Airport Layover

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Last week I took a friend to the airport. I had to get a special pass to take them to the departure gate.

With no special place to go, I decided to sit among the crowds and read the newspaper.

Just across the aisle from me was a very striking woman. She caught my eye because although she appeared to be in her mid 50s, she was fit and trim and dressed very well. She was on a cell phone call, and I could hear just enough of her conversation to know she was a no-nonsense kind of gal.

I watched her. She stood as she talked on the phone. Her black slacks fell straight in front, showing that she had no excess tummy. Her shoulders were square and strong. She wore a sleeveless blouse, and her arms were trim and strong. This was a well preserved and well exercised woman.

Her short black hair was trimmed in a bob that fell across her face as she talked. Her sharp cut features were amazing. I was smitten.

The flight out of her gate was delayed, and she was in a tizzy about what to do. I just observed her while my head spun to think of a way to learn more about her.

Since she was likely to fly away forever, what did I have to lose?

Now, I myself am in my late forties. I’m well over six feet tall and slender and fit, too. And I suppose I’m good looking enough so that I don’t scare small children.

My best asset is a foot long cock that is thick and uncut. Even limp, it’s a good eight inches long and chubby. I always wear nylon boxers to give my cock a nice smooth feeling as it bounces around when I walk, and sometimes wear a restraining device on one leg to be sure it stays put.

I went to the drinking fountain. On my return, I walked over to this goddess. “Hi,” I said, “I guess everyone is stuck here for a while.”

She just stared at me as if to say, “Who the fuck are you?”

So I volunteered, “I’m gonna get a coffee. Can I bring you one?”

She dropped her initial defenses and smiled, “Holy crap, I’m stuck here and I was delayed yesterday, too. What gives?” “Sure, black please.”

I was back in a few minutes with two coffees. I usually like cream, but I also took it black so she’d think I was as tough as her. Ha. Us guys are so insecure, right?

She thanked me for the coffee, and I sat down beside her.

“Maybe it won’t be too long,” I said to her.

“With my luck, it will be longer than they estimate,” she replied.

“How long were you here?”

“Hell, I just got here yesterday and was leaving as soon as I could — where am I?” she joked.

We bantered on for a while just making small talk. Then I asked her about her work. She worked for a design company, and it really showed in her appearance. She was sort of a raven haired Candice Olson, but her name was Jean.

She then asked me, “What do you do?”

Why waste time, I thought? Let’s get this over with.

“I sell cock holsters.” Actually, I sell insurance.

She blinked like she didn’t hear me correctly.


“Cock holsters.” “For men with exceptionally large cocks.” “Of course, we sell a lot of them as gag gifts, or people buy them for a gag.” “But who knows?”

Silence. Her face had never really smiled much, and now it went toward a frown.

Since I had nothing to lose, I pressed on. “I’m wearing one now.” “I don’t think many men need such a think, but we sell a lot anyway.”

She glanced down at my crotch and at the leg of my pants. Sure enough, there was a bulge along my left leg that would be hard to account for otherwise.

I sipped my coffee and looked away. When I looked back, Jean was gathering her things as if to leave. “That’s crazy,” was all she said as she took her carryon and walked away toward her women’s bathroom.

A few minutes later she came out and strolled to the news stand then back to the gate area. She did not come back to her old seat but stood and did not look at me.

The airline announced yet another delay. Jean looked defeated and flummoxed. The gate area was full of passengers but the seat next to me was still open.

I stood to stretch and get a drink of water, and when I came back Jean was there again.

“Hi again,” I said.

She didn’t reply. She was looking away, so gave a little tug on my prick just to tickle it and stimulate a little growth down there. It had been roused by her to leak cum already, and now it was pulsing as it grew and slid farther down my leg.

She finally looked at me and squinted her eyes, “You sell what?”

“Cock holsters, mam,” I told her again. “You want to see what they look like and buy one for your husband?” I had noticed her wedding ring.

She didn’t answer.

“Oh, I don’t have any literature with me anyway,” I told her.

Jean gave me a distant gaze and pulled her head back as if to say, “You’re joking with me, right?”

