All Dressed Up

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Big Dick

“Ugh” I mutter out loud as I look around the crowded party. How did I ever manage to get myself talked into this? It’s not my scene at all. I would much rather be at home doing anything else. I’ve managed to find myself a somewhat quiet corner where, so far I haven’t be forced into a conversation with anyone. I look down at what I’m wearing. Really? This isn’t me either. I’m much more of a causal stay at home kind of girl. Parties for me don’t need to have more than 6 people, tops.

I have on a black dress which Stacy, my best friend, although I’m seriously questioning that at the moment, has loaned me and guilted me into wearing. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t quite so low cut. The front dips down to a low, wide V between my breasts. Thank God I could at least wear a bra with it. Again though, not what I would have chosen. The bra Stacy had brought with her for me was red, lacy and frilly, so girly! When I put it on I found it lifted my breasts quite high. “Hmm” I thought to myself, “I wonder if these will be lifted right out of my dress?” I was told to just give it a try.

“You have a hot little body Mia! Show it off!” Stacy encourages me.

To match the bra a red lacy thong came out of the bag next followed by a garter belt. I looked at the garter belt quizzically. What would I need with that? Answering my unasked question Stacy holds up a pair of fishnet stockings. I sigh and put them on. Slipping the dress on over my head I stand there and look in the mirror. I shake my head and Stacy pleads with me “You look great. C’mon! Live a little outside your conservative box! It could be fun.” I finally agree, to shut her up more than anything. Reaching into my closet I pull out a pair of comfy black pumps. I have to try to be at least semi comfortable. She snatches them away from me and shakes her head. Reaching into her never ending bag she pulls out a pair of red stilettos that match my bra and thong.

I stand in front of the mirror and take a long look. My long dark hair cascades down my back, my makeup is nicely done. I’m wearing the very low cut black dress with my breasts pushed up to a gravity defying height. Black fishnet stockings and red stilettos. Secretly I do kind of think I look pretty good. Not me, and maybe not as comfortable as I could be but still pretty good. I’m sure I would look pretty good to anyone who saw me minus the dress too. To confirm my thoughts Stacy walks over and looks into the mirror with me.

“Damn girl. I told you this would be hot!” She exclaims as she gathers small pieces of my hair on either side of my head and puts them back in a barrette. She fastens my barrette and smooths out the rest of my hair, brushing the back of my neck as she moves past it. Was it my imagination or was that deliberate? I don’t know what to think right now.

Stepping forward she stands beside me and we look into the mirror together. She is completely recognizable. She’s always been the flashy one. Her reflection shows a tall blonde girl with breasts about the same size as mine. Actually, aside from her being taller than me we have many of the same measurements in common. She is wearing a wild giraffe print dress which is sleeveless and unlike mine has a higher scooped neckline however the back of hers dips all the way down to the top of her ass. Her’s fits a lot tighter than mine and is shorter, mine falling halfway to my knees with a slightly flared skirt and hers has less of a flare and stops about a quarter of the way to her knees. Her breasts too are happily pushed up and out, she must be wearing one of those bras that use adhesive tape and prayers to stay put – way to much fussing and blind faith for me. Her legs appear to be bare and on her feet are plain brown stilettos.

Seeing the look on my face Stacy grins “See, I told you it would be good. You never know, you might end up hooking up!”

My face reddens. If dressing up this way isn’t me, hooking up with a random guy at a random party sure isn’t. “It sure is a new look” I say to her “but I don’t know if I can leave the house looking like this.”

This is nothing new for us. I always need to be convinced to do one thing or another. I’m not the carefree, social butterfly, risk taker Stacy is.

“Wait here a sec” Stacy orders me. Was that her hand brushing lightly against my ass as she moves her arm from around my shoulders? I’m sure that was an accident. She goes back over to her never ending bag and pulls out two shot glasses and a bottle of tequila. Returning to me she hands me both glasses to hold as she opens the bottle. After pouring it and then taking one of the glasses from me she clinks it against the one remaining in my hand. “Drink this, it will help loosen you up a bit.” I do as I’m told thinking I’ve gotten myself into this mess this far I might as well keep going. After one more shot I think I’m ready to give this new look a try.

