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There are times when it is an exquisite release to watch and listen to a woman being pleasured exclusively. Take the time we found ourselves in the secret hotel spot – just the two of us meeting for the afternoon tryst. Your mood was one born out of the tedium of what had already been very long week. Mine was randy (no surprise there) and although each encounter we have is wonderful the thought of going through the activities was a bit out of your most fervent desires at the moment. What to do to distract?

You, attired in your finest business wear and I having already removed my jacket and tie began by kissing warmly if not totally deeply. Our tongues dancing in unison and feeling warmth build but not that sudden heat of passion we normally could feel – especially from your end. The wear of the week had gotten to you so I thought perhaps something a little different was in order.

Standing now before you I held your shoulders and eased you back onto the bed to sit. Just for a moment. I knelt down and removed first your shoes then reached up and unbuttoned your blouse. Your nipples erect as always shown through the undergarment neatly – I could already feel my cock beginning to swell. But that’s not what this was about. Deftly removing your skirt, your hose and your panties you sat in only your bra – some excitement tingling inside you but the ennui still lingered.

“Here,” I said as I stood and extended my hand to you while standing now. I pulled you close and held you with another kiss as I swiftly removed your bra. Seemed the same but with me clothed it didn’t have the sensation we anticipated somehow.

Now then – I removed my shirt and dropped off my pants. Slipped stockings went into the heap and we stood before one another again – you completely naked and I in underwear only. The underwear betraying the fact that I was already excited. Your posture telling me that something different need occur.

Then I reached down and picked up your blouse again – you remember the one – satin and smooth with delicate pearl buttons. I aided in your placing on again – not buttoned – just hanging over you.

As you stood I bent first to your lips, then your neck and shoulders. Reading your reactions as I tasted you. Cool but now feeling some build up. Still with your arms at your side (my insistence) I reached with my hands to hold each of your breasts while I continued the kissing and tongue work along your upper parts. My fingers twiddling with your nipples. Now the flats of my hands rolling across just the very tips of them. Awakening them once more to a more rigid state than ever for you is natural. Somehow the feeling of your blouse hanging over them and my hands added to the opening awareness of what was happening.

Allowing my hands to slide down your sides and turning my hands just a izmit escort bayan bit I pressed lower onto the fronts of your thighs while bringing my mouth down onto one nipple. There my lips pulled it and my tongue danced on it. Then the other. All the while gliding my hands over your thighs – upward on the fronts then into the center and down along the inside. Your legs spreading just a bit. Some wanting.

Standing upright again I held your shoulders and urged you back again to sit on the bed. Just at the edge with your feet on the floor. Another tactile command you leaned back braced against your arms. Fully bent now I leaned over you and let my tongue roam along the body I have come to appreciate for all that it gives.

Licking with just the tip of my tongue over your upper body, one hand now slipped down along your thigh again. Outside this time then across the knee and back upward. Just the slightest touch between your legs at the top. A flick – nothing more. Then back again along the inside of that thigh. The return trip for my hand was on the opposite thigh with a route reversal – up, flick down the outside. Meanwhile my mouth moving over you – spots on you that you’ve forgotten are sensitive being rekindled. The taste of you so intoxicating.

I raised my head again and you lifted yours to see what was coming next. My smile in return did not divulge much. I knelt again before you and pulled your hips forward just a bit while spreading your legs – more accurately directing you to do so with touches and pressures from my hands.

My hands on your knees and then pointing my fingers up your inner thighs I bent again to run my tongue from end to top of your thighs. As with the fingers before it, my tongue lingered but briefly at the very top and then with my lips cascaded down the opposite thigh. You watch with curiosity, as things are getting just a bit warm now. My senses attuned to this, I moved my lips again toward the top of your thighs.

First just the outside of your warm but merely moist pussy. Tongue working the outer lips of you. Darting between occasionally. Then one long tongue stroke between those lips. The taste of you bringing me to full erection.

I reach around behind you with one arm and grip your ass slightly to hold you and tilt you just a bit. The other hand comes up to your pussy. My eyes watching you as you watch as well. Fingers spreading you and simultaneously finding your still slightly hooded clit. Rubbing it gently and circularly. Slow movements that begin to stir you. A brief glance tells me that you are getting wetter now. Holding you open I reach my tongue back into action. My fingers spreading you open and lifting the last barrier from your clit to allow my tongue full access. Just the tip of it. I look to see what kocaeli escort and where everything is for assurance and then move back. Your clit fully exposed and the tip of my tongue working all areas of it. Once section at a time. My lips now come closer and briefly take you clit between them. Releasing again and working my tongue over it with broad, flat strokes. A slight probe with the oral appendage into you to get the full flavor of you and find how wet you are becoming.