“No, I’m not joking,” I said, as if to fatih escort answer her unasked question. “In fact, look at my own cock growing but staying in place.” “In fact, it’s already starting to leak but the holster protects the man’s cockhead so wetness doesn’t show.”

Poor Jean. She was just stunned by having a stranger tell her all this. I’d thought she would either leave or report me to the authorities. But she just sat there with a disdainful look.

“Listen, Jean, why don’t you just stay here in the airport hotel, and I’ll show you my cock holster?” Ah ha! I knew that would end the conversation one way or the other.

So I ramped it up even more, “Why don’t you let me fuck you?” “You could wait out the delay in a nice hotel room while I fuck you.” “My cock is probably larger than any that’s ever fucked you before, and you are such a deserving and beautiful woman.”

She let out a breath as if in disgust, grabbed her things and disappeared down the terminal aisle.

My first thought was that she was angry and was off to find security to kick me out of the airport. But she passed right by a policeman and just kept walking fast. I decided to get another coffee, this time with cream, and stay put. But it was hard to walk because my talk with Jean had made me just about fully stiff, and even with the holster device my hard dick made it hard to walk normally.

I’d say a good twenty minutes passed. I was reading the paper with my head down when on the seat next to me I heard the jingle sound of keys.

I looked up, and there was Jean. She had tossed a key into her old seat. “OK, meet me in room 609 in an hour.”

Holy shit. She had checked in and brought back a key for me.

“Give me an hour.” With that she spun around and walked off, her cell phone glued to one ear and talking up a storm with someone.

I spent the next hour with a big smile on my face. Before I went up to the hotel room, I stopped in the restroom to wash up. I peed and hefted my ball sack, then decided to wash my cock thoroughly for Jean.

After peeing, I left my meat hanging out of my zipper and just turned and walked to a sink. There were other men coming and going, but pretty much nobody takes notice of others. I flopped my cock over the counter and let the head and a few inches dangle into the sink while the water warmed up.

Then I cleaned up my dick with soapy strokes and washed it off good and reached for a paper towel. I looked over and one older gentleman was watching wide eyed. He turned away quickly when he saw me, but I made a point to follow him for a little bit to see if he was with a wife. Sure enough, he joined up with a woman about his age and gleefully told her something. If I didn’t have other business to attend to, I’d have tried to fuck his wife.

Ten minutes later I was knocking on the door of room, or I should say, suite 609. I had a key, but thought it would be impolite to just barge in.

The door was opened not by Jean but by another woman who was equally attractive but much shorter and not quite so athletic looking.

“Hi, you must be looking for Jean,” she said. “I’m her friend Elaine.”

I stepped in to see Jean giving me the once-over. Elaine walked over to stand with her friend.

“Hope you don’t mind,” Jean said, “but just last night I was with Jean and her husband.” “You see, I came to town just to let Elaine’s husband fuck me.” “I found them though an ad for a couple with a large cocked husband who wanted an extra woman to join them.”

“So you see,” Jean winked at me, “we’re not all that different, you and me.”

Elaine added, “Yeah, it went great. My husband likes to have new ladies to screw with his big ole dick, and they like it, too.” “He’s got eight inches, but Jean here tells me you have something special down there.”

I was still stunned at my good fortune.

Elaine went on, “Jean called me just an hour ago and said I should get right over here. Heck, we had just dropped her off at the airport earlier today. Well anyway, my husband never wants to do it with extra guys, just girls, but I want to try some new ones. So I just told him I was going out to shop for a while.”

Jean walked over to me, looking so delicious and sexy, and put one arm around my waist and the other hand on my cock under the trousers. “Yep, Elaine, I think I can verify he’s got the goods.”

Then she kissed me, and I kissed her back as my poor dong stretched for the floor.

“Give us a second to change, Hon,” she said, as Jean and Elaine went into the bedroom of the small suite. Because of the nature of her trip, Jean had a small amount of carryon luggage, but it was mostly for the party she’d had the night before. In a few minutes, the girls came out dressed in jaw dropping lingerie.

Elaine was in a slenderizing white bustier that pushed up her çapa escort ample breasts and had garters for her stockings. Down between her legs I could see a clear camel toe where the tight nylon outlined her pussy lips.

