All Grown Up Christmas Ch. 02

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All Grown Up

Another Christmas Feast

Kelly returned home from college, ready to continue her torrid affair with her brother-in-law Danny, her sister Jenny’s husband. He rented a small cabin near the house they could use all over the Christmas break. Kelly hid a camera in one of the guest bedrooms at the mansion, and caught her aunt having sex with her uncle Christmas Eve, but not the one she was married to. Confiding in a friend, Kelly admits to her voyeuristic desires, and invites a receptive Charlotte to watch that video.

Charlotte and Kelly left the library, going home separately. Kelly used part of one gift card to get a decent pair of headphones. In her room later, Kelly looked for and found a splitter, texting Charlotte to bring earbuds when she came by. She then texted Jenny to ask whether her friend could stay for dinner, and received a pleased yes.

Charlotte’s car was a sunny yellow VW bug, just a bit brighter than her golden hair. Kelly gave her an almost sisterly hug, and they joined Jenny and Dan at the big walnut table. Charlotte wound up sitting at the same spot Dan had sat in August when he ate her pussy in the middle of the table. Kelly’s cheeks colored at the memory, and she coughed to cover it. Charlotte grinned at her over a mouthful of leftover turkey and stuffing, misinterpreting her blush.

After dinner and some small talk, the two younger women headed up to Kelly’s room, the first time Charlotte had been there, or in fact ever in the grand old house. They went up, chattering as if they had no other concerns than college and boys.

Kelly locked her bedroom door, shooting the bolt quietly and not flinching at the quiet click as it hit home. Kelly sat down, and Charlotte pulled a second chair over from the corner. Kelly fired up her laptop, waiting for it to cycle through, and then brought up the video of her Aunt Lindsay cheating with her other sister’s husband, Uncle Peter. She plugged in the splitter, and hooked up her headphones and the Charlotte’s earbuds, and started the volume low.

Her guest’s eyes were glued to the screen, and Kelly watched the beginning of the clip for the first time herself. Peter was in the room first, standing and waiting almost patiently. The timer showed another two and a half minutes pass before Lindsay stepped into the room, quietly but swiftly shutting the door, then locking lips passionately with Peter. Still kissing deeply, they stripped off their shoes and pants, standing and making out with only socks on below their waists.

Kelly heard Charlotte’s gasp at the sight of Peter’s raging erection, and Lindsay’s rubbing of it with her palm. The couple were speaking, and Kelly nudged the volume up to listen to them continue kissing and making their way to the bed. She watched Aunt Lindsay kneel while Peter sat on the bed, and gasped as her aunt started sucking Peter’s peter, giggling to herself at the pun.

“Fuck…” Charlotte was sipping air between her lips, her chest fluttering with desire at the illicit scene on the screen. She kept her eyes on the screen, and leaned towards Kelly. “Fuck, Kelly, that is so fucking hot. Did he cum in her mouth?”

Irritated and aroused, Kelly hissed back, “Just watch.” Aunt Lindsay enthusiastically bobbed her head up and down on the rigid dick in her mouth, and Charlotte sighed at the sight.

After a few minutes Aunt Lindsay joined him on the bed, and Kelly recognized the moment she had started watching the feed live. The scene unreeled as it had before, and Kelly let it continue to the end, and made sure Charlotte heard their pillow talk at the end.

Stopping the video, Kelly turned to her friend. “So?”


“What did you think?” She meant about what they had said, mainly.

Charlotte’s breath puffed out softly. “Hot. Oh my God, no wonder you wanted to watch! I wish I’d had something like that in Mom’s room.” She was breathing deeply and rapidly, not quite panting with desire. Turning to Kelly, she said, “That must have been a shock. I mean, your uncle in your aunt.” She was flushed now. “Fuck…” The word was drawn out, almost a prayer.

“It was hot,” Kelly admitted. “Not so hot seeing those two together, and less hot hearing about their marriage issues.”

“Yeah, but it was still hot. Sexy. Even with that. It’s too bad she didn’t let him cum in her mouth, I would have loved to see that…”

Kelly knew the feeling, and how much she loved when Danny shot his load on her tongue, and the way she was hungry for his jizz, the musky warmth of it as it slid down her throat. “I know what you mean, Shar,” she murmured into the air.

The statuesque blonde finally turned away from the screen and faced Kelly. “You like it, too!,” she said with dawning wonder.


“You like sucking cock, Kelly. God, I thought you were still a virgin.”

