Afternoon Interlude

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I’m alone in the house, and I start to feel that gnawing pressure behind my balls that tells me it’s time. I walk into the bedroom and begin undressing. Shari, my wife of thirty-five years, is out shopping for the afternoon, and I won’t be interrupted.

As I get my outer clothes off, I admire myself in my briefs, in the mirror. All my life I have worn jockey shorts, tighty-whities until about fifteen years ago, when they became available in colors. Burgundy, Navy and gray. Four years back, bored, I had shopped on the internet and found men’s boxer briefs in a stretchy synthetic fabric, in all kinds of colors and patterns. I had purchased some, and now they’re all I wear. They’re form fitting, staying in place on my thighs and not riding up into my ass crack, and have a nice pouch elevating and displaying my smallish bulge. They’re fun. This pair is bright red. They remind me of the time, years ago, for a goof, I had worn a pair of Shari’s panties under my jeans to a holiday party.

I slip the briefs off and gaze approvingly at my body in the mirror. Six feet tall, graying but no sign of balding, bushy body hair everywhere, gray just below my neck but changing back to dark brown from about my nipples all the way down. I use an electric clipper to keep it trim on my chest, as I don’t care for guys who look like they have a big hairy cloud floating above their chests, especially a white one, and to shorten my pubic hair into a neat bush that doesn’t get caught under the skin when my penis retracts, as it mostly does. A bit of a belly starting, but nothing gross. All in all, pretty damn good for sixty-three. I smile a little smile, put my hand on my package and give it a little squeeze.

I go in my nightstand drawer for a couple of things, and take out a bottle of lube, one of the hand towels we refer to as sex towels, or as we sometimes call them (being long time sailors), in the nautical vernacular, “sext’les” and, after a moment of thought, the dildo we keep on my side. Shari has a couple of big, fat ones on her side, but this is a more slender one I keep in my drawer, for her to use in my ass, or sometimes for me to use on myself.

Naked, I turn down the bed, arrange the pillows, and lay down on my back. I reach down to gently feel my soft little penis and my loose nutsack. I tug and tweak them a bit, but nothing is happening yet. As I’ve gotten older, it takes longer and more effort for me to get a hard-on, and when I do, it’s not as big and stiff as it was in the old days. But I can still shoot a load, and for that, I’m grateful.

I haven’t brought my tablet to bed, but I start thinking about the kind of porn I like to look at, when I look at porn. My preference is for still pictures, not videos so much, of amateur women, or women who look like amateurs, and on the more mature side. The very young girls, especially the ones who look like professional nude models in slick, professional photos, don’t really turn me on. On the internet, “mature” means a lot of different things, ranging from late thirties on up to geriatric. I mostly enjoy the sites that feature women starting from about the age of fifty, and I still find many of them quite sexy up into their seventies. Usually, their figures are softer and curvier, and often even chunky or unapologetically fat. About half of them have hair on their pussies, usually a full bush or just slightly trimmed. Many have quite large breasts and big, full asses, and in general they look like attractive versions of women of Esenyurt escort a certain age you would see on the street, and not like hardened, shaved, bleached blonde, over-made up pros, selling their bodies for money.

I wonder where the myriads of pictures of nude older women on the net come from. It seems unlikely that there would be hordes of women in this age group clamoring to do naked modeling for photographers for a few bucks, so their pics can be posted on cheesy websites. My best guess is, there must be a lot of older women posing nude for husbands and boyfriends, probably at the husbands’ and boyfriends’ request, whose pictures are then shared surreptitiously in emails and sex forums, without the ladies’ knowledge, possibly as revenge porn, or maybe just for kicks. Then, once the pictures are out there, they can wind up on all kinds of websites and are there forever. I know I’ve seen many of the same pictures in various places for over twenty years.

