Alice Across the Hall

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This story involves older people, which would make it a candidate for the Mature category, but it involves a wife who strays so Loving Wives is also a possibility although it’s not a vindictive story. Where it ends up is Literotica’s call.


“Oh well,” the woman who lived across the hall from me sighed after looking at the clock and setting her coffee cup down. “I better get back home because John usually wakes up around now.”

“All I can say is that I’m so glad we got to meet,” I replied as I rose to show Alice out, this time making sure that my robe was closed as I did. “Should you ever feel like another cup of my mediocre coffee when the papers arrive, feel free to tap on my door because I’m an early riser. And I get the coffee brewing early.”

“I may take you up on that Carl, because your coffee is far better than mine turns out,” Alice told me as she smiled widely, her blue grey eyes sparkling. “And I enjoy the company.”

I watched Alice Coleman pad across the hallway to her apartment which was directly across from mine on the second floor of the senior apartment building I had recently moved into, her tiny white socks and her pink slippers having her looking as cute as could be, and since all I had on was a robe and slippers my dress was even more casual than hers.

We had just actually met about an hour ago, although we had gotten glimpses of each other before then as I moved in, and to say we had a very unusual meeting would be an understatement. After peeking out into the hallway a couple of times hoping for the morning paper to be there, I opened the door again to find Mrs. Alice Coleman with my newspaper in one hand and her other hand moving to tap on the door.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she blushed after we startled each other. “I heard your door opening earlier so I assumed you were looking for your paper. He just got here.”

After introducing myself I thanked her and invited the senior in, and to my delight Alice took me up on my invitation for a cup of coffee. After ushering her to the kitchen I mentioned that I would put something more substantial on but Alice insisted that I was fine the way I was, mentioning that she spent most of her days looking at a man in a robe so this wasn’t out of the ordinary and added that she liked the variety I offered.

You see Alice was a married woman but her husband of almost 40 years had suffered a stroke almost a year ago and now the apparently once vibrant Mr. Coleman was pretty much confined to a wheelchair and a mere shell of his former self.

As I learned over the course of the visit, Alice was still as she phrased it, full of get-up-and-go which made it tough for both her and her husband, and I had figured out that there was still fire in the petite lady’s furnace the moment I had opened my apartment door and I saw where her eyes went.

It was an accident that when I opened the door my bathrobe was open, I swear to it. Seeing my neighbor startled me as much as it had Alice, but I didn’t realize my robe was exposing the fact that I sleep in the nude until I saw Alice’s eyes going down, and the fact that she didn’t avert her gaze made me think she liked what she saw. That was something I was used to, although revulsion was as common as a smile when a woman would see my rather sizeable endowment, so when Alice seemed to approve I took my time clinching the robe together and pretended not to notice her interest.

As we sat at my kitchen table and got to know each other a bit I was aware that Alice would glance down casually from time to time to see if my robe had opened up, but I was a gentleman and kept myself covered, in part due to the fact I had a semi-erect penis that was due to being very attracted to Alice who had a bit of a Florence Henderson look going on. That, her pert figure and shapely arms that looked nothing like those attached to most 65 year old women had gotten my attention, and the more I learned about Alice the harder I got.

I learned that Alice was 65, and when I told her that I was 64 she made a shocked expression and asked how I felt about older women, adding right after that she was only kidding, and that might have been true in part. She expressed the proper sympathy after I told her I had been divorced for about 8 years and laughed when I suggested that if she knew any eligible females in the community she should feel free to introduce me to them.

“Oh, I don’t think you’ll need any help in that regard Mr. James,” Alice had assured me, telling me that I was a well mannered and handsome man, and being a retired policeman didn’t hurt either.

The handsome part was a stretch because I consider myself at best very average looking, with my bald skull an intentional concession to losing the battle with thinning and graying, but my 6′ frame is still in decent shape so I suppose I’m alright overall. My only somewhat exceptional asset was usually kept a secret but was something that Alice had discovered when we met.

After Alice went back across the hall I eventually escort izmit took a shower, and still aroused from my little interplay with Mrs. Coleman ended up getting myself off while picturing her perky figure, her warm smile and those lovely arms, and it was that image of Alice brushing her hair off her shoulder and exposing her delightful underarm that had me cumming all over the tub.

