Alex’s Pet

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She looked at herself in the tall mirror, her wavy auburn hair falling freely down below her shoulders where the small, tight, black dress began. It gave her enough support, so that a bra was truly optional and the continuous contact made her nipples hard and visible.

A thin smile appeared on her lips.

Her hands wandered along the fabric, enjoying the sensation her own touch still gave her until they stopped mid-thigh, where the dress stopped. She thought about taking care of herself before heading out, but decided against it.

Tonight was her big night and she wanted to enjoy it to its fullest extent.

Alex turned around and lifted the hem of her dress one last time. The thong she had picked out for this night framed her soft, white, ass cheeks perfectly. Whoever she chose would have the view of a lifetime.

After taking a small coat, which barely covered her up, the young woman left her apartment and hailed herself a cab. Luckily, the driver didn’t crash his car, while his eyes continually wandered from the street in front of him to his mirror, where Alex’s dress had ridden up, giving him glances of her soft, smooth, thighs.

He tried to strike up a conversation with her, but the woman would only shake her head, ever so softly. Her thoughts were somewhere else.

The only time he saw her smile was when the car had stopped and she had paid him. Her coat was now open and one of her hands had pulled down the front of her dress to show one of her breasts to the man. Her nipple was hard as her long fingers caressed the sensitive skin around it and, with a wink, she left the taxi.

“That should be enough of a tip,” Alex thought as she descended the steps. She could feel the wetness in her panties increase with every step.

Flashing people was something she would have never dreamed of doing before, but she had changed. It made her feel powerful, wanted and desirable – just the way she needed to feel, if she was going on her first “hunt”.

The bouncers let her pass without problems and as she entered the building and handed her coat to the girl in the coat room, she could even see her eyes wandering up and down her body.

Inside the main room, she found her first disappointment of the evening. There was practically no one on the dancefloor and only a handful of people sat at the small tables that framed the space in the middle. Alex already decided to head to the bar when her eyes caught a glimpse of something interesting. In the furthest corner she saw a table with two people, sitting and chatting. The man had a cute smile and bright eyes, but what got her interested was the woman across the table from him. She had long, blonde, hair, breasts that strained the fabric of her light, flowery dress and skin as light and soft as she had ever seen.

Her happiness looked sincere and the way she pushed strands of her beautiful hair behind her ear made Alex jealous.

She just had to have her.

The brunette woman turned towards the couple, made her way across the room and took a seat right at their table.

“Excuse me?” asked the blonde woman as the newcomer sat down and gave her an angry look.

Alex replied, “Don’t mind me. The club’s empty and I’m bored. You guys just look like nice people.”

The other woman wanted to say something but the man’s hand clasped hers.

“Don’t be like that, Beth. It’s nice to meet new people once in a while!” he implored her.

The brunette could already see the lust in his eyes. He already imagined himself in a threesome.

“If only he knew,” she thought.

“So what’s your name?” he asked.

“Alex,” she replied and kept her gaze firmly on the other woman.

The man said something which she ignored as the blonde woman stood up.

“I need another drink,” she said matter-of-factly and walked off towards the bar, but not before shooting her boyfriend a dirty look.

“I’m sorry. She’s … complicated,” he explained. “She’s kind of a jealous person and it’s our one year anniversary.”

With the woman gone, Alex now turned towards him.

“Don’t worry, I’m not here to ruin your evening. I’d be jealous too if I had a boyfriend as cute as her,” she lied, “but maybe we can have some fun tonight. Take it as an anniversary present.”

With that she gave him a smile and a wink, but he shook his head, “I don’t think Beth will go for that. She’s as straight as they come. Doesn’t even watch porn.”

Alex felt another rush of arousal as she heard these words. Breaking-in a new girl was just what she had wanted.

“I’ll tell you what,” she said, as she saw the blonde girl approaching them, “if you can keep the drinks coming, I’ll try and soften her up a little while I’m here. You don’t have to worry about being blamed for anything.”

A wide grin appeared on his face just as his girlfriend sat down next to him.

“So, can I get you something to drink?” the man asked her, earning him another look from his girlfriend.

