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Subject: A Young Surfer – Chapter 14 I keep thinking about that dirty rich guy and if I’ll ever see him again. I know if I want to I’ll have to hang on the main road tonight and wait for him to pull over and pick me up. His dog that sat on the back seat freaked me out last time. It was kind of disgusting and hot at the same time when it licked my ball sack when his master was fucking me. It’s that feeling you get when you see something shocking, but it slightly turns you on in a creepy way. I’m not into bestiality, at least I don’t think I am and would never have consented to it. That dog stuck it’s head underneath its master body as he fucked me and licked my balls. I didn’t see it, but I felt it, and its tongue was like freaking sandpaper. If I see him tonight, I’m going to suggest he pulls the car over and leave Chopper the dog inside and fucks me in the bushes. I think I’ll see tonight if he’s cruising. I’ll put the bait out and wait down the main road a few kilometres from the Golf Course. That way I can tease him and get him worked up in the car so by the time we get there he’ll tear my underwear off and fuck me long and hard. He fucked me so good last time. The way he positioned me over the centre console my ass cheeks were open perfectly and every stroke he took he hit my spot. My cock dripped cum almost immediately, and in the end, I had this super intense orgasm. It might have been the best fuck I’ve ever had so far. The hook for me is not what a man looks like because most of the time I don’t see them when I’m on my knees. It’s how they fuck me that keeps me hooked. I’m a cock junkie and this old guy even though he’s not very good looking and has that dog, he really knows how to fuck. Most men who have fucked me in toilet blocks or at the beach always seem like they’re in a hurry, but this guy fucks me like the way you fuck someone a week or two into a new relationship. He fucks to impress, takes his time and drives long deep strokes into me. He reaches around and plays with my cock and balls. My theory is the uglier they are, the better you need to fuck to get it regularly. I overheard some of the girls at the beach joke once about fucking this ugly guy with a big cock. “Just put a paper bag over his head,” one of them said. I thought to myself when I heard her say that `drop those little panties and get on your fuckin knees you dirty slut’ just like I do and you won’t have to look at him hahaha. Come to think of it I have to fuck one of those girls soon to avoid suspicion. I’m so not into pussy, that fishy pissy smell doesn’t do it for me. I find it amazing; I’ll take one of these scorching girls from the beach for a walk around the rocks, we’ll find a nice spot and make out. I’ll slip my hand under her dress and touch the outside of her panties. They usually gasp like I do when a man put his hand into my underwear. They are always wet. I push apart the side of their panties and slid my finger into their pussy. I’ll finger them for a while. Some times I’ll eat them then fuck them. My fingers are always smelly, usually how the boys find out. “Where have you been” they’d ask “just around the rocks with Cindi” they’d laugh and one of them would always want to smell my fingers. The guys at the beach know I’m casual and not into relationships, so it keeps me out of the conversation most of the time. I make sure they find out I’ve fucked one of them and it keeps me in the clear. I like this crew, they’re my friends, but they wouldn’t understand if they found out I’m a cock whore and take it in my ass. I can’t control it. It’s what I like — the control over a man’s pleasure and giving over my body to strangers for his pleasure. Geoff was the start of it. I was going crazy watching him walk past me almost every day in his speedo revealing the outline of his huge cock. I knew I shouldn’t stare, but I couldn’t help myself. I fantasise about what his cock looked like and how big it was for what seemed like a year before he stopped me that day. That day changed my life. I sucked and swallowed a grown man’s cum. It turned on the switch for me. It’s been a year, but it feels like ten. I’ve had a kocaeli escort bayan lot of cock since then. I head over to Geoff’s not far from the beach. I have a key to the apartment, but I know he’s not home for hours. I want to flush out my ass, lube it and head out into the main road to see if I can trawl in my dog man. I like flushing, Geoff taught me to do a self-enema with water then push the head of a lube tube into my hole and squeeze in a fair amount. Men love that I’m good to go right away. I remember some guy gasping as he slid his finger between my ass crack and I swallowed it up. “Oh fuck you feel like my wife’s pussy used to feel like when we were dating” then minutes later he’d cum inside me. He called it my man pussy hahaha “Oh I love your man pussy, so tight yet wet, fuck you made me cum quickly. Sorry, I would have like to fuck you longer” he said “Me too,” I said with a smile. Standing on the main road hitchhiking I had a sense of excitement. Will he show? If not what if I get picked up by someone else? Either way, I thought this would be an adventure. About 40 minutes went by then I saw a familiar box-shaped large sedan car. It slowed, flashed its lights and I could see this dirty smile on the drivers face. He knew he’d scored. He pulled up to the curb; I looked in as I did last time and saw as I had previously seen. He was in the front driving of course and the dog; Chopper was sitting on the back seat. “Get in,” he said. I