Alice Needs Her Brother’s Support Pt. 02

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Patrick returns to his room in a daze. What just happened between him and his sister is hard to believe. His phone alerts him to a received text message of three kissy face emojis which bring a huge smile to his face, and he drifts off to sleep.

Shirley is Patrick’s mom and is sitting at the breakfast table excitedly looking at her phone while George, Alice’s dad, is dancing around the kitchen making pancakes.

“We did good last night, really good. Had a long win streak at black jack with your mom pulling me outta there in the clutch before I could do anything stupid.” George announced proudly. “With what we took home last night this family gonna be living good for awhile.”

Shirley looks up from her phone and confirms that their savings are substantial enough for at the very least an early retirement and maybe some extra expenditures for the family; and gives Goerge an encouraging look.

“Yes well we had an idea on the way home last night about you moving out and would love to see that happen, just not with Brian though. We’d be happy to pay for a years rent on the condition you take your sister instead. We think it would be so good for her to be on her own, but still with some help from her brother. We don’t want you to think of it as babysitting, we just would feel better if you kept an eye on her.

At that moment Alice walks in wearing the same loose fitting hoody and baggy sweats as the night before but Patrick could swear something was different. She was glowing! She walked up to her step-mom and kisses her on the cheek, then to her dad she gives a long hug and kiss on the lips, and to Patrick she lightly massages his shoulders and says “good morning everyone.”

“See! George exclaims, ‘Patrick is a wonderful influence on her, I barely recognize this girl.” This apartment deal is gonna work out great, he says to the whole family.

“What’s this?” Alice asks confused like

George explains their plans and asks if either she or Patrick has any objections.

Patrick can barely contain his excitement at the thought of living alone with her, and a vision of her smooth wet pussy flashes as he closes his eyes for a second. All good by me he says and looks at Alice, who says casually, sure, could be fun. While looking at her parents she sneakily runs a hand up and down her brothers back.

With two weeks before they move Patrick begins to feel a little snubbed by his sister as the days pass without any fun interactions or massages. He does notice however his sister committing to an intense fitness schedule with runs and workouts before school and a new gym membership where she spends the majority of her evenings.

He overhears her chatting away with girls names that he recognizes from school, girls he didn’t know she was friends with but loves the idea that his own sister might be spending time with the hot popular types. He’s both proud and turned on by this and feeling more ignored by her than ever.

Her dad loves seeing this new healthy lifestyle of hers and gladly hands over his credit card so she can shop online for any workout clothes she wants. It doesn’t escape him that his daughter has an amazing body and has been flaunting it around the house. He’s careful not to stare too long when his wife or Patrick is around.

Patrick catches her in the hallway one evening wearing a tight sports top that shows her perky cleavage and gray leggings that outline her toned butt that make him feel like ripping them off right in the hallway.

“It’s weird you’ve been avoiding me since that night and to be honest it’s kinda driving me crazy. Did i do something wrong? You having second thoughts about this move Sis?”

“Oh my god not at all she says, playfully punching him in the arm. I didn’t want to be the annoying needy younger sister so I tried to stay out of your way. She peered down the hall to check if the coast was clear snd leaned and kissed her brother, allowing her tongue to linger on his lips for a moment. Just one more week, she says with a wink and walks into her room and shuts the door.

After the last box is brought in and all the furniture situated our parents close the door on the way out and my sis and I lock eyes but neither of us really know what to say to break the ice in our new situation.

Trying not to act too excited I ask her what she’s thinking about doing our first night together. “We could order out? Watch something on the couch?” I ask nervously hoping we’re still on the same page.

“Actually i have a better idea, I’ve been planning a little thank you party for how sweet you’ve been to me lately. Getting me out of my funk and being an amazing step brother. If you think I’ve been a little distant lately it’s cause I’ve spent every second preparing the best thankyou I could manage. All the running and cardio and squats and yoga… my hot friends and sexy outfits.. it’s for you. I want you Nişantaşı Escort to enjoy me however and whenever you want. So tonight is my treat and I recommend you take a shower, get dressed and let me handle everything.

