A young mans obsession with me

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A young mans obsession with meTHIS STORY IS FICTION ONLY A young mans obsession with meMy name is sally and I have been married to my husband John for 15 years and in all that time I have never looked at another man in my years of marriage,My husband and I have a very active sex life and he is a great lover and sex is amazing with him, I love john very much and would do anything for him, we are a normal couple who like to experiment in the bedroom our favorite is fore play we love watching porn films while in bed,John loves me to dress up when we go out and always say how sexy I look I do look after myself and wear very sexy cloths when we go out I love my heels as I’m told my legs are very long and sexy and look great in them I also like to wear sexy underwear I’m now in my late thirties john say I look a lot younger something I have been told by our friends as well,Life couldn’t be better I thought until someone walked into my life recently,You see I work in the city for a recruitment agency and I get to meet all types of people both men and women I have been hit on many times by the men but I was never interested,But this person was very different,It all started when I was introduced to a very handsome young man named Tim I would later find out he was 22 years of age,As our eyes meet he shook my hand it was like a tingling sensation passing though my body is the only way I can describe it I watched as his eyes look me up and down I could tell by his face expressions he was impressed,I was told that he would be joining the agency and that I was to show him around, as he would be working in my department,As I escorted him around the office I could feel his eyes on me in a nice way I was sure he liked what he was looking at,As we moved around the building he asked me different questions about the work and was happy to answer,I then decided to stop and have a coffee in the rest room he told me that he was glad he was working with such an attractive woman what a charmer I thought, I must admit it was very sweet of him to say that it made me feel very good about myself,As I crossed my legs I saw him try and catch a look at my legs, as my skirt was a little short when I sat down,Over the next couple of weeks he was always coming over to ask me questions and each time he would ether touch my hand or tap me on the shoulder to get my attention then one day while I was in the store room at the photocopier he came in said hello then as he pass me I felt his hand on my side as he press his crutch into me I could feel his manhood,I didn’t respond to what had just happened instead I turned around to face him and asked how he was finding the job, at that his face was very red I think he was expecting me to say something to him,As I left the room I felt his eyes on me, which made me even more determine to tease him, That night when I got home I told John about Tim and what he had done and how he looked at me,John casino siteleri was not shocked and it was what he said next that got me thinking,You see you are a very sexy lady he said and its no wonder this young man finds you attractive as you always dress so sexy its ok to tease him as for the touching well as long as you don’t take it too far without checking with me first,I could not believe what my husband has just said it was like he wanted me to take it further as long as he was aware I never thought John would be like that,That night the sex was amazing as John was leaving for work he said if that what a bit of teasing does I love to know what it would be like if you were to have sex with him,Oh my god I thought my husbands finds the whole thing a big turn onThat morning I decided to dress a little different for work I wanted to look my best for my new admirer so I put on a skirt that had a split up the front and a blouse that when you lean forward it allows you to see right down the front with a low cut bra he should get a real good view,I wanted to show this young man how sexy I could be I looked in the mirror before leaving for work I though boy do I look good for 38 I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he see’s me,On the way up to the office I was in the lift and Paul was already in the office, ! Hi he said you look amazing todayWhy thank you I replied as I walked to my desk the split on the front of my skirt opened revealing my inner thighs he couldn’t help but notice how much thigh I was showing I could see him staring at every step I took, Yes I though I have your attention now,All day while at my desk I could feel him looking over at me and every time I looked up he would smile and then look away,After lunch he came over and while asking me questions I could see him staring at my legs so I crossed my legs allowing the split on my skirt to open and leaning forward allowing my blouse to fall forward giving him the perfect view of my breasts,I know it was wrong but I couldn’t help it I was inviting him too look,When I got home later I told my husband about what I had done to Tim John told me to keep teasing him, as it was getting interesting,That night we had amazing sex again all this because of this young mans interest in me,Over the next couple of weeks I made sure my admirer was kept interested in me, as I would make sure he would get a good look at my legs and breasts,Then one day I was asked if I would attend a conference on recruitment I was told that I could take someone with me, it would be an overnight stay in a hotel so I asked my husband but he told me he was busy why didn’t I take my admirer as I’m sure he would love to go with you and who knows you might get what you really want,What is that suppose to mean I asked him!Well you have been teasing him for months and I know you want him so why don’t you have him, Do you know what you are saying kaçak casino to me your telling me to have sex with Tim will you not be jealous of