After The Party Ch. 02

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Saturday evening about 9:00, Neil dropped in to see Janet and Heather. Janet answered the door and looked at him.

“Heather has gone out and I told you I’m not going to sit here sharing a bottle of wine waiting for you to pounce,” Janet told him.

“I know Heather has gone out,” Neil said with a smile. “I came to see you and I didn’t bring any wine. Or vodka. I want you to be clear headed when I pounce so you know exactly what I’m doing to you. May I come in?”

Janet paused for a moment and then opened the door wider. “Seeing you’re here, you might as well,” she said. “Coffee?”

“No, thanks anyway,” said Neil with a smile. “I’d rather get straight to the point of why I’m here.”

“And that is?”

“I want to take your clothes off and make mad passionate love to you,” said Neil.

Janet stared at him blankly while her mind processed this information and then rejected it.

“You didn’t say that,” Janet told him, shaking her head. “People just don’t come out and say things like that.”

“Yes they do,” said Neil. “I just did. Would you like me to be a bit more explicit?”

“I would have said that you have already been fairly explicit,” Janet pointed out.

“No. That was a general statement of intent,” replied Neil. “Explicit is when I tell you I want to slowly undo your blouse and push it down off your shoulders. Then I’m going to kiss the upper slopes of your breasts. After that I’ll reach around and unhook your bra, letting it fall free while I take your breasts in my hands and tease them. This will entail playing with them, rubbing your nipples and sucking on them.”

Janet stared at Neil, fascinated. She couldn’t believe he was talking to her like that. “You can’t say things like that to me,” she told him. “You’re not my boyfriend. We’ve never even been out together. You can’t possibly expect me to have sex with you because you want to.”

“Why not? There’s no law against it. After seeing you naked and touching you last night I’ve been wondering how you would feel under me while I’m inside you.”

“That’s ridiculous. I was a little tipsy last night and the others were there as well. Why don’t you go and chase one of them.”

“Because for some reason, you’re the one who has stuck in my mind. I want to see you, feel you, taste you and possess you.”

“That’s no reason for you to expect me to go to bed with you,” protested Janet. “Why not ask me out on a date and we’ll see how things progress from there.”

“I don’t want to take you on a date and see how things progress. I want to slide your panties down and feel your tender warmth before I bury myself in you,” said Neil, as though it was a quite reasonable thing to do.

“But I don’t want you to,” said Janet, blushing now.

“Yes, you do,” insisted Neil. “I could feel how you pressed against me last night when I squeezed your pussy.”

“I told you, I was tipsy last night. I didn’t know what I was doing.”

“You weren’t that tipsy,” Neil said with a grin. “You’d only had enough to lower your inhibitions a little. You’re actually getting a little excited now, thinking about it.”

“I am not,” denied Janet, suddenly acutely conscious of the warmth gather within her.

“Then why are these pointing at me?” asked Neil, lifting a hand and brushing it lightly across her breasts, agitating her erect nipples.

“They’re not,” stated Janet.

“Are you sure?” asked Neil. “Let me have a closer look.”

Neil reached out and before Janet’s confused eyes he started flicking open the buttons of her blouse.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she protested as he slowly undid the buttons one by one. “And why aren’t I stopping you?” she wondered.

“I’m taking a closer look,” murmured Neil, brushing her blouse off her shoulders and revealing two small breasts in a lacy bra. He slowly traced the outline of Karen’s bra, trailing his finger across the upper slope of her breasts. Cupping one breast, his thumb slipped under the lace to dip down and run lightly over her nipple.

“That’s enough,” said Janet, her voice slightly hoarse. “I think you’d better stop now.”

“Ok,” said Neil. He moved his hands away from her breasts and up to her shoulders, brushing them down her arms, pushing her blouse down until it fell away. “Turn around so that I can undo this,” he said, plucking at a bra strap.

“If I let you go that far, will you then go away?” asked Janet.

“No,” said Neil. “I told you what I want to do.”

Neil’s finger made circling motions and Janet found herself turning her back to him so that he could unclip her bra. She felt him deftly slip the hooks and then brush her straps off her shoulders, letting the bra drop free.

Turning to face him, Janet raised her hands to cover her breasts, her face flaming. Then, unable to resist, she watched as he eased her hands away and lowered his head to suck on first one breast and then the other.