I supposed that was an indication of how desperate I was for female affection that such a somewhat innocent morning got me so excited, especially since she was married and devoted to her ailing husband, but that’s what four months without sex does to me. In any event, I hoped that Alice would indeed come back over for a cup of coffee again like she said she would.


Alice did not return the next morning, perhaps not wanting to seem too forward, but she did come back the morning after and the next few mornings as well, always bright eyed and chipper and looking far too good for anybody to have a right to look at 6:30 in the morning. My strategy? Answer the door wearing my robe once again, although making sure to have the robe closed, but I did notice that Alice subtly glanced down each time s.

Our conversations grew more personal but never in a tacky way, and I couldn’t help getting the impression that Alice was flirting with me a bit, although it was nothing obvious. I enjoyed that and tried to flirt back, even if I might not have been as subtle as she was. Those blue-grey eyes had a way of really getting me, and while I had usually favored women who were a little more solidly built, her petite figure was growing on me as well. Alice had what seemed like an endless series of blouses, all sleeveless, and I suspect she knew her arms were her strong point because of the way she showcased them.

I believe it was the sixth morning Alice stopped by when our banter got a little more intimate, and I don’t think it was because I had gotten a couple of pastries from the bakery to go with the coffee but more an indication that we were getting closer. I mentioned that I was amazed at how great she looked each morning and how I felt like a bum greeting her in a robe.

“You have wonderful taste in blouses,” I mentioned, causing her to blush a bit, and that pink increased when I added, “I confess to being an admirer of your arms, how wonderfully toned and shapely they are, so I’m pleased you have so many sleeveless tops.”

“Thank you,” Alice replied. “It must be in part from helping John in and out of his chair. That’s how I get my muscles.”

Alice said that in jest because her slender limbs were toned but not overly muscular, but when she grinned and made a muscle I enjoyed seeing her little bicep bulge as she posed.

“You also have gorgeous underarms,” I added as I looked at the creamy little hollow formed by her flexing.

“I do?” Alice responded as she looked over at her armpit. “Well thank you again. I’m glad I shaved.”

“Wouldn’t have mattered to me either way,” I answered and then took a chance by confessing something. “That first morning you visited? You have this adorable habit of reaching up and nudging your hair behind your ear, and when I caught a glimpse of that tiny wisp of hair you had under your arm that morning – well I thought that was sexy too.”

“Oh dear,” Alice blanched as her face turned red, making me wish I hadn’t said anything.. “Didn’t realize it was obvious. You get forgetful when you live alone, or virtually alone as I do.”

“I didn’t mean to embarrass you Alice. It’s just that I haven’t been around any pretty women in a while, and besides, I think we’re of the same generation. Back when we were young things were different. More free, or at least I was.”

“Same here,” Alice sighed, apparently relieved I wasn’t judgmental. “Back in college I played the rebel for a time. Tossed the razor and the bras, although in retrospect that might not have been a good idea judging by what happened up top. I’ll consider giving up shaving my underarms if it means I keep getting coffee made for me.”

“That will give me a reason to keep waking up in the morning, Alice,” I confessed, the image of a hippie Alice equally erotic to me as the dainty feminine woman across the table. “Regardless, I didn’t mean to make you blush even if it does look good on you. Sometimes I’m TOO honest for my own good.”

“If we’re being honest,” Alice said in a hesitating voice, her fingers tapping the coffee cup nervously. “That first morning when I knocked on your door? Well, I know you didn’t realize it but your robe – it was open for a moment.”

“It was?” I exclaimed in my most shocked voice.

“Oh yes,” Alice continued.

“I – uh – sleep in the nude…”

“I know,” Alice giggled.

“I apologize. I had no idea,” I told Alice, with any blushing on my part due to the little white lies I was throwing at the gal.

“Why do you think I told you I didn’t mind you just wearing a robe to our little coffee sessions?” Alice confided in a hushed izmit escort tone as if someone else could hear. “I keep hoping that darned robe will open up again.”


