A Whole New Me

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“Honey! Are you around?” I shouted from my room, rummaging through my drawers and naked from the shower.

“What’s up, sweetie?” My girlfriend, Lisa, popped her head around the bedroom door. Her eyes taking in my body and a cheeky smile forming on her pretty face “Oh, looking good.”

I wasn’t the most muscular guy but I wasn’t fat at all and Lisa always claimed she liked my body not being so hard and rough. She even convinced me to shave it more or less hairless; saying she preferred it that way. Although, her taste didn’t stretch to the hair on my head which she insisted I kept longer than most guys!

“I can’t find any boxers Lisa, weren’t you doing the washing the other day?”

“Oops! Sorry sweetie, I didn’t realise you were running so low. I threw some old ones out and I guess I didn’t get round to washing any of your others.”

“Running low? I’ve ran out! Chris is coming over in a couple of hours.”

Chris is an old friend of both myself and Lisa. We’d all met in university and though I got with Lisa a couple of years ago we still all hang out a lot. Today, he was coming over to help me put some new furniture together and later to have dinner with us. Not a big deal at all, but I did want to be dressed.

“Well we’ll see what we can do about that.” Lisa walked over to her drawers and rummaged around for a while. “How about some of mine?”

“Yeah right, why don’t I just wear one of your dresses too?” I laughed and went to sit on the bed, giving up the search for my own boxers.

“Oh come on! You’ll look cute, it’ll be fun” She was giving me the smile she uses when she wants to push me into something she think will be entertaining, I can never refuse.

“Fine, whatever… just give me some that are kind of passable as guys briefs.”

Completely ignoring me, Lisa presented me with a white thong covered in little pink flowers and topped off with a big pink bow on the back. I just stared.

“Oh come on! Please! It’ll be our secret and it’s just for one day so let me have fun. I’m sure it’ll be worth your while later…”

Lisa was doing her best to persuade me and to be honest, I was kind of up for it anyway. I took the thong from her and put it on, despite Lisa’s small size it fit surprisingly well. Lisa gave me a kiss for my acquiescence which along with her roaming hands and the new feeling of her panties on my skin had me rock hard instantly. God they felt good.

“See! I knew you’d like them!” Lisa gave me a pat on the butt and backed off. “Get dressed and we’ll see to that edirne escort later.”

A couple of hours later, Chris turned up at the door. He was dressed in jeans and a top that was just tight enough to show off his muscular physique. I never really worried about my body but seeing Chris often made me feel a bit… girly? Hell, I’ve never thought of it that way before, must be the thong on my mind. I guess I feel I’m just not quite as macho as he is.

I was wearing sweats which had made lisa laugh when she saw me. She was quick to point out that I’d often commented on how good her ass looked in sweats when she had a thong of her own on. They weren’t particularly thick so I was actually feeling quite exposed.

We got out a couple of beers and set to work, it wasn’t too bad just some flat pack furniture. Really it was just something to do whilst we hung out and talked.

“So where’s Lisa at?” Chris asked, just coming back from the bathroom.

“Oh she went out shopping, she needed a few things for dinner later.”

“And had no taste for furniture building I guess?”

“It could have something to do with that”

My laughter cut short when I realised I was bent right over the table we were building and my thong had ridden up! I quickly knelt up and pulled my sweats up a little. I glanced at Chris’ face but he didn’t look shocked or anything, so I assumed he hadn’t seen. It had been a little too close for my liking though.

I spent the next hour or so hyper-aware of the fact that he might see what I was wearing. I had no idea how he’d react but I would have been mortified. Lisa must have gotten me really worked up earlier though because I could feel the little butterflies I get when my mind gets stuck on naughty thoughts. It couldn’t have been the idea of getting caught but I didn’t know what else it could be.

I was just standing by the sink, getting a glass of water when I felt chris come up behind me. He hooked his thumbs into my sweats, just above and to either side of my ass and pulled them up.

“Your bow has been out all day, and it was just getting a bit too distracting.” Chris almost murmured in my ear, his hands settling on my hips.

I shifted forward a little, I know I should have made a bigger move to get away from him. He was way too close for any guy, even my friend, to get to me but I actually wasn’t thinking about getting away. I was thinking about covering the erection my thong and sweats did almost nothing to hide.