The party is being hosted in one of the large houses by the water. It’s not far from my place. A taxi gets us there in 10 minutes. The driver takes a long look at each of us and I start to feel uncomfortable again. Kuşadası Escort I honestly don’t know how people can have others look at them like that. Stacy seems to love it though and she makes sure he gets a good look at every chance. Giggling, she gets out of the taxi upon our arrival and grabs my hand. “C’mon Mia! I know you feel sexy and you sure look it. Lets go show these men what they’ve been waiting for all night.”

We enter the party. Wow there are a lot of people. I hesitate at the door and Stacy squeezes my hand harder dragging me deeper and deeper into the party. A few heads turn, to look at Stacy I assume. She grabs a couple of drinks and pushes one into my hand. I take it as I look around following my friend. We find a quieter room and I turn to her giving her a look that says “I don’t like this.”

Eventually Stacy’s eye gets caught by a fairly attractive man and I encourage her to go. I want her to have fun and I will probably have more fun too if she’s not bothering me to go and talk to people. Which brings me to my quiet corner where I sit and people watch, being careful to not make eye contact with anyone.

Finally finishing the drink Stacy had left me with I look around wondering which way the bathroom is. Deciding my best bet is to just get up and start looking I head off through the house. The party had got a lot wilder while I was sitting in my corner feeling sorry for myself. Everywhere I looked people were laughing, talking and joking. The odd couple were kissing and touching each other too. “How can they do that in such a public place” I wonder to myself. I’m far from being a virgin, I even have a few special toys but all of that stays in the privacy of my bedroom. My mind starts to wonder without my permission…

What does it feel like to be so comfortable with yourself you can make out in such public places? What would it feel like to do it? Could I/Would I/Should I try to find a man tonight to try this thought on? Why am I not comfortable dressed up like this? Even I must admit I do look pretty good tonight.

I feel myself starting to get aroused at the turn of my thoughts. I wonder, if for just one night I could become the person I wonder about. I’m on the pill so nothing to bad could happen. I ponder this as I finally find the washroom. Looking in the mirror inside the tiny washroom I take another long look at myself. Knowing Stacy is out there looking and feeling great with at least a couple men vying for her attention I know I won’t be getting out of here anytime soon. “What the hell, lets see if I can do this” I say to myself as I push my way back out to the party.

I stand in the hallway pondering which way to go. I decide it’s way to crowded in the house so I make my way outside this time trying hard to look at everyone and not be afraid of any eye contact. Reaching the breathtakingly beautiful back yard I stop for a moment and lean against the railing of the deck. The flower gardens, the gazebo, the in ground swimming pool with the sauna and hot tub not to far off beside it and the little change room are all amazing. Getting lost in the much quieter, pretty scene I feel myself start to relax for the first time since putting on Stacy’s suggestions.

I stand there and just soak it all in. The light breeze brushing against my body makes me very aware of how hard my nipples have gotten and I remember the dampness between my legs as I made my new resolution – to see how fooling around with a stranger would feel. Lost in my feelings and thoughts and trying to muster up the courage to find someone who would be my willing partner I don’t hear him approach.

“Hi, I was just wondering… are you ok?” He asks me. I jump at the sound of the voice so close to me. I look around and realize he’s speaking to me. I nod my head and explain I wondered out here because it wasn’t as crowded and wild.

“I noticed you inside and you didn’t look very happy and then you disappeared. I was hoping one of those drunk guys didn’t do something to upset you.”

I shake my head as my eyes take in the man standing before me. He seems really nice, and not overly intoxicated which surprises me. He’s tall, probably close to 6 feet and has short dark hair with blue eyes that seem full of genuine concern. His shoulders are broad and his arms and hands look strong. He’s got a great tan that his white t shirt shows off well. His body is muscular and he seems to emit a confidence that immediately makes me feel safe. My eyes continue to travel downwards. He’s wearing well fitting jeans and sandals. Before I can stop myself I find my eyes start to travel back up his legs and stop for what feels like a full minute, but I’m sure is just a few seconds, on the bulge in his jeans and I wonder how big he is and what it would take to get him to stand at full attention.

“No, no one here upset me. It’s just really not my kind of scene.” I explain.

He nods, “I know how you feel. A friend of mine wanted me to come. Now he’s gone off and I’m on my own.”

I notice his eyes steal some quick glances Kuşadası Escort Bayan down my body. Of course they start off at my breasts. When I pass a mirror I have a hard time not looking at them in wonder so I’m not surprised he can’t help himself. As his eyes travel down my body and back up again in one quick movement I feel the dampness start to turn to wetness between my legs and my face turn red.

