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All about the bass…[All blog entries and stories are based on true events. Only names, locations, dates and times have been changed for privacy]Recently I was invited to a friends anniversary party. I don’t usually attend such events but I was kind of obligated as I was the best man at his wedding so to a not so local pub I went. There was a band playing, not the worst, not much good, typical pub band really I didn’t give them much thought apart from the bass player. The bass guitar is the drunk uncle wedding dance of musical instruments. Let’s be honest since “Superstition” the only bass player most people can name of is that Fly/Flea/Bug/Stick Insect chap from Red Hot Chili Peppers. This guy was in full “look at me” mode, strumming solos between song that made the whole evening feel like an episode of a nineties American sitcom. He would occasionally elongate a note and move the sting slightly so it would change up and down. Roll a key up, elongated note with a wobble and roll a key down. Not the most improvised set but getting a tad tedious. After a while I noticed his attentions were fixed, transfixed on a woman sat in the crowd and the elongated wobble would be accompanied by a look, smile and even a wink. The woman would smile back politely but look away embarrassed during the next song. A while later she and I were at the bar and I had to ask…”Are you okay? halkalı escort That bass player is creepy as. Would you like me to have a word with the manager about him?”She giggled a moment and replied. “Oh no. It’s okay. He’s my husband”. “Oh crap! Sorry. This one is on me. You’ve earned it”. She smiled and introduced herself as Sarah we chatted about my mates anniversary, work, the weather and other general chit chat when the next bass solo interrupted us. We both looked over and raised our glasses. Sarah gestured to her husband that she was going outside to have a cigarette and asked me to join her after a few minutes. I don’t smoke and told her it was the only bad habit I hadn’t picked up. She rolled her eyes and I realised I had pulled. As Sarah left via the rear door to the car park I took a round of drinks to my mates table and after a couple of minutes told them I needed some fresh air. I went out the front door and made my way to where Sarah was waiting. It was an old pub and the side wall not only had no windows but the chimney stuck out so there was a nice three to four foot corner where we couldn’t be seen from the road. We kissed and I could taste the spent tobacco in her mouth, bleaugh! Sarah was classy. Each kiss diluted the smoke taste so it soon became bearable. I pinned her to the wall and was nişantaşı escort reaching over her top to feel her breasts, her nipples already erect due to the cold air. I would guess a 34C/36B a little cleavage showing between the vee of the buttons. I undid a couple and she exhaled as I kissed her breasts cupping them as I moved from one to the other. I pulled her top out of her trousers and I could feel her nails start to dig into my back between my shoulders. I reached down and grabbed her bum cheeks as hard as I could. Kissing her lips again I couldn’t taste any tobacco at all now or I had stopped caring and moved my hands around to the front of her trousers, popped the button and as I reached for the zip she stopped and said…”We haven’t get enough time for that”. …before crouching down and undoing my belt. Hurriedly Sarah undid my button, pulled my fly open and slid my trousers half way down my thighs. Popping the buttons of my boxer shorts she reached for my cock and said…”Oh fuck!”…before pulling my foreskin back and taking it all in her mouth. “Woa! Jeeez”The hand that had pulled my skin back was now squeezing my balls in time with every gulp of her moving her mouth the entire length of my shaft. She paused to suck on the head so hard I immediately felt my prostate tingle. “Pre-cum” She said giving şişli escort my cock a moments respite. The sensation of the cold air hitting my head as Sarah started to wank me off was incredible. She teased my head with her tongue and lips as her strokes got faster. I was ready to cum and she knew it. Engulfing my cock in her mouth again as she pulled her hand back to my balls. I looked down and could see her black thong disappearing into her butt crack where I had loosened her trousers her builders bum was showing. I was thinking to myself “next fucking time” and Sarah put her index finger on my urethra. Holding it shut as she put me in her throat. I was so despirate to cum my legs were squirming but she was holding my dick closed and it was building up and up and she released as her mouth was half way up and I unleashed a gob full of in her. Sarah didn’t move apart from gulping five or six times and gently sucking my head again. She looked up. “Fuck me that was like swallowing two raw eggs”. She stood up, tucked her shirt back into her trousers, did everything back up, wiped her mouth and chin before lighting another cigarette. I straightened myself out and said…”I’d better get back in there”. Sarah nodded. I went in the front and joined my mates table. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost Ray”. “Something like that”. I replied. Sarah walked in a couple of minutes later with a grin. The band announced they were playing their last song…”Thank fuck for that”. …my mate said. The music ended, crowd cheered (out of politeness or relief) and clapped. Sarah’s husband walked over to her and gave her a full on territory marking kiss to the lips. If only he knew where they were ten/fifteen minutes earlier.

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