Now fully engaged in the activity my mouth descends on your love button fully. Sucking it in and clenching it slightly. Inside my mouth the tip of my tongue patters across the top of it. Held in place for a moment. One hand is suddenly freed up. Unwrapping my arm and now reaching beneath my own chin I slide a finger inside you. Tip upward seeking your spot. It is there and just becoming more open to such attentions. Slow strokes in and out of you while I continue the oral pleasure delivery – long strokes of tongue now matching the finger sliding in and out of you.

You reach yourself for added entertainment. One hand still bracing you in a leaned-back position the other now reaching for your own breast. You squeeze and rub on nipple while my ministrations between your legs continue. I can feel inside you that you are gathering steam toward some pleasure despite the arrival mood. Your hand moves from your breast to my head and encourages me as I work your lips, your clit and your opening fully. The pleasure begins to mount slightly. As for me, I am hard and wanting but this is for you.

Just as the activity seems to be reaching time for another movement toward penetration I move away from your pussy slowly. Down along your thighs again as I sit first on my haunches then stand again. Your first anticipation is to sit up directly thinking I will now offer my member for your own activity.

Instead I hold your hand and urge you upward again – to stand. To kiss and share with you your own flavors still lingering on my lips and tongue. We turn and I sit now. Your anticipation remains as it was and you begin to kneel. My guidance stops you. You are following a dance lead with new steps.

I push myself farther back onto the bed now. Back against the headboard, legs extended. My erection having to be re-arranged to account for the binding of the underwear in this seated position. Taking you hand I guide you to me. Still following my lead I encourage you to lie across my lap. Face down. Your hips just shy of my own.

“Get comfortable,” I ask. Affording yourself the opportunity of a pillow to rest your arms and head on, you comply.

Spreading your legs I readdress my hands to the inner thighs of yours. Then along your ass caressing and holding and then. ….

Running my fingers sınırsız escort back between your legs the palm of my hand over your pussy and onto your ass my fingertips once more open and expose that luscious small mound of sensitive flesh. Slow strokes over it, then quick ones across the top of it. Occasionally slipping inside you to draw more of your self-lubrication. Your breathing increases and I wonder if it is due in some small way to the pressure of a now fully engorged penis pressing into your belly.

As you feel the heat build the time has come for the balance of the play. I slip my hand back a bit and turn it. The palm of my hand now pressed against your clit. My thumb entering you. Finding that spot of yours in earnest now.

Less delicate strokes across that spot. Careful notation of the sensations being sent by you indicates that there is a small swelling there now. With fully pressure I engage your spot with the head of my thumb. Rubbing it now while clutching your lips and pressing onto your clit. A bit more pressure on your inner spot rubbing it harder now. You can feel the pressure building inside you. Taking you closer to the edge. Roaming around the spot over and over then across it again and again the mounting passion has overtaken you fully.

Your hips reflex against the pressure but not in resistance merely at the intensity of it. Soon you release your fullest climax as you buck slightly against my hand and moan of the passion emerging. I allow you to finish and stop the direct application. Merely fingering your clit again. However this lasts no more than 30 seconds or so when you find that you are penetrated again. With precision onto your spot once more. Driving you hard and wild again over the edge so quickly this time.

After the fourth round of these attentions your orgasmic sounds have taken on full voice and still they come. Come round eight you are nearing a physical exhaustion that far surpasses your original mental letdown when you first arrived.

After a tenth full release you ask gently for respite but the timing between strokes inside you only shortens by half. You are wet beyond capabilities your juices pooling on the bed and soaking one side of my still in-place underwear. At last all of your mental capacity has been devoted to anything other than what you brought into the room that afternoon.

My hands now move back to tenderness. Fingering your inner thighs at just the right point and swirling delicate circles to prolong at a much lower level that fourteenth and last release. Your skin is aglow with passion and you are now physically spent. After some more tender touches and admiration through tactile stimulation of each square inch of your ass and back I slip from beneath you and roll you over to lie next to me. Kissing you tenderly yet with passion I explain:

“You looked as though you’d had a rough day.” Your smile tells me you have moved well past that point. “Just think though, ” I continue, “how bad the maid is going to have it when she tries to pull up that wet mess over there.” A grin, a chuckle and our afternoon drifts further on. Without boredom.

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