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My wife and I have a large group of friends. We love to have them over for dinners, parties, and cook outs. I have long been a flirt and do flirt unmercifully with all of the women, old and young alike but have never done more than that. Sometimes I really get it going with one lady who must be in her late 50’s or early 60’s, and sometimes others join in the fun.

One day I was working in the yard putting a birdhouse on an 8-ft pole. She (Margaret) and my wife (Suzie) were sitting on the deck watching when she yelled across to me, “That’s a nice pole you have there, Sam.” I responded, “Yeah, want to hold it for me?” That conversation deteriorated rapidly to become purely about sex, fucking, and etc. After she went home, Suzie and I had the best sex we had enjoyed in months!

We had a party a few weeks later and there were 25 or 30 people there for a cook out. Margaret was there and brought her son (Ralph) and his wife (Alicia). Alicia is 23 and very sexy. Suzie, Margaret and I have discussed her and agreed that when Alicia walks through a room of men every one of them are left breathless. Not because she dresses extremely sexy, nor because she tries to emphasize her sexuality, but because she “has it.” I never see her without feeling the old familiar stirrings in my groin, and some times I get an erection just watching her. She is not particularly beautiful and is a little plump, but that doesn’t detract from her sexiness.

Today was no different. She walked up to me at the grill and said “Hey, sexy man. How would you like me to jump your bones?”

“Hey, Kid. There are several ways you could jump my bones! Take your pick. If you ever followed through with that you would throw rocks at Ralph.”

“That’s what you think,” Ralph joined in.

“Lets do it at my house so I can watch. I might even be able to add a little flavor of my own,” said Margaret. And we all laughed and agreed that we would do that very thing “some day.”

I work at home, and was at my desk fairly early on Tuesday morning after the party when the phone rang. I answered and it was Alicia.

“Hey, sexy man. How about I drop by and jump your bones?”

“OK by me. Any time you get the urge.” The conversation lasted a few minutes about other things, then she hung up, leaving me there with my thoughts of what I would like to do to/with her if she ever did follow through with one of these teasing promises.

The doorbell rang and I answered it and was surprised to see Alicia. She pushed past me and ran down the steps to my office in the basement. I followed at a slower pace. As soon as I reached the basement floor she was in my arms. I held her as her lips pressed against mine and her tongue slipped past my lips and found my tongue. Wonderful!

I already had Escort Çankaya an erection from our previous conversation and my thoughts about her. She found it very quickly with one of her hands and whispered between kisses, “Is it always like this, or were you waiting for me?” I said in words broken by tongues touching, lips pressing together and breath becoming shorter “I was thinking about you ever since you called. God, I never thought you would stop by like this.”

“I came to fuck your brains out. My god I have wanted you for a long time.”

We moved toward my work table that had papers spread across it and hastily removed them. Most fell on the floor, but I didn’t care. Her clothes were falling on the floor among the papers, and were being quickly joined by mine as well.

I loved sucking her nipples and holding her breasts in my hands. Her breathing stopped, then she gasped as I pinched one nipple between the thumb and fingers of my right hand, as my teeth gently brushed the other and my tongue massaged it expertly.

My hand moved down from her breast to her bush as my mouth moved to the other breast and sucked as much of it as possible in and began sucking, tonguing and gently biting. “Oh, Sam. Yes! Don’t stop. God, that feels wonderful. Oh, Yes. Sam, Fuck Me. I need an orgasm, Fuck me!!”

My hand cupped her bush and slid between her spread legs to caress its full length from the top down to her ass hole. As my hand moved back up a finger dug through the hair and slightly entered the slit to find it very moist.

I could feel her hand gently stroking my cock and squeezing it as she stroked me.

I inserted a finger in her pussy and found the opening to be fairly small, and very wet. I inserted a second finger and heard her breathing become ragged and loud. Her face and chest had red splotches from passion and her eyes were closed. “Oh, Sam. Fuck me! I need you to Fuck me now!!”

Without any hesitation, I pushed her back on the table and buried my face in her pussy. My tongue found the opening, which had been massaged by my fingertips earlier, and I fucked her with my tongue. I ran my tongue around the opening, then plunged it as far inside as I could get it. After repeating that several times, I could feel her body begin to tense and felt her stomach muscles tighten. I continued moving my tongue in and out of her pussy and sucking her pussy lips into my mouth. “Oh, God. Oh, Sam. Eat Me. My God, That is wonderful. Suck me harder. Make me CUM. I want to CUM so much. EATTTT MEEE. OH, GOD!!”

I moved my tongue down her slit and out of her pussy. I licked around her ass hole and then back to her pussy. As my tongue entered her pussy again she exploded “OH, GOD. I’m CuMMMing!! OH, YES!! DON’T STOP!!.”

