Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 66

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Author’s Note- This story should’ve followed chapter 57 in the series. If you know the subject of this story, you might consider her a Celebrity, but in fairness to those who don’t, I’ve put this in a different category, enjoy!

Although it had been some time since the O’Brien shooting at LA County Courthouse, to me there was still some unfinished business I needed to take care of and being sent back east to photograph Blake Lively at the Concours car show made things easier.

Just before everything happened, I’d rekindled a friendship with an old friend from back east named Dana Liebowitz. We’d gone to school together for a time and a chance meeting started things up again for us. She’d been working with Artists Unlimited’s chief attorney Michael Baldwin and he held her in high regard. Like me, they’d been injured in the shooting and according to Michael, she saved his life.

Now I felt it was time I went to see her.

“Very noble gesture you’re making, Jim” Michael said as we met for lunch before I left town.

“You said she was going back home, what happened there?”

“Yes, correct” he began “she went through quite a bit of rehab from what her family told me and she’s actually recovered quite well. She’s doing legal work for a TV station back in your hometown.”

“You’re kidding?”

“Yes, she’s like an on air personality there from what I’ve heard.”



“Well, no…and yes. I never knew she had any interest in that, you know, TV stuff. She always seemed pretty shy and bookish.”

“Maybe hanging around with stars like you had an effect on her.” he said with a snicker as he took a sip of his drink

“Very funny counselor, just gimme her email address”

Dana eagerly responded to my emails and shared with me the news she was engaged to an executive with a brokerage firm and looked forward to seeing me. I wasn’t disappointed in the least, maybe I could get some financial tips from the lucky guy.

With my work at the car show completed and Blake on her way back to New York, I set up a meeting with Dana. We agreed to meet at a downtown hotspot for lunch and I was nervous, I didn’t know what to expect. I arrived early and was already into a glass of wine when I saw Dana arrive. She was walking a little slower and with a cane as she made her way to the table. But she still had that look of confidence I remembered from long ago.

“Hey, there you are!” she said happily as we hugged “So good to see you!”

“I’m just glad to see you’re OK after everything that happened.”

“The same here, Michael told me you gave everyone quite the scare, how is he doing by the way?”

“He’s good, he sends his regards. Now, what’s this about your TV career?”

Dana laughed bashfully

“It’s not that big, I was led to believe they’d have me on whenever there was some big court case somewhere but I just do a piece on the morning news once a week answering legal questions. They seem to think I have some kind of on-air appeal. I really think they just needed another pretty face in the morning.”

We both laughed

“Well, that’s pretty cool if you ask me.” I said

“Just so long as I don’t become, like, Judge Judy.”

“Yeah, I can’t see you being nasty to some kid who broke a window.”

We both laughed at that observation.

I guess I should be the one to bring up the next question.

“Do you mind my asking, how badly were you hurt?”

“Well…it was tough” she began “Everything happened so fast, the last thing I remember was diving onto Michael and we fell to the floor. I probably passed out but I knew I got hit in the back somewhere and Michael got hit too. The bullet did some damage to my back and spine so I had to learn how to walk again.”

“Jesus, is the damage permanent?”

“I’m not sure. I might have some surgery next year on it. Supposedly there are new techniques that can fix it for good so we’re kinda aiming for something along those lines. The surgeon who worked with Michael has offered to do the same procedure on me. But I wanna wait ’til after I get married before doing anything, I promised my Dad he’d be able to walk me down the aisle and I’m gonna keep that promise. I’m just glad I can get around by myself for now.”

“I’m very happy for you” I said as I raised my glass “Here’s to a brighter future.”

“Cheers, babe.” She said as our glasses clinked.

“What TV station are you working for?”

“Channel 61, the Fox affiliate.”

“The one right down the street?”

“The very same. You wanna go see it?”

“Sure, why not!”

It felt good to be walking with her, she even held my hand. I knew it wasn’t necessarily a sign of romantic affection, but one of a shared experience that we’d lived through.

The TV station was only a block away and there was a hubbub of activity in the newsroom area as they prepared for that evening’s newscast. Since I’d been away from home so long I didn’t recognize any of their on air talent but Dana gladly introduced me to everyone.

“Oh, this is someone you’ll want to meet…hey Kıbrıs Escort Rachel!” she called out

A girl with straight brunette hair stood from a cubicle and looked around for who was calling her.

“Hey Dana, oh is this the guy?” she said as we approached

“Uh-huh, Jim this is Rachel Lutzker, the queen of morning traffic reports.”