“What must you think of me!” Alice said as she shook her head. “I think I’ve been way too honest myself.”

“I don’t think so. I guess we’re just a couple of folks who still have a little fire in the furnace,” I suggested. “Please take note that while I admitted to checking you out very thoroughly there was no apology for doing it.”

“Same here. Frankly, I’ve spent some time wondering exactly what you would have looked like back in your day when your manhood would get aroused and angry looking because it was quite impressive as it was.”

“That still happens Alice,” I explained. “The problem is when it gets aroused these days I’m alone.”

“Really?” she asked, and I shrugged in resignation.

“That’s happened more frequently in the last week or so too,” I admitted, and after Alice looked at me quizzically for a second, what I meant by that hit her.

“It’s just about that time,” Alice said after looking at the clock and starting to rise. “This has been a different morning to be sure.”

“I hope I haven’t ruined this because these mornings have been the highlights of my days,” I told Alice.

“I joined in on it, Carl,” Alice reminded me, but when I said that I would see her tomorrow like I had been suggesting each morning as she would leave, Alice said nothing this time.


The following morning as had been my habit of late, as soon as I got up the coffee started brewing and I took a shower. Was Alice was going to come over? That was something I wasn’t sure of because while our banter had become more and more personal and our flirting more obvious, it was obvious that my neighbor had reservations about what was happening.

Did Alice like me? Perhaps as much as I liked her? I thought so, but Alice was a married woman and it was clear she wasn’t the type to screw around haphazardly. She obviously loved her husband, or else she would have shipped him off to a nursing home instead of caring for him virtually all day and night, with her only respites being when the home health aide came over a few days a week for a respite.

Alice had me come over to meet her husband John, and I’m not sure if he had any idea who I was or even where he was. The poor guy just sat there in his wheelchair staring blankly ahead while Alice stood by his side trying to smile. That could have been me there, since I was about the same age as John. A blood vessel goes haywire and there I am, or if that perp that shot me in the side 30 years ago had better aim, I’m a vegetable today.

Alice had mentioned that they had talked often about what would happen if one of them was incapacitated and how neither of them wanted to be kept alive if there was no hope, but Alice’s husband wasn’t really sick and didn’t seem to be in any pain. He was just existing, and there I was lusting after his wife. And what was she doing? I had no clue.

After I turned off the shower and began drying I heard a familiar tapping at the door. Earlier than usual, but I knew Alice’s knock well and besides, who else would tap on my timbers at 6 in the morning. I put on my robe and hurried to the door, and there was Alice in a robe as well, smiling nervously with my paper in hand.

“I know I’m early,” Alice said as I stepped aside. “Couldn’t sleep.”

“Join the club,” I told her, since my days of sleeping soundly were apparently gone. “I do have the coffee on though.”

“Didn’t really come for coffee,” Alice said as we sat down at the table. “I need to talk to you, and please don’t interrupt me because I’ve rehearsed this speech all night.”

I just nodded and waited.

“We’ve been having our little fun every morning, and I’ve really enjoyed it. Never thought anything would come of it so it was easy to do,” Alice explained as she rubbed her tiny hands together. “The more I got to know you the more I liked you, but I figured it was just me happy to talk with somebody. Then it hit me that you might be attracted to me – and if I’m way off here please forgive me…”

“No,” I said after apologizing for the interruption. “You’re very correct there, and if you weren’t married you would have learned that before now.”

“Married,” Alice sighed. “Let me tell you some secrets. Back in our day John and I would go to these things they called key parties. Do you know of them?”

“I’ve heard of them but my wife was too square for that – plus I was a cop which would have presented problems – but I thought that a bunch of couples would go to a house and the guys would put their car key chains in a bowl and the girls would blindly pick one out and the new couple would go off to a motel or something with each other.

“Exactly. Tough to see me as a swinger I know, but we did that for about a year,” Alice related. Then for a time after that John would find a willing woman and he would watch the izmit kendi evi olan escort two of us – you know what I mean. That was a a long while back and we cut that out when I wanted to get pregnant.”

