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We kept kissing each other and our tongues were mating like they were restless and touched for the first time, even after all these hours. I began to feel them getting kind of numb but I really didn’t care, after all I had the most beautiful girl in the world in my arms and I was not going to stop right now.

There was no talking for a long time, just tenderness and love that was forbidden, a love that could cause many problems. The glances and kisses that we exchanged were “sealing” and “bonding” this relationship that was perfect to my eyes and to Alexandra’s.

There was no doubt that this was going to be a very difficult relationship due to the discretion that it would need, so that no one else would find out ever? Or at least for the time being that we lived in our parents’ house and attended in the same school where everyone knows that we are siblings. But then again, even if we lived somewhere else, it wouldn’t be easy to keep the relationship secretive unless we were isolated.

These thoughts were distracting me from my sister’s lips and body that had become “one” with mine. She noticed that and she looked at my eyes while she was kissing me and somehow she was telling me, “not now Alex, I know we have a very difficult “road to cross” but we will have plenty time to think about it”.

Then her eyes closed and she kissed me deeply with a very strong moan, like she was releasing so much tension that my thought gave her. I left my thoughts and gave in to her kiss and pretty soon I was ready and hard. She could feel that and she started rubbing her pussy on my cock. After a few strokes, her labia had wrapped my cock like a “hot dog bun” and kept her pace steady and slow. Every time she would go backwards my cock would hit her clit and she would sigh out and moan verifying to me that she loved every moment of this.

At some point she leaned her head back and her eyes were closed and she was moaning really loud and if our parents were here they would have heard us for sure. Her nipples were pointing out and I could see goose bumps around them and her areolas looked so tempting once again. I lowered my head and licked her nipples and areolas and then I began to blow lightly on them causing them to become harder while she was shivering with her loud way of expressing her arousal and showing to me that she loved what I was doing to her.

My tongue and lips started a voyage all over her breasts and around them, reaching towards her neck. I brought one hand from holding her back from falling and played with her breasts and stomach and her face and her wonderful hair. Then she stopped moving and her eyes opened again and she brought her face close to mine and she just looked at me with her beautiful green staring eyes and her mouth was opened wide. I could smell her breath that was inviting and knew she was going to say something that moment as she did…

“Alex, I haven’t tasted you yet and you have given me so much pleasure with your tongue before, so no I want to give you some pleasure too. But don’t make fun of me because I have never done this before and I will need your help. You will have to teach me what you like!”

“You don’t have to do anything that you are not comfortable with Alexandra”

“But I really want to! I want to give you as much pleasure as possible in any way that I can!”

I didn’t say another word and stuck my lips on hers and kissed her with such pressure and passion that I thought I was going to get in her mouth. Our tongues and lips were playing so well together while our breathing in each other’s mouth was getting us dizzy and more relaxed.

She got off of me and I was staring at her body from top to bottom mesmerizing her 18 years of beauty that was irresistible. She slowly kneeled down in front of my cock and placed her hands on my balls. My excitement was so great that I moaned loud and closed my eyes for a second to open them up again so that I won’t lose this “sight”. Then with her other hand she grabbed my cock very gently and she looked at me so sexy…

“Alex, tell me if I am doing something wrong or if I do something you don’t like.”

“I don’t think you can hurt me sis, and so far you are driving me nuts. I trust you with my life, so just do what I inspire you to do.”

She didn’t say another word, she just smiled happy of my love and trust to her. She brought her head closer to my cock and started kissing it gently teasing me, from head to balls. Then she began licking it and moistening it with her saliva. Her breath over my wet cock and balls were giving me chills all through my spine. After a good long tease her hand started moving up and down my “shaft”. My waist was arching up constantly implying my anxiety for her to take him in her mouth and I was moaning like a “sun of bitch” and really loud.

She may have not done this before but she was a natural when it came to understanding what I like. So then she looked at me with half close eyes and her mouth took the head of my cock in Gaziantep Escort and she licked my cock tip at the same time. She was driving me to an orgasm that would be very intense. I could feel juices running up my urethra from my balls and she tasted them. Then her mouth let go of my cock and asked me…

“Alex, is this cum that I taste? Is this what you have been shooting in my womb all night and morning today?”

