Affirmation River Pt. 3

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I crawled to the front and sat down, thinking I could put my trunks back on when we got ourselves out of our little pickle.The canoe had been pushed sideways by that point so our backs were facing the middle of the river. Nick did the only thing he could do and started to paddle backwards to pull us away from the tree. The only problem was that when we did finally get clear of it we were now perpendicular to the current. Not good.There is no blame here because we both then did the worst thing we could: Nick put his paddle straight down into the oncoming water to try and steer us forward exactly at the same time that I leaned into the same direction to grab mine. The result was that the canoe tipped sideways, the edge of it slightly dipped under the water, and the whole fucking thing filled completely and sank to the bottom of the river as fast as you can snap a finger. Dip, flup, swish!Fortunately, the water was only about four feet deep, so it wasn’t exactly life-threatening. Unfortunately, by the time it registered what had just happened I saw some of our stuff floating quickly downstream—including my shorts.“Grab our shit!” I heard Nick shout and with my paddle in my hand, I made a mad dash to grab what I could.I first went for our sleeping bags that were inside garbage bags and caught them. I then managed to grab my bag of clothes as well as Nick’s backpack. I spotted my trunks and was able to stop them using my paddle and pulled them to me—they were my only pair. I stood up, gathering everything the best I could which involved throwing Nick’s backpack and my clothing bag over each shoulder, a sleeping bag in each hand, and putting my swim trunks in my mouth.I made my way against the current back to where Nick had pulled the canoe up alongside the river bank and was taking things out and throwing then onto it.“Ah thins thif ith etherthing,” I said with my shorts still in my mouth.“Huh?” Nick looked at me and laughed.I got up on the sandy bank, spit out my trunks, and said: “I think this is everything.”Nick just laughed some more.We got everything up on the bank and out of the river and then pulled the canoe up and over, spilling out all the water. I was glad to see Nick wasn’t pissed. Some people would be. He just shrugged it off. “Well, if we lost anything then we did.”“I guess you’re right. It was totally worth it, though,” I replied with a wink.“Yes, it was!” Nick said, giving me a big kiss and a quick spank on my bare ass. I had completely forgotten that I was standing there naked.“We better get this shit back in and get moving. Those guys are probably way ahead of us now,” he then commented and we loaded everything back up and started rowing like crazy to try and catch up to Adam and Ford.We went for quite a while, laughing about the whole thing while drinking more than a few beverages, and still hadn’t found them.“Where the fuck are they?” Nick asked rhetorically.It was hard to say with all the sharp bends in that river. They could have been fifty feet in front of us and we wouldn’t have known. We went around yet another bend and finally spotted their canoe sitting on a bank, but there was no sign of them. We landed ours right next to theirs and waited. We then heard moaning coming from a little ways off.“Oh, yeah! Fuck me, baby!”“I’m gonna cum!”“Oh shit, me, too!”“Euhh! Oh, fuck!”I looked back at Nick and he gave me a big smile. A minute or two later, we saw Adam and Ford walking out of the bushes towards us.“Hey! How’s it going?” Nick giggled.Adam was visibly embarrassed—at least a little—but Ford apparently didn’t give a shit.“Great! We were fucking… Where the hell have you guys been?” he asked.“We had a bit of a spill,” Nick answered very nonchalantly.“Really?” Ford chuckled.“Everything okay?” Adam asked who seemed genuinely concerned.“Yeah, no biggie,” Nick added. “Doesn’t seem like we lost anything.”“We decided the best thing to do was to drink about it,” I then piped in raising my drink into the air.“I really like this guy!” commented Ford as they got back into their canoe and Haramidere escort bayan shoved off.We made our way down river, this time staying close together, chatting and enjoying the beautiful scenery that surrounded us, and I was able to get some very nice pictures of it. I had been keeping my camera inside a Ziploc in my clothing bag, so it hadn’t got lost our wet when we spilled.We came to an area that had a small beach on one side of the river, and I suggested we stop there so I could take some pictures of everybody. I was able to take a few on the first day but, after all the nudity and fucking after that, I hadn’t taken any of my companions.We all got out of our canoes, and I stood with each one of them individually and took a selfie.“Now, you guys get together for a group shot,” I said.They all squeezed together and put their arms around one another, and I took a few of them grinning from ear to ear while giving me the peace sign and then the finger.“Let’s moon him!” suggested Ford.“Yeah, let’s!” Nick agreed, and they turned around, pulled their suits past their cheeks, and stuck them out a little.I couldn’t help but giggle a little and took the picture—it was all in good fun.“How about some sunshine?” Nick then proposed.