Aftershocks Ch. 01: Promotion

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Foreword: Dr. William Carter and his many loves were introduced to Literotica readers between June 4, 2016 and November 7, 2016. AFTERSHOCKS continues their history following the events chronicled in ALL SAINTS.

All Characters In This Story Are 18+ Years Old.


Sunday, November 8, 1992

9:15 p.m., Palm Springs, CA


The weekend trade had been uncommonly brisk at La Familia Authentic Mexican Restaurant. Or, at least, it so seemed to nineteen-year-old Luz Guerrero. Her mother, Mariana, had abruptly announced the previous Thursday that she was quitting her job as hostess in the family business. In fact, she was also leaving her husband, Eduardo.

Consequently, Luz had worked virtual double shifts as waitress and hostess for the next three days. She had had no time to think about her wannabe boyfriend, Humberto, who she had connived to fuck as cover for her assumptive pregnancy. She had had no time either to dream about, or even to miss, her newfound grandfather who had so generously seeded her garden on her most fertile days. Nor had she given any thought to how Mariana’s departure might impact her relationship with her father.

Luz had worked early until late, stunned by circumstances which were both happy and sad. Now she stood exhausted near to delirium in her studio apartment cuddling her cat. Pablo nestled snug between her big breasts and gently kneaded, without claws, her simple white muslin nightgown. The more he purred, the more she softly stoked his plush fur and lost herself in herself.

Suddenly a door knock interrupted Luz’ quietude. She heard her name urgently hissed as the rapping repeated. Pablo leaped from her arms and skittered under her unfolded turned-down sofa-bed. Hesitantly, she queried, “¿Si? ¿Quién es esta hora, por favor?”

“It is me,” answered Eduardo Guerrero. “Let me in. We need to talk.” Even though his words were brusquely clipped, his tone was not unkind.

Luz was well used to her father’s rough manners and felt no alarm. Still, it was quite late in the evening and she could not understand his purpose. “I’m tired and nearly in bed,” she explained through the bolted door. “Can’t it wait? And, why couldn’t you telephone me?”

“No, it can’t wait,” came the swift reply. “It is too important for the phone. Let me in, please. You won’t be disappointed.”

Eduardo’s softened voice, together with his unusually polite phrasing, disarmed Luz. Unconsciously addressing him familiarly, for the first time in a decade, she called out, “¡Un momento, Papá!”

Eduardo was a little surprised by Luz’ quick acquiescence and gentle daughterly response. However, he was pleased not to be stridently rebuffed. He thought, “Okay, stay in control. Start right and finish strong. Mari is out of the picture, now.” As he concluded his private pep talk, he heard the latch and watched the apartment door swing inward.

While Luz stepped backward to admit him, Eduardo crossed the threshold and exclaimed to himself, “¡Dios! ¡Ella es magnifica!”

The teen stood barefoot in her simple nightie with her long curled black hair cascading and dividing over her collarbones. The glow from the low-wattage bedside table lamp to her left cast provocatively angled shadows. Her prominent bust was amply evident, but demurely hidden below her sleeveless shift’s plain square neckline. From the open bathroom door behind her, a harsher light illuminated her slightly thick 40-26-37 figure within the thin gown as if in an X-ray.

Eduardo could not help licking his suddenly dry lips. As he took in her fulsome curvaceous figure his short fat cock thickened. He snorted sharply and reminded himself to proceed with caution. “Yes, it is late, Luz,” he began with deliberate care in an apologetic voice. “But, that is why it is so important. I wanted you to know you do not need to get up early to open the restaurant tomorrow.”

Noting the question marks in his daughter’s dark eyes, Eduardo quickly moved on to his next point. “In fact, hija, I do not want you to work tomorrow at all. I have another plan which I am sure you will enjoy.”

Luz stare uncomprehending as her tired brain tried to sort the proposed disruption to her normal routine. Maintaining his momentum, Eduardo advanced and placed his hands firmly on her bare dark-olive shoulders. She flinched involuntarily at the contact, but did not try to shrug him off as his grip gently settled. Pivoting her at arms’ length, he guided her forward to her built-in combination make-up/writing table on the far wall next to the bathroom.

Pablo peeked from under the hide-a-bed. As he nonchalantly groomed his face, he watched his mistress gaze into the vanity mirror at herself and her father close behind. “Your mother has left us,” Eduardo said quietly. “This presents an opportunity for you which I could not bear to let pass by.” Then he dropped his right hand to fish in his front trouser pocket.

