Alexandra Makes The Grade Ch. 02

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The following Friday afternoon found Jack on his way out to the teachers’ parking lot after another week of classes. He was glad to be finished and was looking forward to a long weekend of football games and friends. Jack’s alma mater, Brown, had a big game coming up against Cornell and although the teams weren’t powerhouse NCAA teams, he and his college buddies enjoyed the games and tried to get up to Providence as often as they could.

He could hear the far away blast of whistles coming from the athletic complex as they blended with the threads of music that drifted from an orchestra practice somewhere inside the buildings of St. Brendan’s. The early fall day was unseasonably warm for New England and he took a deep breath… savoring perhaps the last of an Indian summer.

Jack smiled to himself as his thoughts, again, ran to the little trollop in the green plaid skirt known as Alexandra Jenkins. Her only acknowledgement of him this week had been curt responses and little, if any, eye contact. He flashed his most wicked smile at every opportunity and delighted in his game of goading her. Since he’d dressed her down in his office the previous Friday, she’d not shown the slightest bit of interest in pursuing her grade though less than proper means and had done her best to thumb her nose at him. He, however, had caught her staring at him several times and would regal her with a taunting wink.

Jack thought about times in the past, especially when he’d first started teaching, that he’d been approached by a few of his female students. He’d always managed to turn them in other directions without hurting their tender feelings. He’d not had any real interest in any of them… Bold, provocative Alexandra was different. Perhaps it was the picture she’d show him. He couldn’t count the number of times his thoughts wandered to that picture… and Alexandra with her legs spread and her mouth open in want of his cock.

As Jack rounded the corner to what he knew would be a nearly deserted faculty lot where his car was parked, he spied the object of his ruminations leaning against his car, fixing her hair in the adjacent window belonging to Father O’Connor’s black Lincoln. Did she just undo another button on her shirt? What did she want now? Jack pondered Alexandra’s presence at his car as he approached her, again smiling when she saw him and stood up straight and took several deep breaths. Jack slowed his pace and watched her squirm for a few more moments, enjoying her discomfort.

“I thought you’d never get out here!” Alex blurted out as Mr. Morgan approached. She made no attempt to hide her exasperation with him. When he only smiled in response she felt like screaming at him, as she had most of this week. She was still unsure of how to proceed with her plan to manipulate Mr. Morgan into the A she so desperately wanted. She was not yet ready to give in to his demands. She still wanted to play her game. Not his.

“What are you doing out here Alexandra? Are you ready to tell me how you plan to get an A in Trig? Your quiz this week showed no signs that you’re going to attempt to get your grade the old fashioned way.” Jack kept his eyes trained to hers as he popped the trunk of his car and put his briefcase inside. After he’d finished putting his things away he stepped in front of her and leaned against Father O’Connor’s car, putting only a few feet between them. He folded his arms across his chest and stood with his legs apart, outside of hers.

Alexandra again felt her confidence falter as she finally met and held Mr. Morgan’s gaze for the first time all week. She was frustrated to no end that he made her feel vulnerable. No boy had ever done that to her. She was always the one in control. She could smell his cologne, a crisp warm scent that filled her senses every time he came near and that too weakened her, as did his piercing gaze. Alex placed her hands behind her back and gripped her hands together, more tightly than was perhaps necessary and she was disgusted with herself and her sweaty palms.

“Well Alexandra? Are you ready to acquiesce? Tell me… tell me how you wish to achieve an A in trigonometry.” Jack paused… waiting for her to gather her courage. He watched her chest rise and fall beneath her white blouse, her nipples pulled taut beneath the thin material. Jack wanted to see those firm breasts bare and heaving as he thrust into her for the first time. He made no attempt to cover his ungentlemanly appraisal of her, letting his eyes wander to the modest splay of her polatlı escort hips and the fine muscles of her thighs, unhidden by a skirt that seemed to shorten every day. He held her gaze once more and nodded… bidding her to speak.

Alex smiled up at Mr. Morgan, having felt his hungry gaze on her and knew the familiar power she felt whenever she caught someone looking at her admiringly. Alex was beautiful and she knew it. Everyone, starting with her doting parents, had told her so since the day she was born. She remembered that now and began to flirt with her body, arching her back just a little more, nipping at her bottom lip before turning on a wicked little grin.

“I know you want to touch me Mr. Morgan. I saw your cock pressing against your pants in your office Friday and if I’m not mistaken, you were just wondering what I look like without this little uniform on.” Alex took a step away from his car and continued. “I know you liked those pictures I drew of us. I know you’ve wondered what it would be like to… touch me Mr. Morgan… just a little…” Alex let her voice trail off as she took another step toward him, almost touching him, not breaking his gaze even as her heart thudded inside her chest nervously.

Jack watched her amusedly, enjoying her flirtations and her attempts to spur him to touch her. He wasn’t surprised that she was trying to subvert his demands. Was she simply too shy, too inexperienced to vocalize the picture she’d drawn of them? Or was she just too damn proud and haughty to deign to someone else’s commands? Most likely the later, Jack mused.