Lifting his head again, Neil replaced it with his hands, cupping and massaging.

“I almanbahis adres think that’s enough,” said Janet, a trifle desperately. “You’ve done what you said you were going to do, so now I think you should let me put my blouse back on.”

“But I’ve barely started,” protested Neil quietly. “I haven’t taken of your skirt or panties yet, I haven’t stroked your pussy and felt your warmth. Then there’s the little matter of laying you on your bed and making love to you properly.”

“I know you haven’t done those things, and you’re not going to,” said Janet, exasperation plain in her voice. “Can’t you take no for an answer?”

“Not when the answer should be yes,” coaxed Neil. “We both know you want me to continue. Do you want me to take of your skirt or your panties next?”

“Your arrogance is astounding,” gasped Janet. “What have I said that makes you think I want you to continue? And what difference does it make if you take off panties or skirt first? Not that you’re taking off either.”

Neil explained. “Some girls like losing their panties first in this sort of situation. They find it exciting to know that they’re naked under their skirt and that the man knows it. They like the thrill of the man touching what he can’t yet see. I think I’ll remove your panties first,” he added. “You’ll feel a little more secure if you’re still covered by you skirt, whereas if I took of the skirt first you’d think I was about to pounce.”

“I said neither. And you still haven’t explained why you think I will let you continue.” Despite her words, Janet knew damn well that that lurch in her stomach wasn’t fear but anticipation. Neil was going to take her clothes off and she wouldn’t stop him. Not couldn’t, she admitted to herself, but wouldn’t.

“Would you get upset and insulted if I told you?” Neil asked. “And maybe you’d like to slip off your panties yourself. You know, tease me by prolonging the time until I can touch you there.”

“I won’t be upset or insulted because I haven’t said anything to encourage you, so let’s hear it,” demanded Janet, confident he couldn’t give a reason.

“Let me see. You’re standing in front of me half naked,” said Neil thoughtfully. “Your breasts are bare and your nipples are erect. You’re breathing more heavily that when I arrived and your face is slightly flushed. Your lips are slightly swollen, waiting for me to kiss them. You’re standing within easy reach so that I can just cup your breasts like this,” suiting actions to words, “and you’re not trying to back away. Also, you’ve kept your voice down at all times, not really trying to tell to stop.”

Neil smiled at Janet, while she stood there glaring at him, speechless. “I’ll tell you what. I’ll count to three. If you haven’t slipped down your panties by then, I’ll do it for you. One. . . . .”

Janet continued to stare at Neil, shocked. “He wouldn’t. Would he? Yes he damned well would, blast him.” The thoughts raced across her mind. Damnitall, if they were coming off she take the blasted things off herself.

Angrily reaching down Janet slipped down her panties and tossed them to one side. “Satisfied now?” she demanded.

“No, but I see no need to rush,” said Neil. “Now doesn’t it feel exciting not having your panties on and both of us knowing it?”

It did, but there was no way Janet was going to admit it. “If he actually touches me there he’ll know just how excited I am,” she thought, resigned to the fact that he would touch her, and probably quite soon.

Careful not to show any signs of triumph, Neil pulled Janet towards him and started kissing her while playing softly with her breasts. Janet found herself returning his kisses, enjoying the feel of his lips and feeling her excitement deepen as he stroked her breasts. She didn’t really notice when he sank down onto the couch, drawing her with him so she was half seated half lying across his lap.

Neil leaned back on the couch, one arm supporting Janet as she settled across his lap. Their mouths tasted each other while his hand first stroked Janet’s breast and the moved along her body to her legs. Neil stroked Janet’s legs gently, not trying to ease them apart but letting his hand glide softly over them. Under the skirt and trailing up and around the edge of Janet’s pussy, rubbing her lower stomach and the trailing back around the edge of her mons, his fingers tantalisingly out of reach.

Neil had no intention of hurrying. He knew that while Janet was submitting to and enjoying his caresses, it was no guarantee that she’d let him go further. Any sign of hurrying or greed could easily tip the balance against him.

Janet felt Neil’s hand running up her leg and under her skirt. She could feel herself tensing slightly as he approached her pussy, wondering how she would react when he actually touched her there. She nervously anticipated that first touch, even through the distraction of his kisses. Then she felt his hand gliding past her pussy across her stomach and down along her other leg, circling but not touching.