Ignoring the more central bulge crowding his pants, Eduardo retrieved a large rubber-banded görükle escort money roll and tossed it casually onto the desk’s surface. “There is eighteen hundred dollars,” he said flatly as the heavy wad bounced once, then landed beside a Pond’s Cold Cream jar. “It is a bonus… a clothing allowance. You are my new ‘Mari’. The new hostess for La Familia. Tomorrow, and Tuesday, too, if necessary, I want you to go shopping. Get a nice professional wardrobe for yourself.”

While he spoke, Eduardo returned his hand to Luz’ shoulder. She inhaled deeply, but again, did not move away. Shuffling his feet, he edged forward and closed the gap between their bodies. She felt the added warmth in her mid-back’s hollow as his rounded gut filled it and his starched dress shirt ironed her muslin.

Luz weakly inquired, “But what if Mamá comes back…?”

Eduardo scoffed, “Bah! that will not happen!” Then, careful not to break the cooperative mood, he added, “She found her true father: Your abuelo; that ‘Señor Bill’. Now, she has decided that we are no good for her anymore. She is gone forever and we must make the best of it.” He sighed for effect and stroked his palms down Luz’ biceps. She felt him pull her backward. Her shoulder blades snugged against his pecs.

Keeping contact with Luz’ smooth soft skin, Eduardo rubbed his hands upward again. Continuing along her neck, he entwined his splayed fingers far into her long locks. His close hot breath penetrated the luxuriant curls as he went on, “And don’t be shy to treat yourself. Hairdo; shoes; the works from top to bottom.”

Luz shivered. Her fuzzy mind sent out small alarms, but her body overrode the frail protests to her father’s intimacy. A familiar heat built inside her. It seeped upward to her throat and down through her womb. Her legs quivered.

“And… speaking of hair,” Eduardo continued huskily. “We began an important conversation ten years ago.” Scratching Luz’s scalp lightly, he asked, “¿Recuerda? We were rudely interrupted by your Mamá that Halloween night. I never got proof that you answered me truthfully.”

Swiftly lowering his hands, Eduardo cupped his daughter’s double-D tits then buzzed in her ear, “But now there are still other things for me to learn. Yes, hija, I definitely see more to study closely. I must get to know all about you. To make up for our lost years.”

A searing flame flared from Luz’ crown to her heels. Eduardo’s strong fingers closed like basket ribs over her breasts. He felt them heave as she inhaled. Meeting pressure with pressure, he kissed her pierced earlobe and hissed, “That’s right, hija. Breath in deeply. Let Papá feel your soul.”

Luz’s black nipples popped like corn from their swelling platforms. As they pushed through her light cotton armor Eduardo scissored them between his hard knuckles. She winced, yet still her treacherous body begged for more. Reflexively, she thrust herself further into his implacable grasp. Despite wishing otherwise, she could not prevent the lightning strikes which set her erogenous zones ablaze.

Unwilling, but powerless, Luz felt her coño melt as her knees jellied and she slumped in Eduardo’s arms. He held her upright with his muscular left forearm braced tightly across her midriff. Removing his right hand from her aching plumped tit he caressed her soft belly through the muslin and whispered, “Very good, hija. Now, relax; enjoy. I know what to do and so, too, does your body even if you, yourself, do not think so.”

As he massaged Luz’ thin nightie in gentle wide circles around her deep navel, Eduardo crabbed the flimsy cloth upward. Slowly, inexorably, the hem rose from mid-calf, past her knees, above her thighs to her hips, where he balled it between his palm and her stomach. He looked into the mirror, grinned and asked, soto voce, “Do you see, hija? Your curtain has been raised. There is your stage for my actors to play upon.”

Luz stared shame-faced at her reflected exposed pussy. It unabashedly winked and she saw her leaking lubricants glisten on its naked lips. Keeping her bunched gown trapped against her abdomen with his wrist, Eduardo extended his fingers. His long middle digit traced the three-inch serrano pepper-shaped pubic patch that her ‘Yayo’, Dr. William Carter, had bestowed upon her with razor and scissors.

Dragging through the hair roots while outlining the form on Luz’ mons, Eduardo observed, “So now I know. Here is the hair I had hoped to find when you were nine and I asked if you were a woman yet.” Her desire mounted maddeningly while his nail tickled her tremulous mound and he continued, “But how creative you are to trim yourself so! Do you think you are a hot chili? It is a serious question soon to be answered, hija. ¡No te preocupes!”

Luz swayed her hips. She thought she was resisting, but it was ineffective against Eduardo’s well-placed finger which had already coursed south. When he tapped its tip on her clitoral hood, her pudenda jerked automatically and she spread her legs for balance. He smiled, then nibbled eskort bayan her ear shell while he bounced her awakening nubbin.