And, although I can’t be absolutely certain, I have run across a few pictures that I am virtually sure are of women I have known at different times in my life. One is a woman I knew as a young man, a friend, not a lover, taken at an age, I would guess, of about thirty-five or forty. I feel sad, because I heard that this woman passed away some years back of breast cancer. The pics appear to be taken in her home, show everything including her very hairy pussy, and I wonder if maybe this was a celebration of life, done while she still could.

Another is a woman from my class at law school, taken around that time or shortly thereafter. A third is a woman, fiftyish in the pictures, who was a boating friend of ours for a time. There are others, but I’m much less sure that they are actually ladies I know or have known.

My dick has grown and thickened a bit by now, but it’s still not yet stiff. I play with it some more, swinging it up and down, tugging on my ball hairs and thinking more dirty thoughts. In addition to mature women, I also enjoy looking at pictures of naked men, of all ages, showing off their penises. Big and small, erect and limp, hairy and shaved, I like ’em all. Am I bisexual? Maybe. I’ve never had a desire to have another man as a spouse or romantic partner, but I have thoroughly enjoyed casual sex play with other men. I have met many men for mutual masturbation, have given and taken blowjobs with one guy on a few occasions, and received a blowjob once from a nearly passable cross-dresser (no I didn’t think he was a woman, although I wasn’t sure when I first saw his picture). I would have blown him in return, but he wouldn’t let me expose or play with his cock. And no, he wasn’t wearing lacy panties. Under his women’s clothes, he was wearing white jockey shorts.

I haven’t played with another man in many, many years, and I miss it. Shari, however, doesn’t approve of extracurricular sex, and we’ve had some big problems over that, so these days I walk the straight and narrow.

By now I’m finally beginning an erection, and I squirt some lube on my penis. I’ve lost some sensation down there over the years, and the lube helps a lot. Shari needs it, too, and we keep a bottle on each side of the bed. Her clitoris still works fine, but she doesn’t get wet like the old days. She used to get sloppy wet in her pussy, would squirt generously and made huge wet spots on the bed while fucking. Nowadays, she generates very little moisture down there, and it doesn’t last for Etiler escort bayan long. Without the lube, vaginal penetration is impossible, and stimulation of her clit is painful. Needless to say, these developments have scaled back her general horniness and interest in having sex. I feel really badly for her. She says it doesn’t bother her, but it makes me sad.

In addition to that, we both have back issues that make intercourse difficult, so our sex life these days consists mostly of mutual masturbation (hence, the dildos) and some oral, and often Shari doesn’t want me to reciprocate for her after she has whacked me off.

The lube helps, and my dick is pretty stiff by now, so I rub it harder for a while. I work over the head with my thumb and first two fingers, and I work on my sack for a bit longer. It’s feeling good, but I don’t sense myself getting closer to orgasm, so I decide to take a break, let my cock go soft, and start again in a bit. This often helps move me along to climax.

Meanwhile, I start thinking about the significant women I’ve had in my life. My first sexual relationship was in college, and it went on for quite a while, but it didn’t end well, and I don’t really dwell on it. I like to think about Katy’s sweet smile, her full blonde bush of pubic hair, and the three or four delicate, longish hairs around each of her nipples, which I adored. After a long time of just doing mutual masturbation and then oral, during which she and I both learned tons about making love, she gave me her virginity, which I always treasure, but eventually left me for another guy when she went to grad school, breaking my heart.

After my graduation, a year later, I was sitting in a local bar on a Friday night, drinking with friends and acquaintances who all lived in my apartment complex, just up the road. There was a girl sitting next to me who I didn’t know, but who looked cute. Her name was Rachel. I was just drunk enough that, without a word, I turned and kissed her full on the mouth. She kissed back, and we were quickly in a hot and heavy make out session, right there in the booth in the bar. After a bit, the group broke up, and I walked her back to her place. She invited me in, and we resumed making out. I got her top and bra off, freeing enormous boobs, and sucked on her nipples. She led me into the bedroom, we undressed the rest of the way, and crawled into her bed. I went right down between her legs and started eating her pussy, a move she later told me greatly impressed her, and after getting her off once, climbed up and we had an amazing fuck. Fortunately, I wasn’t too drunk to do that. After we finished, and kissed a while longer, she held my nuts and invited Round Two, saying, “It feels like you’ve got another full load in there!”

