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“So, guys, gather round,” Guy the director said, as he ushered us to join him at the end of the large double bed.

“This is a really important scene. Pivotal, yeah? It’s so important we’re going to split it over two sessions. So let’s go over what we’re trying to establish here,” he continued in his broad New York accent. He was a short, anxious-looking middle-aged man with a craggy face, dark goatee and large bags under his eyes that suggested he lay awake at night worrying about ratings, deadlines and budgets.

“Right,” Mia said, casually flicking through her copy of the script as she perched on the end of the bed and crossed her legs.

“Sure,” I agreed, trying hard not to be distracted by the sight of her dressing gown riding up over her long legs, baring another inch of her smooth, tan thighs as I glanced down at the first few lines of my copy of the script:

“FADE IN. INT: AMARETTI MASTER BEDROOM. JOHNNY and VANESSA lie in bed, the half-light of dawn revealing their bodies lying entwined beneath a thin sheet. Clothes are scattered untidily over the carpet. JOHNNY stirs in his sleep as VANESSA runs a hand over his bare chest.

VANESSA: Morning, handsome

JOHNNY (sleepily): …”

I didn’t really need to look, I’d learned all the lines off by heart the night before, pacing up and down my tiny one-bedroom apartment, determined not to make a fool of myself by forgetting my lines on the day. I felt like I was acting all the time here, not just when I was on-set, always trying to hide how nervous and excited I felt being on-set. It was my most challenging role: Jake Smith, a promising, talented young actor who was worthy of his place in the cast.

This was my first serious role, actually playing a named character in successive episodes of a proper television series rather than “Rowdy guy in bar” or “Over-eager young cop”, and I was playing opposite Mia Starling, a professional actress who I had a lot of respect for. Not exactly a household name, but you might know her face if you saw it. An actor who made a comfortable living playing any number of cheated housewives, devious widows and distraught soccer moms in TV staples like Law and Order and CSI, as well as supporting roles in dozens of movies.

This was a big opportunity for both of us, playing solid, well-established character roles in the second series of “Amaretti’s Way”. Mia was reprising her role from the first series as ‘Vanessa’, the manipulative wife of small-time mobster Vince Amaretti. And I was playing ‘Johnny’, a small-time crook and aspiring mobster who’s recently started working for her husband as a chauffeur and general dogsbody. One of the key storylines of this series was the affair between Vanessa and Johnny. Vanessa wants out of her marriage as her husband Vince is an over-bearing bully, but knows she can’t simply walk away, and so she seduces Johnny in the hope that he’ll be able to help her get rid of her husband. Of course, it all ends badly for poor young Johnny, and I’m killed off in the last episode when the murder plot goes badly wrong, but still the chance to appear in just a few episodes of prime-time drama made it a terrific opportunity.

“So, let’s set the scene,” Guy continued. “Vince has gone to Vegas to sort out a problem at his casino, and Vanessa has wasted no time in seducing Johnny. You guys are waking up in bed having spent the night together for the first time and now it’s morning, Vanessa wants to start sowing the seeds of her plan. She’s not entirely sure where she’s going yet, but she just feels that Johnny may come in handy in some future plot against Vince. Okay?”

“So Mia, we know how manipulative and scheming you can be. In the first part of this scene, you need to get Johnny onside. You need to convince him how badly Vince treats you, you’ve got to get his sympathy, make him want to protect you, make him desire you, even love you. But you can’t be too obvious, you know Johnny is still loyal to Vince at this point, but he is young and impetuous and that could work in your favour.”

“Sure,” Mia said, looking slightly bored as if he was stating the obvious.

“And Jake, you’ve been attracted to Vanessa for a while, and now you’ve finally got to spend the night in her bed. You’re a little bit in love with Vanessa, and can’t help but feel protective. But at the same time, you’re terrified about what would happen if Vince found out. Plus you’re loyal to him for giving you the opportunity to work for him. So you’re kind of torn, but open to persuasion alright?”

“Right,” I confirmed.

“So no sex in this scene just a little foreplay. Now you two have just spent all night making love alright? So you’re going to be comfortable touching each other, so feel free to touch and caress one another, and kiss if that feels right, the audience has to be convinced that you’re into each other, alright? Just go with whatever feels natural and organic.”

We both nodded.

“Okay, positions please everyone, let’s go for a first take,” he yelled, striding over to speak to the sound bursa eskort man briefly before putting on some large headphones and sitting behind a monitor in a darkened corner of the bedroom-style set.

