A Wolf’s Taboo Ch. 06

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Crystal leaned against the counter staring out at the store and the lack of customers in it. It had been a slow day, one of those days that didn’t invite many possibilities. However, Crystal was alright with that. Her mind drifted back to her brother, back to how much she wanted to be fucking him at that moment. She glanced down at her watch, there was only thirty minutes left before the store officially closed and the likelihood of someone walking in right before close was pretty small.

Crystal turned off the illuminated ‘open’ sign and started cleaning. She swept and mopped and reorganized the shelves. The stocking crew would be in early the next morning. Once she had cleaned up and felt everything was in good order, she turned off the back lights but left the front corner lights on and locked the door. As soon as she stepped out from the store and onto the sidewalk she felt a shiver of cold.

It wasn’t a temperature drop, it couldn’t be considering it was well over seventy degrees out. The street was usually lined with parked cars during the evening but it had just a few. There wasn’t anyone out on the street or even at the small playground just across the street. A chilling wind blew down the walkway and it was on that wind she caught the scent of them.

Crystal sprinted to the car and lunged into the seat and turned it on and immediately drove away. She glanced back in the rear view mirror and saw them. Three dark four legged silhouettes in the street. The two on the outside were large but the middle one was nearly half a size bigger. All three figures bolted after her and Crystal added an additional ten miles an hour to her speed and even ran a yellow light.

She looked back in the mirror and despite going nearly forty five on a thirty, the figures were gaining on her. Crystal turned down a street and headed for the highway, but that was nearly two miles away. The three figures would be on her in less than half a mile at her current speed. As she glanced back again she noticed with horrific realization that they had picked up speed and were mere yards away.

She could see the blazing yellow and green shine of their eyes through the rear view mirror. She could see their ivory white teeth as they snarled and pressed forward to catch up. Crystal felt her panic set in like a ton of bricks and she debated speeding faster or slamming on the breaks. She looked back in the mirror again and the middle one was at her trunk and ready to tear into her car.

She glanced forward and screamed as a massive blur of black darted over her windshield and over the car. Crystal slammed on the breaks and the car screeched to a halt. She looked in the rear view mirror as a wolf, twice the size of the other three pounced on the middle wolf with crushing osmaniye seks hikayeleri force. The large black wolf that was easily five feet tall and ten feet long snarled and barked at the outer two wolves who stayed just out of reach.

The middle wolf bared it’s ivory fangs but the larger wolf didn’t back away. It growled a fierce thunderous growl that shook the air. With lightning fast reflexes it jumped to the side and swiped a claw at the outer wolf, it was a feint. As soon as the middle wolf took the bait and rushed in, the larger wolf shifted, turned and clamped its massive jaws upon the rushed enemy.

Crystal shrieked as she watched the larger wolf take the middle wolf’s neck in its jaws and bite down. She heard the loud pop and crack as bones broke and vertebrae were crushed. The middle wolf slumped and the larger wolf lifted its dead enemy up and tossed it away. The dead wolf slid on the asphalt for a few feet before coming to a bloody stop.

The two smaller wolves looked from the large wolf to their dead companion and then tuned and made a quick retreat. Crystal watched as the large wolf turned and in the mirror she could see its bright blue eyes. Shaking from fright and adrenaline she opened the door and slowly got out. Her head came just to the tip of the large wolf’s chin as it hovered over her protectively.

She could smell the blood on his fur and see the bits of flesh that remained. Crystal looked into the eyes of the large wolf, her brother, and felt the pull of the conscious connection. His deep dark voice rumbled inside her head as his thoughts were spoken directly to her.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

“I’m fine.” She replied though her hands were visibly shaking. “Olivia’s wolves?”

“Yes. They are just scouts. There will be more and they will be on the offensive but I…” he craned his neck back in the direction of the wolf he had killed which had reverted back to human form; “…I will be taking measures to ensure they don’t get far.”

Crystal looked at her brother again and felt a wave of calm reassurance. However her adrenaline was wearing off and her hands and shoulders started shaking.

“Move over.” Damian growled and before she could argue with him he began to shift. His dark fur fell away from his body and burned as it hit the open air. His bones shifted and joints cracked as his body turned back into human. Crystal watched as her very muscular and very naked brother got into the driver’s seat, closed the door and put the car into drive.

After each transformation his adrenaline exploded and his blood flowed everywhere, which included his cock. Crystal stared at his erect penis and with little reserve for who might see, she leaned over and wrapped her mouth around his cock.

Crystal stroked his cock with her lips and tongue and she sucked him hard and steady. Damian’s breath came out in heavy ragged breaths as he drove down the street.