Eduardo exclaimed with delight, “¡Mira eso! Your little man has come out on stage to play, too!” Lightly, then more tightly, he pinched the erect clit between his thumb and forefinger while he nested his bird between his daughter’s warm wet folds.

Luz gasped. The brief sharp twinging pain segued into a lingering pleasant aura. Unable not to undulate within her father’s coiled embrace she felt her cunt launched itself forward as he drove his finger lower in her slot then rested. On its own initiative her vagina kissed the fleshy pad and bid it welcome.

Luz moaned low and long. Her chin sagged to her throat latch as her head lolled slowly left, then right, in a repeating semi-circular swath. Eduardo released her clitoris briefly then applied new pressure to it with palm’s heel as he hooked his middle finger two knuckles deep through her portal. Her contracting cunt sucked the wiggling invader that unerringly probed her G-spot.

Luz twitched uncontrollably and softly squealed, “Pa-PÁ!” Orgasmic waves lapped the flicking finger then splashed on her bare inner thighs.

Unplugging her pussy, Eduardo lifted his syrupy finger first to Luz’s nose, and then to his lips. After a quick lick, he inserted it through her teeth and opined, “Very tasty, hija. And warm, but not yet hot. ¿No te pensar?”

Luz’ lips reflexively puckered around the salty joint and trapped it between her tongue and palate. Her cheeks hollowed as she drew on the knuckle and whimpered while her crisis subsided. When her pulse slowed, and her breaths had normalized, her mouth released its prisoner. She half-collapsed with a sigh.

Eduardo spun Luz in his hug, lightly slapped her left cheek twice and admonished, “Hey! Don’t go away!” As she opened her sad doe-eyes, he clutched her closer and planted his mouth on her full wide pliant lips. They parted easily for him.

Luz wanted to say, “No! Enough!” Instead, her words were stillborn and she groaned gutturally as she treated Eduardo’s prying tongue to the same hungry suction she had delivered upon his sticky finger. His crisscrossed arms squeezed away her breath and flattened her breasts on his chest.

While he passionately tasted his daughter’s active responsive mouth, Eduardo separated his hands and ran them diagonally down her back to her broad hips. Her internal heat regenerated and spread like molten gel throughout her body. She cried silently in her hazy head, “Oh! Please! Stop!” Aloud, she only moaned. Meanwhile her arms, unbidden, coiled around her father’s thick torso as she autonomically chewed his marauding lingua.

Happy with his progress, but concerned that his own excitement might lead to a premature conclusion, Eduardo counted slowly to ten in his mind while he prepped Luz for her next steps on his planned journey. Pushing her nightgown’s wide straps over her shoulder points, he sawed it downward. She gasped and crunched her tummy as her unshielded sensitized blackberries grazed his starched shirtfront. Electric jolts shot up from her chest and exploded in her skull.

Luz’ nightgown’s neckline failed to fall beyond her wider hips and briefly stymied Eduardo until he spied her cuticle scissors within arm’s reach on the vanity. Grabbing them up, he snipped a tear in the offending seam. As his strong hands easily ripped the weakened material the ruined sleepwear slipped cooperatively past her rump and pooled at her ankles. Seizing her uncovered ass, he crushed her crotch to his.

Eduardo’s swollen cock’s raging red head exited its uncircumcised foreskin and strained in his briefs. Ignoring his too-eager prick, he separated Luz’ globes and squeezed them fiercely. Once more, against her will, her feet danced and widened her stance. Tipping her head back, she broke their long kiss then hung her chin on his left collarbone and soughed as his middle fingers simultaneously drilled into their vulnerable targets.

Luz’ Kegel muscles instantly contracted. Both her pussy and rosebud collapsed tighter than tight. A second climax-like sensation flashed in her gut. She twisted her face against Eduardo’s neck and mutely screamed her shameful pleasure into his day-old beard bristles.

“There now, hija,” Eduardo growled as he wedged his first knuckles past Luz’ closing gates. “Are your eggs beginning to boil? I think maybe so.” Then, retracting his fingertips from her breached holes, he clawed into her glutes with an eagle’s strength and maneuvered her to the open sofa-bed.

As Luz and Eduardo whumped heavily together onto the mattress, his nails drew blood from her cheeks. The coil-spring metal bed frame’s legs hopped from the floor and cracked the casters’ carpet cups upon landing. Pablo yowled, but escaped with his life. Safely in the kitchen, he phlegmatically browsed his kibble dish.

Spreadeagled, helpless and winded, Luz lay pinned beneath Eduardo’s five foot nine, one hundred altıparmak escort seventy pound, body. He whispered into her left ear warningly, “Keep being good, hija, and I shall be also.” Then, raising up, he sat back on her thighs with his shins vising her love handles.