As Alex was about to close the final distance between them, Jack grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back with one quick motion, pinning her against his car with his body, chuckling low as she tried to hide her squeal of surprise. Jack pressed his groin against her, letting her feel his hard arousal against the top of her mound and her lower stomach.

“What’s the matter Alexandra? This is what you wanted isn’t it? You wanted me to touch you…” Jack slid a hand up behind her head and captured a fistful of her soft lush curls, holding her tightly, her head pulled back… throat bared. “You’re right. I did enjoy your lurid little pictures.” Jack moved his other hand quickly between her thighs as he held her tightly by her hair, noting that she didn’t struggle; only gazed into his eyes. Was that a look of triumph he saw? He pressed his fingers hard against her mound and Alexandra stunned him by pressing out into it.

Alex grinned up at him. She was frightened at first when he pushed her back but she was getting what she wanted! She pressed into his hand and rubbed herself against it just a little. She was being a slut, she knew, but she didn’t care. She was winning! Her heart pounded in her chest with elation. She hoped he’d continue… she wanted more.

When Alexandra grinned up at him, showing how thrilled she was with herself and rubbed against his hand, he was a bit angry and yet… pleased. But there was no way Jack was going to let her walk away with any sort of victory over him… a wet little cunt perhaps… but she would know where she stood. And that was not in control.

“Look at you… dirty little slut… are you always so easy Alexandra? Do you spread your legs for all the boys?” Jack sneered just a little as he mocked her, his hand continuing to rub her mound through her skirt as he held her still against his car by her hair. “Do you like this Alexandra? Do you want me to touch that precious little cunt you keep hidden between your thighs?” Jack didn’t wait for an answer and he smiled as her victorious grin wilted. Jack moved his hand up under the hem of her skirt to the soft supple skin of her thighs and moved his knee between her legs to keep them apart. He pinched her gently, but made sure she felt the sting, watching her eyes as a cry escaped her throat. Alexandra made no attempt to pull away from him.

“What? Nothing to say? No gloating smile? I can feel the heat of your cunt on my fingers Alexandra and I haven’t even touched it. Do you have panties on? Or are you too much of a whore for panties? Hmm… let me see…” Jack answered his questions with one flick of his fingers as they met with the thin cotton of Alexandra’s panties, damp with her excitement. “Well well… what a surprise! Who would have thought that such a dirty girl wore panties? Let’s see what’s under them, shall we?” Jack felt a moment of sympathy as Alexandra’s cheeks flushed pursaklar escort crimson with her sweet shame. It was nothing less than the little chit deserved, he thought as he returned to the torment.

Her body was on fire. She didn’t know whether to cry or to whimper. Mr. Morgan was saying horrible things to her and yet they made her feel a little crazy… and even though he was mocking her… she didn’t want him to stop. Alex tried to force herself to look unaffected by his rough treatment but the warmth spreading in her belly and between her thighs let her know she was anything but.

Jack pressed his thumb over the soft lips of Alexandra’s cunt, protected by the thin cotton of her panties. He could feel the dampness and pressed his thumb further between her folds, where he could feel her blossoming clit hardening between them. He used the tip of his finger to scrape over her panties, teasing her; loving the soft moans that she couldn’t keep from escaping those luscious lips of hers.

“Mmmm Alexandra… you’re wet aren’t you sweeting? You want something more don’t you little one? Oh yes… look how you spread your legs wider for me… such an eager slut.” Again Jack didn’t wait for her to respond before pushing his fingers past the shield of her panties and into her slit. Jesus… So fucking hot and wet! He pressed his hard cock against Alexandra’s hip as he teased her ripe little cunt. He remembered wondering if she shaved as she’d drawn herself. He wondered no more. Her soft bare cunt lips sucked at his fingers and he couldn’t resist the urge to smear her copious juices all over them feeling their silkiness.

“Oh god Mr. Morgan!” Alex groaned as she felt his fingers slide into the folds of her pussy. There was no awkwardness in the way he touched her as there always was with the boys she’d dated. They were gawky and rough and Alex and never let them inside her panties. Mr. Morgan was a man and in her disjointed thoughts, she supposed that was why he touched her just right. She wanted more… just like he told her she did.

Jack ran the tip of his finger around the small opening to Alexandra’s cunt, his eyes never leaving hers as he continued his assault on her naïve young body. He waited. Slowly teasing… touching… running his fingers up and down along the inner folds of her sweet little slit. His thumb occasionally pressing circles around her throbbing clit, guiding her… coaxing her with his expert touch. Alexandra was exquisite in her throaty whimpers.

“What if someone’s watching you spread your legs for me Alexandra? There are still people here. What will you do if we’re caught Alexandra? And look at you… no better than a dirty little whore, whimpering for more…” Jack knew that she was barely listening to him as he stroked and fondled her delicious little cunt. Even if she was oblivious to their precarious position; broad daylight in the school parking lot… Jack wasn’t. Funny… it hadn’t stopped him.

“Please Mr. Morgan… please…” Alex whispered softly, not knowing just what she was begging him for, not caring as long as he didn’t stop. Alex had given herself many orgasms, but nothing felt like this… she had such a burning… an exquisite ache building inside her… she needed… more.

