After Dinner Danish

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I looked at the mirror and smiled, a big stupid grin that turned into a laugh, before I remembered where I was and what I was doing. Standing in his bathroom, having just showered in preparation for this man, I almost came just thinking about it. At the time I thought I was hard from checking myself out in the mirror. I had been doing push-ups and dips to build my chest and arms and it hard worked. Sexy athletic tone, not muscled, not undefined, my chest and arms were just considered bonus viewing while they enjoyed my voracious oral obsession. Then again, I could’ve just been in good shape from all the fucking I did. I had just broken up with a girl who was very sweet, but very boring. Sex was plain, Applebee’s was her restaurant of choice, and she even dressed like a middle aged woman. But she liked me enough to come out of her prudent mold and make her moves on me and how could I say no to that. Eventually her prudish ways and my ridiculousness had to part. So what is a guy to do, he goes out and does it all over again, except this time it was a tourist from Denmark, a man, who has expressed his interest and flattered the shit outta me. I’m no whore, but the right words from anyone will make me want to fulfill whatever desires they possess, at least those that I’m good for. I’ve got black hair, dark chocolate eyes, light brown skin, a 7” cut cock that’s slightly thicker than most, and an ass that has gotten me into more fun trouble than I could ever share, especially since it has to do its regular boring job of being sat upon as I regale the glorious its brought me. Picture whatever face you want for me, but know that I have a wide, long tongue, soft medium-sized lips, and am extremely cute with a leaning towards boyish, though that’ll surely fade… So what’s a guy to do when a 6’2” 220lbs toned Danish dude sits down next to him at a table for one and proceeds to buy dinner and say how much he wants you and spoke his best English to express it while ditching his previous companions to do it. I don’t think I’m some super hottie, but I have a look that if you like that look and don’t mind that I’m short, then it happens. This time though, I was slightly taken aback by its effect, only once before had I had someone come onto me like this and I almost married her. The fact that I had been eating alone and now had company was enough to make me smile and accept his initial advances. We had two rounds of drinks before I opened my menu and thought that I should probably eat light as to avoid any future complications, something I rarely even considered as I rarely hooked up with a guy spontaneously. Most of my previous encounters had either been online or guys who I hung out with first then worked out way into it. Moreover I usually just gave head, so why was I worried about keeping myself obstruction free in the near future. This made me look at my new friend again. He was good looking, but not handsome or cute or anything. He sort of looked like he could be the extra eastern European in any bad movie or tv show. Could be good looking from afar, but really nothing sexy or remarkable, but not unappealing in any way either, though I must admit, his face isn’t what I remember most. He had bulky arms and a round chest, a worker’s body with undefined muscles which indicated real strength. I Pendik Escort guessed him to be late 20’s, though he was only 22. As I checked him out again, I couldn’t help but wonder what he was packing in his pants. I had heard that the men of northern Europe produced some fantastic sausage. Having been a big black cock slut for a few months early in my bisexual party days, I had always been curious about this supposed challenge to black cock supremacy. He told me his life story in relatively solid English. He was very happy, proud, and excited about himself having just succeeded at most of early adulthood’s major accomplishments. He had earned a degree, been recruited out of his university to a sweet job, had been promoted within his first year and was now enjoying his dream vacation and reveling that his hard work had been worth it after all. He didn’t say all this, but that was the emotion he put into his simple expressions as we worked through two rounds of whiskey on the rocks, a drink I enjoy, but mostly order to sort out the phonies, they can’t handle it. He handled his better than me and before I knew it I was over laughing, giving him big eyes, and bouncing back and forth slightly from cheek to cheek as we sat at the north and west ends of the table, angled so our knees were almost mirrored, well as much as they could be considering he was more than half a foot taller than me. When I put my hand on top of his in an attempt to make my words sound more heartfelt or meaningful, I lost my train of thought when I noticed how big his fingers and hands were, though perfectly proportioned to his wrist and arms. Thank god he was young and lived in Europe, because any American with this build would either be in pro sports or on their way to obesity. Now big hands aren’t always an indicator of a big dick, but it’s a usual suspect. I then looked at his nose with my curious eye and decided that it was also proportionate but like most of his features: large. I looked at him while I took a sip from my empty glass. I was trying to distract myself by looking at the ice, but I couldn’t look away, I was stuck…and he knew it. Any man with a special or extra large cock knows the look in a woman’s or guy’s eyes that says they can own them with their man meat. Once my Danish companion saw my face change, he got quiet and sipped his drink a few too many times in a row and ate some bread, tearing it in small pieces, after earlier saying he didn’t like this American eating custom. I knew he was trying to figure out something and I wasn’t sure what to say. I’ve learned that when someone is coming after you, the last thing you do is help them in their conquest. If you want them enough, the most you do is not hinder them or make it easier if you’ve felt they’ve earned it, but now I need to be patient before it can happen. I want him to seduce me and charm me and I want him to think he worked to get in my pants so he’ll fuck me extra well. The waiter came and I ordered an appetizer as my dinner, a few mussels in white wine. My Dane had just finished his dinner when he approached me, so he just sat there and over-chewed his last piece of bread. When the waiter left, he said I didn’t need to be so frugal, I could have whatever I wanted. I said that it was what I had come to Pendik Escort Bayan the place to eat. Then he remembered what he had been thinking before the waiter