Patrick felt like he’d won the lottery and did as instructed. Hours later while waiting patiently in his room he heard the doorbell ring and peaks out of his room to see Alice welcoming a stunning group of girls. Each one wearing the same outfit but each in her own solid color. As they walk in he recognizes a few from his sisters grade.

Stacy wearing all red, a tube top and mini skirt. As she bends over slightly to hug and kiss Alice, who’s only 5’3″, Patrick sees she’s wearing a cherry red thong. Unsure what’s going on he watches as the girls file into the living room. Nikki, a cute Korean girl with shiny black hair, Patrick remembers getting boners watching her tiny erect nipples poke through her tops in high school. She’s in the same tube top and mini skirt, but in all white, and Patrick assumes a white thong as well. Then Sherry, a girl Patrick remembers adoring in her volleyball outfits, spandex shorts that revealed a lot of camel toe, walks in all in blue. And then Jordan in pink, a girl who in math class, Patrick would kill time watching her thong pulled away from her tight skirts when she adjusted her body in her seat. Emiko, a quiet Japanese girl who didn’t speak much English, in Orange, and Emily, a short blonde with large breasts that Patrick would had been dying to see since forever, in green. And a sporty looking girl he doesn’t recognize in purple.

“Patrick come join” she yells, and he shyly approaches this group of knockouts wondering what he’s getting himself into.

With a tray of pre prepared shots Alice hands out each one to all of the guests and one for Patrick.

“I won’t be drinking tonight to keep the activities running smoothly” she explains.

“But I’m so excited and glad you’re all here to celebrate my brother and I moving out and… let’s do this, cheers!”

All shots taken she pulls Patrick aside to talk.

“Look, I told my friends, I think you know a few of them, that we’re having a housewarming party, and to not invite any guys cause I promised them a few from a different school would be showing up. And I took their phones at the door so no one will be distracted. I really want you to enjoy yourself, helping you fuck my friends is the least I can do.

Of course I know them, I’ve jerked off to all them at least dozen times Patrick thought, feeling a little out of his league.

“Not to sound ungrateful Alice and I really appreciate the gesture but in case you didn’t know I’m a little awkward around these girls, I mean they’re really popular, what makes you think I’ll be able to hook up with any of them?

She hugs Patrick tightly making sure to press her small frame forcefully onto him, and whispers in his ear.

“Ok so don’t get weird but I spiked their drinks with viagra and ecstasy. Yours as well. From what I’ve heard it’s kinda foolproof and I made sure you’ll be the only guy here. Plus I’ve got a game planned I think you’re really gonna like. You’re never gonna forget this night snd I can’t wait to show you how much you mean to me.”

“Oh my god Alice! I’m a little surprised by the drug stuff but wow, sounds like an amazing plan.” As she releases him from the hug she steals a quick kiss on the lips and turns toward everyone else.

“Ok everybody gather around, except for you Patrick, you go to your room.”

Thankful for a chance to collect himself Patrick walks to his room and closes the door.

“Ok girls, I really appreciate you guys and glad you’re enjoying yourselves.”

At this point the ecstasy was beginning to kick in and the girls were swaying a little, smiling a lot, and getting into the music.

“I asked each of you to wear a solid colored outfit for this game Ive set up with my hot older brother, whom I assume you would all enjoy some time with.

The girls couldn’t deny how horny they felt and were bursting with sexual energy. They even began holding hands and stroking each others skin. Each nodded and smiled.

At this point Alice unveils a poster that she hangs on the wall. The columns on the left are your colors and the rows across from it are the sex act you are required to perform, or have performed on you, by my brother.

The girls looked at each other and the poster nervously but no one had any objections.

“Here’s the rules,” Alice explained:

“Each girl has exactly two minutes alone in the room with him, I’ll knock when times up. Time starts when you walk through the door.

You can ONLY perform the act assigned to your color.

The first girl to make him cum wins a new iPhone.

The second and subsequent times he cums you get 20 bucks each time and Pendik Escort my appreciation.”

This brought a few giggles from the girls who at this point were extremely anxious to begin.

“And one last thing before we begin, if you see a toy in your color on the table next to his door, u can grab it if you like.”