“Oh, gee, thanks!” she said, somewhat embarrassed “Hi, Jim, good to meet you.”

Rachel had become one of the guilty pleasures of local TV, she had the right personality but I’m pretty sure there were more guys watching to see what she was wearing every morning, and wishing they could see her out of whatever she was wearing. Today though, she was in a conservative black shirt and matching blazer combo. With her brunette hair she was certainly cute, I’ll say that.

Dana gave a quick story of how we knew one another and Rachel was definitely interested in every detail.

“Jim’s with Artists Unlimited out in LA.” Dana said

“No kidding! That’s such a coincidence, I met a guy from that company awhile back.”

“Oh, really? Who was it?”

“Um, what was his name?” she started to look through a pile of business cards. Her cubicle was neatly organized and included many photos of her young daughter and a couple of snapshots of her with different celebrities she’d met. “Here it is, Scott Jackson. Do you know him?”

“Oh yeah, he’s in the New York office, he was down in Greenwich for the car show.”

“No offense, but he seems like a real, I don’t know, hustler. If you know what I mean.”

“In what way?”

“Well, my contract was coming up for renewal and my agent thought I should test the waters in a bigger TV market. Just to see if there was any interest in me. And he recommended I meet Scott. But after meeting with him I decided to stay here for another year.”

“See what happens when you listen to me.” Dana said with a sly smile, making us all laugh.

“Yes, where would I be without your advice?” Rachel laughed

Just then her phone buzzed

“Gotta go do the traffic update.” She said as she gathered some papers together

“Come on, we can watch from over there.” Dana said as we headed to a corner of the studio.

Rachel delivered her report on the highways and byways of the state. It had been so long since I’d heard a traffic report here. I was so used to hearing the myriad of highways out west, most of whom I never bothered to remember the names of, only where they took me. To hear the status of only 2 interstate highways and a couple of smaller highways that only took 2 minutes was positively jarring compared to out west!

Once she finished, Rachel and Dana immediately swept me off to a bar down the street. Rachel was recognized immediately by the manager as we entered and we were led to a VIP area on their rooftop patio. The bar was crowded with many young professionals sipping their martinis and whatever multicolored drinks were in fashion.

“I never asked what you do, Jim?” Rachel asked as she sipped a glass of what looked like cranberry juice mixed with Sprite.

Before I could answer, Dana jumped in

“Jim’s the best photo guy on the west coast, aren’t you Jim?” she said

“Oh, Really?” Rachel said with a look of surprise

“I think Dana exaggerates a little bit, I take pictures, yes.” I said with a bit of shyness “But I ain’t the best, I can name a few people who’ve been at it longer than me.”

“But I don’t know them, I only know you.” Rachel said

“Don’t sell yourself short, Jim.” Dana before quickly adding “Jim does all the good photos you see of celebs, but he’s not a paparazzi or anything.”

“I see, so have you got any juicy stories about them?” she said leaning in for emphasis

“No, I’m afraid not. They’ve all been nice to me for some reason.”

Oh, if she only knew just how nice some have been!

“Hey, isn’t your anniversary coming up soon?” Dana asked

“Uh-huh, I’m stuck on a gift too.” Rachel replied as she sipped her drink.

On the table was a small card advertising drink specials, but it was the side facing Dana that got her attention.

“Maybe this would be a good idea.” She said as she slowly turned it around to face Rachel and me. It was an ad for “Boudoir Photography”.

Rachel laughed out loud.

“Are you kidding me!” she laughed

“Come on! I did it for Nick as a birthday present and he loved it.” Dana replied, referring to her fiancee’ before quickly adding “…besides, I know someone who can do it for you and won’t charge a dime.” She said as she turned to me.

Rachel also turned to me.

Realizing what was being implied, I practically choked on my drink.

“Me?” I choked out

“Sure! Why not? You do this stuff all the time anyway.” Dana said

“Well, yeah, but I…” I was tongue-tied now as I looked at them wondering what excuse I could come up with “Oh! I don’t have my gear here.” I finally answered

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to do the photos, but something like this would make me a nervous wreck. In all the Kıbrıs Escort Bayan photo jobs I’d done, “boudoir photography” had never been called for. I suddenly morphed into the stammering geek of my youth.

My excuse wouldn’t work with Dana, though.

“You can use my camera.” Dana said “Nick gave me a real cool digital for Christmas. It’ll be fun to see it used for something like this.”