I Çankaya Escort moved my lips over her clit and gently sucked it into my mouth as far as it would go. I sucked on it. Licked it, and gently touched it with my teeth as I sucked it in and pushed it nearly out of my mouth. She completed the orgasm and I didn’t even slow down. In fact I increased the pace and moved a hand between her legs to slip 2 fingers into her pussy. Her juices were flowing very well now and my hand was wet with her cum. “That’s it, Yes, Fuck me with your fingers! Suck my Clit, MY GOD, I’m going to CUM…. I’M CUMMMMMMMMINGGGGGGGG.”

She crashed after that orgasm, and I picked her up and moved her over to the couch so I could lay her down. I held her in my arms, cuddled her, and stroked her hair, her breasts, and her stomach for several minutes after her breathing returned to normal. I cuddled her until she began to stir.

Alicia said, “Man, that was the most wonderful orgasm. I never expected anything like that when I came over.”

“OH No? What did you expect, I asked breathlessly.”

“I never expected you to eat me like that. That was the best I ever had. You need to teach Ralph how to do that.”

“I’d be happy to” I said as she moved off the couch and onto her knees in front of me.

She took my cock in her hand and looked at the moisture on the end of it, then licked her tongue out and slurped it up in one motion. She looked up at me and said, “You are bigger than I thought you would be. In fact, Ralph is large, but not like you. Tastes good, too.”

Then she made an “O” with her lips, positioned them over my cock and moved her head down until her lips were 6 or 7 inches down my cock. I didn’t feel a thing since she had moved her tongue, lips, and cheeks away from my cock and inserted it that deep without allowing my cock to touch or be touched by anything. I watched incredulously as she took a deep breath and finally let her lips touch my cock. She blew her breath out her mouth and puffed out her cheeks, then moved her lips down my shaft another inch or two.

Then she made contact with my cock. Her tonsils touched the end of my cock and allowed it to slip past them. They enclosed my cock head with warmth that I had never felt before. Only after her tonsils surrounded my cock did she open her lips and allow the air out of her mouth. As she did, she engulfed my cock from one end to the other instantly with her warmth.

Her tongue began moving up and down on the underside of my cock. She moved her head up and down so my cock could go past her tonsils and into her throat.

I couldn’t believe it. This was the only time anyone had ever been able to take my entire cock in her mouth. It was incredible! Simple words can Çankaya Escort Bayan not describe how good it felt. Then my nut sac began to contract and I knew I would cum. Only a few strokes!! My God!! I couldn’t believe the intensity of this feeling!!

“Holy Shit! I’m Cumming already!! MY GOD, I AM CUUUUMMMMIIINGGGG.!”

Alicia never missed a beat. She swallowed my cum and continued fucking me with her tonsils. I felt a finger slip in my asshole, and her other hand caressed by balls. She expertly worked to prevent me from losing my erection. I wasn’t interested in having her quit now, even if I had just CUM. It was good, but I wanted more.

I had never felt anything as good as her mouth and tonsils on my cock.

She continued to slide my cock in and out of her mouth. Each time she made certain she swallowed my cockhead as far as she could. In just a few strokes I could feel my cock hardening and stretching to its full length again.

Her finger was replaced with two fingers, which she had lubricated with juice from her pussy. She moaned as she fucked me with her fingers and sucked me with her mouth. Her tongue moved quickly over my cock as it slid in and out of her mouth and past her tonsils.

I could feel the passion still churning in both of us as she sucked me back to life in her own special way.

I lifted her off my cock and pulled her into my arms. She guided my cock into her very moist pussy and my 10 inches impaled her in a single stroke as she gasped and exclaimed, “OH, God. That feels wonderful.”

We began to fuck each other and quickly picked up the rhythm. She wanted my cock as deep as possible in her pussy. She took it all and only relinquished it from her depths in order to have it slip to the surface and plunge deeper on the next stroke.

Since both of us had cummed earlier we had much more staying power. We fucked for longer than I had ever fucked before and both of us were completely engulfed in passion. It was the most incredible feeling. In fact, we were so engrossed in our passion that we did not hear the door open or the footsteps that came down the stairs to the basement.

My Orgasm was building and I knew that I would not be able to hold back much longer so I slipped a finger down to her clit and gently massaged it. Her breath quickly began to come in gasps. Her face was red with passion and both of us increased our movements as we came closer to orgasm

“OH, God, I’m going to cum” she breathed between gasps. “I’m going to CUM. Cum with me Sam. Oh, Fuck me Sam. Fuck Me. Fuck Me Sam. OH, GOD, CUM With me. OH, Shit, CUM WITH ME SAM, I’M CUMMING. I’m CUMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNGGGG.”

And at this same instant I joined in. I spurted my Cum inside her warm loving pussy as I grunted “UNH, UUNNHHH, GUUNNHHH, I’m CUMMMINGGG WITH YOU!!. Alicia, I’m CUMMMING with YOU. UUNNHH UUUNNNHHH.”

We collapsed into each other’s arms and were totally shocked when we head Margaret say, “Now that’s how it should be done!!”

Both Alicia and I said, “Oh, Shit” almost in unison.

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