Abigail Ch. 01

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A few days after my “plugging” Lauren asked me if she could invite her long-time school-friend, Abigail to visit for the coming week. Abigail was a charming girl and Lauren’s best friend t school. She had often spent the evening while they did their homework together, and occasionally slept over. She was somewhat shy, a quiet bookish girl who wore glasses and had a rather dull complexion. Always she was very courteous and thoughtful when she visited, and I was delighted she would be staying.

At the time I’d been helping out at the church bring and buy sale, on my feet and busy for some hours and had almost forgotten about the plug filling my rear exit. It was only when I thought about it I felt the presence, and also the substantial mass accumulating in my bowels. It seemed I was getting used to wearing it, and it certainly gave me an added confidence to know there was no risk of having a messy embarrassing accident in my panties. Not unless it was taken out when Lauren wanted me to have one. The thought then struck me that my own situation might become apparent to Abigail, so I hope to avoid any embarrassing accidents.

But Lauren told me how her friend was somewhat prone to have “accidents” since her mom was worried about failure to empty one’s bowels regularly and made sure her daughter she took laxatives each day. I could just imagine the embarrassment it must cause to a seventeen year old girl to have to worry about being taken short when with her friends or I class. Lauren begged me to be especially understanding to her friend in case anything of the sort happened, and to offer whatever help she might need or want.

I was a little surprised when Abigail’s mom, Dorothy, phoned to say she would call round some time that morning. She arrived a little later, conspicuously overdressed for such a mundane task, wearing an expensive silk blouse, jodhpurs, boots and suede waistcoat. Ostensibly she wanted to bring some clothes and other items for Abigail’s stay but I soon realised that, as well as showing off, she wanted to “put me in the picture” about her daughter. She wanted to make sure Abigail would not become lazy about her habits, which she quickly made clear meant attention to her personal toilet. I was asked if I minded making sure she kept herself clean, took her laxative each morning and used the bathroom. The emphasis in her voices left me in no doubt she meant the emptying of bowels and wiping herself thoroughly.

I had never much liked Mrs. Heathcote-Smythe, and I had to concentrate so as not to allow my distaste to show. I need not have worried, she was so wrapped in her own thoughts to be hardly aware of my reaction anyway. I made a mental note to do my best to see that this self-centred woman got her just desserts. My mind wandered to thoughts of what kind of fancy underwear she had on, and whether she might be induced into soiling her expensive panties.

Later that day the two girls arrived from school, riding their bikes along the lane\across the filds. It had been some months since I last saw her friend, and was impressed how well she had matured. Her youthful plumpness was replaced by an attractive femininity and she looked to have a more purposeful spring in her stride. She looked very much the modern young lady, dressed casually in a white cotton shirt and snugly fitting blue jeans. Her demeanour was courteous and respectful as ever. However, it was immediately apparent that something was amiss.

I thought I should enquire and asked, “Is anything the matter Abigail? You seem as if something is bothering you.”

The girl was clearly in some distress and at first looked at Lauren for support. Encouraged, she spoke up

“Oh dear, Mrs. Jenkins, I don’t know how to say this, I feel so ashamed and it’s so embarrassing. On the way over I had a accident, that is I had a bad stomach cramp and … I mean ….. well, I ….. I messed myself real bad. Please, I need the bathroom now …. I need to go again ….. Oh, help! ….”

I had expected Lauren to take her to the bathroom herself and get her cleaned up. Instead she took her friend’s hand and put it in mine. “Please Mom would you help Abigail. The team coach just called and said her helper could not make it. I’ll have to go back to school to help with training…… Abigail you can go with my Mom, she’ll help you and don’t worry about anything.”

Right after Lauren went out I saw Abigail squirm and clutch her stomach. “Oh no, I’m illegal bahis doing it again! HELP!!”

We ran to the bathroom but then she stopped, as a series of sounds emerged from her direction. “Ffffssspppplllttttt …..pplllpptthhh, ppllppsshhh! … then a longer drawn out …..sssppllllpppffffftttttt!!”

Abigail turned round, red-faced and in almost in tears, transfixed where she stood.

“Oh, no! No, no, NO!! Margaret, I’m so sorry, I’ve pooped in my panties again. You must be disgusted.”

She was now sobbing and I realised, better than she might have imagined, how humiliated she must be feeling. My heart went out to the unhappy child and I would have gladly swapped circumstances with her, not caring about my own shame but just to take away hers. I went over and took her hands in mine, then put my arm round her and held her close to me.

“Shhhhhhh, don’t cry, and don’t worry,” I whispered softly, “It’s OK. I’ll help you clean up” She was shaking with shame and humiliation, and I held her close, my face against hers. I felt her tears and tried to think how I could ease her pain of shame and embarrassment. “It doesn’t matter, everything’s OK. You mustn’t feel bad if you mess yourself, we all have little accidents like this from time to time. Did you know sometimes I mess my panties?”

Abigail seemed to calm down, comforted by my words.

“Lauren said you’d understand, but I was so frightened you’d be mad and I still feel so ashamed. I was really hoping you’d like me being here, and now this has happened and you’ll want me to go.”