With her free hand she started caressing and fondling his tight testicles, squeezing and rubbing them softly. Damian entangled his fingers in her hair and grabbed her head and started using her like his own personal facial fuck toy. Crystal moaned in both surprise and pleasure as she felt her brother push and pull her head and mouth up and down his cock. She gagged each time his cock hit the back of her throat but she had enough control over her gag reflex to not vomit.

Damian enjoyed how good her throat felt around his cock each time she gagged and tightened. Damian turned down a couple streets, pulled into the driveway of the house and put the car into park. As he let go of Crystal’s hair she sat up and gasped catching her breath after the several minute long face fuck use. Damian shifted his seat and propped up the steering wheel and without warning he grabbed Crystal and pulled her on top of him.

She looked surprised and alarmed to be straddling her brother face to face in the open driveway. Damian reached up behind her, hooked his fingers into the waistband of her pants and pulled her down.

“What if the neighbors see us?” She asked.

“What if mom is still awake and-” her worries were silenced as his cock slid into her wet and juicy pussy.

Crystal couldn’t help but sit back and enjoy his cock pressing against her soft cervix. She let out a satisfied moan of pleasure.

“So what if they see us? Let them see.” He snarled and with a violent tear he ripped down her shirt and bra allowing her breasts to fall free. Damian didn’t hesitate to begin pounding his sister’s pussy as she held onto his shoulders.

Crystal’s whines and moans echoed through the car and they only got louder as he started teasing and biting her pink nipples.

“Damian! Not the nipples! Oh fuck wait.” She shouted.

Damian bit down on her nipples harder and rolled them between his teeth as he pounded her cervix. Crystal tossed her head backwards and let out a massive moan as her orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave.

Before Crystal could recover, she felt her body being pulled in a new direction. Damian opened up the car door and the fresh night air rushed in around them. Damian stood over his sister who laid flat on the seat as he began fucking her twice as fast and hard.

“Oh fuck! Fuck me Damian!” She screamed.

“I’m gonna fuck your slutty pussy until I fill you up.” He growled.

Crystal’s pussy tightened at the thought of his cum filling up her pussy. Her climax sped forward and her pussy tightened around his cock.

“Yes! Please cum for me Damian!” She pleaded. “I’m gonna cum again! Cum for me!”

Damian couldn’t deny the burning in his balls and the throbbing of his cock mixed with the pure tight pressure of his sister’s pussy.

He reached forward and pulled her hair and hooked his thumb inside her anus.

“Fuck! Dammit!” She screamed.

“I’m gonna cum!” He growled.

“God yes! Cum with me!”

Crystal and Damian orgasmed simultaneously and both felt each other as the other went. Damian pulled out slowly and his cock continued to throb out dripping load after load of semen that puddled at the tire of the car.

Crystal couldn’t do anything but breathe as her vagina pulsed with the feeling of her bruised cervix and her brother’s cum that filled her up. With each pulse though she felt his cum drip from her pussy. She hated wasting his semen, primarily because she enjoyed how it felt but also because she loved how it tasted. It was on the bitter side yet it had a flavor that was infatuating.

Crystal reached behind her and made a soft whining noise as she pushed out his cum into her hand and licked it up. Crystal bent back slightly and pushed more of his cum out into her hand and licked it clean. Damian loved watching his sister scoop out his semen as though it were a precious commodity not to be wasted. Quickly though, Crystal felt her weariness surge and she staggered slightly.

“C’mon It’s time to sleep.” Damian said and scooped her up in his arms and carried her into the house and to her room.

Susanne rolled out of bed feeling both ecstatic and concerned. She could still feel her son’s cum inside of her. Thick and heavy it sat in and around her cervix. She had fucked her son, or more appropriately he had fucked her. Susanne had never felt such aggressive passionate love like that in her life, even more was the realization that she wanted it again.

She wanted to feel Damian’s cock deep inside her again. She wanted to feel his touch and his bite. She touched her neck and found that the bite mark was gone, no scar or scab or indentation. Just a little soreness in the muscle. Susanne shifted out of bed and walked over to the bathroom. As she made her way she felt the thick wad of cum move from her cervix and down her canal. She couldn’t help but moan as she felt her pussy squeeze and tighten as though her body was unconsciously trying to hold onto her son’s seed.

She felt the thick cum breach her pussy and heard it splash into the toilet. Susanne couldn’t deny how badly she wanted to feel it inside her again. As she walked out from the bathroom after taking a shower she nearly stopped at her son’s room but decided against it. Susanne didn’t want to push the limits of her new found relationship with her son. A relationship she had been craving for so long. She got her clothes and items for work and headed out.

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