“So, I admit to not being as pure as the driven snow,” Alice continued. “Still, I’ve never for a moment thought of straying – until now. It’s just that – John used to kid around and call me a nymphomaniac because he couldn’t believe he had found a woman who loved sex more than he does. Did.”

“Does any of this make sense to you?” Alice finally concluded.

“It all makes perfect sense,” I said as I got up to lean down to kiss her, and when I took her hand to helped her up she rose to her feet.

“I need to take this slow Carl, and if I get cold feet…”

“You won’t even need to say anything,” I responded as I brought her to the bedroom.

I felt the bottom of my robe being parted just before we reached the bed. We were looking in each other’s eyes when I felt the senior fishing around and I reveled at her reaction when her hand found my semi-flaccid member and squeezed me lightly.

“Don’t know why I’m shocked because I got a peek at your penis before, but you’re quite large and not even fully aroused yet,” she gasped as her grip slid up and down.

“Oh, I’m aroused alright,” I confessed. “It just takes a while for my brain to pass the message down. Nothing much changes when I do get hard though. What you see is what you get. I’m a show-er, not a grow-er.”

“I”m glad to hear that – otherwise…” Alice said and let the sentence trail off. “Wasn’t I the one to say a few minutes ago I wanted to take this slow?”

I started to answer Alice but she was on her way down to her knees, making the trip a whole lot easier and more gracefully than I could have, and then my robe was being untied and opened up, Alice took my cock in her hands and raised it to her face, holding the shaft in her right hand while using her left to slide the foreskin up and down, exposing the purplish plum to her darting tongue.

“Mmm…” Alice mumbled as she played a game using the tip of her tongue to capture the bead of cum that would appear at the opening while she stroked me, and then surprised me when she ducked down and took my left ball in her mouth and gave it a vigorous suck before doing the same to the right.

Alice had a playful glint in her eyes as she moved back up to my cock, and after a minor scrape of the teeth had her full lips sliding up and down about half of my dick. She seemed ready, willing and able to go further down but I had enough for the time being because as I explained when I pulled her off, “You’re too good Alice, unless you want this to end before it starts.”

I reached down under her arms and brought her up to her feet, and when I slipped her robe off her shoulders she was naked underneath. As I eased her down into the bedding I took notice of her breasts – grapefruit sized globes with only a but of sag and crimson/brown nipples that looked eager to be nursed on – and below a tummy with just a bit of softness and reveled in the sight of her large triangle of light brown pubic hair.

On her back, I parted her pale thighs and knelt between them. She had an impressive thicket of hair down there, but I figured it had thinned a bit over the years like most do. That allowed me to see what had to be the largest labia I had even had the pleasure to see, slightly pink and glistening with dampness, and when I lowered my face with the intent of making them wetter, Alice moaned the minute my tongue touched her.

Alice was a vocal gal. I could tell from the start, and the way she groaned and moaned as I teased her clit with my tongue was music to my ears. To my way of thinking it was music to my ears, and as she ran her hands over my bald skull her moans graduated to words – naughty words.

“Oh, that’s good babe. Damn lick my pussy,” Alice encouraged as her thighs squeezed my head. “Gonna make me cum.”

“Oh no you don’t,” I noted as I lifted my head up and knee-walked up to the backs of her raised thighs, and as I ran the knob my member up and down her pussy I informed her, “When you cum I want to see it.”

“AW!” Alice grunted as I pushed into an incredibly tight opening, and since the sound resembled somebody getting the wind knocked out of them I feared I went in too hard and too deep, but the way she was raking my arms with her fingernails suggested she was fine so I started to thrust in and out slowly.

Alice was wet, a lively contradiction to the theory that women dry up when they age, because while there was plenty of my saliva in there, much of the fluid was courtesy of Alice and the squishy sounds my cock made as it moved in deep was testament to that.

My major worry was that it had been a while – not nearly as long as it had been for Alice – but long enough that I wasn’t sure how long I would last. As long as Alice came first I would be happy, and then she announced in no uncertain terms that her orgasm was on the way.

“Shit! Shit! Cumming!” she howled as her back arched, and just as her pussy stopped contracting around my cock I came, filling Alice’s womb with my seed, and I stayed inside that wonderful place until I went limp and slithered out.

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