She snorted. “Not even close. Jake was my first in my senior year, Grad Night. Two guys at college, too, but I didn’t like either of them enough to suck them all the way off either.” She had slept with them a couple of times apiece, ultimately disappointed almanbahis adresi with their lack of technique, indifference to her pleasure, and frantic haste to cum and turn over for post-coital snoozes. Giving them blowjobs the second time, both college guys had seized the back of her head and started to fuck her mouth furiously. Both times she had swatted their hands away and jacked them off, not even bothering to sleep with either of them after that. She quietly disclosed this to Charlotte, who looked at her closely.

Charlotte gazed deep into her eyes, reading them, and smiled lustfully. “Kelly, you’re so lying. That look in your eyes when your aunt started her blowjob, it wasn’t disgust or distaste or hatred. You wanted it, the same way I did.” She turned her friend to face her straight on. “You’ve let someone cum in your mouth before, and really enjoyed it. I can see it right now in your eyes. You would have let the right guy shoot his load down your throat, and you’d swallow it. Right?”

Kelly looked helplessly into her eyes, before quietly admitting, “Right. Just one guy.”

Charlotte wriggled with elation. “I knew it! I mean, I didn’t know it until just now, but I knew it!” She leaned forward, breathing slowly, barely daring to speak. “Who?”

“I can’t tell you.”

“You won’t share the name of this great lay, the lust of your life, who’s cum you gleefully swallowed?” Her eyes were locked on Kelly’s, and she moved closer. Kelly looked into the clear blue eyes, and shook her head, a last gesture of resistance. “Come on, Kel, who?”

“I can’t tell you.” She felt trapped now, unwilling to give up her secret affair with her brother-in-law Dan. It was supposed to stay hidden, secret, a joyful game she could just play and avoid thinking about when she wasn’t with him.

“Kelly, you want to. There’s some guy you’re in love with, and if he were available right now you would have his cock in your mouth, or your pussy, and you wouldn’t have invited me over.” Charlotte’s soft insistence was wearing her down, and she tried another gambit to delay what appeared at the moment to be an inevitable admission.

“You first. Whose cum do you swallow?”

Charlotte considered for a moment. “Okay. My boyfriend here in town, and one of the teachers over at the JC. Both are very, very good at fucking, and I love to reward them with full-on blowjobs, let them cum in my mouth, swallow every drop. For the right guy, it’s so worth it.”

“Okay yourself. Who was first?”

“One of my Mom’s boyfriends. He came over to pick her up, and she was running late, traffic jam on the way home from work. I told him I’d seen them doing doggie in her room a couple of nights earlier, and we got to talking. On the couch, I took his pants down, and sucked him off. He was gentle, and quiet, and very embarrassed, but he didn’t say no, didn’t tell me to stop.” She grinned knowingly. “Nobody ever turns down a blowjob. He let me do it at my own pace, and I let him cum in my mouth. He really liked it, and I loved the thickness and the taste of it.”

“What did your mom say?” Eyes wide, Kelly fought to derail the direction the conversation was taking, but she suspected it was in vain.

“Pretty sure she never found out! They dated for a couple more months, and I invited him over and fucked him a couple of times when Mom was out of town. Grad student, a little young for Mom, a little old for me, but God could he fuck!” Her eyes were locked on the ceiling in a blissful reverie. “I wasn’t a virgin even then, and sometimes I wish he’d been my first.” She lowered her eyes wistfully, and looked closely at Kelly. “So, I assume it’s an older guy. Younger guys don’t do as good a job usually. Too impatient, right?”

Kelly started nodding before she caught herself. She was being led down a path, and didn’t want to go, even as she headed towards its inevitable conclusion.

“So, who is it?”

“I can’t say,” but now she wanted to, and they both knew it.

“A name,” hissed Charlotte. “Who?”

The name escaped without her volition. “Dan.” Her eyes widened, this time in horror at revealing her deepest secret.

“Dan who?” Blue eyes shot open in sudden comprehension. “Dan? You’re fucking Dan?”

“Keep it down, Shar!”

“Fuck, Kelly. Was it his idea?” She sneered with revulsion. “Let me guess… Did he come to you and start telling you how cute and grown up you’ve become, how great you probably looked naked, or did he kiss you ‘accidentally’ or brush his hand over your tits, then it turned into something else?”

Kelly wondered what exactly had happened at the beginning of the other woman’s sexual odyssey, or early on, for her to assume that, and shook her head firmly. “No. It wasn’t that way.”

Without another word, Kelly selected another video, one from the folder marked for the previous year, when she had first started watching Jenny and her Danny. She clicked on the file, and let it open. Charlotte watched the video of the other couple fucking with abandon, loud moans of passion and pleasure. She was especially struck by the older woman sucking Dan’s almanbahis adres cock, taking the load in her mouth, and licking up every drop. She felt a thrill of sheer sexual need run up from her throbbing clit to the back of her throat, a fierce tingle as her nipples tightened against her bra.