She now turned to Rachel

“So, what do you think, glamor girl?”

Rachel looked apprehensive, and then intrigued.

“You’d really do this?” she said to me

“Well, how can I say no?” I replied

“Where would we do it?” she asked before quickly adding “my house is out, I don’t want anyone suspecting something.”

Dana looked very thoughtful.

“I got it! There’s this motel on the turnpike…” she began

“No! I don’t want to do something like that there!” Rachel protested

“No, no, hear me out on this. It’ll be more artsy if you do it there, really retro.” Dana added “Do you agree, Jim?”

“I think I see her point, it’s out of character for you and could work if we do it right.”

“OK, then it’s all set!” Dana said as she stood up and grabbed Rachel’s hand “Rachel and I are gonna go shopping, we’ll call you with the location.”

And the pair breezed out of the bar.

Guess who was left with the bill?

The next day, I got a call from Dana telling me to meet her and Rachel at the Skyline Motel.

The Skyline Motel had seen better days. With its faded and chipped maroon paint it looked like it was from the 1960’s. Dana was there when I pulled in and a Honda minivan was next to her with Rachel in it.

“Go do your work, I’ve gotta case to prepare for.” She said as she handed me a Canon 35mm camera as I got out of my car.

“Wait a minute!” I said “You’re just gonna leave me here?”

“You’re a big boy, Jim.” She said with a smirk as she got into a BMW convertible “Have fun, Rachel.” She said as she drove away.

Rachel and I looked at each other.

“Well, I guess we should get to work.” She said

“Good idea. I should get us a…” I said as I saw before hearing the jingle of a room key.

“Dana got it already.” She said

“She thought of everything didn’t she?” I said

Rachel nodded.

The door creaked open and we were presented with a reasonably cheap looking room as a backdrop.

“I’ll, uh, get dressed.” She said as she carried a gym bag with her as she headed for the bathroom to change.

Dana’s camera looked pretty simple compared to the high-tech ones I usually used and the room’s lighting (or lack of) seemed to work for me.

“OK, you ready?” I heard from the bathroom

“Uh, yes, all set.” I said hesitantly.

To my surprise, Rachel came out wearing a simple dark blazer and skirt similar to the clothes she’d had on when I’d seen her at the studio the day before.

“OK, this is…different.” I said

“It was Dana’s idea.” She replied as she checked herself in a mirror on the wall “She figured adding this would make it sexy.” She said as she showed me a microphone with the station’s logo on it.

“Ah, I see what she means.”

“How should we do this?” she asked

Now I was stuck! Like I said, “boudoir photography” was new to me.

“Um…maybe you should act like you’re doing a report…” my voice trailed off.

“I do that every day.”

“Right…” I don’t think I’ve ever been so tongue-tied as I was now “OK, uh, let’s do this…c-could you unbutton your shirt a little? It might show off your…”

“My boobs?” she replied matter-of-factly.

I just nodded.

“OK, I can do that.” she said as she started to unbutton her blouse

“M-maybe a few more buttons…”

Rachel unbuttoned her shirt so it was half open, revealing a lacy black bra.

“OK, I think I can start from here.” I said, trying to sound confident when I was really a nervous wreck. I began to snap photos as Rachel smiled and tried to look seductive in what were her everyday clothes. With my direction, she looked provocatively over her shoulder at the camera.

“Could you maybe show some leg?” I asked

Rachel propped her leg on a chair and pulled her skirt up a little, revealing her tan stockings and the beginnings of what could be a garter belt. I had her turn a little so her bra was visible.

“OK, that seems like a good start…maybe a costume change?” I said

“Yes, that seemed easy enough.” she replied as she straightened herself a little “what should I wear next?”

“Uh, whatever you feel comfortable in.”

Rachel thought for a minute.

“OK, I’ll get something we bought yesterday.” she said as she went back into the bathroom.

I checked the settings on the camera and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

“What have you gotten yourself into?” I thought to myself.

A pretty unique favor, that’s what!

“Did you and Dana get a lot of stuff?” I somehow asked

“Oh, yeah! It’s been a long time since I bought anything like this, that’s for sure!” Escort Kıbrıs I heard her say in a lighthearted voice from behind the door.

A few minutes passed before I heard her again.

“OK, ready for outfit number one?” she said

After a deep breath I replied

“Y-yes…ready as I’ll ever be I guess.”

