Alice’s Wonderland: Sit, Stay, Good Girl.

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“Is it still far?” I asked. We had been walking for nearly twenty minutes. Thankfully, we had not run into any familiar faces along the way. My awkward small-step movements made it obvious that something was bothering me and causing me to involuntarily move the way I did. At least, the few passersby that we did come across, certainly noticed.”We’re almost there,” Alice said. “Although I do need to drop by a store real quick.””Can’t it wait?” I pleaded. “I would really like to visit a bathroom, so I can remove this plug and get this stuff out of me. It’s getting uncomfortable.””It won’t take long, besides, I need you to be with me,” Alice said.With a sense of defeat, I accepted that, for my own sake, it was better not to argue with Alice too much. We continued our journey and eventually came to a halt in front of The Pet Palace, a pet supplies store.”So what do you need me for?” I asked. “Are you getting things for your pets which I’ll need to carry?””Something like that,” Alice giggled as she opened the door and stepped inside. I obediently followed in her footsteps. She made a beeline for the dog section of the store, where she then started wandering around aimlessly, seemingly not knowing what she was looking for. An employee noticed Alice’s searching behavior and approached her.”Welcome to The Pet Palace, how may I help you?” he asked.”I just got a new pet, and I’m looking for some necessities, but I’m having trouble finding them,” Alice replied. She glanced at me when she mentioned ‘pet’, displaying a nefarious look, before turning back to the employee with an innocent smile.”What are you looking for?” the employee asked. “Maybe I can help you find it.””Well,” Alice started. “I’m looking for a shock collar. I want to train my dog and I don’t feel like using sprays. It’s not effective enough.””What is the dog’s size?” The employee replied. “Due to safety concerns, we don’t have shock collars for small dogs, but bigger dogs handle it better, so we only carry shock collars in bigger sizes.””That should be alright,” Alice replied. “Sandra is an adult dog, not a puppy. Which is why I insist on a shock collar. It’s a lot harder to teach adult dogs the correct behavior without using a shock collar, and I don’t have the time to play nice.” Alice pointed at me and continued, “Sandra is a big dog too, she has roughly the same neck size as my friend. You can try to fit it on him.” She had trouble hiding her wicked smile. But unlike me, the employee did not notice that ‘Sandra’ referred to bursa escort me.”Hmm,” the employee hummed thoughtfully. “A medium collar should do then. Let’s have a look.” He grabbed a collar and attached it to my neck. “Yeah, if your dog has roughly the same size, then it should be alright,” he concluded.”Does the collar need batteries?” Alice asked.”No, just the remote. The collar is charged on a power outlet,” the employee replied. “Collars generally have a near-empty charge, so it’s best to charge it first thing when you get home.” He pressed the power button on the collar. To my horror, it turned on. The LED power indicator lit up yellow. “This one seems to have anywhere between one and six hours of charge left,” he said. “Yellow generally means it’s nearing emptiness and a charge is advised. When it turns red, the charge is less than an hour, though, on a full charge, it can last two to three days.””Does this collar have a function to zap automatically on barks?” Alice asked intrigued. “Or would I have to do that manually?””There is a mode for that, but you can also trigger shocks manually if it is not registering the barking,” the employee said, handing Alice a small remote. A small plastic strip was sticking out from the back of the remote.Oh, no. I thought. The batteries are included… I just hope Alice doesn’t realize it too…Gripping the remote, Alice instantly felt the plastic strip. She grinned and turned to the employee again, saying, “I’m also looking for a metal crate cage for Sandra to sleep in overnight. I don’t want to risk her damaging my furniture until I’m sure she’s well-behaved.”The employee quickly lost his trail of thoughts. “Oh, yeah, of course,” he replied. “Follow me.” He turned around and started to lead us toward another aisle. Alice’s plan had worked. Distracting the employee had made him forget to take the collar off of my neck or even just turn it off. Following behind the employee, Alice flipped the remote over and pulled out the plastic strip, connecting the batteries to the remote’s electric circuit.Looking over her shoulder, she grinned and started pressing buttons on the remote. I was expecting her to shock me as we walked, I anxiously awaited the jolt, but to both my relief and surprise, nothing happened.Arriving at the dog crates, Alice wasted no time thanking the employee, “Thank you! I’ll browse for a bit if that’s okay. I’ll let you know if I need anything else!””Of course,” he replied in a friendly manner altıparmak escort and walked off.Alice turned towards me, looking at me with an expecting