Jack pressed against Alexandra, using his body to help support her, feeling her body weaken with the pleasure of his touch. He laughed when she pleaded with him, knowing she was nearing her climax. “That’s right Alexandra… such a good girl… remember you must always ask me for what you want. Tell me Alexandra… what do you want from me right at this moment?”

Alex tossed her head gently… her eyes locked on Mr. Morgan’s as she writhed against his car. She pulled against his grip in her hair, though not to escape his grasp. Her back arched and when he asked what it was she wanted she could only whimper, the embarrassment of having to form the words rendering her mute.

“Tell me Alexandra… what do you need?” It took all the restraint Jack could muster not to plunge his fingers into her silken sheath and revel in the heat of her tightness. He continued his ravishing, swirling his finger around and around the opening, waiting for her response. “Tell me what you want. Ask for it like a good girl.” He wanted to hear her say the words… wanted her to ask him if she could cum.

Alex jutted her hips out to Mr. Morgan’s relentless fingers, her body shuddering… she needed release… needed it… “Please Mr. rus escort Morgan… please may I cum?” Alex whispered softly, not wanting to hear herself give in and say the words, knowing she was helpless. With those words, Jack thrust two fingers up into Alexandra’s swollen tight cunt. He bit into his lip to keep from groaning with the pleasure of it. She was so small, so amazingly small inside… and SO DAMN HOT. Perhaps a younger Jack Morgan would have cum from with the sheer rapture of it.

Alex cried out unrestrained as Mr. Morgan’s fingers thrust into her pussy, and she let him hold her up as she held on to the thin strings of control. His fingers hurt at first, spreading her wider than she’d ever been. She’d only ever used her own fingers and they seemed terribly small in comparison. It didn’t take very long for the initial pain to recede and for pleasure to take over.

Jack knew he’d hurt her, and when he felt the shield of her virginity still intact he eased his thrusts, not wanting to tear her just yet. Her response to him was so utterly honest, her naivety so earnest, he knew he had to have her. The fact that she was a virgin pleased him more than he would have ever believed. However, her pleasure was about to come to an abrupt end.

Alexandra whimpered and writhed in his grasp as his fingers pumped in and out of her drenched little cunt. “Do you want to cum for me Alexandra? Is that what you want?” Jack flicked her swollen clit with his thumb as his fingers continued their onslaught into her velvety depths.

“Please Mr. Morgan… please,” Alex panted. So close… her body was screaming for release. She didn’t care about her grade anymore it seemed. She didn’t care that she was giving in. All she wanted was to end the agonizing ecstasy. What was happening to her, she wondered.

With her last soft plea, Jack drew his fingers from her and left her, weak and trembling against his car, stepping back to watch her reaction when the haze of pleasure cleared and she was left with that horrible yearning. He couldn’t help but smile inwardly as she began to realize what had just happened… or not happened as the case may be.

Alex flushed… this time with anger and embarrassment. How could he be so horrible? She was so close and he pushed her away! Damn him! This is going all wrong… again… horribly wrong!

“You Bastard!” she hissed at him, her trembling hands pushing her skirt down her thighs and buttoning her blouse. She was no longer shaking with pleasure but with nearly unbridled anger. His rejection of her at her most vulnerable moment was more than her ego could stand. Her anger was doubled when she felt tears of frustration well in her eyes.

“Truer words were never spoken Miss Jenkins.” Jack sneered. He didn’t know why but he took his fingers still smeared with her juices and pushed them into her mouth, already open and prepared to spew another insult. As he forced his fingers into her throat he pinned her against the car with his body and grinned as she started to gag just a bit. “Do you like that Alexandra? Do you like the taste of your sticky sweet juices? Lick it off… that’s a good girl.” He was being deliberately cruel and the reason for it escaped him.

Alex growled and tried to shove him away… twisting her head away from his fingers before finally biting down hard enough for him to yank them away.

Jack just smiled down at her… his eyes betraying nothing of the turmoil he was feeling inside. He released his grip in her hair and let her pull away.

“You! You jerk! You fucking asshole! I let you touch me! I let you…” Alex could only scream her frustration. “Why did you stop?”

“I gave you specific instructions when last we spoke young lady. I told you that you must tell me in vivid detail how you were going to earn your grade. I told you that you must tell me about the picture you drew. That IS truly what you want isn’t it? To be the girl in that picture? With the welts on your thighs from the cane, your clothes torn, begging for my cock? I don’t think that’s what you told me earlier Alexandra. I believe you thought you could play a little game with me this afternoon, only you came up empty handed.”

“This was your first lesson in ‘Alexandra doesn’t always get what she wants.’ I will decide everything that happens between us Alexandra. You don’t make the rules of the game. I’ll demand more than a cheap little finger-fuck in the parking lot for that grade you’re wanting. There is much for you to learn if you want to please me. Don’t be a poor sport now sweeting…. We’ve only just begun.”

“I DON’T want to…”

He ignored her retort and without another word, and not even a backwards glance, Jack Morgan got in his car and pulled out of the parking lot, leaving Alexandra to her own devices.

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