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Subject: Adventures of a Lawn Boy Part 7 This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts. Some of the parts are real but will leave that up to the reader to decide. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. (Remember, your donations allow everyone to enjoy this and other stories Please consider a donation to fty) List of Characters, my name is Dave, Mr Jeff is my first big paying customer, second paying customer was Harry and Robert, Jake is my friend and his brother John, Bobby new trans friend. In part 6 of my story, I left off where Mr Jeff had been repeatably fucked by John who is Jake’s brother and his friend. Then a few guys they knew who delivered pizza, and also enjoyed some good man pussy. Then Jake told me that last night when they got home his brother and his friend stayed late at his house, and that we were down in the basement. Both his brother and his friend took turns fucking Jake’s ass and mouth. I looked at Jake and said your such a slut and he smiled and said yes, he said he really loved it. We walked off to school and it seemed like such a long day, when it finally ended, I met Jake again for the walk home. Thinking about what Jake had told me had me horny, so we decided that we would go in to Jake’s back yard and Jake said he would suck me off. I for one was not going to turn down a warm wet mouth wrapped around by cock so I said sure. I could not stay long since I had a lawn to cut today, so we sort of made it a fast one where as soon as I went in Jake’s back yard, I dropped my pants as we hid on the side of the shed. Jake with his wonderful mouth started sucking my cock and before long I rewarded him with a mouth full of creamy cum. When Jake stood up, he leaned into me and our lips met and I realized he was not only sliding his tongue into my mouth he was also feeding me back my load of cum. I have to admit it was fun so we kissed a little while then I said I had to go. I went over to the house that I do the lawn, that happens to be next to Mr Jeff’s house. I think I mentioned this before the couple that lives there are very nice and being honest the wife is sort of a very sexy. She is on the small size maybe as short as only 5 feet and a body that looks more like a teenage girl than a woman. She had small but perky tits; at times I have seen her she sometimes wears clothes that you expect on a young teen girl. I know as you read this, you�re thinking that I am going to get lucky and have sex with her but then you be mistaken, not that I would not mind it you�re is just not in the cards. So, after I finished the lawn, she came out with a drink for me and we talked a little, she said she had a baby sister and asked if I would be willing to meet her. She showed me a picture of her sister on her phone and I saw she was cute. She was sort of built like this woman was, being short and wore tight blouse that showed her small but firm tits and small shorts that showed off a nice-looking ass. After looking at a few pictures she showed me, the girl had a sort of tomboy sort of look to her which I sort of liked. Then she said something about us that the two of us have something in common but did not go further. She said her sister had just turned 14 and was coming to visit konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort her for a few days and said she thought that we both would enjoy meeting. I have been with a few girls but in truth since I started playing with the men and the other boys, I sort of slowed down on trying to date a girl. Besides I was sort of shy when It came to girls. I was not sure what to say but then the lady said trust me I suspect she will be a special girl for you and I am positive that you will both have fun, so I said sure I asked when is she arriving. I was told she would be there this weekend and that she been wanting to see this new movie that is coming out this weekend at the theater. Then was told that she just happened to have two free passes so it will not cost me anything. I agreed to the plan and made arrangements to stop by her house Saturday afternoon in plenty of time to make the 4 pm show at the theater. Being honest I had been planning on meeting Jake on Saturday morning so we could get in some fun, this way I figured if I would shoot my load in his mouth or ass and I would be less horny when I met this girl, so I would not act like a normal horny boy that I was. But from the time line that was laid out this was not going to happen. As the week worked out, I was able to stop by Mr Jeff’s house on Friday afternoon. I happen to run into the lady next door and she smiled at me and said as I was going into Mr Jeff’s back yard that her sister was looking forward to meeting me tomorrow and then said something funny. She said hope Jeff does not have you working too hard so that you will be tired for your date tomorrow. I just smiled and said no just some small work that needs to be done around the house. It did enter my mind that maybe she had saw or heard something that would give her an idea of what we been doing since last week we had gotten a little loud when we had a group of guys over fucking Mr Jeff. Then I dropped that from my mind, why would she want to introduce me to her sister if she suspected me of being a cock sucker. Friday afternoon went quick it worked out that Mr Jeff did have me do some weeding in his garden and of course he had me do it nude. Before I left, he sucked me off then he had me bending over and he licked my hole and have to admit that did feel good. And after he did that for a while, he pulled my cock back between my legs and sucked me off again. Was fun I was still on all fours and he suck my cock and run his hands over my ass, was different but fun. So, when I got up Saturday I went into the shower and not sure if I was thinking about what happened with myself and Mr Jeff yesterday or about the date I was going on, but I soaped up my cock and rubbed off a load. Then I dried off and got dressed, it was a nice day so I just wore shorts and one of my better shirts I figured I wanted to look nice for my date. When I showed up, I was introduced to Bobby, she was like she had been described on the short side maybe 5 feet tall and on the thin side. She was wearing a one-piece dress that was on the short side, that was sort of hot since once she bent down some and I saw she was wearing these lace panties that showed off her firm little ass. She had a pretty face konyaaltı otele gelen escort and her tits were small more like say a girl who was no more than say 11years old, and her voice was sort of a cross between a girl and young boy. Her