Agents of Pleasure Ch. 19

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Friday and Saturday were insanely busy. Paige first called Pernell Cannon and rescheduled his tours for the next Wednesday. Ten minutes later the Reeds came in to sign their offer sheets; that was quick because they didn’t have time to chat. Their seven year-old Randy had a dentist appointment. Saturday, she went out shopping with the family, new wedding outfits for all! Paige was finally able to sit down and relax on the porch swing at 9:00 that night; her mom was already in bed. The redhead’s mind had been racing for the last two days and, surprisingly, none of it was about sex; she hadn’t even been horny! “Oh my God,” she thought, “Is something wrong?” That idea made her laugh quietly because her next thought was, “No, nothing’s wrong; want some dick?” So she called Chad.

“Hi Honey! How was shopping?”

“Difficult, it took all day and $800; plus, the two little ones got tired about halfway through the whole thing which made it worse. BUT, that’s out of the way now! Is everything on your end ready for next week?”

“Yup, no worries! We’re gonna have a great day; my hot, little Mama!”

“Do you know why I called you?”

“Because you love me?”

Paige giggled, “Among other things!”

Chad chuckled as well, “Like I just said, you’re my ‘hot, little Mama!’ Any chance you wanna come over right now?”

“This might surprise you, but I don’t think I have the energy!”

“O.M.G.! You’re not getting sick are you?”

Paige laughed, “No, I checked myself out; I’m feeling horny, but my body won’t move…THAT’S why I called you!”

“How about tomorrow night when the kids are in bed?”

“That’ll work, I guess we have a date; and by the way, there’s a sexual something I want to discuss with you! Will that beautiful cock of yours be hard for me when I get there?”

“Babe, it’s hard right now! Want to give me a preview of our topic for discussion?”

“Uh-uh, I’m still thinking on it. But get yourself warmed up, okay? They both laughed, phone-kissed, and hung up.

Then she called Marie. “Hello, Luv! Wow, have you been in seclusion the last couple days?”

The redhead smiled, “You’re kidding, right? Did you forget I have four children?”

Marie giggled, “Point taken! By the way, I have you on speaker and Robert’s here; say hello?”

“Hi Robert! Are you two watching TV?”

“Hi Paige! Uh, no…we’re otherwise occupied!”

All three of them laughed this time, and Paige quipped, “Oh, I see…you were playing board games!”

Marie and Robert were cracking up; “Oh, we weren’t ‘bored’ at all!” The brunette responded, “In fact, we’re still naked if you must know! Hey, perhaps you’d like to come over for round two?”

“Tempting, but I already turned Chad down; I’m too tired, we ran a marathon shopping today!”

“What did you get?”

“Four new dresses for the wedding, and cute little outfits for the boys.”

“Nice! One more week, I bet you can’t wait!”

The next day Paige got up earlier than her mother and took charge of the kids. When Trudy walked into the kitchen, her daughter ordered her to take the day off. Her mother blinked at her in surprise, and then headed back to the bedroom with a “Thank you, dear!”

Along about 10:00am she realized that it was such a beautiful day, it might be good to spend a few hours at the beach again. The next week would be the “wedding,” and nine days after that school was going to start. Her thought was, “Maybe we should take advantage of this weather, we might not get another chance.”

That thought must have occurred to half the town because the beach was extremely crowded. For a second she thought about going home, but Sophie and Olivia begged her to stay for a while. So they found a spot on one end of the crowd and, giving the girls strict orders not to wander more than twenty yards away, they managed to enjoy themselves for a couple hours. Paige sat in the water with the little ones, and set her radar on maximum to keep tabs on the girls.

At 11:30 her phone rang, “Hi Mom! Are you enjoying the peace and quiet?”

“Definitely, this is a very nice change of pace! But that’s not why I called.”


“Yes, I was wondering if you were busy tonight?”

“Well, I had planned on going over to Chad’s for a while after the kids were in bed.”

“Is it possible that he could come over to our house instead?”

Paige’s libido took a hit, but she replied, “Sure, I think that could happen, why?”

“Well,” Trudy paused for several long seconds, “I don’t want you to get all crazy when I tell you this, promise?”

“Oh my God, Mom, you’re scaring me!”

Her mother laughed, “Oh dear, it’s nothing like that; Tom Brecher called and he wants to take me out to dinner.”

Paige screamed, “OH MY GOD!”

Trudy waited until the screaming stopped, “See, I told you; I don’t want crazy to start!”

“Mom, that’s fantastic news!”

“It’s very nice, are you promising? You aren’t going to try to get us married in a month?”

Paige giggled, “Uh, okay…I promise!”

“Yes Beşiktaş escort well, why don’t I trust you? Bye Paige!”

