Afternoon Fun Pt. 02

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Tim and his mom ate dinner. She was a typical working mom. Tim’s dad had left years before. Tim listened but didn’t really pay attention. His mind was completely on Bill’s hard cock. How it felt in his mouth. Tasting the rich cum flooding in. Tim felt his erection throbbing in his pants. His balls ached needing a release.

“Tim are you listening to me?” His mom said drawing him out of his head.

“Sorry mom what was that?” He said.

“Are you alright honey? You seem preoccupied tonight.”

“Yeah mom sorry just tired. Thanks for dinner.” He got up and took his plate to the sink and headed back to his room.

His phone was sitting on his desk with a txt message from Bill.

Hey buddy you doing alright. It read.

Tim wrote back. Yeah fine just horny as fuck. You still owe me from earlier.

Don’t worry I will take care of you. And by the way you were amazing!! Tim felt his cock get harder and he felt the butterfly’s in his stomach. He sat down in his chair.

Really? You liked it? He wrote

Oh yes you are an amazing cock sucker.

Thanks. I liked it. You taste so good. I wouldn’t mind doing it again if you want. Tim wrote back.

Definitely. I think its hot. We could take care of eachother all the time.

Tim smiled and pulled his cock out of his shorts. He took his phone and started to shoot a video of himself playing with himself. After about 30 seconds he stopped and sent the video to Bill. tempobet yeni giriş

Holy fuck you are naughty. I would take care of that if I could.

Tim wrote back. I know baby and if you want to see naughty hold on.

Tim grabbed his lotion off his desk and rubbed his shaft. He was so horny and felt his hard cock throbbing. It felt alive in his hand. He circled his hand around and felt the smooth skin. His mushroom tip swollen. Thinking about Bill’s cock in his mouth he pumped up and down.

When Tim felt his orgasm building he propped his phone up and hit the record button. Tim grabbed a shot glass and aimed his cock head into the mouth. He erupted just in time feeling and seeing his cum shoot out filling the glass with milky white cream.

When he stopped shooting he sat back down the picked up the glass. The earthy smell of his own seman filled his nose. He lifted it up and allowed it to drip on to his tongue. Tasting his strong flavor. He filled his mouth and showed the camera. Then swallowed.

He sent it and waited for a reply.

Oh my fuckin god you are a little cum slut sissy. Bill wrote back.

Tim glowed feeling free inside. Bill had hit his true self right on the dot.

Tim wrote. Maybe we can see what kind of fun we can have.

Mmmm sexy sissy you are amazing. But i have to go. Lets do lunch and I will repay you.

Tim wrote back. Thats a date.

Later that night Tim stood tempobet giriş in his bathroom looking at his body in the mirror. He had always been pretty much hairless. Being blonde what hair he did have was very light. He had just shaved his pubic hair. He loved the feel of his smooth skin.

As he showered he moved his hands across his plump ass. He place one foot on the wash cloth bar and soaped his asshole. Feeling his fingers run across his tight hole. He slowly pressed against it. Feeling the pressure build until his finger slipped in. Tim moaned feeling his own finger. He started to move it around feeling his prostrate. Moaning and shuddering he felt a strong urge to pee.

Tim pressed harder on the hard nub and moaned deeply. A flow of cum squirted out of his soft cock. His legs shuddered as he milked himself.

Finally when the shower turned cold he stepped out and headed to bed dreaming of tomorrow.

The next day drugged by. Finally 1130 rolled by and Bill appeared at Tim’s desk. Tim looked up and admired just how hot he was. His dark hair tucked behind his ears. His bold nose and lips that always had a grin on them.

“So buddy ready for lunch” Bill asked.

“Oh yes” Tim replied feeling heat in his cheeks and groin.

Lunch was just fast food in the car. Both of them ate quickly. Finally Tim broke the silence.

“So you liked yesterday huh.” Tim put his hand right on Bills crotch. Hearing him gasp tempobet güvenilirmi at his boldness made Tim giggle. Tim could feel his cock through his pants. He wanted it so bad.

“Oh yes babe. Your mouth is amazing.” Before Tim could react Bill leaned over and grabbed him by the back of head. Bringing him close Tim felt Bills lips press against his. Tim moaned softly feeling Bills tongue sweep out. Tim welcomed it eagerly. Tasting their lunch Tim kissed him back. They played their tongues in and out and over eachother.

Bill had taken control and pressed Tim back in the seat. His hands rubbing Tims cock through his pants. Tim felt his belt coming undone then buttons unsnapped. Bills hand thrust under Tims waist band. Tim gasped out feeling Bills hand grab him. Bill pulled and pushed down Tims underwear then lowered his head.

Tims cock was engulfed by Bills mouth. Taking him easily down to the base.

“Oh fuck yes Bill” Tim moaned out. With quick hard sucking the car was filled with obscene sounds as Tims best friend sucked his sissy cock.

Tim watched as Bills head bobbed up and down. Feeling the wet warmth and steady suction was too much.

“Oh god baby im cumming!” Tim screamed. Bill locked tight and Tim felt his cum flow into Bill. Gasping Tim grabbed Bills head and held him.

Finally Bill lifted up smiling. He leaned in and kissed Tim. His tongue slipping in. Tim could taste his cum now and hummed with pleasure.

“We better get back to work honey.” Bill said.

Later that day Tims phone vibrated with a text message. It was fron Bill.

Have you ever thought of wearing panties or anything? I think you would be hot.

Tim smiled and felt the fire inside him.

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