Adventure with Uncle Tony

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This is the third Installment of my ongoing series about the nymph Suzanne. Although each story basically stands alone, if you haven’t read summer with Grandpa and Fun with Daddy, you may want to do so before reading this story. I hope you enjoy.

19 year old Suzanne lay back on her bed and stared at the ceiling. It had been a long six months since her father last touched her and she was horny as hell. She still didn’t understand why her father stopped touching her when her mother came home. It was like the week they had spent in bed together had never happened.

Sighing, she ran her hands over her naked slender body. Suzanne had always been proud of her 5’8″, slender build. Last summer she had seduced her grandfather into taking her virginity and 6 months ago, she had a wild fling with her father.

She ran her hand down over her swollen pussy lips and sighed again. “I need to get fucked.” She whined to the quiet room as she let her finger drift down over her swollen clit. Closing her eyes, she pictured her father’s medium build and 10 inch cock that had reamed her pussy so well. “Mmmmm…Daddy.” She purred to her fantasy as she let a slim finger slide inside her sopping hole and slowly moved it in and out. “I want daddy to fuck me again.”

She let her other hand grip her 38C breast and started pinching the nipple as she slowly fingered herself. “Daddy, fuck me again.” She whined as she moved her finger faster inside her while she imagined it was her father’s hot shaft.

She slid a second finger in to meet the first and cried out as her hips humped against her hand. “Oh, Agh, fuck.” She whimpered as she felt her orgasm rising steadily. “I need to cum so bad.”

Matthew stood in his daughter’s doorway and watched as she pleasured herself. He felt his 10 inch cock harden in his jeans and sighed quietly. He still wanted the little minx but he knew that with Helen home, he couldn’t have her anymore.

He had come to Suzanne’s door to tell her that his brother Tony would be visiting for a month and that he would arrive tomorrow. Matthew knew that Suzanne would probably get Tony in her bed and wished he could have her one more time. He watched as she panted and cried as she furiously fingered her pussy while her hand mauled her breast. When she cried out for him as she came, it took all his willpower not to run over and dive between her spread legs drinking up her juices.

Instead, he just stood there until she calmed down. “Suzanne.” He said quietly.

Suzanne was enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm and was startled when she heard her father call her name. She opened her eyes and looked at him. “Daddy?” She asked unsure how to act around him anymore.

Matthew smiled as he looked at her. She didn’t make any move to cover up and he felt his cock throbbing against his jeans. “I just wanted to tell you that Tony will be here tomorrow.”

Suzanne looked at him for a minute then smiled. “Uncle Tony is coming?” When Matthew nodded, she squealed as she jumped out of the bed and ran over to her father throwing her naked body into his arms.

Matthew groaned as he felt her bare breasts pressed against his chest. He forced himself to just hug her then pull away. “Yes, he will be here for a month.” He said gruffly. He took in her naked body once more before he reluctantly pulled away and left the room.


The next day, Suzanne was laying on her bed working on her homework. She was in her second term at the local college and she had loads of work to catch up on. Luckily it was the beginning of the weekend so she figured she would have plenty of time to get it done.

She was lying on her stomach with her legs kicking behind her trying to figure out a hard Math problem when she heard a deep voice. “Damn girl, you sure grew up.”

Turning her head, she smiled before she jumped out of bed and launched herself into the man’s arms. “Uncle Tony.” She squealed when he picked her up and swung her around.

Tony was Matthew’s older brother and Suzanne always thought between the two men, Tony was the more handsome of the two. He stood an even 6′, with a slender build. His dark brown hair hung in waves around his shoulders and he kept his baby face hidden by a well trimmed mustache and beard. His green eyes sparkled as he looked at his niece. “You look good sweetheart.” He said with a smile when he finally set her back on her feet.

“You look good to Uncle Tony.” She purred wrapping her arms up around his neck and pressing her breasts tightly against his chest.

Tony suppressed a groan when he felt her breasts press against him. He was surprised that his 9 ½ inch cock suddenly started to harden in his jeans. This was his niece for god’s sake.

He pushed her away and held her at arms length while she looked over her slender body. She was dressed nicely in a miniskirt that barely covered her hips and a button up shirt that was only buttoned halfway up so her breasts hung over the top of it. His mouth watered rize seks hikayeleri as he looked at her. “What you working on?” he asked clearing his throat as he looked anywhere but at her.