Too stunned to talk, Luz shut her eyes but reopened them immediately when Eduardo slapped her again and barked, “No! Watch and learn the ways of men, hija!”

A new worry entered the teen’s harried head and she fretted silently, “¡Dios! Will he be angry when he learns I’m not virgin? Will he hurt me? Please, God, if you can’t stop him, let him not hurt me!”

Eduardo grinned down at his panting daughter’s bounty as he carefully unbuttoned his shirt and tugged its tails from his trousers. A fear-inspired sweaty sheen shimmered on her heaving olive mounds. He paused, leaned over them, then forked his thumbs and index fingers below their quaking mass. Sliding his outstretched palms up the broad slopes to their puffy peaks, he harshly pinched the thick budded nipples.

Luz yipped, then moaned nasally as, once more, brief biting stings gave way to diffuse erotic pleasure. Eduardo straightened again, stripped off his starched shirt and tossed it away, along with his ribbed cotton tank undershirt. Reaching down, he locked onto Luz’s wrists and brought her hands to his hair-matted barrel chest. “Feel me, hija,” he commanded. “My pebbles are smaller than yours, but they, too, are very sensitive. Squeeze them!”

While Luz obediently, if timidly, teased his nipples, Eduardo unbuckled and unzipped his slacks. Hiking his buttocks, he pushed his pants, together with his Jockey shorts, to his bent knees. Shocked to see what she had never in her life wanted to view, her brows arched high while her chin fell low. Her mouth hid all her perfect white teeth behind her luscious lips as it stretched into a gaping ‘O’.

Eduardo’s hard-on was at least twice as fat as her grandfather’s thick sausage, though it appeared to be only about half as long. Its ruddy head looked sore. She could only hope it was not diseased, because now she knew for certain it would soon be inside her. As she stared at the little monster she prayed again, “¡Por favor, Madona! If I am not already carrying Yayo’s child, please let me be safe from Papá’s seeds!”

Eduardo misread his daughter’s wide-eyed horror and crowed, “Yes, hija, my thickness will stretch your young coño, but that will only make you want it all the more.” Moving his knees inside hers, he lifted Luz’ calves and spread her thighs. Her ripe wet pussy opened wide above her closed starry sphincter. Still holding her, he moved in another half-foot.

Luz’ bent knees bracketed her great gibbous breasts as Eduardo pushed her heels back on her hamstrings and closed his range to her vulva. Tucking her tummy, she rolled with his impetus onto her rounded shoulders and relieved the uncomfortable stress on her hip joints. Unfortunately, this also more perfectly aligned her to the approaching stump. With a single well-aimed shove he violated her vagina without noting whether or not she was a virgin.

Grunting heavily, Eduardo drove the remaining short distance and squashed his groin against Luz’ cushioning cooze. Her excited smooth muscles grabbed him as he retreated, then released to encourage his next thrust. She mentally cursed, but could not physically cease, her energetic libidinal build-up. As he pulled back the second time, her cunt walls closed even tighter on him and it was too much.

Before Eduardo could regain his depth his supercharged prick popped from Luz’ pussy and ejaculated. One; two; three thin creamy ropes spurted from his angry red helmet to clump in her barbered beaver and adorn her rippling belly. Disappointed that yet again he had failed to control himself, he put on a brave face and boldly stated, “There, hija! You see for yourself how quickly and powerfully I can come. The next one will be longer and even more strong, I assure you!”

Physically frustrated and emotionally overwhelmed by her defilement, Luz turned onto her side in a protective fetal curve. Grabbing her pillow, she buried her face and sobbed desperately. Oblivious to her destruction, Eduardo consoled, “Don’t cry, hija. Not every girl can come her first time. Real fucking is different from mere finger teasing. I promise you this: You will have many wonderful orgasms as we practice more.”

Luz’ muffled anguish went unnoticed as Eduardo tugged her love handles and completed her left body roll to lay her flat on her stomach in the bed’s center. While she covered her ears with her pillow’s ends, and pressed her forehead deep into its soft stuffing, he hoisted her hindquarters. Automatically her knees drew up on the mattress and her upper legs widened into a supportive bi-pod. He patted assurance on her left bottom cheek while he gently stroked his right palm up her smooth inside left thigh.

Stopping just below Luz’ inflamed juicing junction, Eduardo dug both hands’ fingertips into her meaty muscle mass, jiggled her and said, “¡Oh, mi dulce niña! You are so young and so firm. Are you also ripe? Shall I fill you up? You are not blood of my blood. We could make many wonderful babies together, you and I.” Sliding his hand the final half-inch, he pushed his first two digits into her agitated vagina.

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