Jean was all in black. A black bra covered her small tits. Down south she wore just a pair of high cut black panties and high heels. She towered over Elaine.

Just then there was a knock at the door. “Would you be so good as to get that?” Jean asked me.

I cracked the door. It was room service with wine and three glasses. “Let him in,” Jean shouted.

I opened the door and stood aside as a young man entered and set the tray on the desk top. The ladies made no attempt to hide themselves and stood there, even posing a bit, while I gave a tip. He nodded to me, smiled, and left the room.

In no time we each had a glass of wine and sat in the living room. It was surreal to sit there with these two wives — both were married — and make small talk while we sipped out wine. God, they were sexy, and I was sure I’d lost a pint of cum my now.

“OK, buster,” Jean said to me, “Mister braggart, impress us.”

I stood in front of them, seated on the sofa, and unbuttoned my shirt, and stripped fully to the waist. My muscular chest was tanned and my abs showed a little definition. Next the shoes and socks, then the trousers.

I took it slow, unbuckling the belt, sliding it off completely, unclasping the waistband, drawing down the zipper. All the while, they were focused on the bulge from my crotch down toward my left knee.

The trousers fell to the floor. My boxers covered my cock root and balls, but the holster strap was visible to them and the little cup over my dick head.

I reached around an unfastened the cock strap, and lifted it out of the cup. Now they could see the end of my cock, but the pucker of foreskin hid the bulb. I quickly dispatched with the boxers and stood before them with my hands on my hips and my cock swinging. My balls moved and tumbled in their sack, and drips of cum fell to the carpet.

“Very very nice,” said Jean. “This is better than I expected,” she said to Elaine.

Elaine nodded, “God, Larry would be so jealous of this guy.”

As anyone can tell you, any cock over a certain length has a hard time getting truly stiff. The weight alone prevents it from sticking straight out.

But this scene, with two lovely wives watching me, brought me to new heights. My dick pulsed and got longer as they watched until finally my cock head appeared from out of its foreskin. It was still arched and dangling, so I took it and pulled back on the foreskin to le them see the entire dick.

By now, Elaine had parted her legs a little and was touching herself.

I walked up close to them. They could reach out and touch my cock. Jean reached up to handle me, but I stepped back out of her reach, “No no no, not until you let me see your pussy.”

Jean smiled and instead ordered, “Elaine, the man wants to see some pussy.” “Show the man what he wants.”

Elaine spread her legs more and pulled aside her gusset. There was a perfect pussy. (Aren’t they all?) Her inner lips were large and fanned apart. My cock lept for joy, and I gave it a few strokes while the wives watched.

I thought that merited a reward, so I stepped over to Elaine and let her play with my dick. But I was looking over at the stunning Jean.

She poured herself another glass of wine while I let Elaine fondle me. Without my realizing it, Jean came up behind me and kneeled down. She reached between my legs and played with my balls, pushing them to the side and watching them fall back into place, then grabbing my cock shaft and whipping my dick from side to side.

Elaine had me unfasten her bustier and peeled it off. Her breasts were large and she had big dark areolas with magnificent nipples that pointed straight out. I held her and kissed her and handled her tits while Jean pumped my cock from behind.

I think Jean knew that she was the prize I wanted, so she wanted to get me fucking her friend Elaine first while she withheld her pussy from my view. Believe me, I was happy to oblige.

Jean got behind Elaine and reached around to fondle her breasts while I kneeled down and began licking Elaine’s pussy. We both worked on her for a bit, then Jean led Elaine to the bedroom and positioned her for me to enter. Elaine lay down on the bed, and Jean got over her head and pulled up Elaine’s legs to provide me with an easy entry and also to allow for maximum depth penetration.

Actually, this is something I’m careful about since most women aren’t comfortable with anything over eight inches.

I let my cock rest on Elaine’s pussy lips and talked her through the penetration, “Now, I’ll got slowly, and you tell me if you feel OK.”

My cock pushing between her large sarıyer escort floppy lips to just about an inch or two of depth, “How’s that?” I asked.

Poor Elaine didn’t really answer. She just nodded. So in I went, rocking back and forth to give her to a deeper and deeper thrust each time. Periodically, I’d stop and withdraw completely to give us both a break. She was tight enough so that her pussy felt like it was forcibly sucking the cum right out of me.

