a white couple learn it can be dangerous

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a white couple learn it can be dangerousKen watched as Kate grimaced as the third black guy of the night roughly pushedhis cock into her cunt. Even with two loads of cum from the previous blacksstill in her, he knew that she was hurting as this black guy drove all the wayinto her in one swoop.Nine fucking inches of thick black cock slammed hard into her, and she bit herlip so hard that she drew blood. Kate looked up at her husband as he zoomed inon her facial expression. She hated getting fucked, but he had wanted it thisway, and whatever Ken wanted, she usually gave in to.”Look at the camera honey and tell me how that nigger cock feels.”Ken was a racist from the word go, but having his wife fucked by black men wasthe ultimate put down for her. He didn’t care if she hated it or not, just aslong as he got his 20 or 30 video of her servicing blacks.”It…. hurts Ken…. geez tell him to slow down please.””Keep fucking her man, give her the works, oh and don’t forget to give her allof your seed. I’m hoping that one of you guys catches her egg, as I want toshow her off at the Mall once she has a black baby.”Kate’s eyes rolled up into her head as her husband mentioned the thought of hergetting pregnant by one of these black men.It had started 4 weeks ago, when they had been watching an interracial pornmovie, she had mistakenly told him that black guys made her wet. He had lookedat her in a funny way, and reached over on the night stand and peeled a rubberopen, and then had flipped her over onto her back and had fucked her without anyforeplay. It had been a brutal fuck, but she had wanted it for several day, andnow he was giving her the loving she had needed and been deprived off for thelast week or so.As Ken was driving his six inches into her, he had gotten a mean look on hisface as he looked down on his plump wife of a little over a year. He had beenusing rubbers, cause in the back of his mind he had told himself that he was notgoing to stay married to this bitch. The last thing he wanted was to have a k**with her, that would tie him down in a marriage he was not happy in.He had married her only cause she was an easy lay, and did pretty mucheverything he wanted in the bedroom. On the first date, he had taken her to adrive-in movie, and when he kissed her that first time, she had made moaningnoises, like she was turned on. While french kissing her, he had snaked hishand between her legs, and for just a second she had kept her knees clampedshut, and then opened them up willingly.From there it had been easy sailing to get her into the back seat, and had toldher to unzip him and take his cock out. She had done it in an instant, and acouple of minute later, he had her sucking his cock, as people walked by theiropen window on that hot summer night. A few people had looked into the windowand had given him the thumbs up sign, and that just spurred Ken on.He had pulled her up by the hair and told her to get her slacks and panties off.Kate had never had sex before…. except in her mind when she was at homemasturbating with a dildo she had stolen from one of her girlfriends. Now shewas going to experience the real thing, and she rushed with pulling her slacksdown, and got her panties off of one leg, before Ken had pushed her back intothe seat and had roughly pushed his cock into her virgin cunt. It had beenpainful as hell, but the fact that she was now a woman, had soothed the achesshe felt in her cunny.On the drive home, he had put his right hand around her and drew her up tightagainst him.”That was great Kate, but I pulled out when I was ready to cum, to preserve yourdignity, so maybe you can unzip me again and give me a little head.”Kate was not crazy about sucking his cock again, cause the fuck that he hadgiven wasn’t all that great…. certainly not like she had so many times thoughtthat it would be, but she wanted to be his girlfriend, so she unzipped him whilehe as driving, and the steady pressure on the back of her head told her hewanted to be sucked again.She knew the windows were down as they were coming into town, and she figuredsomeone might see her sucking his cock, but she was passed the point of caring.As he pulled up to the stoplight, the steady up and down pressure of his righthand on her head, kept her from sitting back up.”Keep sucking Kate, it won’t be long now.”It won’t be long now? Then it registered with her that he was going to cum inher mouth, and the pressure from his hand told her that he expected her to eatit.She had him figured wrong, cause she kept on sucking till he said to hurry upcause they were at her house. She tried to jerk up but his strong hand wouldn’tlet it happen, and then suddenly she felt him stiffen and pushed her head downso hard that it hit the back of her throat.”FUCK YEAH…. suck it Kate…. suck it all up!”Three strong blasts hit the back of her throat and his hand made sure she