Accidental Delivery Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 — The Closet

As he stalked closer to her she noticed the red flush of his face, the top buttons of his shirt open and his tie hanging half open, she knew what he did to him with those letters. She was also a mess, she assumed her makeup had melted into her sweat and streaked her as she looked around hoping that nobody was around to see them.

“Marie, this is something I need to get for our project. Care to join me?” he asked his eyes flaring hotly.

She couldn’t breathe for the moment he was so gorgeous, especially now with sweat rolling off his brow, his short hair slightly damp and sticking to his forehead. She knew where this was headed as she glanced at the clock 4:00. Far too early to cut out… she was stuck. She started it though, now the target of her lusty crush was standing right in front of her.

Just as shaken as her from the extremely erotic letters they had bounced between each other. His eyes seemed to taunt her, urging her out of her shell. It felt like that this would be her only real chance, this spur of a moment thing. She doubted it would actually go anywhere, she’d brand herself a coward if she didn’t do this right now.

“Of course, I think I know what that something is, stud,” she said huskily. Then her eyes widened, she did it again! She shouldn’t be mortified calling him stud after what she sent to him in the letter. But he was standing right in front of her!


It felt like all the air in the room and suddenly tightened around his neck as all his blood flowed south. Her eyes had flared with the same passion as she called him stud. He had to ruthlessly bite back a groan, what she made him feel… there was no question that this would not be a one time thing. There was no way at all he could sate himself with one time with her.

He reached down and grabbed her hand and pulled her up off her chair then started towards the supply closet, it was getting later and most were beginning to start closing off their work. He didn’t think anybody would be needing it at all, her heat and her fragrant scent of roses surrounded him, strangling his cock.

He couldn’t remember a time when he was ever as hard as he was right now. This was going to be rough hard fuck, he was so close to the edge he feared he’d go off as soon as he got inside of her.


The only strength she had left in her body was used to follow Nick towards the supply closet. It was so Escort Eryaman clichéd, but anything would do right now, she was so hot she was burning up. If it wasn’t for his intense woodsy smell and the heat radiating from him she’d keel over from the demanding sensations running rampant throughout her body.

They reached the closet, she looked around quickly and thankfully nobody was there to see her duck inside with Nick. As soon as the door was shut he was on her, he kissed her like a starving man, devouring her. She pushed his jacket off his broad shoulders and dug her nails into his hard back.

He grunted as the bite of her nails zapped through him, he leaned back from the kiss and growled at her. “You made me so damn hot and hard for you I almost came in my pants, you’re a real firecracker and I can’t take more of it.”

He reached down and pulled up her dress and yanked down her panties. She bucked up against his bulk and whimpered. “You made me so hot too Nick, I need you now. We’ve teased each other enough. Enough teasing, just fuck me already,” she panted desperately as she clawed at his belt before hurriedly unbuttoning his pants and yanking his pants down with his boxers.

He groaned in relief as the pressure was finally taken off his aching cock. “Damn you set me off Marie, i’ve wanted you for months,” he groaned as kissed her neck.

She looked surprised for a mere second at his confession before her lust kicked back into gear. “I’m on the pill, just hurry up and fuck me before I do it,” she growled her fingers digging in harder.

He grunted unable to speak for the moment as he thrust into her shoving her against the door with a bang. He gripped her hips and slammed into her a few times before he groaned, “Damn it i’m not going to last, you got me so worked up.”

“I don’t care, just do me!” she hissed.

With another quick thrust she arched into him, her fingers digging deeper into his skin as she exploded against him, her legs wrapped around his, squeezing him tightly. He growled savagely and slammed into her once again, before spilling his seed deep inside of her. Her fingers slowly released their death grip on his back as they panted harshly against each other.

“Wow… that was amazing,” gasped Nick. He slowly released his grip on her hips and let her slide against the door until she was standing again.

“Oh my god, I think the whole office would have heard Eryaman Escort us,” she panted.

Nick crooked a grin at her, still deeply inside of her as he started getting smaller finally and said, “Live a little Marie, fantasies are no good if they stay that way.”