Her husband is eight inches, so I was fine up to that depth. After than I felt a tightness that had to be expanded by my cock. That’s when I’m extra careful not to do any harm.

It was about at that depth that I felt her start to shudder as she had an orgasm. They continued as I rocked back and forth and pushed deeper into her pussy. I kept it up until I got to about nine inches. With still another couple of inches to go, I decided to stop pushing. Elaine was experiencing a continuous orgasm and I could just sit there with ten inches in her and watch her moan and quiver and gasp. Besides, I wanted to save something for Jean.

With my cock still burred inside Elaine, I leaned far over and grabbed Jean and kissed her.

I hadn’t noticed that Jean had already removed her panties and had been concealing her pussy from my view behind Elaine’s head. Her lips were completely hairless, but a very dark and thick patch of jet black pussy hair sat atop her slit, shaved into a perfect little triangle.

Jean moved forward so that her pussy rested just over Elaine’s face. Elaine knew what to do. Jean and I kneeled on the bed in an embrace, kissing, while my cock was still in Elaine’s pussy, and Elaine lapped at Jean’s clit and pussy lips.

Jean pushed my backward and climbed over Elaine and started sucking on my flesh column. Elaine reached up and unclasped Jean’s bra strap, and her little boobs fell into view. They were almost all nipple, upturned and elongated.

I was ready and didn’t want to wait any longer to fuck Jean. I got out of the bed, picked up Jean, and wrapped her legs around my waist, kissed her and walked around the room with her held up off the ground.

My cock hung down.

Dear Elaine came to the rescue. She aimed my cock up into Jean’s pussy, and I let her weight come down on my dickhead. With my arms, I rested her legs and lowered her down more and more on my big dick.

We got about five inches into her by then. But Jean was a tall girl, and I wanted to try to put it all into her. I set her on the bed with her legs tucked up so I could see her entire pussy and ass, then entered her again. Down down down I went without giving her much chance to complain or resist. At the usually depth of about eight inches, I felt a tightness.

I smiled with the knowledge that the rest of her pussy was new territory. I withdrew and squirted an extra dose of lubricant on my cock shaft, then reinserted it in her pussy. With long slow strokes, I very gradually penetrated deeper, past nine inches.

Elaine was propped up on the bed next to us, watching and fingering herself to more orgasms as she watched me deep dick her new friend. What a great sight!

Jean just sneered at me like she was angry and daring me to fuck her deeper. That only made me more eager to fuck her lights out. But I resisted the temptation just to jam it into her. I wanted her to feel it fully and see what it did to her.

At ten inches, she too began to lose it. Jean’s eyes closed, her lips parted, her breath came quickly. At eleven inches, she screamed. I slowed and watched her to see if she was in pain. She lay there. So I resumed laying pipe, and she screamed and her head jerked from side to side and her legs squirmed. She was trying to get loose.

I held her down and fucked her hard. I’d fucked so much already that my dick was past feeling sensations. It felt like a piece of wood that I could keep fucking with forever.

Finally I got all eleven inches into Jean, and just then, with her squirming and shouting and losing it, I felt the eruption coming inside of me. I kept hammering her maybe fifty more strokes and then came the involuntary geyser out of the tip of my cock.

The first few spurts were deposited deep inside Jean, and I pulled it out to let the other ten or so jets of cum coat her and cover her with my jism. I also wanted to let Elaine see the cum rocket out of my dick hole. Elaine fingered herself wildly as she watched my cock pulse and spew its cum.

An hour later we had all dressed and kissed again and departed, but two weeks later I got a package in the mail. I had given Elaine my address since we lived in the same city. The package was from Elaine.

Inside was a videotape. I put it on the VHS player. It was a video of me with her and with Jean. It was a videotape of that afternoon in the airport hotel suite. What the?

At the end of the session, Elaine and her husband Larry appeared still in that same hotel room after Jean and I had left. Larry said, “Good work, brother! I envy you. Hope you don’t mind, but Jean and Elaine hid me in the closet to film things.” “Give us a call sometime.” “We’ve got another lady flying in next weekend.”

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