didn’tstop sucking on his cock.The darkness of the driveway changed when one of her parents turned on the porchlight, just as she was swallowing the last of his cum. When she jerked her headup then, he pulled his hand away, and she gulped and wiped her mouth with theback of her hand, as she looked through the windshield to see her motherstanding there with an open mouthed look.”Kate?””HUH?””Your mom wants you to come in.” he was saying as he reached across her andopened up the door. She looked at him with a quizzical look, and that was theextent of her first date.She did not hear from him again till a few weeks later, when he asked her overthe phone is she would like to go see another movie at the drive-in. She thoughtthat she detected a smirk as he asked her, but she agreed to go. This time assoon as he had parked the car and had hooked up the speaker in the open window,he was telling her that it would be more comfortable in the back seat.He was a little more gentle with her when he entered her, but that didn’t lastlong till trabzon escort he wanted her to suck his cock. She had figured that maybe she mightget five minutes of fucking, but after just a few strokes he pulled out, andpulled her down to his cock.”Come on baby, give me some of that great head….”For the next 20 minutes or so it had been sucking and then fucking and then backto sucking again. She knew people were stopping as they walked past his car,but she was past caring, as this was the second time for her, and even though itmade her feel slutty being used like this, she went along with it.Ken had moved out of his parents house, and had convinced her to move in withhim. She had argued that it wouldn’t look right her moving in like that, whichhad turned into a fight. Two days later he proposed, and she packed her fewthings and moved in with him. Her mother had left her with a few parting wordsas she walked out the door.”You mark my words Kate…. that guy is not good for you!”But as young k**s are bound to do, she didn’t listen to her mother, and in amatter of a few weeks they were married.Right from the get go, Kate noticed that Ken always had a ready amount ofrubbers laying on the bed stand.One day she asked him why he continually used rubbers, and his reply had beenthat they were both too young to be saddled by her getting pregnant. She hadbeen resigned by that explanation, and it became a constant thing for him topeel a rubber on before he would fuck her.So that fateful night when he had brought home some porn movie, she found outwhat would be happening for the rest of her life.”A porn movie…. why?””Hey maybe it will spice up our sex life a little.””Don’t I do everything you want?””Geez Kate, it’s only a fuck movie…. settle down.” and that had been that.When the first images were of a white woman sucking on a huge black cock, shehad been revulsed, but at the same time she had gotten quite wet. Oh great, shethought, now it’s gonna be interracial stuff, but at the same time she waslooking at how big those black cocks were. She secretly wondered how that womancould take something that big, plus after a few minutes she noted the whitefrothing that was on the black mans cock as he was pumping it hard in and out ofthe woman. My God she thought to her self that cock must be 7 or 8 inches.”Man look at her taking that 10 inch cock Kate.”? inches?””That’s what it says on the jacket of the DVD.””How big do they get…?””Oh, are we liking this?”She had just nodded her head, and after 20 minutes of watching the movie, he hadrolled over and peeled a condom on and gave her the first satisfying fuck thatshe could remember having. She had worked her beefy butt hard to meet histhrusts, and he had shot a big load into the rubber.”Wow Ken, that was a big load you shot into the rubber.””Yeah well you seemed to be enjoying it too i noticed.”It was then that she had mentioned that the interracial movie had made her wet,and as soon as she had said it, she realized that maybe he might misunderstandwhat she had meant by that remark.Two days later at breakfast it hit her like a punch in the gut.”I’m bringing Dave over tonight for dinner, so fix something special.””What’s the occasion hon?””Big Dave works down on the docks, and I’ve told him all about you.””HUH?””How you liked that movie we watched the other day.””Ken…. you didn’t!””Yep, so put on one of those loose shorts and that thin blouse!””KEN!””Don’t fucking argue with me Kate…. your such a fucking prude!”She heard the door slam as he went to work and she sat down and tried to workout in her mind over what has just been said a few minutes earlier. It was onething to invite one of his buddies home for a meal, but the inclination for herto wear something slutty like her fuck shorts, as he liked to call them, and thethin blouse that did not hide her very large breasts, made her wonder what wasgoing on.At noon Ken called, and everything became crustal clear.”Hello?””Kate when I bring Big Dave over tonight, I