me going with another man?No I have always wanted to know what it would feel like if you fucked another man I want to know all the details when you get back you have my blessing,I was shocked but excited at the same time I could not believe my husband would allow me to go with another man,The next day I approached Tim and asked him if he would like to go to the conference with me and that it would be an overnight stay so before I could finish I would love to come it would be good experience for me and me I thought,So mid week we travel together by train never a lot on the journey as we got to the hotel I had already booked two single rooms for us on the same floor, as we went to our rooms I told him I would meet him down stairs as the conference was starting in a couple hours,I decided that I would take a shower and get ready for later I then made my way down stairs where Tim was waiting in the lounge, As we took our seats the conference was a little boring and lasted a couple of hours,We made our way back to our rooms I asked Tim if he would like to have a meal and a drink later,I would love too will you give me a ring and I’ll meet you later downstairs,Sure!I had decided that this night would be my chance I wanted to make sure he would never forget this time together,I choose a black dress that was easy to remove I had a very small thong and I was going bra-less as he would be able to see my nipples through the dress I picked my best heels and looked in the mirror and thought wow I look really hot how could he resist me,I rang his room and told him I would wait down stairs in the lounge for him, Wait I will be at your room in a few minutes we can then go down together,Ok!A knock on the door and as I opened the look on his face was a picture Oh wow you look amazing Oh my god I must be the luckiest man in this hotel to have a meal with such a amazing lady,Why thank you Tim your very kind I must repay the complement later,As we got into the lift I gave him a little peck on the cheek and said lets enjoy the evening together shall we and as the doors opened he squeezed my bum I looked around at him and just smiled I think he knows what we will be coming later,The meal was wonderful and the wine was flowing so I think we were a little drunk towards the end of the evening, As we got into the lift to go to our rooms Tim grabbed me pulled to him and kissed me on the lips I didn’t resist in fact I kissed him back,His hands were all over my body he was trying to lift my dress up I had a job just trying to stop him, I told him to wait until we got to my room As the doors opened he grabbed my hand and pulled me along as quick as he could,As we got into the room his hands were all over me again,Slow down I told him and pushed him away and told him to take canlı casino off his clothes he was down to his boxers in no time with a very large bulge I told him to get onto the bed as I started to undress,As he lay there I undid my dress and slowly let it fall to the floor showing him my naked body,Oh shit you have a real amazing sexy body and removed his pants exposing a really large hard cock ! Wow I thought that’s so big I can’t wait to feel it inside me,I walked over to the bed took hold of his hard cock and started to suck him,Oh my god that feels good he said you know how to suck my cock,I removed my thong to expose my bare shaved pussy it wasn’t long before he was licking me and pushing his tong into my pussy it felt amazing I was now ready to take that cock of his, so I lay on my side while he pushed his cock in me from behind Oh fuck that’s big cock as he started to fuck me Oh fuck that’s feels good don’t stop I want you to fuck me harder I demanded Oh my god Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Holy shit! Oh fuck! Oh my god as he fucked me I was now screaming for him to really fuck me hard I was about to cum when he filled me with so much of his hot cum we ended up coming together I could feel his cum oozing out my pussy,It wasn’t long before he was fucking me again from behind and again standing up against the wall,In the morning while I was still asleep he woke me up and started fucking me again This young man was clearly obsessed with sex, as I have never been fucked so many times in one night,As I got into the shower he followed me in and fucked me in the shower Oh my god the sex was amazing with him I can’t get enough of this young man I want to make sure we can carry on having sex when we get back home I’m not going to tell my husband as he will not understand my desire to keep to myself,Over the next couple of weeks back at work we kept a low profile and every opportunity we got we would meet somewhere and I would feel his cock when we were alone and he would put his hand up my skirt and feel my naked pussy,When it was time to go home after work we would go for a drink and then he would take me around the back of a bar and fuck me up against the wall it felt so good if anyone came and found us they would see me with my skirt around my waist naked and a young man with his trousers around his ankles giving me a good fucking nearly every night after work before I went home to my husband,He was now obsessed with me and me with him what ever he asked me to do I would do it with out question he was my young lover and I was his to do with as he pleased, Once we meet up over the weekend in the park and he fucked me up against a tree wearing heels and stockings only under a coat for him,I’ve even been fucked in the back of a car he borrowed from a friend while someone was watching us in a car park, As for my husband I told him that I was never able to go through with his request to have the young man at the hotel but it hasn’t stopped him making love to me sometimes I’m so tired but I never let on that I have another lover and I’m nor going I want to enjoy every minute of it before he gets bored with me if that was to ever happen,

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