“Well, the taste is the same but this is pre-cum and it is thinner. Cum is much thicker than this. You don’t have to swallow it Alexandra, I will warn you when I am about to cum so that you can jack me off.”

She didn’t reply but just covered my cock with her mouth and began going up and down while I was moving her hair away from her face so that I can see her lips going up and down. I just loved this sight and I tried to hold back as much as possible so I can enjoy the warmth of her mouth and tongue.

Then she stopped using her hand and only used her mouth while both hands were now on my thighs and she was increasing her speed. I could feel my cock head hitting at the entrance of her throat, but she was not deep throating me. The feeling though was bringing me closer and closer to my climax.

“Sis, what are you doing to me, I am about to explode…I am going to cum…I am cumming…”

Though I warned her and was expecting her to pull back and jack me off, she didn’t! She just pulled my cock half way out and kept my head in hear mouth while I was shooting vigorously inside. She didn’t choke at all and kept sucking and using her tongue to stimulate me to the point that I was completely empty.

“Mmm…” she moaned as if she was enjoying the taste and feeling of my sticky cum.

“Oh Alexandra, slow down your tongue…”I begged her because my cock head had become so sensitive that I am going to scream.

As if she knew what to do, she stopped her tongue and sucking to subside my cumming and until I was calm again. Then I heard her gulp, as she swallowed all my cum. I didn’t even see a single drop run down my shaft.

“Mmm…Alex, why would I jack you off and not take your cum in mouth? It tastes so good and the feeling of it in my mouth is not as some of my girlfriends have told me that it would be very uncomfortable.”

“I can’t believe what I am hearing from you. It is like a dream come true! You are the woman that I always wanted to have and my desires are fulfilled by you. I still can’t believe that you are doing this to me. I still can’t believe that we made love to each other without any regrets.” I said to her.

“You are my dream come true Alex! I was always afraid that you would reject me one day if I asked you to be my lover. I was willing to do anything, even to have you take my virginity. You always made me feel good and comfortable.

Remember when we were 14 and I tripped and fell down the stairs walking towards the basement? You heard me fall down and you ran to me and picked me up and put me on the coach and you looked so worry and ready to cry not knowing if I broke something or was hurt.”

“I do remember that Alexandra, and I can tell you it felt like I fell down that moment instead of you.”

“When I wrapped my hands around your neck while you were carrying me, I looked at your face, and I knew I was in Love with you. I had all these strong feelings for you since I began to understand the differences between us as a boy and a girl, but I couldn’t explain till that moment.”

“So for all these years you were hoping and wishing that something will happen like this night?”

“Well not like this, to be honest with you I was hoping something to happen immediately after I realized my feelings for you. I was lying in bed and imagining you kissing me and hugging me and telling me that you felt the same as I did. How many times I slept in your lap while we were watching a movie and your hands were fondling my hair!”

“I always knew and felt the special bond that we have but I never thought that we could ever be as we are now, two lovers in each other’s arms naked…doing something that is forbidden! If dad and mom found out, what do you think they would do?”

“I really don’t know, but I know for sure that they would be upset and angry with us. We are Twins Alex. Mom and dad understand the bond between us but up to the point where to siblings should have some boarders. I do see what could happen if this comes out to open one day.

But honest, I really don’t care because I am in Love with you and this is what I wanted for many years and I am not going to allow anyone get in my way. The only thing that was holding me back was my fear that you would reject me and be disgusted of me once I came up with the truth. I never wanted to miss this feeling that you give me when I’m near you… around you!”

“Alexandra, perhaps it is better that things came this way and we are adults and we can decide what we want to do for ourselves. You know the last 2 years Gaziantep Escort Bayan I was tempted to open the door when you were showering and look at you? I don’t know if that was just sexual urge or it was Love and Passion. The night dad and mom went out for their anniversary you said that you wanted to take a hot steamy shower to relax your muscles…”

Then she started laughing with a sexy tone and got up from her knees and climbed on me again and kissed me so passionately…and then withdrew from her kiss. “I know you came inside and you were looking at my body while I was showering, I heard the door and I could see you with my eyes slightly opened.