came over and he looked at me very seriously. “Do you like big guys?” he asked. I took the position that he was being self-conscious of his weight and size but that I found it appealing. I do love a man who can overpower me, man-mountains which I get to climb, its fun, but I was saying this just to make him say more, I hoped. “No, I’m just strong,” he said looking at his arms and chest. “I mean are you scared of me?” I laughed and told him he was silly. I acted my normal, alpha straight male-self and assured him that while he was bigger and stronger, I was well trained and did not fear him in the least. Again I knew he didn’t mean this, but I wanted to prolong the moment of dick discovery as much as I could, after all I was enjoying this as much, if not more, than he was, at least for now. “I am gentle,” he responded with much effort. “Do you like big men…down there?” He finally blushed out. I would soon learn that his blushing came more from trying to make moves in a foreign language, as his sexual confidence was among the highest I’ve encountered. Now was my time to shine, except for the nagging voice that reminded me most men think they’re bigger than they really are (especially when hoping to impress before they undress) I put every bit of my excitement into acting surprised and as if I hadn’t yet thought about it. He knew I was playing the game, he had to, but he was playing in a second language and he had made the first move. “Really?” I asked with jubilation and glee added to surprise. “I haven’t been with anyone big big, but I love looking at big ones in movies,” I said, hoping my gentle lies would have the desired effect. “You will like me. We go now,” he said suddenly, revealing that he was used to being the one in charge and now that we had made it past the part where he had to speak a lot of English, he took full control. With that, he walked over to the waiter, took care of the check, and then we left. We went to his hotel by cab and having had the chance to get a better look at him from multiple angles, I couldn’t help pat myself on the back for such a lucky catch. Then I lost all reason and accountability when I let my gaze fall upon his crotch as we sat in the back seat of the cab, the perfect position for a man with a big cock or hard on to display himself in a casual way, especially if they put it on the correct thigh. I noticed a soft lump in a slight curve running the seam of his pants, forced my hands to remain where they were, and swallowed so as not to drool from my mouth which was watering more than a respectable cocksucker’s should, but I didn’t really want his respect. After a long stare and two turns of the cab, I realized he was staring at my staring. “You like,” he said again, then said something in Danish that sounded naughty and slightly demeaning, which made me all the more his. I put my hand on his off thigh and pressed into his crotch, firmly feeling for the base of his cock and his balls, but not too hard since they were confined in jeans. My cautious approach was rewarded as my hand instantly cupped part of his balls and my thumb could sense the shaft. Escort Pendik My hand definitely didn’t encompass all of his balls and I felt a drip of clear saliva run out my mouth, but didn’t see where it landed as his cock jerked at the sight of my drool and the soft lump pulsed. My hand jumped as I was startled by the large disturbance in his pants, but I assured my reflexes that I was not being suddenly attacked by an unseen threat, that this was in fact a cock made for dreams and it was ok to be touching it. He laughed when I jumped back. He spoke a few sentences in Danish, his voice dark and commanding. “You like now. You will like more,” he said before finishing his thought in Danish. I was glad his English was basic because I don’t think I could’ve waited if he could talk dirty in English. As it was, I wondered if I had time to take it out before we got to the hotel, few cabbies minded a good show if it had a good tip. But the cab stopped and he opened the door for me and led the way to his room. In the elevator he pulled me to him and pressed us together, I rubbed my hand up from his waist to his chest, pressing firmly against his muscled torso. He leaned in to kiss me and before I could wonder if I should really kiss this man, he lifted me off the ground to meet his lips and I lost myself. His tongue probed my mouth deeply and powerfully. His hands held my by the ass, but he was strong enough that once he had me lifted, one hand was all he needed to support me. That hand massaged my ass while his other grabbed the back of my head and directed our making out. For 17 floors and one long kiss, I was enraptured by this man. I couldn’t do anything but return his affection even if I didn’t want to. The elevator stop, but he didn’t let me go until the doors opened, he looked out of the elevator and then almost tossed me into the hall. He stepped behind me quickly and pushed me in the back. “This way,” he said taking out his cardkey and slapping my ass as he passed me to unlock his door. He opened the door and he pulled me inside, picked me up in one arm as he closed the door. I grabbed his shoulders and kissed him as he strode to the bed. He threw me onto it, I bounced a little higher than I thought I would. I landed on all fours with a smile on my face. He knocked me onto my back as he glided onto the king sized bed and pinned me below his body. His weight pressed me into the feather top mattress and I could feel a piece of lead against my leg that I assumed was his hard cock. I had purposely avoided touching it since the cab and knew I could edge myself a little long. He rolled me on top of him and I took my opportunity. “I need to shower,” I said. He looked at me and in the time it took him to translate what I had said in his head, I worried that I had broken the moment. “It’s been a long, hot day…” I added demurely, in case I needed to save the situation. He threw me off of him and strode past me to the bathroom, he turned on the shower for me and put a towel on the rack. He looked back at me, “I like fresh.” He knew that I needed to be clean not just for him, but for my own enjoyment too. I was definitely his bitch and we definitely clicked on many levels. I rubbed my whole self, face to knee against him as I went to the shower, and looked up longingly as I pressed both hands against his crotch. “I’m yours,” I said. Then I dropped my pants as I turned around. I lifted my shirt off as I stepped away to give him the first uncovered view of my ass. He said something that I took as a compliment and was sure to walk in a way that I hoped made my ass look best.

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