“Yeah, if you don’t mind. Just Kartal Escort get me the same she’s having,” she answered while looking at the glass that stood in front of the blonde girls breasts.

He got up and headed towards the bar, which Alex took as her cue. She stood up, walked around the table and let herself fall into the man’s empty seat.

Beth visibly shrunk back, but the brunette grabbed her arm and leaned in close.

“I’m sorry, but I’m really not trying to get between you and your boyfriend,” she whispered, taking care to brush the girl’s ear with her lips.

She let go of Beth’s arm but moved her fingertips along her prey’s skin, feeling goosebumps after a few seconds.

The blonde girl’s demeanor changed visibly and she smiled weakly before pulling her arm away from the unwanted touch.

“It’s okay,” she said, not sounding convincing at all.

“Your boyfriend was sweet enough to offer me one drink. When that’s finished, I’ll leave you two alone.”

That seemed to reassure the girl a bit, even though she still tried to keep as much distance between them as she physically could.

Alex smiled at that reaction. She almost had her.

With a sudden movement she stood up and pulled Beth with her to her feet.

“Let’s go dancing! Just the two of us!”

“I… don’t know if I want to,” she heard the blonde protest, but ignored her and led her to the middle of the still half empty dancefloor.

“Come on. It’s gonna be fun and I’ll keep an eye out for any creep that tries to come close to you!”

She let her hand rest at the small of the girls back and saw, with delight, that she nodded.

As the girls started to move, Alex could feel a change coming over the blonde woman. All of her apprehension disappeared and the brunette took it as an invitation. She turned her around and could feel her new toy starting to absent-mindedly grind her ass against her. The brunette’s hands roamed the girl’s body, she grabbed her fine ass through the fabric and felt her panty line, before changing direction and cupping her breasts for the first time that evening.

Beth didn’t seem to notice or care and only after the song stopped did she step away and break the embrace.

Alex knew that she had to keep going or risk losing all the progress she had made. She pulled her back in and pushed a strand of that blonde hair out of her face to lean closer to her ear.

“When’s the last time you danced like that?” she asked her and saw her blush.

“Sorry,” she exclaimed embarrassed, “I don’t know. My boyfriend doesn’t dance, so it’s before I met him, I guess …”

“You don’t have to explain. It’s great to see you relax a little!”

With that the next song started and Alex let her hands glide down the sides of the girl, stopping at her hips, and started to move them. She saw the girl smile brightly and, without hesitation placed a small kiss on the blonde girl’s lips.

Before Beth could say anything she felt herself being turned around again and decided to ignore what just happened. People always told her to live a little. Maybe this was the moment to stop over analyzing the small stuff and just enjoy it …

The songs came and went and with every passing minute she could feel the new woman’s hands move more and more around her breasts, over her ass until she felt a hand move under her dress and two fingers against her pussy.

A soft moan escaped her mouth as her own hand shot down and pushed the other hand away, but Alex had already seen her reaction. She had felt the heat and wetness between the girl’s legs and knew that she was close to having her.

Before Beth could say anything about what had just happened, she placed a finger over the blonde girl’s lips and whispered into her ear, “Let’s go back to the table. I’m thirsty.”

Perplexed, she nodded and let herself be led back to the table. This time, the hand on her back wandered down and grabbed her ass softly. She knew that this was wrong but felt too torn to resist.

Beth’s boyfriend had watched the whole show. He couldn’t believe that this was the same girl he knew. Normally she would have slapped whoever tried to touch her like that, but at the end of the song he was sure he saw the new girl’s hand disappearing under his girlfriend’s dress.

Alex motioned for him to change his seat, which he did without complaining and sat Beth down next to her. This time, the blonde girl didn’t shrink back.

She emptied the drink before her in one go and held her empty glass towards the guy, who took it without a word and stood up to get her another one.

“Men,” she thought. “So easy.”

As he was passing her she grabbed his hand and motioned towards his girlfriend’s drink.

“Get her another one too,” Alex said as she watched her empty her glass as well.

When he had left towards the now more crowded bar, the brunette girl put her hand on the other girl’s thigh and watched as her eyes went down towards her Kartal Escort Bayan hand. She didn’t push it away this time, so she grabbed the blonde girl’s chin and pulled her towards her own.