We went together for over a year. The sex was hot and varied. At a beach weekend with a bunch of her friends in a big rented house, where we slept in sleeping bags in a room with others, we got up early and took our sleeping bags, zipped together to make a double, down to the beach, climbed in and got naked together inside. There were already a few other people around, so we couldn’t fuck, but we played around a bit, enjoying the outdoors. Another time, we went (unsuccessfully) on a search in town for a house where Rachel had once attended a sex party.

Two years after college, I decided to go to law school. I got accepted into a good school on the other side of the country, and had to break Escort Eyüp up with Rachel. I had seen it coming for a while, but it was a sad time. I wasn’t taking her with me, and she wouldn’t have come anyway, so it was for the best. The night before I left, we had an amazing goodbye fuck, complete with tears.

I arrived in my new city and, after a time, an acquaintance gave me a phone number of a girl he had known all his life, who had just gotten divorced out of a bad marriage. Her name was Shari. I called her and asked her out, and she accepted. When I picked her up, she was pretty and blonde and sexy. I know I pushed too hard to get her in bed too soon, but around the third date she gave in, and came back to my room. We made out, hot and heavy, and when, after getting our outer clothes off, I reached my hand down her panties and felt her big bush, I knew it would be great. It was.

Shari and I were together all through my law school. We became engaged, and were married immediately following my graduation. Thirty-five years later, we’ve had our ups and downs, like all marriages, but mostly the years have been good ones.

I start in again, playing with my soft, slippery cock. It doesn’t take long this time to return to its erect state, and I spend some time giving it long, slow, lubricated strokes. I’m getting hotter, so I take the dildo, liberally squirt lube down on it from its head, and reach behind myself to ease it up my asshole. It takes a bit of pushing, and, as always, it hurts a little, but feels good at the same time. I like feeling filled up back there. I slide it in and out a few times, then slide it all the way in and lay my butt down on the bed, trapping it inside my anus while I resume playing with my hard dick.

As I get closer to orgasm, I shift my focus to the penises I have seen and played with. This always helps get me hotter. My first was in a mutual masturbation session I had been invited to, in my early forties, with a married couple of seventy. After hearing about their thirty-odd year swinging history, complete with a huge album of photos, and a video of the wife making love with another woman, we undressed and wound up in their king sized bed. He had a big, fat erection, with hairy balls and, not being sure if contact between him and me was part of the arrangement, I asked if I could play with him, and he was thrilled. I pumped his fat penis until he exploded come all over himself, and then he and his wife, together, masturbated me to a rousing orgasm. I fingered her to one, then we all started masturbating ourselves, during which he and I each came once more, and she came about four more times.

Another time, I met a younger man, a bachelor, in his city apartment. He had porn videos playing, and I noticed they were all of older, middle aged women. When I asked him about this, he told me how much he likes unshaven women, as do I, and that I’m lucky because most of the women my age, unlike his contemporaries, have hairy pussies.

Eventually, I met a fellow who wanted to trade blowjobs, so I sucked my first penis, enjoying it greatly. He and I got together a few times, and during one meeting, I got to fuck his girlfriend as well.

Later on, I had occasion to meet a couple of fellows, separately at different times, who both must have had ten inch penises, nearly twice the size of mine. All in all, a varied sexual history, which pleases me.

My dick is now tight and hard, my balls tight, and I’m getting ready to shoot off. I squirt on more lube, squeeze and pound my cock forcefully and, finally, blessedly, I explode, squirting come all over my face, chest and belly. I take a few deep breaths and relax for a moment, then I pick up the towel, wipe myself clean, and get up to get dressed for the rest of the afternoon.

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