A Wife’s Fantasy

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This was a story my wife sent to me whilst I was away over an extended period of time. This was her first ‘story’ which although still a fantasy , is one we might take further one day soon!! The story is ‘as written’ to me when I was far far away!

Having been away on a trip and not being expected back, you return to find the house in complete darkness apart from the bedroom light. Trying to catch me out and surprise me, you creep in the front door and quietly climb the stairs. You hear voices coming from our room and stop to listen in the darkness of the landing.

A sudden tingle shoots over your body as you realise what is happening. The door is slightly ajar and peering through the gap, you see the room filled with candles, a smell of perfume fills the air and soft gentle music is playing. Shadows appear on the wall and slowly become locked together. There on the huge bed you see a friend and me! You watch from your secret place to see the two of us gently caressing each other and intimately kissing each other’s bodies. Her breasts are lifting as my hand moves down her body and fingers gently part her lips to reveal a moist hole waiting for my fingers. I slide 2 in slowly and she moans with the pleasure. escort izmit

I touch myself at the same time and fingers penetrate my hole as well. Both of us are lost in the moment and cry out as we near climax. Your hand has worked its way into your pants and pulling at your ever-hardening cock. Suddenly we hear a noise and both look up to see your reflection in the mirror. She climbs off the bed and opening the door invites you to join us. You now enter the room and sit in the chair beside the bed and ask us to carry on.

She climbs onto the bed and on top of me, pushing her pussy into my face. My tongue searches and finds her hardening clit and I lick her from back to front. The taste is sweet and she begins to grind herself forward. I catch your eye and see you wanking beside us. My hand reaches out and I take over, gently at first and with each stroke become faster. You pull my hand away and tell me to continue on the bed. I now stand up and she falls to her knees and sinks her face into my soaking wet cunt. The feeling of her hot tongue is almost too much to bear.

I push her away and look her in the eyes; she instantly knows what I am thinking. We both turn to watch you still wanking very izmit escort bayan slowly from your corner of the room. We ask you to join us and with a rustle of clothes, stand there naked and hard. As you climb onto the bed, I move aside. Encouraging you, you start to kiss her and force your tongue deep into her mouth. The sight of you kissing someone else is such a turn on. As you carry on, my hand reaches around your body and holds your fantastic cock and pulls at the shaft, drops of cum oozing from your slit. I lean forward and lick each drop from your head and you moan. Still sucking you, you have dropped down her body and your tongue is inches away from her clit. Unable to wait any longer, your face lowers and you begin to lick at her smoothly shaved cunt. Whilst you tongue her, my mouth moves ever faster on your huge cock that is throbbing from the excitement. With one final deep throat you shoot your salty load into my mouth. She is watching every move and pulls my head up to share your cum. We begin to kiss, and the creamy flow is pasted between us. Both licking our lips and wanting more, we swap places.

This time she pulls your soft cock into her mouth and starts the slow but izmit sınırsız escort ever increasing nibbling of your head and balls. They are hot and swollen from your last orgasm. I stand in front of you whilst she continues. This time I pull my lips open for you to see the whole of me. Sliding fingers in one by one, you watch as I begin to move them in further and further. My breathing is becoming faster and my body arches as I begin to feel the tingling through my pussy. You are speechless and just watch as one woman sucks you and the other wanks in front of you. I stop and lie on the bed and ask her to go down on me. The look of pleasure on your face is enough for me to know that you are playing out the fantasy that you have always wanted. She comes up from my mound and pulls out a toy from the bedside table.

Vibrating quietly, she thrusts the soft shaft into my aching hole and begins to pump it in and out of me. I am cumming and cry out as I let go of my juices and they run down the inside of my thigh. You lean forward and run your tongue along the length of my pussy and lick me dry. This is almost too much now for you and your cock is bursting. You roll me over on the bed and take me, roughly, from behind. Your cock is filling me up and we are almost there. She moves to one side and you tell her to wank. All three of us are cumming and the heat coming from our bodies is powerful. With a final pump and thrust, we all cum in harmony and fall onto the bed panting.

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