“Jesus, Kelly, how did you get this?”

“I was jealous of my sister, then fell in love with her husband. I kept watching them on hidden camera, getting hotter and hornier every time. Then Jenny was out of town for a couple of weeks in August. I got him into the master bathroom, and sucked his cock. He came in my mouth, and on my tits, and we kissed, sharing his cum. Jenny does it with him all the time, sharing his cum, and I wanted to do that with him for my first time.”

Charlotte leaned forward, beaming, and quickly and gave her a surprise hug. “Kelly, you wonderful little slut! You waited for the perfect time, the perfect guy for the first time you sucked a cock, and didn’t just swallow, but shared a long, cummy kiss with him.” She laughed delightedly. “Oh my God, Kelly!” She squeezed her tight for quite a while, then released her, and chuckled. “You are such a slut! I haven’t shared a guy’s load with him, never even thought of doing that! How was it?”

Kelly smiled nervously. “Great! Just sharing his cum with him made me so hot. He went down on me about a week later, and we kissed for a long time after he ate my pussy to four orgasms.” She blushed from desire, remembering the wonderful sensation.

“How many times did you record them fucking?” Her earbuds were off now, dangling from the splitter, and Kelly set her headphones on the computer desk too.

“About a hundred times, more, over about a year. I’ve watched them many, many times, each.”

Charlotte looked at her, hunger rising in her eyes, her voice husky. “I bet you finger-fucked your hot little twat every time. Like I wanted to for both videos.”

“Huh?” Kelly had no words for the change in direction.

“Kelly, if I watched these by myself, it would make me so hot. Already did. Hell, I’d fuck any man that walked in right now! Let him lick my pussy, take his cock in my mouth, swallow his entire load, or maybe,” she winked salaciously, “follow your cue and share it with him. If I were alone, I’d be naked on the bed, humping my fingers for hours.” She stopped for a moment. “Can you give me a copy of a couple of them? I have a thumb drive…”

Kelly shook her head. “Not safe, Shar. It’s risky enough saving them here.”

“Please?” She almost moaned the request, her eyes smoky with deep, exquisite desire.

“I really can’t!” Her response was almost plaintive.

Charlotte caught her breath, blinked as she recovered herself. “Okay, Kel, I understand. I just, I’m so horny right now. Fuck, just so hot thinking about it…” The word was drawn out, sexy and lingering, filled with a magnificent promise of something unthinkable and joyous still to come. She stood to go, knees quivering with tension.

Kelly stood up too. “Wait. Take my chair, Shar.” She stepped out of the way, and motioned to her chair. She showed her where to find more of the videos of Jenny and Dan, how to choose one.

“Here, Kel?” At Kelly’s nod, Charlotte stopped for a moment. “Door still locked?” Another nod. “You…staying? Watching?”

Kelly sat down in the folding chair. “You want me to?” She’d meant to say no, but she meant what she actually said.

Charlotte didn’t reply, just nodded, and stood up again, though not to leave. She shimmied out of her slacks and panties, and stood naked from the waist down except for her ankle-high socks, a sunny shade of orange at the cuffs. Kelly noticed with a thrill that the blonde was more rounded than she was, curvy and voluptuous. She wasn’t as tanned as Kelly, but had no cottontail, and Kelly’s chest trembled with the first surge of oncoming lust. Her breath caught in her throat when Charlotte turned and displayed her blonde, curly bush, nestled between her full and, she thought to herself, inviting thighs. Absently licking her lips, she wondered how many men had seen and touched her body, her pussy. Or how many women…

Charlotte sat down on the towel Kelly produced, brushing her fingers between her pussy lips. Without speaking, she spread her legs and grabbed the mouse. Kelly heard the soft squelch of her fingers at the entrance between the kinky blonde curls. Her skin was the same pale shade from the top of her hips on down, and Kelly mused that if she did tan, it was in the nude, as she herself had started to do when she wanted to seduce her Danny.

She scrolled down the list. “Which one’s the best?”

“The ones with four or five stars in the comments. Most of them, I guess.”

Charlotte double-clicked a recent one, opened it up and was treated to Jenny and Danny, their clothes on the floor, embracing in a full-body hug, kissing and fondling each other, warming up for the coming performance. She watched intently as they got onto the bed, and watched him lie back, and the black-haired beauty mount his face, moaning for him to eat her pussy, then almanbahis adresi humping his face while he obliged her. Dan’s cock was rigid, ready, and Charlotte moaned softly at the sight of it.