Breathing almanbahis adres harder Janet waited, cursing the delay. She broke off her kiss and tilted her head back to look at him. What was he doing? This time as his hand started its journey back up, stroking one leg while his fingertips ran along where her legs were pressed together, Janet found herself relaxing, with her legs drifting apart. Now his hand was approaching her sensitive areas again, but with her legs now slightly parted Neil’s hand drifted that little bit lower, his fingers grazing against her mons, sending little ripples into her.

Now that Janet and relaxed her legs and let them drift apart, Neil slipped his hand between them, lightly touching her mons before continuing up and over her lower stomach. Coming back down however, he slid his hand over Janet’s mons firmly, cupping her mound as he traced its shape down. Resting his hand when his fingers touched her legs, he waited.

With Neil now almost fully cupping her mound and just resting his hand there, Janet waited. Was he going to push further down or move away? Neither, she quickly realised. It was her move. Either she shut him down or she moved her legs further apart so that he could continue his exploration. Janet could feel panic and excitement rising within her, knowing that if she parted her legs then she was effectively agreeing to having sex with him. Did she really want this? Along with the panic and excitement she could feel her resolve and determination rising. She did want this. She’d been wanting it since the day before when he made that first teasing remark about a shaved pussy. She shifted on Neil’s lap, giving him the room he wanted.

Neil returned to kissing Janet while his hand tested the warmth rising from her soft mound. Coaxing and stroking, squeezing and manipulating, he was sending tremors of excitement deep into Janet, who was eagerly welcoming them. Neil could feel Janet firmly pressing her mons hard up against his hand, encouraging him to handle her. His fingers traced back and forth along her slit, not entering but persuading her lips to swell and spread a little.

Now Neil dipped his head down to Janet’s breast, softly kissing and biting. Biting hard enough to leave love marks, branding her for the night. Now his fingers slipped between her lips, first seeking and lightly probing her vagina and then moving around to where her clitoris awaited his attention.

Her decision made, Janet had no intention of backing down. Even as she felt Neil’s fingers sliding into her, her own hand was busy, dropping onto his lap and feeling the bulge that lay concealed there. But not concealed for long as her busy fingers undid the zip and sought beneath the cloth for the prize she wanted. Easing it free of its hiding place, she played.

Neil had the feeling that things were moving too fast, but was damned if he was going to slow them. Karen’s hand felt hot against his erection, and whether the heat was his or hers he couldn’t tell. But those teasing motions and that light scratching at the head of his cock was certainly Janet’s handiwork.

Janet could tell from Neil’s reactions that he was more than ready. She reached up and started undoing his shirt, feeling his hands leave her in peace for a moment as he lifted his arms so that she could lift his shirt and singlet off. Twisting out of his arms she stood, pulling him to his feet so she could undo his belt and drop his trousers and jocks.

Neil looked down at Janet, kneeling before him as she pulled off his trousers, seeing her looking up at him and laughing. She reached up and took a hold of his staff, holding it tightly as she pulled herself to her feet. “Not funny,” he gasped. “Which is your room?”

Laughing at Neil, Janet led the way to her room. Approaching the bed Neil raised the delicate subject of a condom. Janet shook her head. “No need, unless you want to,” she said. “I’m on the pill and I think I’d like to actually feel you in me.”

Acquiescing to this, Neil then told Janet “I have some good news and some bad news for you.”

“And what would that be?” asked Janet, curious. It was a strange time to be breaking news surely?

“The good news is that I’m going to lay you on that bed and start to ravish you,” smiled Neil.

“And the bad news is?”

“That’s also the bad news. The key word is ‘start’,” said Neil with an impish grin. “After I’ve started I’m going to stop and follow up with the suggestion you made last night.”

Janet stared at him, puzzled. “What suggestion did I make last night?” she asked.

“Do the words ‘try both ways’ ring a bell?” asked Neil as he guided Janet backward onto the bed, laying her down.

Janet tried to remember, finding it hard to concentrate with Neil laying her down and stroking her in all sort of places. Then she recalled. “But I was just stirring you and Clarissa,” she protested.

“I know, but I thought it a good idea,” said Neil as he moved between her legs, “So after I get past that initial almanbahis adresi acquaintance with your body we’ll move on to other things.”