I didn’t want to scare you, and was enjoying that moment so much! I could have opened them and asked you to come in with me but I didn’t want you to think I was a slut. I didn’t know yet what your reaction would be. After all, you may have been only curious to see a naked body and I knew that boys were like that. You know what? You are right…I think we had to take our time to be at this point and moment.”

We held each other tight for a long time and we exchanged kisses and our lips were doing this in a way that we both loved. Like we were made for each other…but were we? Were we supposed to be so close with no remorse or regret?

I looked at the time and it was past noon, and I wasn’t hungry but I was getting sleepy and wanted to close my eyes. As if she was reading my mind, she got up and grabbed the blanket and lay on the couch and held the blanket inviting me to lie next to her. I didn’t even hesitate and lay next to her and we were facing each other. She kissed me a few more times and whispered to me before she closed her eyes “I love you Alex and I don’t regret a single moment with you”

“I love you too Alexandra, more than you can ever imagine” I replied and closed my eyes with my hands in hers and I she pulled them on her breasts and we both fell a sleep.

As restless as I always was, I opened my eyes first and her hands were still holding mine and I still couldn’t believe what just happened between me and my sister. The feeling of her breasts on my hands and hers was so arousing. But I didn’t want to wake her up as she was sleeping like an angel. I was hungry though and I needed to put something in my stomach. We hadn’t eaten anything since last night and we both had burned so many calories…

I slowly pulled my hands out of Alexandra’s and got up as quiet as I could so that I won’t wake her up. I put on my sweats and headed towards the stairs and then the Kitchen. “Turkey Sandwiches” I thought out loud. I prepared two sandwiches and filled to glasses of cold milk. I put all on a tray and headed back downstairs.

She looked so beautiful; every time I looked at her again she was even more beautiful. I didn’t want to wake her up but at the same time I wanted her to eat something. I kissed her on her lips very softly and she responded back locking her lips on mine.

“Are you hungry Alexandra?”

“I sure am. I see you made some sandwiches. You are the best!” she said and sat up and her breasts were exposed to my eyes. I looked at them as if it was the first time and last night never happened.

“You like what you see brother” she gazed at me smiling sexually.

“I have no words to describe your beauty Sis” She didn’t even try to cover them so that they wouldn’t distract me for my sandwich. We continued eating and I was biting my sandwich and staring at her tight 18 year old breast that was the “right” size for my fantasies.

After we finished our sandwich, I drank my cup of milk “bottoms up” and watched as Alexandra drank it slowly as usual. She looked at me with a tempting look and as she drank some milk, she allowed some to run on her breasts…

“You want some more milk Alex?” She smiled.

Did I need a second invitation for this? My lips looked for all the wet by milk skin of her young and tight body. I was all over her breasts, her nipples, her stomach and her furry mound that was also wet by the milk. When I got to her sweet gorgeous little pussy lips I could smell all the sex we had until that moment.

It was arousing to smell my cum with her juices and the milk. I kissed her labia like I would kiss her lips and used my tongue to open them up to get deeper inside. Then I noticed something that I didn’t notice at all until now. There were two run marks on her inner thighs that looked like blood. It was from her hymen that broke last night. It felt so good to see that and I was the one that my sister was waiting for to take away her virginity and make her a woman.

“Oh…Alex, you know how to treat my horny for you pussy…ah…”

Her moans and dirty language were surprise to me but I didn’t complain because I liked that and it aroused me even more causing my cock to stir. I licked her all over her genitals and used my lips, tongue and my nose to play with her down there. At some point I inserted my Escort Gaziantep nose in her pussy getting a direct smell from her sweet odors coming from inside.

“Yeah, lick my pussy, eat it all up Alex, and make me come hard again…Oh…don’t stop doing that…oh…”

My motions were speeding up, accelerating with rhythm that made her moan louder and louder!