“But Abigail, that doesn’t bother me at all and I don’t think any worse of you. I always like to see you here. I expect it’s too late to keep you panties clean now, but I can come to the bathroom and help you clean up, like Lauren said. You don’t mind, I hope?”

I took Abigail by the hand and led her upstairs to the main bathroom which had been the setting for many of my toilet games with Lauren.

“You can stand in the shower unit and take off all your clothes except your panties, and I’ll be in to help.”

I quickly went to my bedroom and stripped off completely, keeping only the device embedded in my rectum and held also by the straps cinched around my waist and between my legs and attached to a small black triangle which covered my labia and part of my shaven mound. I felt much empathy for Abigail, but I had to admit my excitement at the prospect of taking down her soiled panties, seeing her nude, touching her young body and cleaning her up. I felt the bulk of my butt-plug, filling me and restraining the evacuation. I wondered how Abigail would react when she learnt that I wore a big plug in my anus to prevent evacuating. I touched my fingers to the material covering my pussy and felt how it slid over my vulva. I was wet. I slipped over my head the loop of the white PVC bib-apron and pulled on a pair of latex gloves. Finally I picked a pair of my white cotton panties for Abigail to put on after, and took a fresh towel and hand cloth. Ready for action I entered the bathroom, where the sight that greeted me confirmed the wisdom of my attire.

She was standing in the tub, wearing only her panties, cream, full cut and shiny smooth and with pretty lace edging and embroidered with floral motifs. They were stretchy and large bulge at the bottom gave witness to what Abigail had done. There was a brown patch showing through the material. What’s more, some runny brown poop had seeped out and was trickling down her thighs. She was looking down forlornly as if resigned to having ruined her nice panties. I saw now how lovely a figure she had. Not quite adult, her burgeoning femininity was already nicely developed. She was close to my height, about 5’6″, slimmer than many girls though her profile was softly rounded and tapering in at her waist, flaring out gently at the hips. Thus her attractiveness presented a contrast to Lauren who was taller and leaner, more assertively so, Abigail compliantly so. She was the answer to my wildest dreams, young, attractive, well-spoken and respectful ….. and now she was naked and soiled and letting me, her best friend’s mom clean her up.

“Oh dear, you have made rather a mess. But I’m sure we can sort everything out. Let’s get these off right now and we’ll get you nice and clean in no time. Just stand like that.”

I knelt down behind and eased her shit-filled panties down, taking care not to mash it against the material, illegal bahis siteleri and trying also to avoid getting her buttocks and legs even more smeared. Because of this I couldn’t avoid some of the girl’s excrement slopping and smearing on my apron, bringing to mind how the nurse, Ulricke had been doing something similar. Now I was in her role, with Abigail in mine. I remembered vividly my embarrassment at seeing the nurse’s white apron completely soiled with my excrement and empathised with the young girl in my charge. I saw her eyes on me, otherwise I would have grabbed a handful of her delightful stool. As it was I scooped a little using my latex clad fingers and surreptitiously sniffed the deep aroma, strong but not as penetrating as mine. I supposed Abigail ate a healthy diet mostly of cereals, vegetables and fruit, and did not indulge in red meat and rich cakes the way I did. After I finally got her panties down and off and dumped out most of the shit into the toilet bowl, then rinsed the garment under the tap before dropping it into a bucket of cold water.

“It will almost all soak off like that, and then it can go in the wash and should come out good as new. You have very pretty panties and it would be a shame if they were too badly soiled. There’s probably still some between your buttocks, Abigail. Would you mind bending forward and holding your cheeks apart so I can wash you off, please don’t feel embarrassed about it.

“But Margaret, I can do it. I couldn’t let you see me in there, where all my dirty shit comes out. I’d be too ashamed.”

I told her there’s nothing to be ashamed about and persuaded her to display her private cleft. She gingerly leant forward and used her hands to separate her beautifully round and smooth cheeks. She prised them apart until her dark rosebud was visible, surrounded by the delicate crinkled skin. As I expected there was quite a lot of brown faecal matter stuck in her cleft and among the little crannies surrounding her anus.

I turned the shower on again and directed the jet right into her cleft, right onto her anus. The rim flared out involuntarily and a little more excrement burbled out and washed away. At the same time a stream of pee burst from her.

“Oh Margaret, I’m so ashamed. You can see as I’m pissing and shitting and I cannot stop it happening!”

“Don’t worry about that,” I said. “The jet on your ass hole always makes that happen, and it’s getting you nice and clean.”

I ran the shower, letting it warm up before hosing her butt and legs, keeping the jet going to force all the filth down through the drain hole. But as she looked round she that a lot of her shit had splashed onto my apron and legs.

“I’m so sorry Margaret, I’ve got you all dirty. I didn’t mean to do that on you. “

“No need to be sorry, Abigail. I really don’t mind, I wear this plastic apron for all the dirty jobs as it wipes clean so easily. In fact I quite enjoy getting it dirty.”