Suzanne smiled to herself. He had the same look in his eyes that her father had right before he fucked her. She was dying to get fucked and planned on having her uncle be her next conquest. She smiled at him as she looked innocently over at the bed. “Oh, just Math.”

Tony swallowed hard as he forced himself to look at the bed. “Math, Hm…Sounds like fun.”

Suzanne sighed making her breasts rise and fall in the tight shirt. “Not really, it is boring.” She ran her finger up over her uncle’s chest and heard his intake of breath. “Where are mom and dad?” She asked wondering how much time she had to seduce him.

Tony looked over at her again. “Oh, they went to go see your Aunt Michelle and Uncle Robert. They just had the new baby and your mom wanted to see her.”

Suzanne smiled again, she knew that if her parents went to see Aunt Michelle’s new baby, they would be gone at least until sometime this evening.

She wrapped her arms around Tony’s waist and pressed her body tightly against his. “Hm…Why didn’t you go?” She asked looking up into his eyes.

Tony again suppressed a moan as he felt her breasts pressing against him. It had been a while since he had been with a woman and having Suzanne pressed against him like she was, was playing hell with his senses and body. He tried to push her away so he could get his body under control but she wouldn’t budge. “Um…I just got into town and I…” He pressed against her shoulders with his hands but she just held on tighter. “Um…Suzanne, what are you doing?”

While he had been talking, Suzanne had been grinding her crotch against his and she felt his cock harden against her. She lifted her eyes to look at her uncle. “What do you mean Uncle Tony?” She asked innocently.

Tony narrowed his eyes as he looked at her. “You know exactly what I mean. I am your uncle and…” He didn’t get to finish the sentence because Suzanne grabbed the back of his neck and pulled his lips to hers.

He tried to pull away as she kissed him, but she just wrapped her arms tightly around his neck as she teased his lips with her tongue.

Tony knew what she was doing was wrong, he knew he had to put a stop to this, but when she lifted one of her legs and wrapped it around his waist so her skirt lifted and he felt her bare pussy pressing against his jeans, he was lost.

He growled against her mouth as he opened his own and felt her tongue slide inside. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and lifted her up against his body as he kissed her passionately.

Suzanne was surprised that her uncle gave in so quickly but she wasn’t arguing. Her pussy was on fire and she knew she needed to get fucked. When Tony lifted her up against him, she wrapped her legs around his waist as her arms locked up around his neck. She felt him walking, while holding her but her face was occupied by his kiss so she wasn’t able to see where he was taking her.

When she felt the bed come up to meet her and Tony’s body settle over her own, she purred against his mouth and pressed her hips up so her pussy brushed against his jeans again. “You are a little minx.” he growled pulling his mouth from hers while his hands went to the buttons on her shirt.

Suzanne smiled at him. “I need to be fucked so bad Uncle Tony.”

Tony finished unbuttoning her shirt and his mouth watered when her breasts fell free. He cupped each of them in his hands while he lifted his eyes to hers. “Oh you’re gonna get fucked little girl.” he growled. “You can bet on that.” Then he lowered his mouth to her breast and started biting gently at the flesh with his teeth.

Suzanne mewled with pleasure as she closed her eyes while Tony nursed at her breasts. “Oh, Uncle Tony, that feels so good.” She ran her fingers through his hair while she held him against her. When he took her nipple between his lips and started sucking on it, she squealed while she arched her back pressing her breast tighter against his face. “Yes, suck on my tittie baby.” She purred.

She felt Tony rubbing his jean covered cock against her pussy and whimpered in pleasure. “Uncle Tony, please.” She begged trying to reach between them to pull his cock out.

Tony purposely moved back out of her reach while he continued to nurse at her breast. His other hand was busy mauling her other breast and Samantha was whimpering and crying in both pleasure and frustration. “Uncle Tony, please.” She cried when he bit down on her nipple and she coated the front of his pants with her juices.

Tony had started out wanting to teach the little minx a lesson. You didn’t seduce men twice your age, especially not family members. But when she coated the front of his jeans, he knew he had to have her.

He grabbed at her skirt and ripped it open before he moved off of her and slowly slid it down over her hips and legs before finally pulling it off her bare feet. Suzanne stared at him through passion filled eyes as she pulled her shirt off the rest of the way until she laid there gloriously naked for him to see.