“Ah…mmm…ye…s…I am going to cum brother if you continue like that…I am cumming really hard…Oh…oh…oh…now…”

She grabbed my head and she forced it on her delicious pussy that I was licking and held me so hard that I couldn’t breathe. Her spasms were so intense and erotic that I didn’t really care that my lungs were not getting any oxygen for all this time. Then she pulled my head up to her face and she kissed me with an enormous “thank you”. Her lips and tongue were just driving me nuts and my cock was hard as a rock. I could feel it trying to get out of my sweats.

As if she knew my thoughts her hands let go of my face and ran all over my chest and abs to my sweats where she didn’t lose any time and she shoved her hand inside and said after grabbing my cock, “Someone is ready for some fun I think in there…” and she began to stroke my cock slowly with her dry hands and she looked at me in my eyes with those dazzling green eyes and said… “My pussy is so wet I can feel it and I think it needs your cock to get inside and fill it up with your sperm”.

Man, I wanted to cum only by listening to her say those words and talk so dirty. She pulled my sweats down and she took my cock in her mouth for three-four strokes very slowly and staring at my eyes and then she stopped.

“Alex, please fuck me… Fuck me now…I want you inside me now…”

She lay on her back and pulled my cock towards her pussy and spread her legs wide to accept me enter her. There was no resistance from me, I was moving like I was hypnotized by her words and looked at her eyes while she was guiding me inside her. When I entered her pussy I could feel it burning so hot and her inner walls were so wet I could hear her juices from my movement in and out.

“Alex, my pussy is so ready to cum again…I can’t begin to explain how I feel with your cock inside me.”

“How do you think I feel sis? I am going crazy with every move I make and I am fighting not cum…I want this to last as long as possible”

“Don’t hold back Alex, cum inside me anytime…I am cum…m…in…g…” She shouted out very loud, that I could say that the neighbors could have heard us if we were upstairs.

I started pumping my cock in and out so fast and I began shooting cum inside her while she wrapped her legs around mine holding me inside her while her hands were pulling my ass guiding me inside her at every thrust.

“Inside your pussy Alexandra, I’m cummmmmmingggg…”

I can’t remember how many times I shot inside her but she could feel it too.

“Alex, oh my…I can feel your hot cum, inside me…yes, shoot it inside…oh Yessss…”

I never remember myself cumming so hard ever and so long during my masturbation sessions, not even the first time we made love. Our lips joined while our orgasms subsided slowly and she guided my cock with her hands on my ass to the deepest part of her love channel.

“Mmm…mmm…” she moaned without breaking the kiss.

Her fingernails in my ass cheeks were causing me pleasant pain and in some way this time my cock didn’t soften at all but remained hard, and I had the urge to pump her again really hard. So I started pumping her slowly at the beginning and gradually increasing my tempo slapping her crotch with my groin and balls.

“Oh my…Alex…your still hard…oh yes…slap my pussy like that really hard…I think…ohhh… Aah…A…I am…mmm…cumming again…oh…I love…you…your cock…Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

She screamed out loud and her legs were wrapped around my waist. She was in spasms that were intense and her eyes were half open and half closed staring at my eyes as I looked backed at her with confidence and power above her continuing my hard and fast pumping.

“You like the way I fuck you Alexandra…you like the way my cock is making you cum?”

“O…o…h…Al…e…x…don’t…stop…fucking…me…li…ke…that…ev…er…” she replied very difficult because of her spasms.

Our mix juices in her pussy were running down her ass and I could feel them every time I slapped her with my balls. I couldn’t understand what was going on with me and my cock wasn’t getting any softer and I wasn’t even close to begin cumming. But I kept fucking her hard and with rhythm. After a few minutes she was shouting out loud at the steps of another orgasm…


I kept looking at her in the eyes and with such confidence that I wasn’t going to stop fucking her with this pace and force. Her eyes were on mine, wide open and her mouth was open too and everytime I hit the bottom of her pussy she said “Yes…yes…yes…yes…”

Then suddenly she came so hard she screamed “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” so loud that I was sure that if anyone was outside our house, they would have definitely heard her!

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