gaze, but remaining quiet.I opened my mouth to ask her if she wanted me to see which cage fit my size, “Do-“An electric jolt instantly hit my neck. It was much more painful than I had imagined it would be. Alice had likely turned the intensity to one of the higher settings. The sudden pain was enough to make me jump. “Ah!” I exclaimed. Another shock followed. I cursed myself. Noise-activated shock collars on humans certainly didn’t play fair.Alice looked on in delight as I couldn’t stop myself from getting shocked multiple times in a row until I finally managed to keep my mouth closed and keep my groan quiet enough to not trigger another shock.”Awh, so the cute puppy can whine after all!” Alice said in a heightened voice as if talking to a puppy. She walked up to me. “Good girl,” she said, as she patted me.I crossed my arms and pouted, letting out a frustrated hum as I forcefully exhaled through my nose.”You’re lucky I’d have to take it off of you before we make our way over to the cashier anyway,” Alice responded and turned off the remote. “If you behave well, I’ll lower the intensity back home,” she said, as she now also turned the collar off and removed it from my neck.”I’ll be good,” I said.”You’ll be a good ‘what’?” Alice asked.”A good dog, Alice,” I whined.”Good girl,” Alice said as she patted me again. “Now, go see which cage you’d like to sleep in tonight.””Are you serious?” I asked anxiously.”Of course! After your shower, you’re staying for the night!” Alice answered.I shivered. Sleeping in a dog cage? I hope it’d only be a one-time kind of thing, I thought to myself. All the zapping certainly hadn’t helped my need for the bathroom. If anything, it had made it worse. So instead of carefully assessing the cages to see which I’d like to stay in, I simply pointed at one instinctively. “That one seems big enough,” I said.”It does…” Alice said. “So, just like with your little cage down there, I’m deciding we should go for a smaller size.” She giggled, pointed at a cage that was roughly half the size of the cage I picked, and laughingly said, “You can sleep curled up, and don’t worry, I’ll have a small doggy bed added to it, so it’ll be nice and cozy!”I felt like Alice was just playing a game with me. Always giving the illusion that I had an option, only to reveal she had already made her görükle escort choice before even asking me, just to confirm that her choice was still enough of a challenge to me for her to enjoy making me go through it… Classic Alice…”Is that all?” I asked. “Can we pay and go home now?” I shifted my balance from one leg to another, indicating my need to visit the bathroom. Not that I needed to pee, but the sensation of the cum that was still trapped inside me, sealed by Alice’s butt plug, was becoming increasingly bothersome, and at this point, it was just begging to get out.”Not yet, pet,” Alice said. “It’s still early! I’ll have to feed you dinner too!” She giggled and walked off to another aisle within the store.I anxiously followed. I really hoped she wasn’t referring to dog food. Though I didn’t exclude the very real possibility of that being exactly the case.Arriving at the aisle, Alice took a look around and quickly made a choice. “This one!” she exclaimed excitedly. She kneeled to pick up a feeding bowl. “Now you can eat your food in the right mindset too!” she explained and giggled.Holding the bowl, the collar, and its remote, Alice approached the cashier. “We’re ready to pay,” Alice said.”Found everything you were looking for?” the cashier asked.”Yes,” Alice said. “I also wanted to buy a dog cage and a fitting doggy bed, but it’d be a bit bothersome to carry it home with us. Could you possibly deliver it?””Of course!” the cashier said. “Just leave the address, and we’ll deliver it at the end of the day!” Looking at the feeding bowl, the cashier asked, “Would you like to have that bowl engraved with your pet’s name? We have a machine here that can do it at no additional charge! The only downside is that we don’t take back personalized items.””That’s not a problem!” Alice said excitedly. “Could you write ‘Sandra’ on it?”Of course,” the cashier said. He placed the bowl in the machine and programmed a small laser to burn the name into the bowl.When the bowl had finished its engraving process, Alice pointed out the cage she wanted, paid for the items, left her address, and said her goodbyes as she left the store, with me following close behind her.”You may have noticed I didn’t buy a leash,” Alice remarked. “That is because I already have enough ‘incentives’ to ensure you’ll behave well enough for me not to have to use one on you.””But then, what’s with the shock collar?” I asked.”Oh, that?” Alice replied. “That’s just for fun! Although, if you really want me to use a leash, I have one at home. I don’t think I’d hold onto it, though… More likely, I’d just tie it to your cage.” She chuckled at the thought of it.I spent the remainder of the walk to Alice’s apartment quietly following her.”Here we are, home,” Alice eventually said, reaching for her keys in her pocket.

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