Charlotte whispered, “This is so hot, Kel.” Kelly saw her guest had two fingers now plunging between the pale, golden curls of her bush. She felt flushed, too, watching her friend watch her sister and her husband fucking, and found she was panting in time to Charlotte, but less obviously. She tried to change her breathing to a different rhythm, but found it synchronized again as soon as her concentration wavered.

They heard Jenny’s passionate moans as she came, still riding Dan’s face. Suddenly, she leaned forward to catch her breath, chest heaving at her sudden release. Jenny moved down Dan’s body and lay full length on top of him, her legs straddling his hips now, and deeply kissing him, tasting her pussy on his lips and tongue, before rolling onto her back, legs still spread, inviting Dan to mount her.

Charlotte sighed when she saw Dan’s dick enter Jenny. She seemed unaware of Kelly sitting right next to her, and came after just a minute or so, even though the two on the screen weren’t even half done, and Dan was just picking up speed. Charlotte kept fingering, and her fingers went all the way in as she gasped with another nascent orgasm.

Kelly was fascinated. Paradoxically, she had never watched her sister masturbate on the hidden camera, erasing those clips without review. She had never seen another woman take the same pleasure she took from the hidden videos, and felt building excitement. Barely moving, she slid her chair back a little behind Charlotte, and felt her fingers, without conscious guidance, glide her pants slowly down past her hips, exposing her pussy, then down to mid-thigh. She started to watch the video, rubbing the clit at the very top of her slit, but her eyes were drawn inexorably to Charlotte’s body.

The blonde’s eyes were closed now, and her hand moved under her sweater, hiking it up past her tummy. Kelly could see her feeling and stroking her nipples, first one then the other, under the fuzzy fabric, probably below her bra, while she kept moving her fingers in and out below. Still staying as quiet as she could, Kelly slipped her pants all the way off and to the floor, stroking her clitoris next to the other woman. Her pussy was still bare, shaved daily for nearly five months, and she found the contrast between her hairless twat and Charlotte’s kinky blonde bush exhilarating.

Kelly was the first one to audibly moan, her first orgasm coming swiftly. Between watching Danny and Jenny, and the beautiful sight of another woman, mere inches away, getting to her second orgasm, was just too much. She squirted on her chair, letting a quiet groan escape her throat into the room, just before Charlotte also came, almost silently, then she turned to Kelly and smiled. “So glad you stayed, Kel.” Then she noticed the shaved pubic region. “Ah, fuck, Kelly… That’s beautiful.” Now she watched Kelly play with her clit, and cooed soft encouragement to her. She leaned over and kissed Kelly, who opened her mouth to take Charlotte’s soft tongue in, playing hers over it as her second climax drove a quiet groan out of her.

Looking into her friend’s eyes while playing with herself, Kelly said, “The video just ended. How did you like it, Shar?”

“Fucking loved it. I’m loving your shaved pussy, too, Kel.” She slid off her seat and knelt between Kelly’s knees, watching her fingers playing around her clit, and plunging again inside her. She mumbled something that Kelly didn’t quite register at first.

“What?” Her fingers slowed as she tried to figure out what Charlotte had said.

“I love sucking cock.”

Despite herself Kelly giggled. “Really! Me, too…” Her breath caught in her throat as Charlotte whipped the sweater over her head, discarding it and her bra off to the side, and knelt naked now, save for her socks, in front of Kelly’s dripping crotch. Charlotte’s breasts were a couple of cup sizes bigger than hers, gorgeously round and desirable, dangling naked before Kelly’s stunned eyes. Both women were panting softly with their boldness at doing what they had done and, Kelly found herself hoping, what they were going to do.

Charlotte leaned forward, gently moving Kelly’s hands aside, and taking in the beautiful, bare slit in front of her, glistening with her juices, before leaning forward. The blonde extended her tongue to tentatively lick Kelly right at the apex of her slit, rubbing the little nub there and feeling a thrill as it actually twitched at her touch. “It tastes almost like honey… I love sucking cock,” she repeated. “I’d like to try pussy, Kel. I want to eat you.”

Their eyes met, and Kelly felt herself drawn in, unable to resist. She stroked Charlotte’s face with her wet fingers, barely daring to speak. Her head was swimming, and her whole body was burning with passion. She knew she was moments from begging her to do it, pleading for her to lick her pussy, suck on her clit the way her Danny did. Or maybe even better. “Go ahead,” she finally said, barely more than a whisper, and spread her knees even wider, planting her feet far to either side of her chair. At the next touch of Charlotte’s tongue, she felt another orgasm rise without warning, and she came hard.

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