Adventures with Leslie Ch. 01

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** Note: This series Adventures with Leslie is a sequel to the series Things to Do with My Slut (aka Adventures with Emma). For any reference on the characters please see the original series. Thanks. **

Chapter 01 — Game On

It had been 3 full weeks since I had seen or heard from Emma, Vivian or Penny. I was beginning to wonder if the game was truly over. I did not want to press the issue but I was beginning to worry. I pressed through the days that passed in a fog, wondering what, if anything would happen next.

That all changed on that Friday morning. I was headed to work when my cell phone rang. I was delighted to see Emma’s office number in the caller id.

“Long time no speak,” I answered.

“We are having a lunch meeting you need to come to,” Emma informed me.

“Sounds like you are back to being in charge,” I observed.

“A great leader sees it through until the end,” she replied, “and does not desert those that followed with heart and character.”

“That’s very poetic,” I admitted. “What does it mean?”

“I will see you at noon,” she said as she hung up the phone.

I was puzzled. It was a very poetic but cryptic message. What was going on now? I was not sure I could take anything more than putting the game back to normal. I was curious to find out what was going on though. Noon could not get here fast enough.

I breezed through the morning and left my office in plenty of time to make to Emma’s place of business by noon. I entered the suite to see Emma, Vivian and Penny all in the conference room sitting at the table. I proceeded directly there and took a seat at the far end of the table.

“Good, now that we are all together we can start,” Emma announced.

“Start what,” Vivian questioned.

“Today, you all are going to decide the fate of the game,” Emma revealed.

“I told you,” I said, staring directly at Penny.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, stud,” Emma corrected me. “You are all gonna vote, after I say what I need to.”

“Well, don’t keep us in suspense,” I encouraged her.

“This has been a great game,” she began. “But I no longer have what it takes to lead you in it.”

“Don’t be silly,” Penny interrupted her. “No one can run the game or take care of us like you Em. And we don’t want to play for anyone else.”

“Thanks Penny,” Emma continued. “But I don’t think you get it. I don’t have the energy or desire inside me to play anymore. Sienna’s little coup did a number on me emotionally and I need to focus more on my kids. Their protection is my foremost priority and my running this game compromises that. I care for you all a great deal in different ways, but my kids come first. I need to be a better mother, so I am out of the game.”

“I understand and I respect your choice,” I said. “But then how do we continue?”

“Well, that is what we need to vote on,” she clarified. “My new business partner has also agreed to consider taking over the game. She’s someone I trust completely and she will do right by all of you. I believe you will all enjoy the game as much with her as you did with me. She is creative, inventive, playful and very attractive.”

“Sis, who is it,” Vivian asked.

“You have to vote first,” Emma explained. “If you want to play, say yes, if not say no. But you do not get to meet her until after the vote.”

“That’s a tough spot to put us in,” I expressed.

“It’s really not,” Emma countered. “So, is it time to vote? If we have a unanimous vote to play, then the game continues and if we have a split vote, the game’s over.”

“What about Nikki’s vote,” Penny asked.

“Ah, yes, Nikki,” Emma sighed. “I should have covered that first. Thanks for reminding me. Nikki and I talked for several hours this morning. She, too, is leaving the game. She is doing so with my blessing, so there is to be no resentment or anger towards her. She is in love and wants to focus on her relationship.”

“Who’s the lucky guy,” Vivian wondered aloud.

“Her name is Monica,” I revealed. “Isn’t it?”

“That’s right,” Emma confirmed. “Good pickup.”

“It wasn’t hard to tell,” I admitted. “Plus, I had a long drive home to rewind it and really digest it. Good for Nikki. Send her my best wishes when you talk to her again.”

“I will,” Emma said softly, smiling at me from the other end of the table. It was a wonderful smile that seemed to say something, but I was not sure what.

“Now we should vote,” Emma continued. “Penny, do you want to continue playing the game?”

“Yes,” Penny said smiling.

“Viv, what about you,” Emma proceeded.

“Of course,” Vivian confirmed.

“So it’s all up to you, stud,” Emma acknowledged. “What’s it gonna be?”

“I do not want to disappoint these two lovely women,” I gushed. “Let’s play.”

“Of course,” Emma said. “Tomorrow morning, 9am. You will all come here and meet my new partner. Then, she gets to vote. If she likes what she sees, game on. If not, well, then game over. I would suggest that you all dress to impress.”

