After the Storm

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Will was carrying a mesh duffel bag of clean laundry back to his apartment as Michael was leaving Felicia’s apartment. “Hey, you’re Will, right?” Michael asked, catching Will off guard. Will cleared his throat. “Um, yeah. I’m Will,” he said. “I’m Michael, Felicia’s boyfriend. You know, it’s funny. She talks about you all the time and we have never met.” “Yeah, that’s funny,” Will chuckled softly. “She told me how you kept her company during the blackout and storm last week,” Michael went on, then added, “I was stuck at the bar.” “Yeah, so she told me.” “Hey, I have to head out now, but it was nice to finally meet you. We should hang out sometime, come by the bar and let’s have a couple of drinks together, you know,” Michael said as he continued down the hall to the elevator. “Yeah, we should do that,” Will said awkwardly before he went into his apartment. Will thought how weird it was to finally meet Michael face-to-face after fucking his girlfriend every which way. To make it even more awkward, from their brief meeting, Will kind of liked the guy and understood why Felicia was into him. Michael wasn’t at all how Will pictured him to be. Michael towered over him two or three inches, and had cocoa brown skinned with light hazel eyes — or in other words, tall, dark and handsome. He wore dark denim jeans and a vintage plaid shirt, rolled at the sleeves. He looked like an intelligent guy and rather cool at the same time, totally Felicia’s type of guy. Will could see Felicia settling down and getting married to a guy like Michael, even buying a home and having babies with him. As Will carried his laundry to his room and started putting it away, he thought why did he even care what kind of guy Felicia liked. He found himself thinking about Felicia a lot lately. After they hooked up during the storm last week, Felicia basically told him that it was just sex. She had no intentions of repeating this one time thing, let alone telling her boyfriend about it. Will did not object about keeping their little tryst on the down-low, but he strongly doubted it was a one time thing. He had just completed that thought when there was a knock at his door. When he opened the door, he wasn’t completely surprised to see Felicia standing there before him, smiling and looking good enough to eat. That thought brought a wicked smile to his face. “Hey, I thought I heard you in the hall.” Felicia smiled. “Yeah, I just got done with some laundry. Ran into Michael as he was leaving,” Will said. “He’s a lot taller than I’ve imagined him to be. And he’s way more attractive than I thought.” “Do you want his number? I can hook you two up,” Felicia teased. “Actually, he did invite me to have drinks with him.” Will smiled. “And you’re not going to accept, are you?” Will shrugged. “Why not? I kind of dig him, he seems cool. Maybe it’s a start to another great bro-mance. We can hang out, have beers, and talk about sports, our favorite bands, and how we both love fucking you. Hey, maybe I can even give him some pointers, you know.” Felicia playfully, but with a bit of force, jabbed him in the ribs. “Will! That’s not funny.” Will grabbed his side as he exaggerated his Pendik Escort injury. “Ouch, I thought it was funny,” he said, then added, “So, why did you come over here, anyway?” A big smile appeared on Felicia’s face as she spoke coyly, “You know why.” “Um, I don’t know if I do. I don’t have my music blaring, so it’s not that. Maybe, you’re baking a cake and need to borrow some sugar?” “Why are you always making jokes?” Felicia asked. “Then tell me why you are here,” Will said, crossing his arms across his chest. Although his hands were aching to touch her again, he exercised patience. “Because I thought we could have some fun.” Felicia smiled stepping closer to him. “Oh, I have some board games, or maybe we can play Uno, or something.” Felicia sighed, “You want me to say it, don’t you?” “Yes. Tell me what you want from me.” “I want to fuck,” Felicia said bluntly. Will grinned, finally pulling her into his arms. “Why didn’t you just say that from the start?” he said as he lowered his mouth to hers. As they kissed, Felicia moved her hands up his shirt, rubbing her fingers along the crevices of his rock hard abs. She moved her hands up higher, her fingertips flirting with his small tight nipples before heading back lower to his abs. She followed the small trail of soft curls leading down into his waistband until her hands were in his boxers. Felicia rubbed her palm along the length of his shaft; he wasn’t hard yet but definitely getting harder by the second. When she wrapped her fingers around him and gave him a gentle tug, he moaned softly. Will thought there was a playfulness to her that she hadn’t shown before. The way she darted her tongue in and out his mouth, teasingly sucking on his lips, and even small nibbles at his lips, was fueling his erection. Along with her small hand tugging at his cock. He loved the way she started at the base of his cock and slowly moved her hand up the shaft, gently pulling as she went, until she held the tip in her palm and gave it a squeeze. Each stroke made him stiffer and hornier. Will pulled her shirt off, revealing a white lacy bra and her large breasts heaving out. Her dark chocolate tips strained against the lace to be freed. Will dipped his mouth to the smooth skin to cover her in kisses then began sucking each nipple through the lacy material. “Oh my god, baby, I can’t get enough of you,” he mumbled with his mouth full of her tit. Felicia giggled and gave him a tighter squeeze as she moved forward, pushing Will back onto his couch. He reclined back as she proceeded to undress him, starting with his jeans. When he was naked and laying beneath her, she straddled his waist and kissed his lips before lowering her lips to his neck. She moved even lower to his chest, cupping his solid pecs with her hands as her tongue flicked his pink rigid nipple. Will moaned in pleasure and just watched as she moved down his washboard abs, her hands caressing and adoring, sometimes running her fingernails across his skin. She was making him so fucking hard, he thought, he couldn’t wait to get inside her and pummel that pussy again. He reached for her jeans, but she pushed Pendik Escort Bayan his hands away and held him back on the couch as her mouth lowered to his thick hard