“Absolutely!” Ford concurred, and they all turned back, dropped their trunks completely down, and wagged their cocks back and forth.It made me laugh even harder, and I took a couple of shots. I then, being a tad tipsy and with little filter, commented that they needed to stop shaking their dick’s because they were going to come out all blurry.“Okay…” Adam replied quizzically, and I took one of them standing still and then quickly zoomed in, taking another of just their pricks.“Let’s give him one more,” said Ford. “This time—fruit bowls!”The three of them laughed, turned back around one last time, and bent over, exposing their dangling penises, balls, and asses. I was all but cracking up as I snapped off another couple pictures and without thinking about it, said: “That was great! Now give me a little spread!”There was a bit of a pause.“Give him what he wants, fellas,” Ford chuckled, and they pulled their cheeks wide apart, giving me a perfect view of their collective butt-holes.I couldn’t help but take a few shots of that, including another zoomed in one.“All right, that’s enough,” I said, realizing that I had just told three dudes (or two, at least) that I barely knew or knew me to spread their asses while I took pictures of them.They pulled their swimsuits back up, laughing like it was nothing, and I felt somewhat relieved. We got into our canoes, and I put my camera away. I then looked at Adam and smiled, feeling both a little embarrassed and pretty fucking turned on.“Those pics better not end up on the Internet,” Ford joked as we paddled back out into the river.“Don’t worry, they won’t. They’re just for me,” I replied and immediately regretted the words I had chosen.At about five o’clock we figured we should find a place to stop and pulled into the next available campsite. Adam and Ford unloaded and began setting up their stuff while Nick and I inspected ours.“Welp, everything’s fucking soaked,” Nick complained.I couldn’t help but agree with him as we pulled everything out. Even the sleeping bags had managed to get wet, and our tents were completely waterlogged.“Not much we can do about it now,” I shrugged.“What’s the damage?” asked Ford as we walked up, seeing their already erected tent, and hearing the electric pump Adam was using to fill up their air mattress.“It’s all pretty much drenched—Tents, sleeping bags…even our clothes,” replied Nick.“Don’t worry about it,” said Ford. “We have room enough in our tent to share. As far as sleeping bags go, we always put two together to make a bigger one—you can have one of them, and we’ll take the other.”“Cool, thanks,” said Nick.“Yeah, thanks a ton, dude! That’s really sweet of you,” I responded without realizing that it meant he assumed Nick and I would share one sleeping Escort İkitelli bag. It only dawned on me a few minutes later and left me with a lot of questions. I had no notion at that point that we would not end up actually doing so, per se.Adam came out and Ford told him our situation and that we would be sharing their tent later.“Oh, that’ll be fun,” Adam replied with a big smile, “but if we are gonna have that close of quarters, then I’m definitely taking a quick bath in the river first.”It was hard to argue with that so we all decided to join him.We went in about tits deep, and the water felt incredibly refreshing after spending the whole day baking in the sun—the short “swim” Nick and I took earlier didn’t really count. After only a few minutes I watched as Adam began to wiggle under the water and then pull up his tiny loincloth up out of it. He then went up to a branch that went slightly over the water and hung his G-string on it.“Might as well,” he said, looking back at us.“No shit,” Ford shrugged, stripped his trunks off, and hung them up next to Adam’s.Nick and I agreed with them and did the same thing, making a nice clothesline of swimsuits. I definitely was in need of a bit of wash below the waist. Apparently, so did everyone else as we all used our hands to scrub our various body parts while skinny-dipping.It felt great to wash all the stickiness from the sex Nick and I had earlier off, and I was just about to get out of the water when suddenly, out of nowhere, a canoe with a middle-aged couple came alongside of us. They smiled and waved hello to us, and we all froze, staring at them blankly. The woman then noticed our swimsuits hanging on that branch, scrunched up her face, looked down at the water around us, and looked back up with her eyes as big as dinner plates. Ford just gave her a huge grin and waved back. “How’s it going?”They went around the next corner, out of sight, and we all broke out in laughter.“That was fucking hilarious!” exclaimed Nick as we all cracked up.We got out of the water after grabbing our clothes and went back to the campsite, still laughing while putting them on.“I need something to eat,” said Adam when we finally called down.It was a good idea. I knew I hadn’t eaten anything the whole day, so far.“Why don’t you guys get things set up here while we grab some wood?” suggested Nick.Ford was about to protest, but I cut him off. “It’s the least we can do for sharing your tent and stuff with us.”He relented so Nick and I went a little ways into the trees to get some wood for a fire. We gathered up some dry deadwood that was laying around on the ground, and I brought up the whole sharing a single sleeping bag thing.“So, umm… Were going to have to share a sleeping bag—in their tent?” I asked him as quietly as I could.