want you to be extra nice to him.””UH… what do you mean?””Remember the movie we watched the other night?””Yes.””Geez Kate, do I gotta fucking spell it out for ya? They don’t call him BigDave, for no reason. He’s got the hugest cock I’ve ever seen. He has to beevery bit as big as that guy in the movie.””Ken…. what are you…. uhm….””Listen up Kate, he has some expensive movie camera shit, and he is gonna bringit along tonight.””For what…..?”She pretty much knew what he was going to say, but was surprised when he cameout and said it.”I’m gonna use his video equipment, while you check out his personal equipment.”There was silence on the line, which Ken took as a sign of her accepting what hewas suggesting.””Come on Kate, it’s just a little fucking…. hell you might even like it.”Just as quickly, Ken had hung up, and she was left with wondering what sheshould do. She moped around the house for a couple of hours, picking up stuffand straightening up the kitchen, but after coming into the kitchen for thethird time to do the same things over again, it hit her. Her husband wanted herto fuck his work buddy while he filmed it.Several times she picked up the phone to call her Mom to see if she could comeback home, but she already knew what her Mom would say…”I told you so, I toldyou so!”At 3 o’clock she took a very hot bath, and poured herself a big glass of Ken’sVodka. Never having drunk that stuff before, after the first two gulps, it hither kind of hard. She was trying to work over in her mind what might happentonight, when she looked down and saw that two of her fingers were going in andout of her cunny. Oh how she missed that dildo now, but then her mind went backto that black frothy cock in the movie…. did white guys also have such bigcocks? She got her answer when Ken walked in the door followed by the biggestand blackest guy she had ever seen… no fucking wonder Ken called him escort trabzon Big Dave.Right away her one hard went across her thing blouse, trying to hide her nippleswhich had been rock hard for the last hour.”Where is your fucking manners Kate…. get up and welcome Big Dave!”The welcome surprised her, as instead of a kiss on the cheep, his big lips hadfound hers, and after a few seconds, he slipped his tongue into her mouthbriefly. Just as quickly he had pulled back and smiled at her and left her withanother puzzling comment.”Oh yeah, this will be fun tonight….”The pork chops had been burned cause she had lost all train of thought from thegreetings, but Ken didn’t seem to mind.”Kate fuck the dinner, get our guest a beer, and one for me too as I set up theequipment in the bedroom.”In the bedroom…? what the fuck?As Ken was carrying the tripod and klieg light up the stairs, Big Dave encirledher waist with his beefy arm and drew her close.”Ken didn’t tell me what a looker he has for a wife.”She just gulped and tried to go to the kitchen for their drinks, but Big Davehad other ideas.He pulled her close and his thick lips again came down on hers. This time whenhis tongue snaked into her mouth, it stayed in there. He was very forceful, andbefore she knew it, his tongue was trying to tickle her throat. Kate’s legswent weak and it was a good thing that he was holding her up as she thought shewas going to faint.”You ever tasted nigger meat Kate?”She just looked up into the black face and was speechless.”Don’t worry baby, I’ve had many white wives, so I know how to make you girlsspread those knees.””Dav… er Big Dave…””Hush girl, go get those drinks and come sit with me on the sofa.”As she wobbled back into the living room she saw Ken going upstairs with morevideo equipment.”So Kate, you never answered my question.””Huh?””You ever tasted nigger cock before?”Kate just shook her head no, as he pulled her down beside him on the sofa. Hepulled her hand over and put it onto the bulge in his pants.O MY GOD, she thought…. it was like she could feel the heat of his cockthrough his slacks, and there was no mistaking that he had a huge hard on.”I… I can’t, he might come back down any minute/””Don’t worry baby, it was his idea, so I’m guessing he wants to see how youreact when you get a real mans cock in that pussy of yours…. so get thoseclothes off girl, were wasting time.”Kate drew back away from him, but already her fingers started fumbling with thebuttons on her blouse. She shyly took it off and then glanced down at where hehad just pulled his slacks off. MY GOD, she thought, as she saw the huge tenthis cock was making in his jockey shorts.Dave grinned at her as he saw her looking…. “Okay sweetie, now comes yourprize.”His huge cock flopped out as he pulled his shorts off, and he noticed her openmouthed stare as his cock started to take its upward mode.”HEY, what the fuck? I thought you were gonna let me take video of this?””LOL, settle down Ken, I was just showing her what I am going to use tocultivate that pussy of hers….”Kate’ eyes bulged as the big black cock was now sticking up and a full 45 degreeangle, and