Tony smiled at her as he ripped off his own clothes, and then once again pressed his body down over hers. He kissed her long and hard and Suzanne mewled as she felt his cock pressing against her pussy lips. “Fuck me Uncle Tony.” She purred lifting her hips against him.

Tony groaned against her mouth but didn’t move to enter her. Instead he pulled away and moved up over her until he was sitting on her chest. “Suck me little girl.” He growled grabbing the back of her head and pushing his cock into her mouth.

Suzanne gasped when he shoved his cock into her mouth then purred as she wrapped her lips around it. She was able to get a bit more of him then she did her dad but not much. Uncle Tony was smaller then her father but only by about an inch or so. She took him in as far as she could then started bobbing her head up and down over him while she jacked the remainder of his shaft with her hand.

“Yea, suck that cock baby.” Tony growled closing his eyes as he felt her tongue move over him. He had to admit her mouth felt good and wondered who had taught her to suck a cock. He slowly thrust forward with his hips feeding her a bit more of him as he reached behind him and ran his hand down over her hot flesh.

Suzanne whimpered when she felt his hand brush against her pussy lips. She wanted to beg him to finger her but her mouth was so full of his cock so all that came out were muffled groans and whimpers.

Tony smiled down at her sucking greedily at him. He figured since she was doing such a good job, he could reward her. He spread her pussy lips open and flicked his finger roughly against her clit. Suzanne cried out around him and bucked up with her hips. “Oh, I think you like that.” He chuckled as he flicked her clit again.

Suzanne sucked harder at his cock as her eyes pleaded with him. “What do you want baby?” he asked seductively. “Do you want this?” He flicked her clit again and heard her cry of pleasure. “Oh do you want this?” He leaned back a bit and rested his free hand on the bed while he lowered his other hand further between her legs and slid 3 fingers into her sopping hole.

“MMmmmmmmmmph…” Suzanne cried bucking furiously with her hips as she sucked greedily at his cock. When he started leaking precum, she drank it up eagerly before searching around for more.

“Yea, suck that hot cock baby.” Tony panted slowly fucking her face while his fingers flew in her hot little hole. “Suck that hot cock and I’ll make my little niece cum.” His three fingers pounded her hot hole while he brought his thumb up and flicked it roughly over her clit.

Suzanne was panting and mewling around the cock in her mouth. She was so close to cumming and had no way to tell him. She breathed heavily through her nose as she sucked him for all she was worth. When she reached down and grasped his balls gently in her hand she heard Tony cry out a second before the first shot of his cum filled her mouth.

She hadn’t been expecting it, so was surprised at first. When she didn’t swallow fast enough and the second shot filled her mouth she swallowed as fast as she could even as her own orgasm washed over her. She almost choked on her uncle’s cum as she screamed against his flowing cock.

Tony kept his hand flying in her snatch even as he emptied his balls in her hot mouth. “Yea sweetheart, drink up my juices.” He drove his cock forward lodging it in her throat as he finished cumming. When he was spent, he slowly moved off of her and pulled his hand from between her legs before he collapsed on his back beside her.

Suzanne drank up what she had in her mouth then rolled over and rested her head against Tony’s chest. “Oh Uncle Tony, that was fantastic.” She smiled kissing his sweaty chest.

Tony chuckled as he wrapped an arm around her. “We’re not done yet sweetheart, just give me a minute and I’ll really give you a ride.”

Suzanne giggled as she curled up against him. “I can’t wait.”


Over the next month, Suzanne and Tony fucked and sucked each other as much as they could. After he had gotten his strength back that first day, he had eaten her to 3 mind blowing orgasms before fucking her hard and fast and making her cum 4 more times before he finally came himself.

Two days before he was supposed to leave, Suzanne once again had her uncle Tony riding her hot pussy. ‘Fuck me uncle Tony.” she cried as she lay on her back on the bed with her legs up against her chest while Tony pounded her from above.

“Oh fuck honey, I’m gonna miss this sweet pussy when I leave.” Tony panted as he drove his cock hard and fast inside her.

“I know the feeling, I’m gonna miss your hard cock.” Suzanne panted as she felt her orgasm rising for the third time.

As far as the fucking couple on the bed knew, they had the house to themselves. Helen was over at her sister’s house and Matthew was at work. What they didn’t know is that Matthew had gotten off early and was at that moment standing in the doorway watching as his brother fucked the shit out of his daughter. He heard Suzanne’s cries of pleasure and felt his cock rise in his pants.