She called Chad and broke the news. He didn’t react like she did, but he was enthusiastic, “Babe, that is awesome!”

“For sure! The only problem is, can you come over here instead?”

“I guess, like…I could complain about losing our ‘fun time,’ but this is a momentous occasion, ain’t it?”

“I’ll find a way to make it up to you!”

She could hear him snickering, “My beautiful little slut always has a plan; I’m sure I’ll like it!”

That evening when Trudy emerged from the bedroom, she looked fantastic! Paige knew her closet pretty well, and what she had on was about the sexiest thing in there. It wasn’t exactly a cocktail dress, but her cleavage was peaking out at them, and she had heels on! Her hair and make-up were done like Paige hadn’t seen in years! Chad took one look at her and had only two words, “Holy shit!”

Trudy blushed big-time, but she was certainly pleased, “So I look nice, right?”

“More than nice, Mom; you look sexy!”

“Oh, go on with you; I’m not going for sexy!”

Chad chuckled, “I think she’s lying, Paige!” When Tom showed up, he looked fabulous as well in his sport coat and collared shirt. “Wow, Nice look! Totally different, I’d say!”

Tom smiled, “Well, we’re going to Prescott’s, jeans wouldn’t work there!”

“Prescott’s?” Chad exclaimed, “Holy crap, we might need to adjust the estimates for some of our projects!”

They all laughed and Trudy said they wouldn’t be out too late. Paige and Chad got the kids to bed, watched a little TV; and when the girls went to their room, they went out to the front porch (leaving the light off) and cuddled on the swing in the dark.

“We’ve never been to Prescott’s; it looks very upscale from the outside,” Paige began.

“Any place that requires the gentleman to wear a jacket is high end, right?”

“Wow, kinda swanky, huh?”

“Oh yeah, they’ll have three servers waiting on them. I’d say Tom is trying to make an impression!”

“He is a gentleman, that’s all the impression my mother needs!”

“I knew his wife, she was class!”

Paige was pensive, “Very sad how things like that happen to good people! But on the other hand, my mother went through the same thing! Who knows, this might be fate?”

“Yeah,” Chad nodded and pulled her closer, “like…look what fate did for us!”

The redhead turned her face up and they kissed; it was no smooch either! Kisses like these were preludes to sex. Paige made Chad laugh when she said, “I think fate wants you to fuck me!”

He took her hand and placed it on his bulge, “Did fate make my dick hard, Babe?”

“I think your cock loves me; we don’t need fate for that!”

Chad chuckled, “Too bad fate can’t put the girls to sleep, and even worse, it can’t tell us when your mother will be home. Otherwise, your clothes would be off already!”

“I really REALLY want to suck your cock right now! I need it in my mouth so fucking bad!”

He ran his hand under Paige’s shirt and started fondling her breasts. She wrapped one hand around Chad’s neck and clung to him while he thumbed her nipple. When she moaned he said, “I can’t wait for next week, Babe!”

“Me neither!” Paige undid his pants and pulled his hard-on out. Two strokes later and it began oozing pre-cum and she smeared it all around the throbbing head! “Wow, you’re pretty turned on already! Do you think you could keep your eye on the front window and warn me if the girls come into the living room?”

“No problem; go for it, my dirty, little cum-slut!”

Paige would have wanted to kneel in front of him for this blow-job, but decided not to. She leaned over and licked the cut head of his dick for a while. Chad lurched at the first touch of her tongue, but then put his hand on the top of her head, “Oh my fuck, this is gonna be so good!” he groaned.

She sucked him in two inches and began lashing the sensitive area just under the head with the tip of her tongue! The redhead wanted to cup his balls with her hand, but the angle was bad, and they didn’t want to risk pulling his pants down, so she settled for grabbing him at the base and jacking him while she sucked!

Chad was stifling his groans now, but slid one hand down the back of her shorts, grabbing at her ass cheeks. He was able to get his middle finger between her pussy lips and work it a little. Paige’s head was bobbing up and down on him and she had a pretty good rhythm going. It was going so well, he started muttering, “Oh yeah, Oh Fuck! Oh my God, Paige…fuckin’ suck it! God, that’s good! That’s SO fucking good!”

She paused, “You ARE watching for the girls, right?”

“Yeah, don’t worry…I got this!” She sucked him in deep again, and he hissed at her, “FUUCCCKKKK!”

It only took another minute and she felt him tighten. “Babe, oh my God! Get ready, Fuccckkk, it’s cumming!” Her hand was jacking him aggressively, and she sucked the head…he was barely able Beşiktaş escort bayan to muffle a shout, “OHH FUUCKKKKK!” blowing a huge load of cum down her throat, filling her mouth!