I opened a pack of baby-wipes and gently wiped away the last traces of muck, starting at the edge and working in until she was completely clean. The delicate membrane of her anus and the skin around it was reddened and was in danger of becoming inflamed by the irritation. Even so, I thought her ass was extremely beautiful, and her rosebud especially so. I could also see her vulva and the base of her outer labia, which had become quite opened out.

I told her, “Abigail, you have grown into an extremely attractive and gracious young woman. I do hope you never feel embarrassed about showing your body. But you seem to have some soreness at and around your anus and I’d suggest that I apply some cream to soothe it and help stop the irritation. It is not only soothing but is mildly antiseptic and will prevent any infection that would otherwise occur. You perhaps have been wiping a bit too much trying to get completely clean. OK? …. Good. Just stay like that.”

I took the jar of sudocrem, a natural preparation that had stood our family in good stead for many years and transferred a good-sized glob to my fingertips, enough to generously cover her soreness and the surrounding area. I applied the cream to her cleft and spread it over her, using slow circular movements to coat her soreness completely with a white layer. I decided not to rub it fully into her pores for fear of spoiling the effect of her feeling the cool and rather sticky soothing compound on her sensitive and intimate canlı bahis siteleri skin. Instead I touched her very lightly with my fingertips, just enough to work the cream into her tiny crannies and wrinkles of her rosebud and surrounds. She was now very quiet and still, except for a slight shuddering each time I touched her anus. I was sure she had become aroused.

“Abigail, I noticed that your perineum, that is the sensitive place between your anus and vulva, also looks sore. So I am going to apply it to you down there. I am concerned that the irritation might spread to your vaginal lips, and that would be not only painful but could lead to an infection. Would you like me to apply some cream there as well?”

“Well, I do feel rather sore, and I’d like you to do that for me. I enjoyed the feeling of your hands on me body.”

She squirmed and shuddered as I gently applied the cream to that most sensitive but secret place of hers, and I realised she was probably becoming very turned on. I thought she must be ready to climax and was trying to conceal it.

“Abigail, don’t be ashamed if you feel aroused. That’s completely normal. Do you want to masturbate?”

Her face and part of her neck and bust went completely red, She said nothing, but nodded very slightly. She started to stroke her labia with the lightest of caresses and immediately spasmed and bucked. For some minutes she thrust out her crotch and gyrated her hips, all the time stoking herself down there. I put my hands on her pelvis and buttocks, ostensibly to steady her but enjoying the contact with her compliant young flesh. She must have been on the point of orgasm already and just needed my approval to let go. “Oh fuck! FUCK!!!” she yelled, “Yes, YES, YES!!! …. FUCK!!! Look Margaret, look!!…. I’m cumming, I’M CUMMING!!!”

After she calmed down from her climax she seemed somewhat guilty about her display, but I told her she should never feel ashamed about her sexual activities when with friends.

“Margaret, did you mean it when you said you like it when someone poops and gets you dirty? Well, Lauren sometimes helps me when I mess myself and she doesn’t mind when I get her dirty. I never imagined you would feel that way too. Do you mind if I tell you a little secret.”

I nodded my assent.

“Sometimes Lauren and I play a little game, after school. We call it “accidents”. We don’t use the restroom and before we leave school we each take a laxative. We try to hold it as long as we can ….. Lauren nearly always wins. Then we clean up. Sometimes Lauren gets real messed with my shit, and I’m sure she likes it too. So I try to get her as dirty as I can. But I have to be careful because my Mom would go mad if she knew. So I keep some spare pairs of panties to change into so Mom doesn’t find out. Do you think that is very bad?”

I had noticed in the seat of her jeans the blue denim was discoloured and worn as if she’d scrubbed the material many times, and I now understood why.

“Not at all, I think it’s is perfectly fine for you to enjoy your body functions, and if you want to have fun with a friend, that’s fine.” I turned and showed her the device buried in my rectum. “You see I’m wearing a buttplug, if not I’d have accidents all the time. Later on Lauren will unplug me. Now that we’ve got to know each other’s interest, Abigail, I expect you will be there to watch as I empty my bowels. Would you like that?”

I lifted the hem of my apron and showed her the harness which fastened in front, the black plastic triangle barely covering my vagina. Then I turned and showed her the way the plug was fastened to the straps, impaling and stretching my anus and buried deep in my rectum. I was sure she was looking forward to the spectacle of a grown woman, her friend’s mom, emptying the contents of her bowels.

I helped Abigail dry off and gave her the panties to put on. Abigail’s other clothes were in the bedroom she’d be sharing with Lauren, who was still out. Abigail chose some garments — a fresh white shirt and clean pair of jeans, even tighter than those she arrived in.

“While you are here you can wear my cotton panties, they are about your size and you don’t have to worry about what your mom will say if you get them dirty. If you need to change them just let me know.”

“Wow, thanks Margaret, that’s brilliant! You really don’t mind?”

I said I didn’t mind at all. When she was dressed I told her how good she looked. “You have a lovely figure and those jeans show it off so well.”

For a while I was able to enjoy the relaxed time with Abigail, but I knew Lauren would return soon. I experienced a quiver of anxiety at the prospect of being exhibited …..

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