He knew he should turn away but he knew if he didn’t have her at least one more time, he was going to go stir crazy. He quickly stripped out of his clothes then moved up quietly until he was able to climb up on the bed beside Suzanne. “Suck daddy’s cock while Uncle Tony fucks you baby.” he growled grabbing her head and pulling her mouth over him.

Suzanne was so engrossed in the pounding that Tony was giving her that she didn’t see her dad come up beside her. Tony had seen him but chose to wait to see what he would do. When he saw his brother naked and sporting a hard on, he smiled as he continued to slam hard into the girl beneath him. “Yea baby, suck your daddy’s cock.” he picked up the pace of his thrusts as he pounded her hard and fast.

Suzanne was in heaven, she had her father’s cock in her mouth while her uncle pounded her hot pussy. She moaned around her dad’s cock as she sucked at him. Her tongue was whipping over his tender flesh and she grazed him occasionally with her teeth which made him jump as he moaned and started fucking her face.

Tony watched his brother fucking Suzanne’s face and it pushed him to new heights. “Oh yea, fuck her face bro.” He growled as he started pummeling her pussy faster and harder with his cock. He could feel Suzanne trembling with desire beneath him and wanted to feel her cum around his pounding cock. “Cum for me baby, cum all over my hot shaft.” He panted as he reached down and began twisting Suzanne’s clit between his fingers.

Between the poundings her uncle was giving her pussy and the fact that her father was furiously fucking her face, Suzanne had been on the brink of cumming. When Tony started twisting her clit, she pulled her mouth off Matthew’s cock while she screamed in pleasure. “Fuck, Agh, Uncle Tony, I’m cummmmmmmmiiiinnnngggg…”

Tony felt her pussy convulse around him and it took all his willpower to keep from joining her. “Yea honey, oh fuck, so good.” He panted as he kept up his furious strokes.

Matthew watched as Suzanne came around Tony’s pounding cock and knew he had to be inside her. Since her front door was currently occupied, he planned to have her back door. “Tony, roll over on your back and have Suzanne straddle you.” he ordered gruffly as he pulled out of Suzanne’s grip.

Suzanne looked at her father strangely as Tony pulled out of her and helped her to sit up. “What are you doing daddy?”

Matthew smiled at her as Tony lay down on his back beside his daughter. “Straddle Uncle Tony pumpkin and I will show you.”

Suzanne smiled at her father, and then moved over Tony. Tony lined his cock up with her pussy lips again then growled when she slowly slid down over him. “Oh yea, ride me baby.” He purred as she slowly rode him.

Suzanne enjoyed riding her uncle but she looked over her shoulder at her father wondering what he was doing. When she saw him climb back onto the bed with a bottle of lube in his hand, she smiled. “Are you going to fuck me up the ass daddy?”

Matthew smiled at his daughter as he moved up behind her. He held her hips until she stopped moving over Tony.

Suzanne held herself still as she felt her father lube up her ass. When she felt his finger slide up inside her, she purred. “Oh yea daddy, lube up my ass so you can fuck me.”

Matthew worked his finger inside her a couple of times then pulled it out and added more lube before sliding a second finger in with the first. Suzanne cried out as she felt 2 of her holes filled at the same time. She wiggled her butt and Tony had a hard time keeping from just slamming his hips upward and impaling her furiously.

Matthew slowly stroked his cock as he worked his fingers inside Suzanne’s tight hole. When he had three fingers moving easily in her, he knew she was ready for his cock. He pulled his fingers out, then lubed up his cock before he straddled Tony’s legs and lined his cock up with her asshole.

Suzanne lay down over her uncle when she felt her father move up behind her. She pressed back giving him complete access to her ass and sighed when she felt him slide inside. “Ooooohhhhh, daddy…” She purred as her breasts rested against Tony’s chest. “Yes, fuck your little girl’s ass.”

Tony held himself still, and wrapped his arms around Suzanne’s back as he felt Matthew start to move inside her. “How is she bro?” he asked looking at his brother over Suzanne’s shoulder.

Matthew rested his hand against Suzanne’s back as he slowly impaled her ass with his full 10 inches. “Oh man, she is so tight. It feels so good.”

Tony grinned then moaned when Suzanne wiggled her butt and tightened her muscles around him. “Fuck me Uncle Tony.” she whimpered lifting her head to look down into his eyes.

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