“You won’t last that long if I have my way,” muttered Janet, watching with a touch of trepidation as Neil’s fingers eased apart her lips and the head of his cock settled between them. “That thing didn’t seem that big when I was touching it before,” she thought. “He’s going to split me, I just know it.”

Neil pushed firmly into Janet’s waiting body, not hurrying but steady, letting her adjust to him. He could feel her vagina stretching and softening to accommodate him and he pressed forward until he was fully accepted.

Janet gasped as Neil thrust into her, filling her, stretching her, forcing her to accommodate him. Suddenly her world seemed to narrow to Neil and his cock demanding its way with her. She lay there, head tilted, watching as his cock descended into her, gasping with relief as he at last pressed flush against her body. Lay there, starting to enjoy the feel of this visitor within her, waiting for more. Greedy for more.

Satisfied that Janet was happily accommodating him Neil slowly withdrew, only to plunge firmly back, seeing Janet jerk under the thrust and hearing her little gasp of pleasure. Now he settled down happily to his work, thrusting hard into Janet and feeling her surging up against him. Too much of this and he’d be coming before he wanted to and before Janet was ready.

Janet was relishing the movement within, enjoying the sensations that flowed out from where flesh met flesh, radiating deep into her. What she didn’t enjoy was the sudden feeling of abandonment when Neil withdrew and moved back away from her. “What are you doing?” she gasped.

Neil laughed. “Up off the bed and bend over it,” he told her.

“You’re mad,” Janet yelled at him, wanting to argue but not wanting to lose that contact. Hurriedly she bounced off the bed, turning and leaning over it, legs spread. Janet then groaned with relief as Neil crashed back into her, sliding easily into her ready pussy. His hands reached around to clasp her breasts and she relaxed into his hold, feeling his hands squeeze her while his cock resume its relentless pounding.

Again Janet found herself riding the pleasure trail as Neil continued to press upon her, taking her higher and higher. Neil thrust, building his own pleasure towards the point he had reached before the change, holding there while he could but not yet ready to climax. Time for some more bad news for Janet.

“No!” screamed Janet with frustration, feeling him leaving her again. She was so close it wasn’t fair. “What now?”

“Back on the bed,” came the reply. “On your tummy, head down, bottom up.”

Swearing under her breath Janet bounced back onto the bed, taking up the nominated position. Waited with more cursing as Neil took his time moving up behind her. Almost screaming with relief as he roughly mounted her, taking her vigorously from behind. She nestled into the bed, her head pressed hard against the mattress as her bottom bobbed up and down in time to Neil’s determined thrusts.

Neil again found himself riding hard, beating his pleasure into Janet’s responsive little body, feeling her meeting his every demand and matching it with demands of her own. Knowing that he was approaching his climax, again, he leaned harder over Janet. “Do you fancy another change?” he asked, talking loud to be heard over her heavy breathing.”

Janet vaguely heard Neil asking her something, but ignored it. She was nearly there. As long as he kept thrusting into her she couldn’t care what he said. Then the sense of what he’d said filtered through to her. Horrified, she turned to look at him. “If you stop for even one second, I will kill you,” she told him, slowly and clearly.

Janet could hear laughter but ignored it, concentrating on the sensations now flooding her, threatening to overwhelm her. She could feel Neil trying to pick up the pace, thrusting harder and faster and she rose to meet him. Feeling the wet heat explode within her she knew that Neil had climaxed and joyfully surrendered to her own, with her internal muscles clamping down on him, holding him firmly in place while he surrendered his seed.

Relaxing, being held in Neil’s arms, Janet had a suggestion. “Next time, if there is a next time, may I suggest that you don’t go trying new positions in the middle of what was already a very good fuck?”

Neil grinned. “Oh, yes. Those positions. Did you decide which one you preferred? I do have a couple more in mind that you might like to try out.”

“Forget it,” said Janet. “I’m quite happy with what I currently know, thank you very much.”

Thinking back to the party the previous night, a memory stirred. “Neil,” Janet ventured. “When we were at that party last night you sort of insinuated that you’d be trying to seduce all three of us at some stage. Did you mean that?”

“Janet,” said Neil. “What sort of gentleman would I be if I talked about wanting to seduce other girls when I’m lying here holding you naked in my arms?”

Janet nodded to herself. “That means yes you are,” she said. “In that case can you try those extra positions on Heather so that I can watch and see if I want to try them?”

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