Adult Nudist Camp 6

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Adult Nudist Camp 6I know this is a long story, but I have a great imagination. Part 5 ended with us busting my sluts husbands and the ladies are spending the night training them to be good little tramps.When I get back to my trailer I still hard a hard cock. The tramp is waiting there just like I ordered. I stepped in front of him and told him to suck my dick. He could believe I was letting him have with me. I told him to take it deep in whore mouth, swallow it. I held his head in place and started fucking his head like it was pussy, I could see it going down his throat. He is not as good as my girls, but close. I told him to go into the camper and lay on the bed. I told him to lay on his with his head over the edge. I put my cock back in his throat, I know this way I can get deeper in his throat. I was loving this so much, I start fucking his mouth like it was a cunt. He is taking it like a champ, on it.I picked his tiny ass up and threw him on the bed in the opposite direction. He didn’t have time to realize what was happening before I was on him with my big black cock sliding in to his man cunt. Because the hot blowjob I didn’t need any lube. When I was balls deep, I asked him what did he want. He said I want your big black cock to fuck me hard. I’m sorry try again. He master please fuck me. That’s better, you did so good following orders tonight I thought I’d reward you with a good hard fuck. How do you want daddy to fuck you bitch? Hard master, as hard and deep as you can give to me. That was all I needed to hear, I started fucking him like I fuck my sluts. Talk to me bitch, tell me what you want, how it feels. He starts talking to me like the dirty whore that he is. I pull out of him and he thinks their is something wrong. I tell to ride you daddy, ride me hard, He’s riding me like a machine . I tell him to suck on my nipple and suck them hard, fuck I like that. I asked him is he ready for daddy hot black load, he say yes master, breed me, breed me deep. That’s all I can take. With a loud grunt I start filling atakum escort up his man/pussy, this causes him to cum out of his tiny dick. I come so much that it is leaking out around my cock,I feel his ass milking my dick. He slides off of me with a pop followed by some of my cum. I told him to suck my cock clean and lick the load off of my body. When he’s done< he says thank you master, for making feel like a real woman, now get the fuck out.I fall asleep and in my dreams I felt some one sucking my cock. Again it's not a dream, it's the clerk from the office.She said she had seen tramp Alice leave so she wasn't sure if she should come in, but her wet pussy decided for her. She also said she didn't realized I was BI, I told her I wasn't, but the tramp did me a big favor tonight so I gave him a one time mercy fuck. So why are you here sucking my cock while I was sleeping ? She said ever since she had my black cock earlier it has been all she could think of, she masturbated four time just to keep from attacking the next man that would come through and I couldn't sleep so here I am, is there a problem ? Look at my dick, does their look like their's a problem, I got lot of cum for you.She says good, lays on the bed, pulls her legs back to ears and says come and fuck me like the true slut that am. I climb on her and slide my fat cock into her slowly. When I fill her with my cock and grind on it a bit. She says come on bastard fuck the hell I out me I want to feel it in my gut. I start giving her what she is begging for. She is throwing her head back and forth and moaning give me more. I am fucking her so hard the bed is banging off the wall. She says she wants it doggy style. turns over and puts her head in the bed and her ass in the air. I waste no time getting my cock in her and says fuck this is good baby give me more. I hold her hips bang her like a machine, she is acting like slut possessed. When I slam into her she slams back. Fuck she's wild bitch. She then says put it in my ass, fuck my ass with escort atakum that big black cock. I line my cock up with her hole and am going to slide it in slow so I don’t hurt her. She’s not having any of that, She shove her ass on my cock all the way to my ball. She say god dam that’s good. Fuck my ass daddy, fuck it’s like my dirty cunt. I give her what she wants, trying to get cock into her mouth. Then say daddy, let me ride you, I pull out of her, lay on my back and she drops her ass onto my cock, Then she starts raising up till just my head is in her and drops back down. She bend over and say bite my nipples hard, mmmm yes that’s what I want, I tell her that I am going to cum and she says I want it in my cunt baby deep in there, give me a black baby, I want a black baby.She moves my cock from her ass to her pussy and fucks it just like her ass. I tell her here it comes. She falls down on me balls deep just as I start breeding her she has a huge orgasm. Shaking an crying how good it was. She is using her cunt muscle to squeeze every drop of come out of me. She climbed off me, lays beside me and thanks me for the best fuck she has ever had. I am going to feel it for weeks. she kisses me deep and leaves. I think good I am done for the night. I need to recover before my sluts get here in the morning. I actually got about six hours of sleep with out fucking someone, not complaining but still over whelmed. I never deowould have believed I would be fucking so many different people let so much. I think I have fucked at least 20 time in only a few days.Bonnie shows up but not with Julie but Allen. She comes over and gives me a hot kiss and a tug on my cock. She says that she want this sissy to see how a real fucks his wife’s and a pussy. She tell him to sit over there. She says to me, baby can you go over there and let him get you ready for me.Sure sexy mamma. I go over to Allen and rub my soft cock over his lips, but he won,t open up. Bonnie asked him if he forgot the video. Allen said I don’t care about atakum escort bayan the video it will make you as bad as me. Bonnie then told him that everybody knows I am a slut and a title I love. But then other men, how would they explain it to their wives and then they come after you.So you think about or open your fucking mouth and eat that beautiful black cock before you get to watch it fuck my big sexy ass. With anger in his eyes he opens his mouth and reluctantly lets it slide in his mouth. Bonnie told him that he better not hurt my cock. She needs it. About half way into his mouth I shove it down his throat and makes him gag, which in turn makes Bonnie laughs out loud. She is enjoy it on so many levels, but the best is humiliating her pussy husband in public, only thing that could make it better is if someone comes by.When she thought my cock was hard enough she told Allen to let it go and stay where he is. And she says to me, baby come over here and sit here. Straddles my crotch facing Allen and says you’re going to watch me get fucked, don’t look away. my She then slide all the way down on my dick all the way down to huge balls and says God baby I love your fat black cock, fuck my cunt good, fuck me the way that wimp never could. Baby I am going to cum AAAHHHH FFFFUUUCKKKK. She said damn daddy I came so hard, maybe because that sissy is watching us. Bonnie said put that monster in my ass, you know how much I love that. She looks at Allen and says I never let you fuck my ass because I would never feel it. She said come on daddy, feel me with that black daddy cum. Give me a big load because I know Allen is hungry. That’s right sissy, your going to eat his load out of my ass and you’re to swallow it all while I tell you how I have fucking him from the first day I met him right under your stupid nose. With that I couldn’t hold it anymore. I pulled her down onto my cock so I breed her deep, make Allen have to work for it. Bonnie moans out loud, fuck this a hot one. When I pull out of her ass, Bonnie say to Allen, be a dear, and clean my ass off of his cock. I can see the steam coming off his head. I give my hot slut a kiss and say I am going to talk a walk. Don’t like to watch people eat. She said ok daddy. Julie will be here latter with her sissy.

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