cock. Will watched as she parted her full lips and her pink tongue, starting at his ball sac, licked its way up to his tip. She flickered her tongue across the broad tip before starting over again, slowly, licking up his shaft. After a couple of trips up and down, she took his head into her mouth. As she sucked, her hand cupped his balls, gently massaging them. Felicia moaned softly as she took him in her mouth. She loved his cock, this cock that brought her to multiple mind-blowing orgasms their first time together. Everything was perfect about it, she thought, the length, the thickness, the heft, and steel-like hardness as it filled her over and over again. Mmm, and the taste. Felicia enjoyed moving her tongue over the sensitive tiny hole on the tip of his cock until a creamy ooze seeped out, his precum. She lapped it up with delight, wanting to show him that she could please him as much as he pleased her. “Fuck! Felicia, I’ve got to have you, baby,” Will strained against her to sit up. He grabbed her hips and brought her down on his lap, his saliva moistened cock pressed between them. He kissed her hungrily as he stood up and carried her to his bedroom. He tossed her onto the bed and immediately pulled off her jeans and panties. He spread her legs wide and gave her pussy a hard quick lick. “Mmm, Will,” Felicia moaned grabbing his short blond hair, trying to keep his tongue between her legs. However, he stood between her thighs, pulled her closer to the edge of the bed and plunged his hard cock deep in her, bottoming out. “Oh fuck!” Felicia squealed in surprise, then relaxed and enjoyed it as he ground against her clit. Will held her legs at his waist as he started slowly pumping his cock in and out. He loved watching his rigid, pale pole glide into her slick, chocolate covered, pink pussy. He reached down and pressed his thumb against her swollen clit; he knew it was sensitive and doing so was a sure way to make her cum soon. Felicia grabbed the bed sheets and cried out loud that she was cumming. She loved how Will stayed deep inside as she came. The feeling of his thick, meaty cock inside her as her pussy quivered and pulsated was electrifying. She couldn’t imagined cumming just once with him, she wanted more, and he knew that she wanted more. Will pulled her legs closed and laid down beside her, spooning her from behind. He pushed her hair from her neck as he kissed her back and shoulder and she pushed back into him. His skillful hand moved down her curves to her hips, then between her legs. He started to tease her clit again, but Felicia immediately stilled his hand. She was way too sensitive, and would rather just enjoy him holding her while buried deep within. Felicia pressed her ass back against him, slowly grinding on him. “I can stay like this with you forever,” he whispered tenderly in her ear. Felicia moaned in agreement, turning her face back to capture his lips. They kissed slowly and leisurely, as if they had Escort Pendik all the time in the world to be together. Will loved how well her small frame molded next to his, how her round bouncy ass pressed against him. He couldn’t stop sucking on her full, juicy lips as he playfully squeezed and teased her breasts. “I want you so much, Felicia,” Will said with a seriousness uncharacteristic of him. “I know,” she smiled mischievously as she wrapped her arm around his head, grabbed a fistful of his blond hair, and said, “Fuck me like you want me.” Will grabbed her hands and flattened her face down on the bed, spread eagle. He held her tiny waist with her plump ass high in the air and fucked her hard like she liked it. He collapsed on her back when he came and stayed there, holding her in his arms until they both regained normal breathing. Even then, Will was reluctant to let Felicia out of his arms.===== Over the course of the next couple of weeks, Will and Felicia enjoyed the benefits of being close neighbors. They sought each other whenever they needed to quench their lusty urges, and for Felicia that was more often. She liked that Will was open for her exploring her own sexual needs in ways she haven’t had the chance to with Michael or previous lovers. One evening, Felicia was just leaving one of her classes when she received a text message from Will. Cum see me after your class, it read. Felicia smiled, she would love nothing more than to go to Will’s place and fuck him all night, but she had already made plans to hang out with Michael at the bar while he worked. She replied, Raincheck, going to hang out with Michael tonight. Will followed that up by sending her a frowny face emoji. After Felicia promised to do “dirty things” to him the next time she saw him, she received another emoji, a smiley face. She shook her head, smiling as she headed to see Michael. When Felicia walked into the bar, she noticed that it was kind of a slow night. She recognized a few regulars sitting at the bar while Michael stood behind the bar, pouring a drink. “Hey, Felicia, glad you made it,” Michael smiled warmly when he noticed that she had just walked in, “Look who else I talked into hanging out.” Michael pointed to the guy sitting before him at the bar. Will spun around on the bar stool and grinned at her. “Hey, Felicia.” “Um, Will, what are you doing here?” Felicia asked, confused and definitely shocked. “Having a few drinks with my good friend, Michael.” Will playfully smiled. “Yeah, he was just telling me that his booty call wasn’t coming over tonight, so he decided to hang out with us,” Michael said as he started to pour Felicia’s favorite beer. “Really, huh? Your booty call?” Felicia said, trying to cover how offended she felt by that term. “What would you call it? Someone who just wants sex, no strings attached, no dating, or outside the bedroom relationship?” Will asked. “I call that the good life,” Michael joked and received a hard glare from Felicia, then added, “I mean, for a single guy like you. Baby, you know I love you.” Michael leaned over the bar to kiss Felicia’s cheek. Will awkwardly cleared his throat. “Besides, I’m just her thing on the side.” “And that’s not true of you, too?” Felicia asked. “I’ve seen you go into your apartment with a girl or two, within the same week.” “Not since I’ve started hooking up with this girl,” Will admitted. “Really?” Felicia asked curious. “Sounds like you really like this girl.

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