“Ok first up is white, Nikki.”

She walks over to the door, a little nervous, doesn’t see any white toys and enters.

Patrick, who is unaware of the game but can tell something has begun, waits impatiently on his bed.

“Hey, so we only have two minutes, and I’m really competitive; plus my phone is kinda shit,” she jokes. “We’re only allowed to 69” she says as she quickly climbs on top of him, with her ass in his face and unbuckles his belt.

As Patrick is staring at Haley’s gorgeous ass he leaves her white panties on while licking the visible line of her pussy. His throbbing dick is free and instantly devoured by Haley’s mouth. She wastes no time ramming his cock into her throat and the gurgling chocking sounds coming from her mouth are driving him crazy. He desperately wants to turn her around and fuck her pussy that’s she’s been waving in his face.

She takes his cock out her mouth for a second to tell him to stop trying to move her, she’s only allowed to 69. And out of nowhere they hear a knock on the door and she reluctantly gets up and leaves.

Patrick feels like shit for a few moments until Sherry, all in blue runs in. She flashes her ass in his face from the side of the bed, then she climbs onto the bed and sits on his face. She says “you have to jack off while I sit on your face. You can’t open your mouth, no tongue, just let me rub my Pussy. She pulls her blue panties off and moves her hips in long movements up and down his face. His nose ends up pretty far into her increasingly wet pussy and he almost cums when she places her asshole directly onto his nose. By now she has smeared his face with her juices and she brings herself to a loud body shaking orgasm, without Patrick.

She collapses on him as the door knocks and shamefully walks out.

Patrick again feels like he’s failing at something until Stacy in red hurrries in. She has red anal beads in her hands which she spits on as she gets in the bed.

“You’re gonna shove all these beads in my ass while I stick a finger in yours. I’m not allowed to touch or suck your dick though. She takes off her red thong and places it in his mouth. Patrick loves the taste and licks the fabric as he tries to push the first bead into stacy’s ass while she’s busy bent over delicately massaging his butthole. The first bead pops in simultaneously with her finger entering his. He had to refrain himself from jamming his tongue next to the line of beads into her asshole, but he assumes it’s against the rules and continues to shove the next bead inside. Her finger feels so good he barely hears the knocking at the door and sweetest sound of the beads popping back out of Stacy as she pulls them out and exits.

The girl in purple walks in with a paddle and introduces herself. She doesn’t seem to be in a rush and doesn’t seem to excited to be playing whatever the game is. She is however, tall and thin with a small tight butt that Patrick could tell is the result of a lot of time in the gym. Her short brunette hair and green eyes are a sexy package and Patrick can’t wait to hear what he’s allowed to do with her.

“Hey, I’m Sheila, and to be honest I’m not really sure what I’m doing here, I met your sister a few days ago at the gym and voila! Here I am. You’re supposed to dominate and demean me, use the paddle if you want i guess, and then fuck my face. Sounds a bit much don’t you think?”

Patrick, getting into the role, stands up and spits in her face. “You don’t speak unless I tell you to.” He grabs her by the hair and marches her to his bathroom. Pointing at the mirror he demands an explanation of what she sees.

She stammers, “ugh um a worthless girl?

How worthless? he yanks her hair and yells at her.

“I’m trash, I don’t know, just worthless.”

Wrong answer! he yells at her. “Open your mouth!” He spits in her mouth and slaps her face. He tells her to get on her knees.

“You don’t deserve to breathe, that’s how worthless you are” he pushes her face into the toilet water and holds it for a moment. “I don’t deserve to breathe” she cries out. She voluntarily puts her face back in the water until he pulls it out and he starts pissing on her face. She opens her mouth to gratefully accept his piss and he begins to fuck her small mouth. Holding her head at an angle so that they can maintain eye contact he uses hard thrusts jerking her around and slapping her face while she tries to suck his cock. An unfortunate knock on the door indicates her time is up and Patrick pushes her out of the bathroom Rus Escort and tells her to get the fuck out. It takes him a few moments of questioning himself about what just happened as he’d never been so forceful with anyone before, but he’d heard some girls are really into it and just hoped Sheila was one of them.