“That’s fucked up,” Penny laughed.

“I Escort Ankara know,” Emma acknowledged. “That’s why you love the game. Now everyone out.”

I stood and exited the conference room, heading back to work for the remainder of the day. I wondered what Emma’s new partner would be like. Emma was a force, a presence that made the game stable. This was going to be interesting.

I woke early the next morning and took a long shower, trying to run cleaver things to say through my head. I shaved and dressed in my best suit, trying my best no to disappoint. I again left in plenty of time to make it to Emma’s office by 9am.

When I arrived I found the suite locked, as I expected since it was a Saturday. I rang the buzzer and waited for the door to buzz and allowed me to enter. It was taking quite longer than usual. After a few moments I thought about hitting the buzzer again, but the door opened.

There stood Penny, looking great. She had on an olive jacket and matching skirt that fell just above her knee. She had on a maroon silk blouse to compliment it and olive pumps, about 4 inches. I would have loved to have jumped her right there, but we had a meeting to attend.

“Ready,” she asked.

“Sure,” I said as I stepped passed her into the suite. She locked her arm with mine and we proceed to the conference room. Emma was sitting at the head of the table as usual. She was wearing her black suit with a white striped blouse. No one else was in the room. Penny and both took seats and waited.

“Where’s Vivian,” I asked after a few moments.

“Ladies room,” Emma replied, shortly.

We sat in silence for a moment or two until Vivian joined us. She walked through the conference room door and looked wonderful. She had on a white halter top and white tennis skirt, with a white thong underneath. She complimented it with short white lace socks and white patent leather peep-toe pumps. She looked hot. I was getting very aroused by the gorgeous women around me.

“Time to begin,” Emma declared as Vivian seated herself.

Emma then picked up the phone on the table.

“You may join us now,” Emma said into the receiver.

She replaced the receiver and we waited only a short moment until we were joined by a tall woman with jet black hair. She had on a teal jacket and skirt offset by a pink blouse and teal pumps. Her skin was tan and her hair was mid-length and wavy. She was very attractive as Emma had said.

I looked to Vivian, who had a look of complete surprise on her face. I turned to Penny next, but she was checking out the new lady in the room. Emma then stood as the new woman walked to her side and stopped.

“This is Leslie Adams,” Emma announced to us all. “Leslie was my college roommate and is my best friend. She is also my new business partner.”

“Oh, this is gonna be fun,” Vivian giggled.

I simply nodded as Penny said nothing. Our silence seemed to make Emma a little nervous.

“Leslie is a great attorney and one of th-,” Emma continued but was cut off.

“Stop,” Leslie ordered. “Have a seat, Em.”

Her voice was clear and concise. We all stared at her waiting for the next words.

“So, you were the players in Emma’s great game,” she continued. “Well, she has entrusted the game to me if I want it. So I need to decide.”

She seemed to stare straight through me.

“I love what I see from these two ladies,” she announced, pointing to Vivian and Penny. “Vivian I have known for a long time and Emma has told me nothing but good things about Penny. So I am fine with them.”

Penny and Vivian both smiled at the compliment.

“You are the only sticking point,” she furthered, now pointing at me.

I knew Vivian and Penny wanted the game to continue, as did I. I did my best to be 100% accommodating.

“What can I do to help you resolve that,” I asked.

“I need to interview you personally tonight,” she said. “At my house at 10pm.”

“Done,” I confirmed.

“We will all regroup tomorrow morning at 8am,” she announced. “Minus Emma.”

Emma looked up at her from her chair with a look of confusion.

“Sorry, Em,” Leslie patronized before turning harsh. “I know you are having a crisis of emotional proportions, so we won’t need you around tomorrow. You may come back into play later in the game in a small role if I need you, otherwise I will take it from here. I will interview him tonight and announce my decision tomorrow. If I decide no, it will be a short meeting. If I decide yes, I will lay out the new rules. You are all dismissed.”

As I stood up, Leslie reached across the table and handed me a folded piece of paper. She then walked out of the room as I opened the paper. Her address was written down on the paper to ensure that I knew where I was going this evening. I put the paper in my pocket and left the conference room.

Vivian caught me on my way out of the suite.

“Leslie is the perfect person to run this game,” she explained as I walked towards the door of the suite. “Emma and her have been Ankara Escort friends for years. She’s practically like family.”

