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I crawl out of the mangled remains of my BMW Z3, winded and bruised, swirling shapes of colors dancing outrageously upon the blackness of the night sky. I can hear her whimpering and moaning; can smell her fear and helplessness, and begin to drag my ungainly body around the front of the overturned car towards her intermittent gasps. Brambles and twigs snag my clothes and skin as i work my way into the brilliant and rich glow of headlights, feeling a tender throb in my blue jeans as my 7.5 inch penis awakens from its slumber, uncoiling into a rock hard serpent of bilious vengeance.

I claw my way towards the pathetic sounds of Gwyneth, who, silly wench, was not wearing a seatbelt and was therefore thrown through the windshield, rudely interrupted from her reverential redlipstick application, when I spun out on a slick turn and sent us careening over an embankment and into the woods.

As my head clears of the insane menagerie her feet and legs inch into view: one foot is bare, shining in the light like carved marble, while the other is contorted into some bloody alien appendage, still strapped to a broken black stiletto. The tip of my aching cock creeps out from between my waistband and stomach, taking in a full waft of the fragrant, summer night and releasing a single drop of its pearl poison. I work my way up her smooth, glorious legs, now adorned with cuts and thorns, until my body lies cruelly upon them. She kicks softly beneath me and a tremor rises from her toes deep into her thighs. I swear i see a ripple of emotion roll through her fabric-draped pubic triangle. I look down and desire overcomes me. Godlike desire. An epiphany of primal lust that courses from my loins into my brain. I pull myself up to her using my arms (the feeling in my legs is gone) and drag my chest over hers, until our chins meet. I feel her soft moaning like a purr, it electrifies and sickens me.

Gwyneth is a beautiful woman: long jet black hair and girlish blue eyes set in bahis siteleri a perfectly contoured face, 5’7″ with firm, supple breasts. Her hindquarters, while not especially large, are a revelation, though i have only beheld their naked glory a handful of times. Something indefinable about their proportions and shape is both uncanny and supremely desirable, as though they were a sacred temple, built eons ago by a forgotten race; a portal into their eldritch past. When I think of her ass i think of the fairy mounds of Ireland, of things now dimly remembered and misunderstood and feel myself a part of that mythical past, a pagan deity seeking its sacred portal.

I feel the hardness of my cock. I feel it push further towards my navel. I feel it burst majestically towards some unrealized immanence. My balls suck up into my body, my anus pulses in anticipation. I take in the deep whiteness of her supple thighs, inhaling the aroma of her enflamed sex. The pungent odor awakens my deeper yearning, my striving reaches new heights of sexual fulfillment. I wallow in our degadation and am thankfully protected from thought. I am not this body. I am not this cock. Yet I feel myself filling you up, again and again.

I don’t recall pulling her panties aside and pushing it in. Nonetheless i am balls deep, ramming my turgid member into her chronically contracting vagina. I feel myself scream and lose control, but i do not cum. I feel the tight smoothness of her womb. Her moans and sobs. Her flailing awakens a primordial lust I have never known. I focus upon her nether regions entirely. I refine my godlike will into a pinpoint of dazzling brilliance and energy, shooting it forth into the profound darkness that is her. I plumb the ancient wellspring of humanity, explore the primeval caverns from whence first crawled our sodden ancestors. I expose and conquer her abyss, wrenching its mystery in my mighty fist and crushing it with utter ruthlessness.

Her violet miniskirt canlı bahis siteleri is pushed up around her waist as I pump rhythmically into her and ravenously gnaw a pink nipple through a tear in her tattered silk blouse. Looking up from my mammarian meal, i wonder at that distinguished chin glareimg white hot in the headlights. Her lips open and close faintly, as though she is whispering her catechism. Her eyelids flutter deliciously over the gleaming whites of eyeballs rolled far back in her head. Her long black hair is thrown about her head like a large halo, glinting razor sharp shards of obsidian.

Snapping out of my reveries, I come to, reality clarifies tenfold and I take control of the situation. I pull up her heavy legs and spread them to the breaking point, slamming into her with force and remaining inside for a few moments. The head of my wrathful scepter lodges comfortably inside her cervix. I gradually work up speed, moving my hands down her thighs and onto her asscheeks, pushing my fingers under her until they meet at the crevasse. Enflamed with creative omnipotence I bellow and let the middle finger of my right hand enter her awaiting asshole, pushing it in to the first knuckle and pulling my hands apart. Her tight aperture first contracts then opens up, allowing me to press on in my maddening quest, until the entire digit is engulfed in her. Through the thin walls of her rectum I can feel my thick penis which impossibly seems to have grown even larger.

With the proverbial meathooks in her I begin to fuck in earnest, playing her as a virtuoso might play a violin. I work upon her expertly, reaching my absolute potential in every movement I make. We have now become one; I am no longer aware of any difference between us, of any barrier separating our bodies and souls, reunited after an eternity of longing. Our bodies move in tandem one and I reach a state of nirvana, a warm sensation flooding me and drowning all else out.

I push a second canlı bahis finger into her welcoming asshole in preparation of the inevitable finale. Somewhere far off what was once my mind meditates abstractly. How time passes so quickly and rarely are we able to fully appreciate our experiences before they are so crudely ripped from our clutches. As my pleasure transcends the knowable, a wave of nausea rises from the deep. I am no longer in control of my actions. A higher power controls my body and I exhaustedly surrender the reigns to this overriding force.

From within my corporeal prison I feel my pelvis pull back and unsheathe my glorious tool from its nesting place, lowering it to its burial ground. Gwyn offers no resistance as I enter her anal passage with my purple, distended penis. Without hesitation my hijacked body begins to plough away, and I am sent reeling by a second wave of ecstatic nausea and a return of the colorful blotches that cloud my sight. I know there is no return from this place and that in reality no other place exists. We gyrate and groan together like the gears of some long abandoned cosmic machinery. With one final violent propulsion into her, I simultaneously release my noxious venom and am released from my bondage. I explode within Gwyneth’s bowels and gnash my teeth, feeling a molar crack. I disgorge the warm substance and feel it fill her, sealing the holy covenant between us forever.

Collapsing upon her I am unable to move for a time, during which my mind drifts into a liminal peace. My consciousness consists solely of the cicada’s whooping chorus which enthralls us in the hot night. As my breath returns to me so does thought, and I remember that we are lying amongst the trees, tangled in the creepers and tall grass, rolling in bits of broken glass from my demolished car. I become aware of Gwyneth’s little choked sobs and realize I am smothering her. I pull out of her and roll over. The lights flit mischievously over me, speaking to me in a language I have long forgotten. I try to remember something important, something vital, and I do for a moment as understanding flashes across my consciousness, before the cicadas’ susurrations drown me in their oblivion.

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