Jordan replaces her carrying a pink strapon and with no explanation needed, climbs onto the bed in a mounting position on Patrick. She jams two of her fingers down her own throat and pulls out leaving saliva dripping down onto her fake cock. With limited time she tries to quickly put a finger in his ass which goes in without too much trouble.

“You can jerk off while I do this” she offers.

Normally Patrick would be turned on by this but her hasty attempts with the strapon are painful and jerking off is not helping his now soft cock. With relief they soon hear the door knock and Alice peaks her head in.

“Everything good bro?”

Despite the strapon that didn’t end up fitting into his ass, he’s having the time of his life. “Amazing babe! Ready for whatever’s next!”

She winks and blows him a kiss.

Emiko and Emily walk in, wearing orange and Emily in Green. “Your sister felt bad about the last one with Jordan and wants to make it up to you, Emily explains as she gets behind Patrick and starts to lick his asshole. Emiko puts her butt in Patrick’s face and without a word, grabs his dick and shows him that he’s supposed to fuck her pussy. But the rules are that she has to leave her orange panties on which she isn’t able to explain with her limited English but makes clear by holding her panties in place while he begins pushing his dick inside her.

This doesn’t discourage Patrick whose cock begins ramming her orange thong up into her pussy. The fabric and warm pussy feel amazing and his tender asshole being attended to by Emily cause Patrick to furiously pump his cock into Emiko until he unloads a massive amount of hot streaming cum into her dripping pussy. The girls high five each other and he smiles in pure joy, this also being his first threesome, reminding himself to give a grateful thank you kiss to his sister later.

Stacy comes in and says now that you’ve cum your sister said no rules and no time limit we can do whatever you want and when you’re ready just ask for the next girl and I’ll leave.

Remembering how good her finger felt in his ass, he wants to return the favor and he bends her over and tells her to put her own finger up her butthole while he fucks her pussy. With no time limit, Patrick gently caresses her pussy lips with his dick until she squirms with anticipation of insertion. With her finger now inside her, she backs up hard so that his dick is all the way inside of her. Stacy’s is screaming her head off and keeps tasting her finger and while Patrick knows he has it in him to come again this quickly, he wants to save it for an idea he has for the next girl.

Sherry comes in next in her cute little blue thong and Patrick tells her to lie down on the bed. He squats above her face and tells her the same rules apply that he had to endure. She can’t open her mouth, just let him abuse her face with his ass. He spreads his cheeks and brings his asshole onto her lips and nose. He pushes out so that his butthole opens up a little and puts it on her nose. The sensation is amazing for him and he quickly lies down on top of her, removes her blue undies, while kissing her lips and nose he slides his dick into her pussy. Watching her cute facial expression of surprise and enjoyment, he pumps a few times and cums deep into her pussy. She tenses up in the moment and with his dick still inside her leaking more cum she rubs her clit furiously and Patrick feels her pussy exploding in orgasm. He kisses her cheek and they put their clothes back on and join the others.

The mood in the living room has calmed down a little and some of the girls are passed out and some are dancing. Patrick approaches Alice and tells her how this is by far the best night of his life, and only wished he could remember every detail.

“Babe, I rigged your room with a video-camera,” Alice replied with a sneaky grin. You really don’t know how much you mean to me and this is just the beginning. She pouted and said “I can’t wait for everyone to go home, I want you for myself.”

Patrick face was flushed with excitement “By the way, I noticed there weren’t any girls wearing yellow, did that mean something?”

Alice said “ya dummy, that’s only for me to wear and I’m only for you to fuck.”

Patrick pulls her into a big hug and she can feel him getting hard again immediately, “don’t let Stacy leave with those anal beads, I think they’ll look better in your cute little butt.”

As one last little present Alice made all the girls leave their panties on the way out in case Patrick wanted to enjoy them with his video.

As the last guests finally leave Patrick suggests they sleep together in her room.

“No way bro, I spent the whole night watching you fuck around with all my friends, I want to lay in the bed soaked with your cum and my friends juices. You owe me that.” She gives him a serious look with her cute brown eyes, squeezes his butt and walks into his room.

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