“Then I will do my best to impress her later,” I replied. I smiled at Vivian and left the suite.

I wasted the hours of the day running errands and catching up with friends. I did some grocery shopping and even caught a nap. I felt great and knew I was going to be on my game when the time rolled around for me to leave for Leslie’s. I freshened up and headed over to her place, having discarded my suit and now wearing jeans and golf shirt.

I pulled into her driveway and marched right up to the front door with little care in the world. I was surprised when a young girl of only 17 or 18 answered the door. She was beautiful, with blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. She had a great figure, very thin with small tits but perfect curves. I was taken back by her appearance.

“Can I help you,” she asked.

“Yes,” I stuttered, “I’m here to see Leslie Adams.”

“Ok, come in,” she said. “I’m Mindy, her niece. Hang on a minute and I will get her for you.”

“Thanks,” I replied.

I watched her disappear up the stair. Her tight little ass was enough to start getting me aroused. I waited only a moment before Leslie descended and greeted me.

“You’re on time,” she pointed out. “That’s a good first impression.”

Leslie was wearing tight jeans and a thin white tank top now, her feet were bare. Following her into the kitchen I could see where Mindy got her curves from. Leslie’s body was awesome. Her hair fell slightly past her shoulders and bounced with life as she walked. Her ass was full and firm in her jeans. I was now more than somewhat aroused.

“Can I get you a drink,” she asked.

“A beer would be great,” I replied.

She reached in the fridge and pulled out a bottled beer and handed it to me. She then walked to the far counter and poured herself a glass of red wine. She proceeded into the dining room and I followed diligently. We sat at the dining room table and she noticed my growing bulge.

“You should calm down,” she remarked. “You won’t be needing that tonight.”

“Ok, but you can’t blame me,” I replied.

“Oh, I don’t blame you,” she confirmed. “I’m fucking hot. But you will have to wait to find that out.”

“As you wish,” I said playfully.

“So, let’s start the interview,” she continued. “And be honest, it makes things so much simpler.”

“You got it,” I agreed.

“First question,” she scowled, “how exactly do you feel about Vivian and Penny?”

“That is a tough first question,” I admitted. “I feel loyal to Penny because she has a good soul. I feel protective of Vivian because she cares for me so much. Plus they are both hot as hell.”

“Ok, well done,” she gleamed. “Who do you enjoy fucking more?”

“That’s not a fair question,” I responded.

“I know,” she acknowledged, “but answer it anyway.”

“Ok, I love fucking them both,” I disclosed, “but I cum harder with Penny.”

“Well played,” she praised. “Why do you like the game?”

“Aside from the obvious,” I queried.

“What’s the obvious,” she retorted.

“The obvious is getting to fuck some extremely attractive women,” I confirmed. “Other than that, the game keeps me guessing. It’s like an ever evolving novel, one twist after another.”

I sipped my beer waiting for her response.

“Fair enough,” she replied. “Emma’s told me a lot about you. What’s been your best experience in the game so far?”

“That’s another tough one,” I maintained. “The Christmas present Emma gave me was amazing, though she and I did play one fantastic game of cards once.”

“Interesting,” she conveyed. “Ok you have my attention. Tell me why I should continue the game.”

She sipped her wine as she waited for my response.

“This game is worth continuing,” I began, “for a lot of reasons. The least of which is the physical pleasure. But you, as the director of the game, get to preside over the on goings of several people. You get to give and take as you please. But you also have the responsibility of protecting them. That is not a position an ordinary woman would chose. I sense that you are much more than ordinary, as is Emma.”

She sipped her wine again as she digested my answer. I was waiting eagerly for some kind of response to what I had just said. Finally, after what felt like a month’s time but was only a few moments, she got around to responding.

“I can’t decide if that is brilliant or a crock of shit,” she said.

I was surprised by that response. I was unsure of who this woman really was.

“You don’t know me,” she continued. “How can you be sure you want me in charge so unilaterally?”

I had that answer ready to go. This was one of the questions I thought she might actually ask. Actually it was the only question I anticipated.

“I only knew Emma for a short time when I first committed to the game,” I informed her. “As I grew to know her, I also grew to trust her. If she says you are the one to lead Ankara Escort Bayan us forward, I am ok with it.”

She glared at me for a long minute as she finished her glass of wine.