hair was short for a girl but long for a boy. She did look cute in a tomboy sort of look. She seemed very friendly and after a few minutes I felt very comfortable talking to her. It was getting later and since we were walking to the theater we set out. As we walked our hands hit and before long, we were holding hands, when we arrived at the theater we went in and she leaned in close to me and said she likes sitting in the back of the balcony where there are hardly any people and with that, she gave me a sly smile. So, we went up and picked spot that was in the corner away from anyone else and since it was an afternoon showing pretty much the whole balcony was empty. Being honest I still kind of new on dating so I was not sure what to do, but Bobby seemed to be somewhat forward and she had her hands first in my hand then she had it rested on my leg. Not long after the movie started, I felt her hand on the inside of my leg and since I did not stop her, she had moved it up so she was now sliding her fingers under my shorts and I could feel her fingers touching my cock. The feeling of her hand on my cock made me get hard and with her fingers she guided my cock so it was now going down the leg of my shorts. She leaned over and at first stuck her tongue in my ear and licked it and then said real quiet that no one was close. Then she asked me to slide my shorts down, I was so horny that I grabbed the waist band of my shorts and the under wear at the same time and slid them down. The next thing I see is Bobby has slid from her seat and is between my legs and has her mouth between my legs and sucking my really hard cock. It was dark in there but when looked down I could see a devilish grin on her face as she was sliding her head up and down as she sucked me. It was like she was fucking me with her mouth, I have to admit I never met a girl that was this forward or in truth one that wanted to suck me off. Bobby kept this up for a while, till I could not take it anymore and shoot a few strings of my seed into her mouth. She just swallowed it the same way that Jake does when he sucks me off. After she felt she had all of me cum from me she got up and slid back into her seat, she whispered hoped you enjoyed that, and I said I sure did. Then she spread her legs and said I want you to do something for me, as she held my hand and positioned it next to her knee and said I suspect you can figure it out. I stared running my hand up her leg and felt her inner thighs, Then I moved closer but she closed her legs so I could not get my hands where I wanted to. She then took my hands and guided it up to her chest and had me play with her small tits. As I was running my hand over her tits, she leaned over to me and was kissing me and whispered to squeeze her nipple. As I was doing this, she was kissing me and I felt her tongue enter my mouth. I could sort of taste the cum that I had just deposited in her mouth from the great blow job she just given me. I moved my hand down under her skirt so konyaaltı rus escort that I could feel her pussy, she slowed me up a little and said I will let you but you may find something that you do not expect but I know you will be happy with it. I was a little confused with what she said but brushed it off. I was running my finger down to the spot and felt a spot where I would have expected a pussy, being honest I had never had my hand on a girl�s pussy so I was not sure what I would feel like. Then Bobby opened her legs more and as I reached down; I now had my hand on a small set of balls. I went even deeper and realized that Bobby was a boy and had her small cock tied so it was going up the crack of her ass so it would not show from the front. Bobby looked at me and asked if I was OK with what I found and I said to be honest I was surprised but I am OK with it. She then said her sister said that it would be OK since she knew you been playing with the guy next door and also a few days ago she overheard a party when that guy had a few guys over and from what it sounded like my sister said he had a good time. Bobby had lifted off the chair some and reached around her back and pulled a string and that released her cock, so now the hard cock came up between legs and stuck out up front below the dress that was lifted. Bobby said we need to do something to get my boy clit down so it will not show from the front of her dress. I said I will take care of that and bent over took her small boy clit in my mouth and licked the head and before long she was shooting her cum into my mouth. After she came her little cock softened and she looked like the little girl again as she wanted to be. The movie ended and the lights came on and she had fixed her dress so she looked just like the cute girl I went in with, she looked at my face and smiled. She leaned over and with her tongue and she licked off some cum from my mouth that was deposited there when I satisfied her. As we walked home and we walked thru the park, we sat down at a bench that was in a secluded area and we spoke. Bobby told me that ever since she was little, she liked getting dressed in girls� clothes and when she was 12, she decided she wanted to live like a girl. She did say a few boys that she knew gave her a hard time, but she had a close friend who excepted her. Later on, she found out that in reality the only reason he excepted her was because she was willing to suck him off, and even had let him have her boy pussy. She then said looking back at it on, was not bad because in truth I enjoyed sucking him and after a while I really enjoyed when he fucked me. This conversation was getting me hard just thinking about fucking her. She looked down and saw that I was hard again and said we need to take care of that, then smiled and said can you hide it till we get home to my sister�s house. I looked at here quizzically and asked will there be a place for us to play and she said her sister had told her that she felt we have a good time at the movies and would want to do more at the house. So, she said she was going to go out shopping with her husband and we have the house to our own till around dinner time. She then added in was hoping you wanted to try out my boy pussy and I looked at her and said I cannot wait. Tomorrow was another day I cannot wait to see what trouble I can get into. You may contact me at hoo if you would like to comment. I enjoy reading the readers response to my story and open to suggestion for further chapters. Also, I have many more stories so if you use the search feature on fty You can use woddguy as the key word in the search and you will find my other stories.

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