Although Guy had insisted that anyone non-essential must leave, there will still eight or nine people on the bedroom set: the guy holding the sound boom, the director, the script girl, two guys who arranged the lighting, Mia’s assistant and several others. Aware that the role required some nudity I’d been working out at the gym and my body was relatively lean and athletic but I still couldn’t help feeling embarrassed as I quickly slipped out my dressing gown and threw it onto a chair, leaving me clad in just a pair of tight grey briefs. I quickly slipped into the bed, the sheets cool against my bare skin.

“Here, take this,” Mia said as she slipped off her white towelling dressing gown.

“Yes, Mia,” her assistant said, taking it from her outstretched hand.

I felt my pulse quicken at the sight of her gorgeous body clad in a sexy emerald green silk slip that was edged with black lace and split at the side exposing a sliver of her tanned thigh. She was an attractive woman in her mid-thirties with large hazel-brown eyes, and her long, honey-blonde hair artfully tousled, as it would be after a night of passion. In the subdued light, I could see how the slip clung to her body, emphasizing her rounded hips, slim waist and generous boobs. I felt my cock stir as she got into bed beside me, going over my lines to try and keep myself focussed as she pulled the sheet up over her boobs, and settled into the pillow, closing her eyes.

“OK, everybody good? Action!” Guy said.

“Morning, handsome,” Mia said and after a short pause she rolled over and ran a hand across my bare, hairless chest.

“Morning, gorgeous, did you sleep okay?” I said, opening my eyes and clutching her hand.

“Like a baby. Must have been all that intense physical exercise last night,” she said, smiling as she planted a soft kiss on my neck.

“Mmm, I love exercising with you,” I said, running my finger over her arm then using a finger to circle a fake bruise that had been skilfully applied in make-up. “Hey, is this a bruise?”

“Oh it’s nothing, I’m just clumsy, that’s all,” she answered.

“Did Vince do it? Did he hurt you?” I replied, twisting around to look closer and trying to ignore the cameraman moving a little closer to the bed.

“Come on, let’s not talk about it,” she said, twisting around so that her back was towards me.

“Is he ever rough with you? You know if I ever saw him lay a hand on you…” I said, twisting around too and sliding my arm beneath her pillow so that we were spooning, my body curved around hers

“Come on, don’t. You’re sweet but let’s not talk about it. Not now,” she insisted, snuggling back into me, and I felt my cock stir as I felt her firm bottom wriggling against my thighs.

“Well, I’m just saying…” I said, sliding an arm around her trim waist and pulling her body close, and trying to ignore the swelling in my shorts.

“Let’s just enjoy the time we have left, okay? Come on, hold me, please Johnny. When have you got to leave?”

“In two hours or so, his plane gets in at midday.”

As we talked, she continued to wriggle, her warm body rubbing against mine. No-one watching would have noticed her subtle movements beneath the thin white sheet but they were certainly having an effect on me, and now I could feel my cock getting harder. I could feel it becoming erect, straining against my shorts, making it difficult to focus.

“Well, let’s not think about him, let’s just enjoy the moment,” Mia prompted.

Her firm buttocks continued to grind against me, and it felt so good I struggled to think of anything else, mentally losing my place in the script.

“Um, sorry, I’ve forgotten my line,” I said, feeling my cheeks burn red.

“OK, cut!” Guy shouted. “Let me check the playback.”

“Finding it difficult to concentrate?” Mia whispered, twisting her head, her dark eyes hard-to-read in the semi-darkness.

“Yeah, sorry about that, it was all that wiggling,” I replied, pressing my lips close to her ear so that no-one could hear me.

“You mean when I do this?” she teased as she rubbed her buttocks against my straining cock again.

“Fuck!” I groaned softly as I felt my cock grow another inch. “You should stop that.”

“I’m just doing what Vanessa would do. Anyway, it feels like you’re enjoying it,” she said as her plump, pink lips curled into a sultry smile.

Perhaps I should have expected this as Mia had a bit of a reputation on the set. I’d heard more than one person describe her as a ‘man eater’, and although she was single one of the make-up girls told me that she always turned up to an awards ceremony with a handsome younger man on her arm. She also had a reputation as a bit of a practical joker, and perhaps this was her idea of having a bit of fun with a nervous inexperienced actor, trying to make me fluff bursa merkez eskort my lines.

I was about to tell her how much of a tease she was, when we were interrupted by the director.

