. I saw a woman whose soul was on fire. I saw flames burning bright in her eyes. I pulled back and took her in my arms and hugged her like never before.

All of a sudden I could see this was not what I really wanted at least not from my mother not now not here. I needed to learn more about this strange power I all of a sudden had over the female species. I wondered if this power did extent to all females or just my mother. I had to go out into the world and see. I had to figure this out and find out why if I could. Maybe I was just lucky and lucky enough to be choose by some strange force. We’ll see.

I asked for the keys to Mom’s pride and joy. A 1965 mustang completely restored. She gave the keys to me happily.

I wandered aimlessly for nearly an hour. I ended up at a small shopping center out on the interstate. There was nothing here I wanted so I just sat and watched the few shoppers wandering aimlessly from store to store just as I had on the road this bright sunny morning.

I saw the ice cream shop was open I went in.

The lady behind the counter was in her fifties slightly plump with a pretty face surrounded by blonde hair. Hiding beneath her bib apron were a very large very round pair of jiggling breasts. I wondered if they were as sensitive as mother’s far smaller ones.

She looked up as I came in. Smiled and move closer to the counter asking if she could help me. I felt all of a sudden that her question was more than just a clerk drumming up business. I saw in her eyes a brightness glow as her smile widened.

I said “My; aren’t you a lovely lady.”

Her smile grew wider. “Well thanks you young man.’

I asked “Are you working alone this morning?”

She said “Yes. The student helper will not be in until after noon.”

I said “May we talk?”

She said “Of course anything you want.”

There is was the “Any thing you want.” I had passed the first step of this first test.

I said “May I ask your Bra size. You look to have very large breasts.”

She smiled and said “Forty four double D.”

I asked “When someone suckles your nipples are they sensitive and does it make you excited?”

“Yes very much so. I’ve not been with; its, its been a long time I am a widow and have not been with man or boy in four years.”

I said “If I asked you out would you go?”

“Oh, my yes.” She said.

I said “If I came by your home could we have dinner alone there and then have sex in your bed?”

“Yes, I would like that. I live alone so we could be alone as long as you want.”

I said “Thank you very much for the information. I call you later and we can work out a time for me to come to your home.”

She said that would be fine.

What the fuck was happening. I could ask anything I wanted and get a truthful answer. I can get what ever I want from any woman I talk to. I thought “I should have asked her for a blow job.” I’ve only had a couple of blow jobs but they were wonderful.

I laughed as I walked into a woman’s fabric shop.

I saw three shoppers and two clerks all looking at samples and talking in low voices. I saw a girl that looked maybe in her twenties looking at me.

She was with an older lady, maybe her mother. I nodded toward a corner of the room and walked that way. She smiled and walked to meet me.

We stopped a few bursa sınırsız escort bayan feet apart. I said “What’s your name? How old are you?”

“Clara House. I’m eighteen.” She said with out hesitation.

I said “Clara is that your mother?”

She had that brightness in her eyes she answered “Yes.”

I said “Clara. I need sex would you like to help me out?” I asked not only would she help me but would she like to help me. I felt there might be a difference.

“Of course. Any thing you want.”

I had a crazy idea. I said “Would your mother like to watch. Or even better would she like to join us and had sex with me too.”

Clara said “I’m sure mother would like that.”

I said “Clara. I’ll talk to you later. You have a nice day.”

I walked out thinking the whole world has gone bonkers. “What the fuck is going on?” I had not a clue but what ever it was I was really beginning to enjoy this strange power I had over women.

I walked around the corner and came face to face with two woman. Both were very stylish and looked well to do. I quickly stepped to the side for them to pass then thought “Wait,”

Both ladies stopped and looked at me. I smiled and said “Would you two ladies like to have sex with me?” Both had the fire in there eyes. Both smiled answering “Yes.” In unison.

I asked are you both married. One said yes and one said no. I asked if I could get a blow job from each. Again in unison a confirming “Yes.”

I suggested we go to my car. They agreed. I then told them later and told them to go on their way. I watched two very attractive ladies walk away not upset and totally unconcerned at what I had asked.

I again sat in my car. I found this last venture had gotten me really worked up. I had a hard-on and felt like masturbating. I saw the Ice cream shop was still empty. Checking my watch I saw it was still early and headed that way.

She smiled and acknowledged me as the fire built in her eyes. I asked “What is your name?”

“Wilda Lark.”

I said “Well Mrs. Lark. I’m very horny. I would like you to suck my cock and let me cum in your mouth. Would you like that?”

“Oh, yes. I’d liked to suck you off.”

I said “So you like to suck cock do you?”

“Yes. I love it.”

I asked “Have you sucked lots of guys off.” Almost shyly she said “A few.”

I stepped to the opening in the counter. It was near the back wall far from the door and front window. I stood there and watched this old lady drop to her knees while reaching for the zipper on my jeans. It did not take long. I was very excited and she was very good at sucking cock. I was sure this was far from her first blow job and I was so excited I almost exploded as soon as she took my cock in her mouth. I had jerked off many times and had cum many times but this was so great I damn near collapsed. I knees got weak, I felt the cum shot out like a fire hose. It seemed I could not stop. But dear old Wilda sucked, swallowed and never missed a drop. She was truly an expert cocksucker. She licked me clean and stood I zipped up thanked her and left.

I was still weak as I headed toward the car. I saw Clara and her mother were about to cross my path. I had just had a great bow job and was still feeling all worked up. I said “Good morning Ladies. I’ve just had a great blow job. Would either of you like to give me another?”

Both stopped and looked at me. There was the fire again. The eyes were bright, wide and turning red with desire. I got a firm “Yes.” from both. I said “Clara would you and your mother to come to my car? I want you Clara to stand so no one can see us while your mother sucks me off. Will you do that?”

They said “Yes.” I came again, quickly but not as quick as I had for dear Wilda. Clara watched as her mother squatted between me and the car. Mother was nearly as good as Wilda.

I came, she swallowed and again I was licked clean. I zipped up and told them to go home and have a nice day. No reaction, no emotion and then I realized they had done what I asked but felt nothing of the emotion I was feeling. It must be kind of like, like well really nothing for them. That is when I saw the difference between what my mother was feeling this morning as I suckled her nipples and what a perfect stranger would feel. Some where there was room for love and affection in this sex thing.

I drove around for a while and as noon approached I stopped at a small diner up near the state park. I was about thirty miles from town. I took a seat by the window and ordered a cup of coffee and a ham sandwich. The waitress was in her forties, plump busty and very pretty. I got the smile and then the fire came into her eyes. This answered a question I had but did not ask. Did this strange power extend beyond the limits of the city?

It also occurred to me that as a group could I influence women in say “A small diner.” I ate my sandwich, paid my bill left a tip and walked slowly from the restroom in the far end of the diner through the entire line of patrons. There were six women and four men not counting me. I caught the eye of each woman as I passed their tables even if they were seated with a man or not. Just as I reached the door two highway patrol officers came in. One was a slim, pretty full busted woman. I stepped back held the door for them. I caught her eye quickly.

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