“I hadn’t really considered that yet… I guess so. Is that going to be a problem for you?”It wasn’t the idea of sharing such a tight sleeping space together that was on my mind. Hell, I had been thinking about what Nick had said earlier and was considering asking him if he wanted to sleep together that night even before we dumped our canoe, fantasizing about long hours of sucking, rimming, and having a hot flip-flopping before cuddling up together for the night. It was more about explaining why we were okay with it to the others that had me a little perplexed—as well as not being able to do all those things I had in mind.“I don’t know, I guess we’ll figure that out when the time comes,” he replied after I expressed my concerns, leaving me with more questions than answers.We came back out with our bundles, finding Adam and Ford with our chairs set up around the fire ring, and cuts of steak and various veggies ready for cooking.It was great getting something in my belly besides booze. I was pretty intoxicated and needed something to help soak up all that alcohol. Eating re-energized me, and after building up another small fire, I figured I might as well add some more. We sat around it for a few hours, drinking Çapa escort and talking, and adding wood only when it was needed—it was still too warm for anything too blazing.The sun began to set and it wasn’t long before we heard a buzzing sound grow increasingly louder all around us. It was only a matter of time before we would become utterly overwhelmed by our old nemesis, the mosquito.“Yeow!” shouted Adam with a slap on his shoulder, being the first one struck.I was the next one zapped. “Ow! Fuck!”“You got that repellent?” Ford asked Nick as he slapped his leg.Nick went to his bag and came back. “Sorry, nope. Must’ve lost it when we spilled.”We did the best we could to deal with them but when it went completely dark they came out in full force.“Okay, fuck this!” cried Adam.“No doubt—grab the coolers,” exclaimed Ford. “Everybody into our tent!”We made a dash for it as Ford held the zipper for the opening and motioned us in like soldiers jumping into a foxhole. We all got in, and with one fluid motion, he closed the mesh covering and joined us inside. “That was crazy!”Adam turned on a lamp, telling Ford to turn on the rest they had, grabbed a sleeping bag, opened it, and spread it out over their air mattress. Ford turned on three more lights, illuminating the tent completely while Nick and I stood there.“Uh, our shorts are still wet,” I pointed out. “I don’t want to get your sleeping bag wet, too.”“Just take them off, honey,” Adam replied. “Here, we will, too,” he then added while nodding to his boyfriend.“Okay,” responded Ford.He dropped his trunks and we all followed his lead, throwing them into a corner of their tent. We then sat down Indian-style in a sort of circle with Nick on my left, Adam on his, and Ford on his to my right. We were so close that our knees were practically touching.“There, now we’re all naked and comfy,” said Adam, beaming with joy. “The way we’re meant to be.”It was a relief to be out of that mosquito apocalypse but it wasn’t long before the relatively small space we were in filled with the rich scent of manhood—there’s only so much river water and no soap can do. The smell of it made my mind and penis began to wander on their own.“How about a drink?” I asked, trying to distract myself.“Yes, please,” Nick said, and we all got ourselves a beverage.“So, where did you guys say you dumped at?” asked Ford.“At the end of that one long straightaway,” answered Nick. “We got stuck on the tree at the end of it so we pushed away from it. Then we got turned sideways, and tipped the canoe into the oncoming water—down she went.”Ford made a questioning face. “How the hell did you not avoid that tree? You can see it for like a mile.”It was obvious that Ford knew something didn’t add up. And he was right—it should have been nearly impossible for us to not avoid getting stuck where we did.Maybe it was not wanting to force Nick to lie to his friends, or maybe it was that I was also sick of pretending. Maybe it was simply all the liquid courage coursing through my veins, either way, I decided it was time to come clean.“Because we were fucking!” I proclaimed and put my hand on Nick’s bare thigh before he could say anything.Adam was so shocked that his drink slipped out of his hand, and he caught it right before it spilled all over his lap. “Well, that’s…interesting.”“That makes more sense,” Ford commented.“You don’t seem too surprised,” said Nick quizzically.“That’s because I heard you two going at it in your tent yesterday.” shrugged Ford.“I didn’t,” interjected Adam.“You were still sound asleep.”“Then why didn’t you tell me about it earlier?”“I figured it wasn’t any of our business.”Adam gave him a bit of a stink eye. Ford just smirked and gave him a kiss. Adam smiled and gave him one right back. “I guess you’re right.”I began to rub Nick’s inner thigh as we watched the two of them have the shortest lover’s quarrel in history. I looked down and noticed his dick getting plump, and it drove me crazy. It looked so hot as it got hard and I desperately wanted to touch it.“Well, now that things are out in the open, I hope you won’t mind if I do this,” Nick said and then reached over and gave me a long, wet, tongue kiss. I didn’t see any reason to hold back anymore, myself, so I grabbed his cock while we made out.“Things just got even more interesting!” exclaimed Adam.“No kidding…” agreed Ford.

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