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I arrived in the parking lot of the local adult bookstore. Inside was a maze of dark cubby holes, booths, and gloryholes. Outside it was bright and the lot was filled with cars. I was ready for some action, cleaned up inside and out. A dialup of Vaseline in just the right place. I paid for admission and entered the arcade.

There was a crowd alright. Several men leaned against the walls close to the entrance. I checked the first row of booths. The two with the gloryhole are full. I move on to the next row. The booth at the end has no door. I can see the exposed rear of a young man bent up just beyond the door way and I see the dude that had dropped is pants to fuck him. As I approached, I watched the gap between ass and tummy that exposed the shaft of cock. As one cock pounded in, the other bounced and dangled beautify in front dripping pre-cum.

As I reached them I dropped my pants. I was in the doorway beside the copulation. The top grabbed me by the penis and pulled me into the action. I reached down and felt the boner dangling beside me. I wiped up some of the pre-cum and tasted it. The three of us groped as they continued to fuck. A finger entered my fuck channel and I reached behind me a felt the exposed man that had come up behind me and was standing the in hallway just outside of the booth. My hand grasps his cock while his fingers entered my ass.

I pulled his cock towards bahis firmaları my opening and he removed his fingers and we lined up for penetration. I was still engaged with the couple in front of me as the tip touched my anus. I held still as the pain hit me and the head of his dick pushed inside me. I winced as his shaft pushed open my hole and slid into me. I pushed back until the entire shaft had impaled me. I opened up fast and the pain became a wave of pleasure as the cock rocked into me through my pleasure tunnel. The slaps of penetration rang down the hall as the four of us picked up the pace.

I’m bent over with my face as close to the bottoms dick as our fucking allows. I see he’s close to shooting as the pre-cum continues to drip from his cock. I have my spare hand cupping his ball and I can feel the thrusts at his fuck tunnel. I taste more of the pre-cum as my lover pounds me. His stokes filling me with pleasure. The bottom’s breathing turns to a pant as he ejaculates profusely his top buried inside him balls deep. I catch some of it with my hand as his splatters turn to dribbles. They disengage and he turns to me so I can clean his cock. I suck down what remains of his spouge from my fingers and his cock as the manhood in my ass sprays cum inside me. The sighs of orgasm behind me and that final twitch inside my hole tell me I have been breed for sure.

I stand upright kaçak iddaa as let the guy pass me as the dude that just fucked me zips up and leaves. I’m left facing the top who is still fucking hard. Standing there working his manhood with his hand. I’d only seen the shaft as it pumped the now depart asshole. I could see the whole thing now. It wasn’t that long but it was that wide. Cut with a large helmet. I shallow upward hook to the shaft. It glistened with lube. This was one beautiful cock. I stood with my rock-hard dick next to his. When he grasped me I touched him. He was so hard and slick with lube. We only fondled each other for a short time before he put his hand to the back of my head and pushed me towards his fuck tool.

I went right for it. I couldn’t help it. His cock was a magic wand and I was drawn to suck its power. I played with him briefly with my lips and tongue before swallowing his shaft as deep as I could take it. Up for air and down again. Man, what a cock. The head was soft. The shaft so smooth. Its girth cut my air supply as I buried my nose in his pubes. It was clear that I couldn’t sustain the deep throat long enough to satisfy him. He was pushing my head into his lap and his dick down my throat but I had to break away to breath.

I was a bit relieved when he grabbed my cock and used it to turn my hole to him. I braced myself against the booth wall faced out into kaçak bahis the hall. There was two men watching the action from the hallway. One with his cock out beating to the action. I felt the tip of that magnificent penis come to rest on my hole. It only took slight pressure to for him to enter me. He buried his dick in my ass and his balls touched mine. I was opened by the last fuck so there was no pain as he entered me. The fat shaft pushed my hole open and into rapture. Once he had penetrated me and angled the shaft just right, he got busy on me. Not only was this cock gorgeous but this fucker really knew how to use it. It was no wonder the last guy he fucked came into my hand. While he starts to bang away at me, our new friend with his cock out approaches. He pushes his dick into my face and I gladly swallow it up. I love a good double penetration and I was getting it from both ends.

I had to let my blowjob go as my ass was consumed by a pleasure fire. He had been varying strokes and stirs but the pounding he was now deriving was sending me over the edge. Each stroke building up more pleasure. My blowjob guy was using a heavy hand on his spit lubed cock. He pointed the tip at my mouth and let a lob loose over my extended tongue. Before I could clean up the rest, my orgasm hit me. I quivered and my knees shook a bit As I unloaded a torrent of cum onto the floor. He staying inside till my orgasm had passed and withdrew leaving me empty. The “just fucked” feeling climbing over me as a fell back against the wall. The crowd around me broke up and I sampled some of the cum from my ass before heading back to the car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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