Without resistance Beth let herself be drawn in and, as she felt her lips being parted by the other woman’s tongue, her own came to meet hers.

The hand on her thigh caressed her skin before wandering up, underneath her dress and stopped only when she had reached her panties. The music in the club throbbed in her head and not a single coherent thought formed inside her mind as she felt the woman’s tongue play with hers and fingers starting a circular motion outside against her pussy.

Something still told her that this was wrong, but her mind stayed blank and for once she was sure that this was the right time to enjoy herself.

Alex was ecstatic. She could feel the fabric of her panties getting soaked while her fingers fondled the woman’s pussy and as she pulled her underwear to the side her fingers slipped right into her. Beth’s legs opened wider and her hips started to grind against the fingers as she started to moan into the kiss.

She pulled her fingers out of the girl’s sex and felt a slight bit of stubble around her pussy as she explored her new toy. After she had placed a fingertip on the girl’s clit she stopped the kiss and whispered into her ear, “Close your eyes, lean back and let me see how much you’re enjoying this.”

Beth did as she was told. He could feel her dress being bunched up higher and higher and knew, if anyone came along, he would have a direct view of her pussy, but she just couldn’t care about that. The fingers between her legs touched her in a way she had never felt before. Neither Mark, her boyfriend, nor she herself had ever made her this horny. She could feel the woman’s other hand going inside her bra, touching and pulling on her sensitive nipple as the pressure inside her rose further and further. She was cumming, inside this club, on this chair by the hand of another woman and there was nothing she could or would do to stop it.

Alex could feel the girls pussy getting tighter and tighter, her hips moving fast and faster against her hand and decided that now was the time to show the blonde girl, who was in control.

She pulled both her hands from her and could see the girls eyes fly open and her mouth forming the words “no” and “please”.

The fingers she had inside the girl were now sticky with her juices, as she brought them up to the girls face and demanded, “Lick!”

Beth took them into her mouth and licked them clean as if she was giving a blowjob, all the while looking at Alex, begging her with her eyes to finish her off.

She didn’t stop even as Mark reappeared from the bar, two drinks in hand.

“Here are your …” his voice trailed off as he saw his girlfriend, sucking on the woman’s fingers, with her bra showing, her dress hiked up and her panties to the side. She was oblivious to everything around her, but the other woman, who smiled down at her with a knowing grin.

Alex gave him a wink and stood up, pulling the willing blonde girl with her.

“Let’s go,” she whispered in her ear and pulled her towards the toilets.

Beth’s boyfriend could do nothing but stare at the backside of his girlfriend as the woman led her away, with her hand now under the blonde girl’s dress.

As soon as they were inside the room with the cubicles, Beth was pressed against a wall with her legs spread open and Alex’s fingers deep inside her. She was moaning loudly and rotating her hips, still chasing after the orgasm she had been denied.

A woman appeared from one of the stalls and watched the show instead of heading back out.

“Lift up your dress so she can see too!” Alex whispered in the blonde girl’s ear and she obeyed without question. The brunette could see the woman staring at Beth’s pussy getting fingered while having her hand in her own pants.

“If you want you can come over here and touch her too!”

The woman seemed to think for a second but shook her head in the end.

“I don’t think I’d like to go quite that far, but I’d really love to see her tits!”

“You heard her,” Alex exclaimed and stared at Beth, who still had her eyes closed, holding up her dress. She blinked for a second but unfastened her bra and let it all fall from her shoulders. The woman from the cubicle gave a short whistle and took a hesitant step forwards, before stopping again.

Alex grabbed Beth’s nipple and tweaked it, but had to pull her fingers quickly out of the blonde girl’s pussy, or else she might have cum then and there.

A low gargling sound came out of Beth’s throat as the frustration of again not being allowed an orgasm washed over her. She looked at Alex, begging her to finish what she started, but the woman only shook her head.

“I’m not done with you yet. Hand me your bra, panties and dress and show our guest what a good girl you can be.”

She pulled Escort Kartal down her clothes with little hesitation and gave them to the brunette woman standing next to her. At first she wanted to protect herself with her hands, but a look in Alex’s eyes told her that this wasn’t her decision anymore.