Rachel slowly came out wearing a black shortie nightgown with pink hand designs that appeared to be grabbing her breasts from behind. Even in an outfit like this I could see her breasts were definitely large, all right. She seemed bashful about being seen in such an outfit.

“You look r-r-really nice.” I somehow stammered out.

“You think so?” she replied as she slowly grew comfortable with me there.

I only nodded my response, then looked a little closer at it.

“Have I seen that outfit somewhere? Like in a movie?” I asked

“Uh, yeah…it was in a movie.” she replied hesitantly “Um, The Owl and the Pussycat.”

“Yeah! That’s it…I remember that film…Barbara Streisand, right?”

Rachel seemed to relax at my knowledge

“You saw that film?”

“Uh, huh…it was on cable the other night. Pretty sexy seeing her like that.”

“Do I, uh, look s-sexy this way?”

“Yes, you do.” I said confidently “Very smart idea, very retro.”

Rachel seemed more relaxed.

“Let’s shoot some of you on the bed.” I said

Rachel lay atop the bed and did poses on her knees, running her fingers through her brunette hair. Then she lay flat on the bed, turning to look at the camera seductively. I stood on the bed and looked directly down at her, doing my best to be artistic in my shots. A few poses lying on her stomach, her legs crossed and a playful look on her face completed this series.

“Nice…” I said as I clicked off my shots “M-maybe you’d like to do some topless?”

Oh, no! Why’d I say that?

“Um…I-I’m not sure about that.” she said hesitantly “I mean, I know it would be good and all but…”

“I understand.”

There was an uncomfortable pause now. I felt I’d really screwed up.

“It’s just…I’ve never done this before and…you know…” her voice trailed off.

“Yes, I get it…it’s weird being dressed like this with a guy who isn’t, I get it.” I said before stammering out “I mean,uh, it’s not like I’m dressed the same way and all…”

“Hey, that’s an idea.” she said

“What’s an idea?”

“Since I’m in my underwear…maybe you should be too.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond to her suggestion.

“It might make things easier if you were in your underwear too, I know it sounds crazy.”

Her suggestion was starting to make sense.

“You mean like what you’re supposed to imagine if you have give a speech?”

Rachel nodded, then added;

“If you don’t want to, that’s OK.”

“Uh, no…I, uh, guess that would make sense…” I said.

In a way, it did make sense.

“OK, hope you don’t mind my underwear.” I said as I took off my shirt.

“You’ll be fine.” she replied

I hesitantly took off my polo shirt, then hesitated for a minute before unbuckling my jeans. It’s now or never, I thought, and took them down, kicking off my Vans shoes in the process. All that stood between me and her now was a layer of gray cotton Calvin Klien’s.

Rachel seemed to be relaxed now.

“Is that better?” I asked her

“I think I should be asking you that.”

I-I’m good.”

“I can tell.” she said with a bit of a smile.

“OK, let’s, uh, continue.”

Rachel took a deep breath.

“Okay…” she said as she raised up the top of her nightgown and was now in all her topless glory. The only thing between her and me was a thin layer of black cotton panties.

I wonder what all the station’s viewers would think?

Rachel had very nice tits, I’ll say that. Very full and firm.

“OK…got anything to say?” she asked

“Uh…n-n-no…we sh-should get back to work.” I stammered

“Do these shots the same way, you know on the bed and all.”

“Good idea.”

So now I was photographing her topless, me in my underwear, and she looked even hotter. She could look very sexy without even knowing it. She sat up and looked over her shoulder at me with a flirty look on her face. Then she turned over onto her belly and playfully bent her legs, making sure I could see her cute ass. She was almost giggling the more shots I took. She raised her ass up, then surprised me by quickly yanking her panties down and mooning me. That made her fall onto the bed laughing. I was laughing too.

“I’m sorry” she said between laughs “maybe I had too much wine before I came over here.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that.”

“How do you think I got up the nerve to do this!” she laughed “Did you get a shot of it? I should send that to Dana.”

“Uh, I probably did, let me check.”

“Aw, don’t bother lemme do it again.”

And just like that, Rachel pulled her panties down again and gave me another shot of her ass.

This shot, I got.

“OK, my turn…lemme see your ass.”


“Uh-huh, it’s only fair.”

“Only fair, huh…well, OK then.”

I turned and gave her a quick look at my ass, making her laugh again.

“Oh, very nice!” she laughed “You could’ve been a male stripper with that!”

That must’ve melted whatever ice remained between us.

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