She looked into his sexy green eyes and knew that she had to take full advantage of this situation, if she got fired she’d deal with it. She needed this, no that’s not it. She deserved it, surprising him she pushed him against the shelves making them rattle slightly, he grunted with the impact and groaned as she twisted her hips and squeezed him.

“Of course not… I do have a whole folder of fantasies on my home computer, this is one of my favourites,” she said licking her lips. She was going to have some fun now, they still had some time to kill before knockoff time.

He shivered slightly at the thought of her writing multiple explicit fantasies about him specifically. He groaned once she started squeezing him, he was a goner here, she had all the control as she kept his arms pinned to the shelves.

She leaned over him and scraped her teeth against the strong column of his neck, she continued to massage his cock back to full hardness with her pulsing walls as he struggled against her hold. “I wish I had something to keep you right here, you’ve got a pretty dirty mind too Nick,” she said chuckling.

“Damn it you’re good, I wish I had the courage to ask you out much earlier. I’ve had a crush on you for months,” he said huskily, thrusting back at her.

She groaned and said, “Now it’s my turn,” her teeth grazed his neck and nibbled him. He tensed and shuddered against her as she nipped him. Now that he was fully hard once again she drew back and started thrusting on him again. Her hands scraped up his back, under his shirt.

Her fingers dragged through the gathered sweat, allowing her fingers to glide up his back. He trembled against her and groaned, he reached down and kissed her passionately his arms wrapping around her as they slid against each other. He wished he could feel her bare skin against his. But this was not the place.

He reached down and dug his fingers into her hips, “Damn, Marie… you’re so hot. If you hadn’t made a mistake we wouldn’t be here now, enjoying this,” he grunted as he thrust back against her. Pleasure burning trails up his spine.

“Still can’t believe I fucked that up, but I’m not complaining,” Eryaman Escort Bayan she gasped as her nails dug harshly into his sweaty back. She squeezed and massaged him, making him moan against her, he kissed her hard and passionately again.

He cursed as she squeezed him and rocked against her, she was testing his control to its limits here as he gripped her hips harder.

She felt like she was going to combust, she wanted to feel his naked skin against hers but that would have to wait as she quickened her pace and nipped his neck again.

Nick growled and shoved her back against the wall and thrust into her harder, he couldn’t take it anymore he needed release, the heat was strangling him as he thrust harder into her making the shelves shake. He hissed as she bit into his neck and her nails dug in deeply.

Marie cried out as her release shattered her, she squeezed him tightly as her walls pulsed around him.

Nick slammed his lips over hers to stop his roar from escaping as he pulsed into her, sensation travelling all over his body, melting his senses. He laid against her panting his chin against her shoulder as her nails slowly released their grip on his back.

“I knew I could do it… make you lose control,” she whispered in his ear, flicking the lobe with her tongue. “If I had known, I would have made that mistake a lot sooner. You have a nice way of putting me in my place,” she teased.

He groaned and said, “Damn Marie… we better get out of here before somebody comes to investigate,” he reached down and tugged up his boxers then his pants.

She fanned her blushed cheeks before she said, “They probably already know,” and then pulled up her panties and made herself look presentable again.

Nick picked up his jacket and pulled it on then pulled Marie to him and kissed her hard. “Dinner? I’ll pick you up at eight, I think you might need a bit of recovery time,” he said huskily.

Marie flushed and said, “Of course, we’re both going to need recovery time after tonight…”

“Only after tonight?” he asked.

“I hope not, remember I got a whole folder of stories at home we can work through,” Marie answered.

“I like the sound of that,” he said before leaning in for searing kiss.

He gave her a hot look as he straightened up before pulling down a stack of forms and opening the door and sliding out.

Marie thudded against the shelves and groaned, she can’t believe that had just happened. And she was going on a date with him… she couldn’t believe her luck. She needed to find her sexiest dress and turn him inside out before they got to a bed and she was able to ravish him and finally see his gorgeous chest.

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