“OK, there was a little rustling over the dialogue when you changed position, so let’s go again, from the top. Everyone ready?” Guy snapped.

“If you’re worried about the sound, we could just start in this spooning position,” Mia offered.

“Yeah, fine, let’s go with that. Okay, action!”

“Morning, handsome,” Mia said sleepily.

“Morning, gorgeous, did you sleep okay?”

“Like a baby. Must have been all that physical exercise.”

“Mmm, I love exercising with you. Hey, is this a bruise?”

“Oh it’s nothing, I’m just clumsy, that’s all.”

“Did Vince do it? Did he hurt you?” I said. Whilst we ran through the lines, I slid my hand over her slip, caressing the lean curves of her body.

“Come on, let’s not talk about it,” she said, a slight catch in her voice as I slid my hand higher, cupping one of her boobs, weighing it in my palm, exploring its full roundness through the thin silk. The sheet was tugged up under her armpits and with the camera focussed on our faces, no one could see what I was up to.

“Is he ever rough with you? You know if I ever saw him lay a hand on you…” I said as I massaged her ample boob, gently squeezing it. It had been obvious that some other female actors I’d worked with had had some ‘work’ done, but Mia’s boobs felt on hundred percent natural, lovely and firm yet yielding.

Although this wasn’t in the script, Guy hold told us to go with whatever felt ‘organic’ and exploring the plumpness of Mia’s boobs definitely felt right to me. I’d looked her up on IMDB and knew that she was thirty-five, which was ten years older than me, but she certainly looked (and felt!) a lot younger. Besides, if it was okay for her to tease me, surely I was allowed to tease her a little? Where was the harm in that, right?

“Come on, don’t!” she said, emphasizing the last word. “You’re sweet but let’s not talk about it. Not now.”

“Well, I’m just saying…” I said, running my fingers back and forth over her breast. It was evident that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath and soon I felt her nipple come alive, dimpling the thin silk. It felt plump and stubby, stretching towards my fingers as if demanding more attention.

“Let’s just enjoy the time we have left, okay? Come on, hold me, please Johnny. When have you got to leave?” she said, and I wondered if anyone else could hear the slight tremor in her voice as I used my fingertip to tease her nipple, slowly circling it then gently rubbing it till I felt it harden, pressing against the clinging fabric of her slip.

“In two hours or so, his plane gets in at midday.”

“Fuck!” Mia snapped as I gently tweaked the hard little peak between thumb and forefinger, feeling her body shudder as I squeezed tighter. “Sorry Guy, just a bit of cramp.”

“Okay, cut!” Guy yelled again. “Take a minute, guys.”

“That’s so unprofessional!” Mia hissed, twisting her head to flash me an angry look over her shoulder.

“Hey, I was just going with what felt natural. Anyway you started it,” I replied, a little childishly.

“Going with what felt natural, my ass! You mean, copping a feel,” she whispered angrily, although I sensed her anger was tempered by her arousal.

“Hey, felt like you were enjoying it,” I said, grinning.

“Yes, well, listen Jake, you’re new to this so let me…” she started to say but was interrupted by Guy.

“Okay, let’s go again. Action!” he shouted, and we slumped back into our starting positions.

“Morning, handsome,” Mia I heard say sleepily.

As we ran through the first section of dialogue again, I managed to shift position a little, slipping my right arm out from under the pillow so that I could use both hands to caress her gorgeous body, sliding them over her flat stomach, the swell of her hips, cupping her swollen boobs as she wriggled restlessly.

“Is he ever rough with you? You know if I ever saw him lay a hand on you…” I said, nuzzling her ear and kissing the pale skin of her neck beneath her straw-coloured hair as I ran a hand along the smooth skin of her thighs.

“Come on, don’t! You’re sweet but let’s not talk about it. Not now,” she said, sounding a little breathless as I eased the hem of her slip higher. I felt my excitement rise as I slipped it up over the swell of her hips. She continued to move restlessly, our hot bodies sliding together as I felt my hard-as-a-rock erection slide neatly into the cleft between her firm, semi-naked buttocks.

“Well, I’m just saying…” I said, sliding a hand between her slightly parted thighs and massaging her through her panties. Although I couldn’t see them, I used my fingers to explore and found that like her slip they were silky, lace-edged and cut high over her thighs. They were also quite damp and I felt her respond, her legs parting a little wider as I gorukle eskort ran my fingers along the moist fabric, tracing the contours of her swollen labia.

