Adult Theater Night

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One night at the theater, what follows is a true recounting of an experience we had at the Paris Theater in Central NY in the fall of 2009.

I picked up my 39 year old blond curvy and very pretty girlfriend in a nearby town where she lives, She was wearing tight black dress pants, a low cut blouse with a sweater over it and medium height black heels. She jumped into my car with her purse and duffel bag and gave me a kiss. While I would never had said anything, I was a little disappointed in her attire, having met me on the way from her office it was to be expected. We chatted about her day as darkness fell, she was extremely chatty and after a while I asked if she was nervous, she giggled and admitted she was a bit, we had been there on other occasions and knew you never know what to expect.. I told her to open the glove box and there she found a flask of vanilla schnapps, she smirked and took a long sip. As we drove we talked of couples or singles we have met that interested us, upcoming parties and the like. Soon she kicked off her shoes, removed her sweater and pants, then told me “Don’t worry… I couldn’t exactly dress for the theater and go to the office”. She fished around in her duffel and pulled out a black tight mini skirt and a pair of sky high heels. She shimmied into the skirt in the passenger seat of the car and looked into her bag again, removing a bottle of vanilla scented lotion. As I looked on she rubbed lotion on her legs and feet then fastened the straps on her heels and looked at me awaiting my reaction, reaching over I pulled her hand to my now too tight jeans so she could FEEL my reaction. Soon we arrived at the theater, after a few nervous minutes in the car sipping schnapps she announced she was ready.

We walked across the parking lot, her in a long coat, holding my arm tight (both out of nervousness and due to those heels). As we walked to the door I noticed a guy in the next lot over near a commercial business jump out of his car and follow us in, obviously he was waiting for something other than the usual 10-20 guys that usually inhabit the place. We paid and entered the theater on the right side (left is for gays). As we entered the dark theater, we let our eyes adjust a bit before looking for a spot to sit,

As usual heads turned and many did a double take as here was my sweet girlfriend blond hair lit from the movie light, tanned legs starting in 4″ strapped high heeled sandals and ending quite high into a hot little skirt. We walked down the center aisle, her heels clicking and alerting any who had so far failed to notice that a woman was there now. We entered an empty row of seats and went all the way towards the wall stopping two seats from the end with me on the center side.

We took out coats off and put them into the empty seat next to me (opposite side of her) and sat back, I offered her the flask again and she took a pull as the guys shuffled around moving closer but leaving a few seats between us so as not suadiye escort to appear too pushy. With my arm around her I began to kiss her, stroking her body over her clothes and passing the flask between us, I enjoy teasing her a bit, calming her some before getting too wild. The guy who had followed us in sat in front of her and sat sideways in his seat, not even pretending to watch the movie, I could hear her breathing change and knew my touching and the attention was getting to her so I slipped beneath her skirt w/my hand. She let out a low moan and the guys obviously heard it because I heard muttered comments such as “oh Jesus” and “holy shit” . As I touched her thong covered pussy I could feel her juices already soaked through, and her lips very swollen. Pulling the panties aside I slid two fingers deep into her, with no need for a gentle build up I began to finger her hard and fast, her head is lolling onto my shoulder as she whimpers and moans until she came for the first time, cumming hard, clamping her knees together. She is sensitive now and tries to push my hand away but I continue until she cums quickly a second time now beginning to squirt, once she squirts she keeps squirting so I strummed her clit and finger her deep until it could be heard spattering on the floor. Now I give her a break and kiss her deep, telling her how hot she is and how amazing she is, as I kiss her I ask her to place her feet onto the seat back in front of us, we kiss some more and she begins to moan, we look up and the guy who followed us in is massaging one foot…. I tell him “go ahead she loves that” and the guy next to him says “hey! I love toes too!” so I mention that she has two feet. Soon both guys are undoing her straps so they can massage and suck her toes, I take the shoes and we notice for the first time that there is a crowd around us, maybe another four to six guys, stroking themselves watching, some standing some sitting,

I unzip myself, letting my thick 8″ cock free . I take her tiny hand and place it on me as she starts stroking me, seeing that she is well turned on, almost in a daze stroking me and watching the two guys worshiping her feet, seeing the others stroking, knowing she is the center of attention, I pull her skirt up to expose her shaved bare, swollen and soaked pussy, then pull her top and bra down to show off her gorgeous 36c breasts..