She had no sooner straightened up than Tom Brecher’s car pulled to the curb. Chad scrambled to close his pants while Paige grabbed the hem of her shirt to wipe her face. Trudy and Tom didn’t immediately see them as they climbed the front steps, but Paige called out from the darkened area where the swing was, “Hello, you two!”

Trudy jumped a little, “Oh my goodness, you startled us! Why are you sitting there in the dark?”

Paige didn’t bat an eye, “We were making out!”

Tom barked with laughter, and Trudy giggled and said, “Oh yes, well…I’m sorry I asked!”

“How was dinner?” said Chad trying to deflect.

“Fabulous,” Tom replied, “I would go there for dinner every night, but I’d have to refinance my house!”

Paige snickered, “You could have gone to McDonald’s, you know!”

Tom put his hand on Trudy’s shoulder, “Your mom’s worth more than a Big Mac, Paige!”

The redhead made a squinchy face and looked at her fiance for support, “That’s a really nice thing to say, Tom” said Chad, and he smooched Paige and added, “Like my lady here…she’s worth more than TWO quarter-pounders with cheese!”

Her mother just rolled her eyes and said, “Tom, I had a wonderful time! I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

“Yup, are you making lunch for us?”

Trudy glanced at Paige, “Uh no…I’m sending out to McDonald’s for Big Macs!”

THAT cracked them all up!

Tom left and Trudy went into the house. Chad said, “I have a feeling about those two!”

“I hope you’re right! My mom’s too young to be alone for the rest of her life.”

“Speaking of ‘the rest of our lives,’ I was talking to Sylvie today, and she asked me about our plans.”


“Yeah, our plans for when we’re married; her words, ‘Do you two guys have an understanding?’ I told her we didn’t have a specific plan. That’s right, isn’t it?”

Paige thought for a second, “I guess so; Marie says we’re following a hedonistic lifestyle!”

“A what?”

The redhead giggled, “Yeah, I looked it up the other day when I was talking to her. It means ‘devoted to pleasure as a way of life!’ In our case, we’re not hiding it from each other.”

“Yep, I think we agreed on that. Okay, so we DO have a plan…sorta.”

“Know what, Hon, I do want to go in and talk to my mom about her date; but before I do…I would LOVE to hear about any thoughts you have about this hedonism thing. Can you sum it up in maybe two or three minutes?”

“Funny you should mention that,” Chad put his hand on Paige’s thigh, “I was thinking the other day about the fun we had with Robert and Marie. Maybe we could do that again?”

Paige’s eyes went wide, “Uh…yes…that would be fun; coincidentally, Marie hinted that I might like to join her and Robert again sometime.”

“Oh my God, Babe…would you want Rob to fuck you?”

She smiled, “Let me put it this way, if you would like to set it up again with the four of us, then no restrictions…we just go with the flow!”

“Okay! Oh my God! Maybe I’ll talk to Rob tomorrow and see what happens!”

“Great, and maybe I can come over tomorrow night and we can finish what we started here?”

“Oh my God, I’d like to! Call me after lunch tomorrow to confirm, okay?”

They kissed good night and Paige went into the house. Her mother was in their bedroom having just finished putting on her nightshirt. “So you had a good time, did you?”

Her mother smiled (almost shyly,) “It was very nice, but it did feel somewhat strange. I hadn’t been on a date in years which you well know.”

“What did you talk about?”

“Our lives; our families, mostly what you would expect.”

“Will you be going out again?”

Trudy looked at her, “I think I know where this is going; yes, he already said he’d like to go out again next Sunday. Since there’s no honeymoon planned, I said I would go.”

Paige was ecstatic (but she tried not to show it,) “Did he kiss you?” Her mom didn’t answer, but the blush was revealing. “Wow! He did huh?”

“Yes, in the car.”

“How was it?”

“Nice, very nice.”

“Is that the only adjective you know?”

Trudy looked up, “Awesome?”

Paige burst out laughing, “G’night, Mom…sleep well!”

Monday morning the Freemans came in to sign the paperwork. She was a little surprised at how they were dressed until Rebecca said, “Hi Paige, Wyatt’s taking an extra day off so we’re going to the fair in Springfield today; we’d like to get to know the area a bit.”

That explained it; it had been such a busy day when they first met, Paige didn’t make an assessment of how they appeared…NOW, she did! Becky was about 5’7″ and perhaps 135 pounds with dark brown hair that hung below her shoulders in a ponytail. Today she was wearing a tube top with fashionably tight shorts and sandals. Her boobs looked fantastic in the stretch Escort beşiktaş of her tube sitting very high on her chest! Paige guessed she was at least a “D” cup. While they walked to the agent’s office, Paige thought her ass was amazing! Regarding Wyatt, she hadn’t noticed it before; but he was no more than an inch taller than his wife with black hair and dark eyes. He looked very fit, and was dressed in a neat Ivy League sort of way with designer shorts and an Izod polo shirt. He was wearing boat shoes with no socks. The incident with the pineapple statuette came back to her as they sat down.