“Ok, thanks,” she said. “You can go now.”

I stood and extended my hand to shake hers but she did not move.

“I will see you in the morning,” I stated as I turned to leave.

She still had not moved, so I proceeded to the door and let myself out. I climbed into my car and backed out of her driveway. I proceeded away from her house and was headed home. I was only in the car for a few minutes when my cell rang.

“Hello,” I answered.

“It’s Leslie,” she announced.

“What can I do for you,” I submitted.

“I have a few more questions for you,” she revealed.

“Ok, go ahead,” I urged.

“No, turn around and come back,” she instructed. “I want to ask you face to face.”

“Ok, I will be back shortly,” I indicated.

I pulled off into the first driveway I saw and turned my car around. I headed back to Leslie’s house. I pulled back into the driveway and headed back to the front door. I rang the bell and Mindy answered again.

“You again,” she giggled.

“I was called back,” I admitted sheepishly.

“Aunt Leslie is waiting for you,” she said as I entered.

I followed Mindy into the living room. Leslie was sitting in an armchair drinking another glass of wine. Mindy strolled over and sat down on the couch, turning her attention to the television. Leslie indicated I should sit in the unoccupied armchair next to hers. I sat and wait but she took several moments before speaking. My eyes shifted from her to Mindy back to her out of natural curiosity.

“Ok,” she began, “what about the players?”

“What about them,” I countered. “Should we be discussing with your niece present?”

“She’s a big girl and I don’t hide things from her,” Leslie divulged. “About the players, do you think it should only be you, Penny, Vivian and me?”

“I don’t presume to think about that,” I stated confidently. “If you run the game, it’s your game. It really doesn’t matter what I think if I believe in you and your leadership and want to continue to play. It goes back to trust.”

“I see,” she agreed. “Emma and I agreed you would remain the only male in the game. I have to make a decision here. I have one last question. What wouldn’t you do in the game?”

“Wow, you don’t get it,” I admonished her. I shook my head and glanced over at Mindy, then turned back to Leslie. “If you continue this game, we are going to trust you to lead us. Don’t abuse that trust and the game will remain fun for everyone. Do you trust yourself to uphold the responsibility that game brings in reference to the rest of us? Can you live up to the standard Emma set?”

“I am the interviewer here,” she scolded me. I lowered my head and again glanced at Mindy over on the couch. Leslie took notice of it this time. “Are you checking out my niece?”

“No, I am just not sure she should be here while we discuss this,” I reiterated.

“Are you saying my niece isn’t hot enough for you to check out,” she growled at me.

“Not at all,” I replied.

“Get out,” she finally yelled.

I said nothing. I simply stood and headed for the door. I let myself out and headed for my car. As I was opening the driver’s side door, I heard my cell phone ring in my pocket. I answered it quickly.

“Hello,” I muttered.

“If I said come back inside right now, would you,” Leslie asked me.

“It’s your game Leslie,” I confirmed for her.

“You mean you will do whatever I say,” she asked. “Anything I request is mine?”

“Be careful about how you use the power we are willing to give you,” I warned her.

“Come inside,” she ordered.

I turned around and made my way back to the front door. For the third time that evening Mindy answered the door. She stared at me awkwardly for a moment.

“Aunt Leslie said you should go up to her room,” Mindy relayed to me. “Top of the stairs, second door on the left.”

I climbed the stairs without a word and found the door to Leslie’s bedroom. The door was open so I entered and called for her.

“Leslie, you wanted to see me,” I called out as I passed through the doorway.

“Close your eyes,” she replied from behind me.

I did as I was told and I heard her close the door behind me. I could hear her bare feet on the wood floor as she moved. I could not see her but I could tell she was standing in front of me.

“You don’t know me,” she said plainly. “But you need to if I am going to continue this game. You did great on the interview but this is the real test. Don’t open your eyes until you are told.”

I nodded.

“I am 33 years old,” she confessed. “I have no children and have never been married.”

I heard her unzip what I could only assume to be her jeans.

“I have been with a lot of men and women,” she continued, “and I consider myself very good in bed.”

I heard her rustling and moving.

“I have spent countless hours with Emma discussing and learning this game,” she went on, her voice now coming from behind me. “This game is a lot of things, but mostly it’s complex. If I choose to do this I need to keep it as simple as possible. So we will need to get certain things out of the way.”

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