“Yea, I lost track of my friend who brought me here a too. By the way, I’m Mia.” I extend my hand.

“I’m Pete.” he responds taking my hand but not shaking it as I expect. Instead he brings it up to his lips and gives it a kiss. “A beautiful name for a beautiful lady, against a beautiful setting. No wonder I was drawn out here.” He winks at me and smiles.

I can’t help myself and I giggle a little bit. Hoping I didn’t offend him I quickly explain that no one has ever kissed my hand like that before.

“I like to be different. It keeps me memorable in a good way.” He says by way of explanation. He motions over towards the gazebo and I nod.

I’m not sure how long we were out there but it felt like hours. We started off just chatting and getting to know each other. Turns out he’s pretty sexy and he’s sweet. I felt like I had known him for years and not just a couple of hours tops. Maybe that’s why this night turned out to be more amazing than I ever thought it would be.

The more we talk, the more we connect. As we lean towards each other in laughter he takes my hand again and starts running his thumb over the top of it. My hand tingles at his touch. I can’t believe how just one hand on another can have such a reaction. If this is what a hand feels what’s it going to feel like when his hardness finally enters my wetness?

The safe feeling from Pete, probably combined with the alcohol I’ve consumed all night help these thoughts come quickly to my mind. Pete’s hand starts to rub its way up my arm and I notice his gaze keeps dropping more and more to my breasts. My breathing starts to quicken just a little which draws more attention to my breasts. Unable to stop myself I lean in and plant a kiss on Pete’s lips. I don’t know who is more shocked by my behaviour, me or him. He recovers before I do and feverishly kisses me back.

My body starts to tingle. My nipples harden once again and I get wetter and wetter. My body is responding so well to Pete it’s like I waited forever for this particular man. I’ve always been fairly responsive but nothing quite this quick and powerful before.

I wrap my arms around his neck and we kiss deeper and deeper. His hands start to run up and down my back slowly making their way to my sides. He pulls away and looks at me.

“Wow” is all I can manage to whisper.

He grins at me “Maybe there really was a reason we were both forced to come to this party tonight.”

I answer with another kiss as I run my hands up and down his chest feeling all his hard muscles. Maybe this party wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Looking down I see how excited Pete seems to be from our kissing. I shyly look up and meet his eyes. Holding his gaze I run my hands down from his chest to his thighs. Slowly I move one finger over to the huge bulge in his jeans then a second, third, fourth and then finally my whole hand. I’m taken aback by just how hard and thick he is. My hand closes around his cock through his jeans and gently squeezes it. He lets out a long low moan.

His hands move to my breasts and he cups them one in each hand. Lifting them up he takes on their full weight. Before lowering them he leans down and plants a series of small kisses along my cleavage as his thumbs find my hard, long erect nipples and start stroking them. Now it’s my turn to moan. I want to feel his lips suck and pull on my nipples so bad they’re aching.

I feel Pete get harder in my hand as he plays with my breasts. I didn’t think it was possible. I can only imagine how good his long, hard, thick cock will feel buried in my dripping wet pussy. My hands taking on a mind of their own work to undo the button then the zipper on his jeans. Pushing the denim aside I slip my right index finger into the gap created by undoing his jeans. I run my finger up and down his cock which is now only shielded by his boxers.

Oh God, I’m so wet now. Now I understand why people do these naughty things in public, or at least semi public places. The thrill of being outside where anyone could catch us is defiantly making me hot.

Pete’s hands slide down my sides from my breasts and end up on my thighs mirroring my actions from a moment before. Moving his hands closer to his target his thumbs gently run over my pussy. Even through the thong and the dress I feel electrified. His hands continue down my legs to the hem of my skirt. Pulling it up slightly one hand disappears under it. He’s teasing me. Slowly inching closer and closer to my pussy. I know he can feel my wetness seeping through my thong and running down my legs. I feel his hand run up and down the straps of the garter belt.

He catches Escort Kuşadası my eye and grins. “Baby, that garter belt is so sexy.” His other hand moves under my skirt. He runs both hands up and down the straps of the garter belt to the top of my stockings. Each trip back up my legs he gets closer and closer to my pussy, the odd time he extends a finger and gently touches my soaking wet thong.