“So,” Paige began, “The McCullers are moving this week, and I was able to get an early closing next Monday morning; you can move in right away!”

“That’s fantastic news!” Becky gushed, “We have a storage unit back in Indiana that needs a new home as soon as possible!”

“You two must have been rushing around like crazy the last few weeks!”

“That’s putting it mildly,” said Wyatt, “No one ever anticipates car accidents, and when our regional guy passed, everyone was caught with their pants down. Rand is fairly new here in Rochester and somewhat understaffed, so here we are.”

Paige took the purchase agreement out of her bag and placed it on her desk, “Well, with all the crazy changes, I’m sure it feels good that this condo situation fell so neatly right into your laps!”

“It helps a lot!” Becky said, “And the other thing that helps is that Indianapolis is only 200 miles away. All of our parents and friends are there. We didn’t even have a chance to say proper goodbyes.”

“Yeah,” Wyatt added, “This was strictly a money move; my salary will almost double!”

Paige’s eyebrows went up, “Wow! That can erase a lot of the stress!”

“It does,” said Becky, “but even so, it’s hard leaving…we were very tight with our circle of friends. Wyatt and I met each other in that group.”

Something about the way she said it made Paige’s radar buzz; she smiled, “Oh? Then a three hour drive on a special weekend won’t be too challenging.”

Becky continued, “Exactly, even with the extra money I’m not positive we would have come if the move was in California or some place like that!”

“These friends must be really special then!”

“They are, one of them (her name is Karen,) is my best friend in the whole world; she invited me to the party where Wyatt and I met.”

Wyatt said, “Karen and her boyfriend Doug will be helping us move; maybe you’ll meet them next week.”

They spent the next five minutes going over and signing the offer sheets. It didn’t take long and just as Becky and Wyatt were preparing to leave, Paige thought she would take a chance. “May I ask you two a personal question?”


“When we were at Sara’s condo, how did you know that pineapple statuettes indicated a ‘lifestyle?’ I never knew that!”

The Freemans looked at each other and grinned. Becky nodded her head toward Paige as if to say, “You tell her.” So Wyatt said, “We don’t talk about it much, but when Becky mentioned that we were ‘tight’ with our friends, well…you get the drift?”

Paige grinned and maybe she blushed a little, “Ahhh, yes; I understand. That made it even more difficult to move, right?”

Becky said, “So Rochester isn’t so bad. Our little group only gets together once a month anyway.” She gave the redhead a semi-shy little smile, “First Saturday every month!”

Paige giggled, “How fun! It’s not my place to say, But Sara and Jason are upgrading to a home…and they’re going to build it into a small complex!” She leaned forward in her chair just a bit and added, “If you get MY drift!”

Rebecca and Wyatt laughed and the brunette asked, “Are you in Sara’s group?”

“I think I told you I’m getting married on Friday; my fiance Chad Ferris and I are in (shall I say) the ‘process’ of discussing the terms of our relationship.”

They laughed again at her choice of words; Wyatt asked, “The process huh? Cutting through all of the red tape, what is ‘the process?'”

“Just for an example, we both have a girlfriend.”

“Becky’s face squinched, “Oh, so you’re ‘Bi,’ yes?”

Paige put the papers in her bag and stood up, “Let’s just say I’m ‘tight’ with my girlfriend Marie!”

The Freemans were laughing as they stood up, “Maybe we need to do lunch sometime!” said Wyatt, “This process sounds like a fun discussion!”

“Maybe…let’s see what happens when you’re all moved in!”

The rest of the morning was spent doing a pre-tour inspection of the two houses and two condos she had chosen for Pernell Cannon and his daughter Lily. One of the houses needed some work, but was priced accordingly; the condos were move-in ready! After all the running around she was pretty hungry, so she ordered some take-out from Mannino’s. As fate would have it (when she walked in,) Allie Pruitt was standing right there at the door!

“Allie! How are you? I came to pick up some lunch!”

“Hi Paige, yeah…I can get that for you. How are you doing?”

“Busy busy, no time to even sit down!” Paige looked around, “Only three-quarters full? Slow day, huh?”

“Yes, weird! We never have slow days like this.” Allie set Paige’s order down on the counter. She looked at the redhead with a sly smile and a bit of a wink and said, “It’s $11.95.”

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