I kiss her, alternating between rubbing her pussy and caressing her breasts, rolling her hard nipples a bit. The guy who followed us in relinquishes her left foot and hops over the seat to stand just to her left, in front of her, his hard cock making an obvious tent in his jeans, he tells her she is beautiful and asks me if he can touch her, I reply that yes he can touch but not her face or her pussy…. He gently reaches out and begins to caress her breasts, to cup them weigh them in his palm, roll the nipples. She has stopped stroking me and is squeezing me hard, panting a bit and I know she is yakacık escort ready again… the remaining guy with her feet closes his seat and stands there with his hard cock now rubbing up and down her soles, groaning a bit, taking both her feet and fucking them until he explodes and coats them with a huge load of cum, I finger her hard as she leans back in her seat, feeling one man cumming on her tiny feet, me fingering her hard, and another stranger touching her breasts as I feel her tense up to cum I decide to deny her her release. The stranger at her breasts pulls up his sweatshirt and reveals a washboard stomach, slowly he undoes his jeans button and zipper lowering them until his cock springs free. I watch her face as she stares it him, his belly, his big hard cock, watch her idly caressing her own nipples as he looms over her, and since I know she so badly wants to cum I wonder what will happen next. He begins to stroke his cock , her face so close I know he can feel her hot breath on him, she is looking up into his eyes, reading his desire and showing her own. he leans down and begins to kiss her breasts, his face all over her chest, She moans, her delicate hands rubbing his head, her face nuzzling his shoulder as he takes his time tonguing every bit of them.

After a bit he backs off, standing again, in the movie light her nipples are shining w/his saliva, her nipples even longer and more swollen after the sucking he just gave them. She reaches out with her right hand, again stroking me as she stares mesmerized by his hard cock, he takes her left hand and places it on him, not forcing the issue, just letting it rest there. She is beyond being nervous now, totally into the experience and she begins to squeeze it, much like her did w/her breasts, she begins to rub, caress, weigh and stroke him… I cannot take too much of this and stand next to him, grabbing her hair and rubbing my cock on her face, she sucks me in, now making sure to give a good show, I almost think she forgot about the others until someone over her left shoulder groans and shoots a string of cum that hits her from her shoulder over one breast and onto her belly… she lets go of my cock, still stroking him as she massages the cum into her breasts, moaning around my cock, another man quickly replaces the shooter and add his own load, hanging over her as best he can, his cum dribbling down onto her tits and her massaging hand, the stranger leans forward and she rubs his cock all over her slick breasts, I am close so I pull out of her mouth to paint her face with precum, then step back so as not to finish too soon, there is another guy in the row in front, jerking hard and soon yet another load is sprayed onto her, this time her legs are coated, the void I leave is quickly filled with another man leaning in from the row behind as he jerks himself off onto her shoulder too. The stranger is rubbing all this cum into her breasts, squeezing them pinching her nipples as she slaps her tits şerifali escort with his cock, now looking into his eyes telling him “Come on baby, I want your hot cum on me too…” soon he moans and thrusts forward, soaking her with the biggest load of the night. I look down at her, hair disheveled, covered in cum, clothes all cum stained and know I am a very lucky man.

We collect our things and head for the car. As we head to the vehicle one of the older guys there falls into step with us, telling us how rare it is to have a woman like her show up there, how turned on her was to be able to cum on her toes and how that’s his big fetish. she is smiling, glad she made his night, telling him that she enjoyed it all very much. I unlock the door and as she slides in being sure to show plenty of leg he asks if he can kiss her goodbye, quickly adding not her mouth, he knows our rules but might he kiss her sexy feet instead. Well she loves this kind of thing so she swivels in her seat and dangles her legs out of the car rubbing one slender ankle with the other high heeled sandal, kind of posing for him. He kneels and reverently takes first one foot then the other, licking her arches, kissing and sucking her toes, stroking her legs with his hands before removing her shoes, bathing her feet with his tongue, cleaning all the accumulated cum from her tiny feet as he releases himself and strokes himself to hardness again. She looks down at him, mesmerized, leaning back and rubbing her pussy as he worships her feet. The look on her face is almost dreamy, here she is in the harsh light of the parking lot sighing, quietly moaning as he strokes himself faster, knowing she is enjoying this treatment as much as he is. Finally he moans and spills his seed onto the pavement, his mouth stuffed full of her toes, and as I look at her face I see her eyes closed, she is biting her lower lip, a look of concentration on her face as she strums her clit and silently cums again. Again he thanks us, zipping up and taking his leave .

She never wipes herself off afterward, instead leans the seat back and masturbates the whole way to my house, enjoying the feel of the cum drying on her, enjoying the freedom of being a slut for the night, talking fantasies to be fulfilled and some repeated. She telling me that she so badly wanted to suck the first strangers cock, to stand facing the wall and have him fuck her right there for all to see (the whole time I am kicking myself for not telling her I had a pocket full of flavored condoms just in case she wanted to try more). When we get to my home I take her to the bathroom, gently strip her clothes away, rub her body head to toe, feeling the evidence of her wild night still drying on her, then I slowly wash her body with a soapy wash cloth and we head to the hot tub where we re live our evening, tease each other, tempt each other until finally I take her, hard and rough, making her mine all over again.

We go there maybe three times a year, have had good experiences and some not so good but we always end up having our own fun later on. This is my first writing so if it sucked I hope to get better, we have had many adventures but as u all know it takes a lot longer to write them than it does to remember them.

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