opened the door and slowly slid in all the while not to freak out Chopper the dog on the back seat. “How have you been my little friend? I’ve been thinking about you” “you have? I said “yes, of course, I liked our car session, Chopper did too” and he laughed as I blushed. “That freaked me out for days,” I said “I’ve never had a dog lick my balls, it was weird” Ha ha ha he kept laughing “Not many people have” I sat in silent embarrassment as he drove down the highway towards the Golf course. He looked down towards my lap. “Open your shorts” I unsnapped my button and opened my shorts. “Of fuck that’s hot! Pull down your underwear and take out your cock and balls. I raised slightly and slid both my shorts and underwear down. He didn’t know it yet, but I was lubed and ready. His hand reached over, and he cupped my balls and stroked my cock. “You are so sexy. Your little pubs feel like silk. I want to rub my face in your crotch and eat your ass” I have to admit he’s one of the few that care if I get off. Most guys see my tight round ass and fuck me until they cum. Very few even reach around and touch me. That’s cool I’m good with that, but I do like it when they care about me cumming too. This is going to be fun tonight. ” I want to take you back to that Golf course,” he said “Okay but we have to get out of the car and go somewhere. Chopper can’t come okay” I said, “Sure, sure, sure whatever you want.” We pulled up in the car park close to the bush track. I’ve walked this a few times to a few surf spots but never at night. I know the way to a small clearing off the main track we could go to. It was also close enough to see down a road. I started walking along the path as dog man was settling Copper before locking him in the car. I was excited now; this guy fucked me so well last time. We arrived at the clearing, and before I could even really look around, he said: “Get on your knees and take out my cock” I dropped to the ground and unzipped him. His cock was already hard and pressing against his white underwear. He had a small wet patch, and I knew he was ready. I pulled down his underwear, and he guided his big hard cock into my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and thrust into my mouth. He’s rougher than I remember. I gagged and pulled back and grab his shaft and stroked his cock and he buried it back into my mouth. I could taste his cum and piss. It smelt like he had this underwear on for a few hours. The humanity filled my nose as I suck down hard on his cock. “I want to shoot in your ass. Standup, take off your shorts and face the tree. I did as he asked and removed my t-shirt too. I might need to scream into it and muffle my pain. He moved behind kocaeli sınırsız escort me. I was still standing, and we bent me slightly forward and started cheek fucking me. Pushing his cock between my cheeks and fucking the outside. “Oh fuck, I’m so horny, fuck…that feels great. Please fuck me Sir” I said “Sir,” he said and laughed “I will son, soon, very soon but first” He dropped down behind me opened my ass cheeks and pushed his face in. The prickles from his unshaven face sent a shock through me like a bolt of lightning. His tongue darted in and out of my hole. He took little nibbles around the outside which drove me crazy. “Please Sir fuck me” breathing heavily I repeated myself “Sir fuck me, please fuck me” he pulled his head out stood up and bent me further forward. “Hold onto the tree trunk he said” I grabbed it with both hands still holding my t-shirt and he drove his big cock into my ass. “Ohhhhhhhh ahhhhh” I lifted my t-shirt and screamed into it. The pain of his big cock stretching my hole was intense. He grabbed my hips and fucked me. He pounded me over and over, in and out pushing into me as his balls slapped against mine. I reached back around with one hand and rested it on his ass as if I was guiding him. He leant forward and started nibbling on my ear “You are a dirty little boy aren’t you” his voice was very authoritarian “Aren’t you” he said Yes Sir….I…am” I could hardly speak. “I am only dirty for you Sir” I panted out between gasping “Yes, you’re mine and don’t forget it,” he said “Yes Sir…yes” He slid both of his hands around the front of my chest and started flicking and squeezing my nipples sending sharp pain through my body. “Oh…that hurts…” I said. “You’ll get to love it,” he said. He was right. Sex has always been pain and pleasure for me except for the few times I fucked the girls at the beach. Taking a cock up my right ass has always been painful. The feeling of almost exploding and not being able to take it and at the same time having my man g spot hit. The pleasure of cumming several times without even touching my cock. “You are a little bitch,” Geoff said one day when I came on myself without my cock being touched. That was the first time it happened. Geoff had me on my back and a pillow under my lower back, my legs wide open and his big cock thrusting in and out of me. I said “I’m cumming” and he looked down to see me shoot on myself. We were both a bit shocked, but I know he loved it. My ugly dog man continued biting my ear and speaking dirty to me “I want to sniff your dirty underwear, I want to take them home” and “I want Chopper (his dog) to lick and fuck your hole after I’ve shot my load in it.” Dogman got quite dirty tonight. He wanted to share me with his friends as Geoff does at his parties sometimes. “I want to put you in my spare bedroom and let my friend fuck you one by one then gangbang your tight little hole,” he said “Yes Sir please do that, I’ll be good to your friends,” I