“Let’s just enjoy the time we have left, okay? Come on, hold me, please Johnny. When have you got to leave?” she gasped as I moved my fingers in slow circles over her pussy.

“In a couple of hours or so, his plane gets in at midday,” I said, trying to keep my voice even as I felt her slip a hand behind, using the palm of her hand to massage my solid shaft through my shorts.

“Well, let’s not think about him, let’s just enjoy the moment,” she said, wrapping her fingers around my cock, squeezing and stroking me as I struggled to remember my lines.

“Why don’t you leave him?” I said. I’d managed to slide a hand under her slip and was thoroughly enjoying the feel of her bare breasts, her plump little nipples hardening as I rolled them between my thumb and forefinger. I could feel her breathing quicken, although she was just about managing to maintain her composure as I continued to kiss her neck and shoulders and stroke her hot pussy, feeling her juices soak through her silk panties.

“Oh Johnny, it’s just not that simple,” she managed to gasp as I used one hand to tease her nipples, whilst I used the other to ease her damp panties to one side. Her hand was still rubbing my throbbing erection and I struggled to maintain my self-control. I wished we were alone so I could rip off her panties, spread her buttocks and slide my achingly-hard cock into the invitingly warm, wet folds that lay between them.

“Why not? I bet you’ve got money stashed away, what’s to stop you disappearing one day?” I said, as I hooked aside her skimpy panties, feeling a deep shudder run through her body as I ran a finger along the juicy folds of her pussy.

“You don’t think it hasn’t crossed my mind? But Vince would come after me, you know that. And he knows people, people who are good at tracking down fugitives and bad debtors. I wouldn’t last five minutes on my own,” she said, ever the professional, still managing to remain composed as I spread her inflamed labia, and ran a finger along the hot, wet inner lips, sliding it up and down, then swirling it around the throbbing bud of her clit.

I don’t kid myself that I’m an expert in pleasuring women, I just think Mia was aroused by the wickedness of being caressed so intimately in front of so many people. People who thought her hot gasps and wriggling were all part of her acting.

“Well, you needn’t be on your own,” I said, sliding a finger along the moist groove of her sex, gathering her wetness, then flicking a wet fingertip across her pleasure button as I felt her body jerk and twist, her hand still tightly gripping my hard prick. I could sense she was close, and as I strummed her clit, I used the fingers of my other hand to circle her entrance. Nobody else would have noticed, but I felt her suppress a hot gasp as I slid a wet finger inside her tight yet welcoming lips, slowly starting to finger-fuck her.

This wasn’t supposed to be a sex scene and I knew I shouldn’t be doing this but I just couldn’t help myself. If I’d learned one thing about making love to women, it’s never to stop when they’re on the verge of orgasm. I moved my finger a little faster, feeling the clasping, velvety embrace of her soaking pussy lips.

“Thanks, but I don’t want to get you into any trouble. Vince is a dangerous man. So let’s not think about that now, alright? Let’s just enjoy his last hour together, okay?” she managed to gasp.

I felt her body stiffen then shudder, felt her pussy contract around my finger, squeezing it once, twice three times. But ever the professional actress, she suppressed her emotions and nobody else in the room heard the long, low but very quiet moan or noticed her squeezing her eyes shut as she painfully dug her nails into my fat throbbing cock.

“OK, cut!” yelled Guy, slipping off his headphones, then hunched back over the monitor to watch the playback.

“You okay?” I asked after a few seconds of silence.

“You’re such an unprofessional bastard!” Mia hissed over her shoulder.

“Felt like you were enjoying it,” I whispered, holding her firm as she tried to wriggle away.

“Is that how you get your kicks, groping helpless women?”

“So, did you, uh, you know fake that, or was that the real thing?” I whispered as she rolled away and adjusted her slip, wriggling it back down over her thighs.

“You know I do act for a living. What do you think?” Mia said softly, turning to face me, her plump lips curving into a hard-to-read smile.

“Well, if you faked it, you’re really good,” I replied.

“Well, maybe I’ve had a lot of practice. You know how fragile men’s egos are, right?”

“Well, I hope I can fake it as well as you in the next scene,” I said, chuckling nervously.

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll make sure you don’t have to do too much faking,” she whispered, leaning in close, her perfume filling my nostrils, her breath hot against my ear.

I was about to ask her what she meant, when I spotted Guy getting to his feet. Mia twisted around and propped her head on her hand as he perched on the side of the bed. If he’d known how hot things had gotten between us, he didn’t show it. I suppose he just assumed we were using our acting skills.

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