“Oh Mia, you’re so deliciously wet.” He whispers as his breath catches a bit.

My hand moves to the hole in Pete’s boxers and claims it’s prize. Giving it a gentle squeeze I then loosen my grip and run my hand up and down his length. “Wow” I moan. I’ve never had someone that big and thick before. Not being able to take it any longer I remove my hand and tug down Pete’s jeans quickly followed by his underwear. His cock jumps out excitedly. I take a moment and just look at it in wonder. I can’t even begin to guess at how big he is.

I feel my wet, sticky thong being pulled away from my smooth, soft, bare pussy. He puts one finger in my well lubricated hole, takes it out and then rubs it against my clit. My breathing quickens and I wrap my hand around his cock. He goes back a second time, this time using two fingers instead of just the one. I moan and my body gives an involuntary thrust towards his hand. My hand starts moving up and down his shaft stopping periodically at the base so my fingers can tease his balls.

Both of us are breathing quite heavily by this time. We are both so hungry for each other. I want to devour him and I know he wants to do the same to me. We both want to prolong the experience too though. We’ve got all night after all.

We kiss yet again as his hands teases my pussy inserting a finger or two as he rubs my clit. My hand on his cock goes up and down slowly jerking him off. I must be careful. I don’t want him to cum just yet.

His lips move from mine and find my ear lobe. He gently nibbles on it as I moan and thrust myself towards him. His lips move lower, to my neck where he kisses, nibbles and sucks. Keeping his left hand at my pussy his right hand moves to my breasts and finds my nipple through my dress and bra. He pulls on my nipple not nearly as gently as before. I can’t take much more. I feel my body start to tighten and tingle. My breathing becomes shakier and my toes start to curl. Before I know what is happening I’m moaning and calling out.

“Oh God Pete. Fuck. You’re amazing.”

“You’re pretty amazing yourself. I’ve never had someone respond quite like you do.” He says to me as he stands up and tries to pull me to my feet.

I slowly start to stand but I’m pretty wobbly from my unexpected orgasm. Pete wraps his strong arms around me and helps keep me on my feet. Looking down at me he smiles and runs his hands up and down my back. Lowering his head back to my neck he begins to kiss and suck on it again. This time he doesn’t linger there but slowly makes his way down my collarbone to my cleavage which he kisses again making me moan softly. As his mouth moves lower so does his hands. Down over my ass they go stopping to squeeze and caress it. As his hands travel back up to find the start of the zipper on my dress his tongue starts to lick my cleavage and gets lost between my breasts. He grabs the zipper pull and slowly pulls it down as he licks and sucks on the tops of my breasts.

My hips start to thrust towards him. I want to feel his cock against my pussy. He steps away from me. Looking at me with a heat in his eyes I’ve not seen from another man when looking at me before he takes a good long look at me from my head all the way down to my toes. When he’s satisfied he’s seen enough he reaches over and starts to remove my dress.

“You are such a sexy lady.” he says admiring my body.

He can’t seem to keep his hands off me. They start touching my hair then slide down the sides of my head, down my neck and to my shoulders. Continuing down my arms then back to my shoulders he follows my bra straps down to my swollen breasts. All I can do is stand there and let him touch me. No one has taken this much time just touching and savouring me before.

His hands continue to take their tour feeling my breasts over my red lacy bra. He stops and gives each nipple a good firm tug while looking into my eyes. I let out another low moan as my breath catches and my knees start to weaken again. He chuckles, “I’m going to remember that response.”

His hands continue on. Down my flat stomach, down my hips. He lowers himself to his knees and keeps going. Down my thighs, coming just close enough to my pussy to make me think he’s going there but he doesn’t. I wiggle my hips suggestively trying to persuade him to go there but he just chuckles again and shakes his head. “Not yet” He whispers.

Down my legs he goes right to the top of my stilettos. His big strong hands move up the back of my legs to my ass. He toys with my garter belt a bit and follows the straps again down to the top of my stockings. He makes a low, happy sound and I giggle a bit thinking back to the fight I gave Stacy about putting all of this on but now I’m so glad I did. Grabbing my ass he suddenly pulls me forward towards his face. His hot moist tongue pushes my thong aside and then plunges deep inside my pussy. He only gives me a couple of teasing licks and a quick suck on my clit before he pulls away and stands back up.

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