said. I couldn’t help myself he was fucking me so good I’d agree to anything. Moments later I heard the crack of some twigs on the ground in the distance. Appearing in front of me was an older grey-headed man “You boys look like you’re having fun” Dogman didn’t miss a beat. He kept pounding me and said “I’m about to come, he’s all yours” I’m used to that now, but I still get a pang of rejection when I hear how easy I’m given away. I know I’m a cock whore, but at the moment when I’m getting pounded I become slightly attached to the guy who fucking me. The old man moved forward towards me; he was already stroking his cock. He grabbed my head and pushed me down onto it. “Yeah you suck him….oh, fuckkkk suck him you dirty boy,” said dog man “I’m cumming, oh…(very heavy panting) I’m…cumming…oh….hhhhhhhhh..oh fuck…ohhhhhhhhh” as he shot a huge load into me. He pulled out and shot a pulse onto my ass cheeks then pushed back into my hole. My ass and mouth was filled with beautiful big cocks. My hole was wet and stretched, and I was going wild. This night couldn’t get better. “Fuck I love slops,” said the old guy. I was in a freaking izmit anal yapan escort trance; dogman just fucked me stupid. My cock was dripping. I was so horny, and I wanted to keep going. I came off the old guy’s cock and let out a huge sigh “You can fuck me too Sir if you want” I said. The old guy looked down at my cock and said: “I want to suck that first” he dropped in front of me next to the tree and swallowed my dripping cock. Dogman zipped up kissed me on the ear and said “Next Thursday, here okay” “Okay” and he disappeared into the darkness of the path. Cum was running out of my hole and down my leg as the old man swallowed my cock. I looked up at the dark sky and silhouette of the trees and felt like I was floating. “I’m…I’m going to cum…I’m cumming now” As soon as I said that the old man clamped down harder on my cock and swallowed my load. I stroked the back of his head with one hand and held the tree trunk with the other as I looked back up to the clouds and let out a huge sigh. The old man came off my cock, stood up, wiped his mouth and said “Lay down here” I look at a flat area next to him and place my t-shirt on the ground and lay on top of it. He moved in front of me and said “spread your legs. Fuck yeah, you’re a hot little cunt” Here we go, another one who likes calling me names. I gave a half a smile and said “Come here” and lifted my legs so he could see my already pounded asshole. “Oh fuck, that’s the hottest,” he said kneeling in front of me. He took one hand and held my leg open and guided his cock into me with the other. “OMG, you sloppy little cunt. Fuckkkkkk that feels great…you’re a dirty little fag boy aren’t you” “Yes Sir” I said getting used to the position and the name calling. His cock was short but thick and filled my wet hole. “I’ve been coming here for years and never seen you before, ” he said driving his cock slowly in and out of me. “No Sir, this is my first time in the bushes. The other guy fucked me in his car last time” “Did he now, well your mine now” “Yes Sir” I said. “Can I cum inside you? I want to shoot in your hole, and you can clean my cock with your mouth” “Yes” I said panting as he took shorter stabs into my hole. “Ohhhh you like my cock don’t you” I nodded and moaned. This old man was good. I think this old guy had taken a pill because he fucked me for what seemed like 15 minutes — pounding me, telling me how dirty I am. My asshole was so stretched, but he was hitting my spot. I had cum drops on my stomach dripping into my belly button hole. I’m going to cum again. I said to myself with a hopeful thought. This old guy could fuck I thought. I breathed out a jumbled sentence and said “I’m cumming Sir, again” “Oh that’s so hot you dirty little boy” he said laying on top of me now “Let’s cum together” “ummm…yeeees Sir.” My legs were wide open, my asshole was dripping, and the old man was slamming me as hard and deep as his cock size would allow. The extra friction on my cock was driving me crazy “I’m cumming now….ohhhh Sir, I’m cumming” “Me tooooo” and immediately I could feel an immense pressure as he pumped his cum deep into me. I was shooting on my stomach and going crazy. He pulled out, lifted one leg over me and drove his cock into my mouth. Cum was everywhere, running out of my ass, down my chin then I got a shock. Instead of going down on my cock he opened my legs and buried his head between and started eating his cum out of my hole. This happened once before to me, but it still shocked me. I moved my body to help him get deeper, and he spent the next few minutes moaning and eating my ass. No one has asked me to do that, yet. It was a little uncomfortable cleaning up, but he came over to me gave me a hug and a kiss on the head and said “who would have thought one of the best fucks if my life would happen in the bushes if a Golf course” I was completely shocked again. It was amazing for me too but “I’ll be here Thursday, and I’ll bring a friend okay” “Yes sure Sir” “Bye” and he left. I cleaned myself as best as I could in the facilities of a small park next to the car park. In a daze, I walked home thinking about what just happened. Nifty needs your support, so this platform can remain as impressive as it is. If you enjoyed my story, please give a dollar or two. Thanks, Scott T. fty/donate.html All content in my stories is real and happened. Name and places have been changed. Scotty T – Send your feedback to oho

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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