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I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t proud. A lot of people would find it wrong. Those kinds of people are losers who aren’t as good as I am. It started with an accident…

“Madeline still not found!” The Sun’s headline. I rustled past the ongoing story to page three. There stood a young woman, her nipples staring into my eyes. Her huge breasts filled the page, her face looked towards me. Her eyes were saying, “Fuck me.” Her blonde hair fell onto her shoulders, something to hold onto I suppose.

But how was I going to get a woman like that into bed? Me? A thirty old man, an accountant, sat in a bank filling in forms and filing others. My social life included the office Christmas party and greeting the postman. And me. I didn’t look close to the hunks in the rest of the paper showing off their abs, flexing biceps and those piecing eyes that could rip off clothes just by looking at women.

I was an average height and average build. I didn’t have one of those stomachs that bulged out; I didn’t drink or eat that badly. My biceps could be mistaken for bumps on my arms. I did have dark hair though, cut short, formal for work. And I was a pasty white. But that was going to change.

I put my paper down and let the sun do its work on my morbid white skin. I could feel the sun burning into my body. I lent off my deckchair and took a sip of lemonade, stuffed with ice. Smiling to myself I looked back to the clear blue skies imagining what would happen if the page three girl appeared and did whatever I wanted. I could feel a bulge develop in my shorts, I peered down to look. It was quite obvious, the only thing I was proud of about my body.

I shut my eyes and went back to the daydream. Alison, the name I gave the page three girl, straddled me. I could feel her bare legs clench mine. Her hands rubbed from mersin escort the tip of my shorts up my body. I kept my eyes shut as she rubbed her slender hands over my nipples and up to my neck. She pushed her gigantic breasts into my chest and nibbled on my ear. She lashed her tongue in and out, a ticking sensation that shivered my hot body.

She trailed a number of kisses down my forehead, my nose, my chin, and my tuft of hair on my chest and kept going. I couldn’t wait till I could feel her mouth encase my awaiting member. She kept going, soft kisses and hard ones. Her hands grabbed mine and made me squeeze her huge breasts. I did willingly. I imagined how they would feel, how they couldn’t even fit my hands. I pulled one up and popped one of her nipples into my mouth. I sucked on it. She would moan. I would nibble slightly around it, pressing my teeth to her erect nipple. I would…

“Sorry!” a young woman’s voice shouted.

I felt a wet beach ball hit my stomach. I awoke from my dreamlike state and realised my hand had found itself in my shorts. I shot it up and grabbed the ball.

“Could we get it back please?” the voice came again.

I realised it came from my neighbours. I picked it up and walked to the fence. I tiptoed to see three gorgeous girls in bikinis. Two of them were in the Jacuzzi whilst the other stood on the grass waiting. Her white bikini allowed me to see two nipples poking out. Her top was almost see-through. I didn’t have time to lower my gaze when she asked me to have their ball back again.

I through it over, but past her. She turned around and bent down to pick it up. I had a perfect view of her ass. It was small and tight, her bikini clung to her ass showing off her curves. Her bikini was slightly low revealing the top of her ass crack.

“Get in Alison!” escort mersin the other said.

Alison! I thought. What a weird coincidence. The other two girls were equally beautiful. Both had huge breasts floating on the top of the water. Their slender arms were out waiting to catch the beach ball. Their hair was let loose, both had dark hair, unlike Alison who had beach blonde hair drifting down her back to herb bikini clasp.

“Thank you,” she said.

“Whose you’re friend?” one of them giggled in the Jacuzzi.

“My neighbour,” she replied. “Thanks again,” she said to me.

“No problem,” I replied. I went to my deckchair and sat down. But I couldn’t get the new picture of Alison out of my head. Her wet body, dripping. Her hair was so soft. I could feel the bulge grow in my shorts, I swear even bigger than when I was imagining the page three girl.

I shut my eyes imagining the new, real Alison. I’d known my neighbours had a niece who came to stay with them. They warned me she liked loud music but they would tell her to try and keep the noise down. But I’d never met her. I was always at work, or something on television. If I’d only known about her. But she looked only just eighteen.

I started to imagine her inviting me over, to sit in with them. They would all want to stroke their hands all over me, and I would do the same to each of them. Then Alison would stand, slide her bikini bottoms down, bend over so her ass was to me, spread her legs and say, “Fuck me hard big boy.”

I had to see her again! I saw a hole in the fence and walked straight up to it. I crouched down and peered through. I could see the Jacuzzi and their heads, but nothing else. Disappointed I slumped away; I turned to see the hole of hope and sat back down. But there was another! I ran to this one, careful to mersin escort bayan make no noise in case the girls heard. It was perfect. I could see the girls breasts bouncing as they laughed and giggled at each other’s jokes. If only the other two girls had worn white instead of black I could see their naked flesh under their thin layer of bikini.

I started to imagine what they were doing to each other under the water. Stroking each others legs. Knee to inner thigh. Each time getting closer to the prize I wanted to fuck her so much. I let my hand slip into my shorts and stroke my quaking cock begging to get into the Jacuzzi and fuck each of the girls in turn. It was so pent up ready for it. I shivered at my own hand as I stroked my balls. I imagined I was in the Jacuzzi and one of the girls was touching me under the bubbles. Her soft hand stroking my length bottom to top. Then paying careful attention to pull down my foreskin and stroke the head of my cock. Just teasing it before banging away at it like a madwoman. I let my hand quicken imagining Alison begging for me to cum. She would whisper in my ear, “Hurry, I want to feel your cum on my hand. I want to lick it. I want to know what you taste like. Please cum now. For me.”

I knew I was going to spurt any second. I continued to bang away, especially when I saw Alison stand, her white bikini bottoms showing me her ass. I pounded harder as I saw it. I wanted her not to just give me a handjob. Just for her to sit on my lap grinding on top of me as I squeezed her pert ass as she did. I could hear her moans in my head. I had gone past the point of no return. I kept my hand jerking, and like an explosion I felt myself go. My shorts filled with my own cum, my hand covered in a mess of love. I slowed my hand down still staring at Alison’s ass.

I decided to leave and clean myself up. But once I had returned, in new shorts I looked through the hole to see Alison drying off, the other two girls had left. I knew what I had to do. I had to get Alison. I don’t know how, but I have to fuck her. I have to.

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