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Afternoon FuckAfter chatting to Babs on google, Gary went to the pub to meet his friend as he had planned. It was going to be a bit of a boring afternoon, there was nothing doing, just a couple of pints then back to the flat to do his ironing. Babs was at work tonight, so there would be no chance for a chat on the phone or a google. He joined the gang in the pub and had a drink, had a bit of a laugh, good crack then wandered home. He had only been in a couple of minutes when the buzzer went for the door below. “Hi, it’s me” said Babs “can I come in for a few minutes, I have a problem?”. Gary pressed the entry button and listened for Babs’s footsteps coming up the stairs. He lifted the latch and went into the kitchen to put the kettle on.Babs came in and to Gary’s delight she had on an extremely short, flirty dress on. She took off her jacket and slung it over the back of the sofa. She entered the kitchen and hoisted herself up onto the bar stool, her long legs were tanned and she crossed them exposing the briefest glimpse of her white silk panties. Gary caught sight out of the corner of his eye and felt the familiar arousal rising in his groins, he carries on filling the cafettiere with hot strong coffee. He made them both a cup and eyed the dress which Babs was wearing, she knew what he liked, he pondered, as he noticed the tightness of the fabric over her rounded hips and small waist. The dress hugged her delicious breasts, the whole fantastic body held in by a zip from top to bottom, with entry at both ends, the top bursting to hold in the voluptuous breasts which he had fondled for hours up until 4 months ago.“Well Babs, what seems to be the halkalı escort problem?” he said, awaiting the revelation of another of her crisis’s, he was always the one she turned to when she was upset. “The truth is Gary” she began “for the last four months we have been nothing but friends, no fucking, touching or sucking, nothing physical”. Yes and don’t I know it, Gary thought, not a fucking hint of any sex coming in his direction lately. “Well, I have a problem with that, I am just so horny that I don’t know what to do” she explained, “I have tried watching porn, using my vibrator and all that stuff, but nothing is satisfying me at all”. Gary couldn’t believe his ears, “well Babs, what do you want me to do about it?” he said, “you laid down the rules”. “Well Gary” she began “I want you to fuck me”,Babs uncrossed her legs to expose her white knickers, she lifted herself onto the work-top and parted her legs fully. Gary walked over to her and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head back, he kissed her roughly on her mouth and neck, she gasped in delight, but said nothing. They continued to kiss and she propped herself back onto her elbows, she was beginning to get moist between her legs and she could feel the hardness of his erection pushing through his jeans and rubbing up against her crotch. They rubbed and thrust against each other fully clothed, arousal rising to bursting point between them. “I want your head between my thighs” Babs whispered, and Gary duly obliged, he knelt on the floor and drew her to his mouth, putting her legs over his shoulders. He thrust his tongue into her cunt through her wet panties. şişli escort He tugged with his teeth at the satin and lace and probed with his skilled tongue, while Babs writhed on the work-top in ecstasy. She rode his face until she reached climax, gripping her thighs around his head while grabbing his hair and pushing his face further into her hot, wet cunt.With one deft movement, Gary pushed her legs up onto the counter and turned her body round so her head was hanging over the edge, while holding her down with one hand, he unzipped his jeans with the other and released his throbbing cock, thrusting it into her mouth. Babs’s eyes were wide with shock, but she soon got with the stride and began sucking and licking his hard cock, enjoying every delicious mouthful. Gary’s hand had found it’s way to the zip of her dress and was lowering the zip to reveal her soft luscious breasts. He took a nipple in between his fingers and played with it, before lowering his mouth to it and sucking gently, just the way she liked. Her skilled sucking had almost brought him to the point of coming, when he pulled out. “wait there” he said “before disappearing to the closet”. When he returned he had a scarf, which he blindfolded her with. She lay on the counter still, her breasts heaving with eager anticipation, she didn’t know what was coming next.She felt something cold a wet dripping onto her chest, it smelt like cream, Gary unzipped the rest of her dress and let it fall to the sides, now he could appreciate fully the form of her body, with his favourite white silk panties hiding her mound. He dribbled the sarıyer escort fresh cream over her breasts, stomach and down onto her panties. He began by licking it off her breasts, slowly, letting her enjoy every soft suckle on her nipples, she began to groan as his tongue found it’s way over her stomach and down to the top of her knickers. He ventured into the soft hairs with his fingers, finding their way to the moist, warm flesh of her cunt. She gasped with pleasure as he began to rub her clit gently, rubbing the cream in as he did. He delved his face down onto her and licked, the sweetness of the cream and her juices together making a heady combination. He pulled the satin to the side and his tongue entered her again. This time she was fully dripping, hot and so inviting. He swung her body back round so her legs were wrapped around his waist and thrust his hard cock into her cunt, she yelled out with pleasure and bucked her hips in rhythm with his. It felt so good to be fucking her and it was obvious that she felt the same “Oh, oh, fuck me, fuck me, that’s so good” she yelled, “I’m gonna come” and she gripped his buttocks digging her fingernails into his flesh as waves of orgasm shook her body. He rode her until she came over and over again, he began to feel the familiar waves of his own pleasure rising to boiling point. He groaned rhythmically, hoping she would recognise the signs, which true to form she did. He pulled out of her allowing her to turn round and open her mouth, eagerly awaiting him to come. She was still blindfolded, her head hanging over the edge with her blonde hair falling down over his thighs, when the come burst from his throbbing cock into her mouth. He thrust every last drop into her, only pulling back when he was sure she had taken it all. She smiled and licked the end of his penis, catching the last drop. Then she sat up and removed the blindfold, satisfied.“Thanks Gary” she said “ I can always rely on you………..x

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