I was stunned. I should have shoved him elazığ escort off, but I was so turned on by the possessive way he placed his hands on me and the way he spoke down my ear. His hands started to move. Sliding up and down the front and inside of my thighs, close to but never touching my cock. He leant down and kissed my neck a little, moving his hand back to squeeze my ass just a little. I moaned and found myself pushing my ass back until I felt the bulge of his jeans against me. I lost myself for a while, allowing him to kiss my ear and neck, letting him feel me up however he pleased and then he whispered in my ear again.

“Do you want to show me the rest of your pretty panties Dani?”

Dani? He always called me Dan or Daniel. I didn’t spend too much time on that though. I felt myself nod at his suggestion and he stepped back. Without thinking, I leant forward a little giving him a better view and then I just waited. He hooked his hands back in my sweats and pulled them down to my ankles for me to step out of.

I now stood in front of my best friend in just a little vest top and a thong, shaking with anticipation for what he would do next. I wasn’t disappointed. He came up close behind me and slid his hands between my legs. He cupped my cock and balls, rubbing them through the panties and making me moan. I leant back to see his face and lost my breath immediately. He was kissing me! One hand on the back of my head pulling me in, the other teasing me through my panties and his tongue forcing it’s way into my mouth.

Somehow, I got turned around. We were kissing passionately, his hands all over me; squeezing my ass and playing with my nipples. I knew what I wanted and it was just more of him! I pulled his top off and as soon as I saw underneath, I couldn’t keep my hands or lips off his muscular chest and shoulders.

After taking in his beautiful upper body, I undid his belt. I couldn’t believe how driven I was! One minute I think I’m totally straight, totally fixed on Lisa and now I was here in a thong being worked into a frenzy by my friend. I finally got to the prize when I opened his jeans. His cock was long and thick and even through his boxers it just felt right in my hand.

We kissed for a while, his hands on my ass occasionally tracing a finger down the back of my thong. I pushed back against that feeling, Lisa fingered me from time to time so I already knew I loved it. I was stroking his cock when Chris broke our kiss.

“Why don’t you kiss it?” He was looking at me with erzincan escort such a sexy expression that I almost melted.

I sank slowly to my knees in front of my best friend and looked up at him, pulling his boxers away from his cock and down. I gasped and then licked my lips. It was so big, at least 8 inches long and real thick. I wrapped my hand around the base and started kissing up from there. When I started licking around the head, I felt Chris’ hand on the back of my head.

“Mm you look real good down there, Dani” Chris was smiling at me and stroking my hair. “You’ve got your ass stuck right out and it looks so hot in that thong.”

I couldn’t help smiling at the thought of my ass turning him on! I wrapped my lips around the top of his cock and started to slide down, I wanted to make him feel good, I wanted to please him. His cock was too big for my first time though, and I was choking and gagging almost immediately.

Not that I let that stop me, I must be a slut at heart because I just kept going and going. Licking his cock up and down, looking up at him the whole time. I stroked his cock, just sucking the head until I caught my breath enough to start trying to deepthroat him again. My free hand was playing with his balls and I just couldn’t stop thinking about the big load of cum I was going to get from him when this was over. I’d never even thought such a thing could excite me before.

After a while, his breathing started to quicken and I knew what was coming! I kept one hand on his balls and the other stroking his cock, my mouth bobbing up and down on his shaft as best as I could. He knocked my hands off him and started stroking himself, holding my head with his other hand so I could only suck the head of his cock.

“Rub yourself through your panties Dani, get ready to cum when I say so” His voice took on a commanding tone and I responded immediately.

It took me no time at all to get on the edge, rubbing myself through my thong felt great and I was so built up from everything that had happened. Especially, the cock that was currently in my mouth!

Chris started to moan and stroke faster. He came without warning, directly into my mouth at first. I swallowed it greedily as he pulled out and finished off over my face. I was rubbing frantically, feeling so horny, used and slutty. He started to wipe cum off my face with his fingers and then have me suck them clean. I couldn’t believe how much there was.

“Go on Dani, you can cum swallowing mine.”

Then I came. Looking into his eyes, sucking the cum I’d worked so hard for off his fingers, I turned the inside of my thong into a sticky mess. It was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had.

Chris helped me to my feet, kissed me and then slapped me on the ass. Sending me off to get cleaned up.

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