Both women marveled at the nude beauty standing before them. Her nipples were small and pink, perfectly placed on the large, firm breasts which seemed a little too big for the slender frame. She had a hint of tan lines around them and Alex thought about all the things she would do to them tonight, before her eyes wandered downwards.

Her stomach was flat, well-defined and a piercing hung from her belly button. It was odd because the blonde girl didn’t strike her as someone who would ever do something like that.

Further down she saw that Beth hadn’t shaved her pussy in the last few days. The short, blonde hairs were nearly invisible, but still … she would have her shave them off completely once they were in her apartment. But right now, her lips glistened in the light it was time to remind her, who was the boss.

The nude girl was staring straight at the woman who had watched them and it took a slap from Alex to her ass to make her remember what her task had been. Without breaking eye contact she walked over to her and stood still, while she watched the new woman exploring every inch of her body.

Her nipples were already standing at attention when the woman bend down and took one of them in her mouth. Beth could feel her pussy throb with excitement at the attention she was getting, but still wished it would be Alex who was touching her.

As if she could read her mind, the brown-haired girl stepped up behind her and grabbed her ass.

“Doesn’t she have an amazing body?” she asked the new girl who had started licking and kissing every inch of the woman’s breasts.

Alex grabbed the blonde hair in a fist and forced the woman’s head back.

“Who do you belong to?” she simply asked and wondered if she would get it right on her first try.

Confused but not resisting she stared back into her eyes and answered, “You?”

“That’s right. Now tell our new friend here how much you like her playing with your tits!”

The blonde’s eyes locked with those of the woman standing before her as she felt a finger from behind, moving down her back and between her ass cheeks.

“Thanks for playing with my breasts, it really turns me on,” she managed to say, as she felt the finger pressing against her sphincter.

Without a word the woman redoubled her efforts on Beth’s breasts, while she heard her breathing quicken further.

“Have you ever tried anal before?” Alex asked while her finger rested on the blonde girl’s asshole.

She shook her head against the grip and moaned as the woman in front of her took one of her nipples between her teeth.

Beth knew what her new mistress wanted to hear and to her own surprise didn’t find it hard to speak those words.

“No, but I belong to you. Please do with me as you wish.”

Alex pulled her head closer and kissed her passionately, while she took the finger from her asshole to her pussy and started to rub her clit again.

She had chosen the perfect prey and it was nearly time to reward her and make her fully hers.

“Good girl,” she praised her after she had stopped kissing her. The blonde’s eyes had glassy look to them and she only slightly nodded her head with a thousand yard stare. Her legs had begun to shake and Alex could feel her juices flowing freely.

She pulled her hand away just as Beth was about to explode and this time she whelped in nearly physical pain before sinking to her knees.

“Now, my little pet,” she said to the trembling girl beneath her, “I’ll cum first, then, if you were good, you can cum too, understand?”

With that she took the girls chin in her hand and turned her face towards her. Tears were building in the blonde woman’s eyes but she nodded obediently.

She turned her body around and brought her face to Alex’s crotch but she made her stop.

The brunette woman turned her eyes towards their guest, who was still standing in front of her, with her jeans open and her hand visible beneath the fabric.

“Normally, Beth, you would have to ask our friend here first, but seeing as you’ve never licked a woman, I think we’ll make an exception.”

The blonde woman looked up, nodded and started to lift the standing woman’s dress, but got stopped again.

“Hands behind your back, then I want to hear you beg and, if I think you are sincere, you can start at my feet and kiss your way up.”

Beth took a deep breath and begged, “May I please lick your pussy?”

A big smile appeared on Alex’s lips and she felt her cunt tighten as she heard these words out of the blonde woman’s mouth.

“We’ll have to work on that, but yeah, you are sincere enough.”

The blonde woman put her head down and kissed the woman’s open shoes before working her way up to her shin, knees and thighs. The skin was smooth beneath her lips and a faint smell told her, just how excited the woman standing above her was by now. As she neared the line of her skirt, she could see the faint outline of the black thong that covered Alex’s most intimate part.

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