Airport Parking Lot

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I love the business trips I take when you can come visit me. Let’s face it, our long distance relationship is tough on both of us, but sometimes it makes for a much more interesting story when we get together for a weekend. The last weekend we spent together was not an exception.

Since I know how much you like when I dress nicely (truth be told, I had to wear a suit for a business meeting earlier) I wore the navy pinstripe with the cornflower colored shirt you like so well. The only homage to my more playful side was the Calvin and Hobbes tie I changed into after my meeting. No matter what I wore, it was nothing compared to how you looked in your simple skirt and blouse outfit. In fact, the only way you could have looked more stunning would be if you were naked and carrying beer.

Instead of running up to hug you passionately, I allowed myself the opportunity to take your hands in mine and look deeply into your eyes, looking for the love you have expressed so many times. Finding that look, I bent slightly down to kiss you delicately. Delicately the first time, that is, as the kiss evolved into the most erotic kiss we could get away with considering our very public surroundings.

As we walked, I slipped my arm around your small waist and ventured a peek and the pert breasts barely peeking out through the opening of your moderately low cut blouse. Just enough to tease me. Walking in a passably straight line and trying to under the tantalizingly open bra hoping to see the edge of your nipple while in a crowded airport isn’t that easy. One of your most alluring qualities has always been that you always look “cold”, if you catch my drift. As I am pleasantly distracted, I hear the words I never thought I would hear…

“Sean, can we get something to eat before we go?”

“Dammit, I’m horny and you want to eat???” Fortunately, that was my inner monologue instead of saying it out loud. I couldn’t resist the Bambi eyes you looked at me with. What my baby wants, my baby gets.

“Sure, Gorgeous, what would you like?”

Whether it was intentional or not, the interminable wait for your food, the intermittent kisses of your hand as it was extended across the small table, and small talk between two people who truly enjoy each other’s company, all fueled my sexual hunger. Truth be Konya Escort told, I wouldn’t have been able to stand up without holding a menu over myself like a seventh grader with the hot teacher would hold a textbook as she suddenly called him to solve a problem on the board.

Couple the length of time I spent watching you eat and the walk to the car I intentionally parked in a secluded area and you get a very horny Sean. Not surprisingly, the way you held my arm, rubbing your incredibly firm breasts against me, gave me the impression I wasn’t the only one thinking that. If only you could have seen your face as I opened the back door for you instead of the front.

“Are you going to chauffer me?”

“That’s going to be difficult, since I’m getting in the back with you.”

Nudging you gently into the car, I followed directly afterward, pushing you against the other door with the kind of kiss I wanted to give you in the airport terminal. My tongue explored your mouth while my hands explored your body. The fact there was little finesse didn’t seem to bother you in the least.

Without hesitation, my hands moved under your blouse and unhooked your bra, freeing your perfect tits to my passionate groping. I released our kiss and pulled back to watch your expression as I pinched your sensitive nipple. Slowly and softly at first, I rolled it between my thumb and forefinger and watched your expression change from mild amusement to a mixture of pain and pleasure as I increased the pressure.

Your ability to enjoy the rough treatment I gave your nipples has always amazed and excited me. Switching to the other nipple, I gave it the same treatment, once again watching your face contort, but there was never an indication you weren’t enjoying it as much as I did.

Pulling you roughly towards me to renew our kiss, my hands left your nipples and moved to your bare back, rubbing and lightly scratching along your spine and following the lines of your ribs. Even after you suddenly pulled your arm down to protect yourself from the tickle monster (wait, that must have been another story yet to be written) you melted into my body. The final straw was when you rubbed your hand over the bulge in the front of my slacks.

As I couldn’t wait any longer, I pulled your hose Konya Escort Bayan down to allow me to access your already wet slit. Rubbing your clit, I noticed a man walking by. Since he didn’t stop, neither did I. Instead, I eased a finger into your pussy eliciting a low moan. Figuring if one is good, two must be better, I pushed a second finger in and began running them in and out slowly. This is when you began rocking your hips, your entire world seemed to be centered where my fingers invaded you.

“Sean. I want you now, Sean.”

The speed with which you seemed to be on the edge of ecstasy was amazing. It seems you have been wanting this just as much as I have. Dare I venture to say you may have wanted it even more.

Seizing the opportunity to tease you like you teased me in the terminal, I pushed a third finger. A sharp gasp followed immediately, then you increased your hip undulations and reached up to kiss me again. With my fingers pushed completely in, my thumb found your clit.

Slow, long strokes of the three fingers in paradise met with slight upward thrusts. Our rhythm was completely in sync as our lovemaking has been in past trips. An abrupt gasp emanated from your parted lips as I spread the very tips of my fingers apart as much as I could given the exceptionally tight opening. Then I pressed on by grinding the palm of my hand against your clit, moving it back and forth, then in little circles.

“Sean. Oh fuck, Sean.”, was all you could manage before you began a series staccato moans which increased in frequency until it melded into one long whimper as you came. Your hand grabbing mine and I could tell you were on the horns of a dilemma. That dilemma being whether to pull my fingers out or to push them further in. Instead of choosing, you didn’t move your hand. Instead, the convulsions of your pussy simulated an in and out motion which made it seem more difficult to decide. After fighting that battle for a few moments, you finally pulled my fingers out and, just because you knew it would drive me crazy with excitement, you put my fingers into your mouth and sucked them clean.

Incredibly, you barely finished cumming when you opened the front of my pants and climbed onto my rigid cock. Rocking your hips, you were able to take my entire Escort Konya length into you on every stroke. You’ve always enjoyed being on top. Maybe it’s because you can control the speed and depth, although there didn’t seem to be much control being used then.

As soon as you slid me inside your pussy you began bouncing at an excruciatingly fast pace. I had to suppress a smile as I remembered something my uncle used to say. “If the van is rockin, don’t come a knockin.” We weren’t in a van, but there was definitely some rockin going on.

Within minutes, you began a more deliberate pace, slamming your hips to mine at the end of each thrust. Every thrust was accompanied with a sharp grunt. Almost as if you were still cumming from my earlier ministrations you begin panting, “Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Sean. Oh fuck.” Oh my Gawd, you were getting me so close as I watched your face tense in anticipation of your orgasm. Pinching your nipples again seemed to double the pleasure on your face.

“Oh…Oh…Oh..Oh..Oh.Oh.Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Slamming your hips down as hard as you could drove my cock as deep as possible into your contracting pussy and drove me nearly over the edge. For a full thirty seconds you had spasms rock your body at small intervals. When they finally subsided you made a deep sigh and said, “It’s your turn. How do you want it, baby?”

“Fuck baby, I’m so close. I want to cum in your mouth.”

With a devilish smile, you said, “You do, eh?” as you slid off my lap and grabbed my slick cock in your hand and enveloped the rest into your warm mouth. Stroking up as your mouth reached the tip of my cock and down as your mouth descended, it didn’t take long before I started bucking my hips urgently. “Baby, I love the taste of your cock after it’s been inside me.”

Without warning (hey, I didn’t know it was coming until it happened either) I exploded into your waiting mouth. The months of teasing on the webcam and the anticipation of that moment culminated in an amazing climactic eruption. I didn’t think it would ever stop, but after you gulped twice, you moved your mouth off and was greeted with a stray shot on your chin.

“Been saving up, I see.”, you said with that same mischievous grin you displayed before.

We spent the next couple of minutes recovering before scrambling to get re-dressed. As I opened the front door to let you back into the car, I stopped and looked you deeply in the eyes. Instead of whispering some mushy after sex love talk, I simply said, “Don’t think you’re getting out of fucking me when we get back to the hotel.”

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