the angry cock head was twitching in anticipation of introducinganother white house wife to the joys of black fucking.”Come on girl, gets those shorts off, and lets get you upstairs and properlyintroduced to black fucking….””I… I can’t.” she stammered, but Ken was already rushing up the stairs, andDave grabbed her by one of her arms as the other one tried to extract her lastleg out of the shorts.As Kate entered their dingy little bedroom, she could feel the heat from theKlieg lights, and the briteness of the room was almost over powering.”Ken…. honey do you really want me to do this?””Stop fucking around Kate…. sit on the bed and show Big Dave’s cock some ofyour mouth watering attention!”As Kate sat down, Dave was pushing his cock down to her face, and thats when shesaw the first pearls of clear liquid forming at the opening of his piss hole.She started to hesitate, but Big Dave already had one of his huge hands on theback of her head and pulling it forwards.”Do I call her bitch Ken?””Fuck yes… call her anything you want.””And no rubbers right?””Nothing but the best for my buddy….”Her lips momentarily felt the bulbous head on her lips, before they parted andan inch of the black cock head entered her mouth.”WATCH the teeth bitch, or I’m gonna knock em out!”Kate strained to open her mouth as far as it would go, and Big Dave shoved thecock head to the opening of her throat. She started to wretch, but the blackman stopped.”Where is the poppers I gave you Ken?”Her husband dutifully unscrew the cap on the little brown bottle and handed itto him.”Okay bitch, this is how it’s gonna go. You close one nostril and take a deepwhiff, and then the other nostril and the same thing. I you don’t, then weregonna do it without the poppers…. your choice bitch!”Kate took a reluctant inhale and immediately felt the fumes of the Amyl Nitratego straight to her brain. Before she could protest, the little brown bottle waspushed under her other nostril, and the second whiff made her see momentarystars.”Atta girl, now let the show begin…. You ready with the video camera Ken?””Yep… rolling and getting some nice close ups.”My God, Kate thought. She was being brutally face ****d, and her husband wasfilming it. The revulsion of it, and the wetness that was starting to form inher cunt were more than she could handle, and she started to go limp, just priorto fainting.”No no little wifey, you need to stay with me, as he pulled his cock back outand slapped her none too softly in the face.”PERFECT… do her good Big Dave.”Big Dave just snickered to himself as he heard her whimpy husband respond toslapping his wife. He had done this many times with other white wives, and itnever ceased to amaze him how their husbands always responded positively trabzon escort bayan with thelittle bit of v******e.Big Dave shoved the little brown bottle under each nostril again, and made surethat she took two deep whiffs. Looking down at her, he saw he was now incompletely control and ordered her to open up wide. Kate responded as ordered,and the big black cock head went to the back of her mouth and after a littlepush entered her throat. He felt her trying to upchuck, but he kept pushing,and pretty soon his curly black pubes were surrounding her chubby little nose.Her eyes got bigger, but he kept her head still until he knew she needed a biggulp of air, and he yanked it all the way out of her mouth.Late gulped for air, and looked up at the big negro, who now had a sort of meanleer on his face.”You ready to be black proper now little white girl?”She didn’t know how to respond, but Big Dave pushed her backwards onto the bed,and in one motion lifted her knees up to her breast. OMG she thought… he’sgonna do it….No sooner had that thought crossed her mind, and she felt the big bulbous cockhead at the lips of her wet cunt.”Okay Mama, now we gonna turn you into a black cock loving slut!”, and with astrong push a good 3 inches of black cock went into her cunt.Kate felt the air rush out of her lungs, as he gave another push, and already hewas past any point her husband had ever been.”OMG….. !””Say it again white girl!!!””OMG, it’s so bigggg… easy, please go easy.”But Big Dave was past the point of caring what this white bitch wanted. Hecould tell by the way that her nails were biting into his arms, that she wasalready past the point of wanting the fuck to stop. If she was like any of theother white wives he had fucked, he would be thanking his lucky stars that hehad taken those 2 viagra’s as they were leaving work.His cock felt like it was the master of the universe, and he knew he was incomplete control of this situation. Hell he might even have Ken get on the bed,and he might fuck him too. He had done that about a month ago with a youngwhite couple, and he had then both bend over while he fucked one in the ass andthen the wife in her pussy. Shit if memory served him right, he thought that hehad ended up fucking both of them in the ass, even though the husband cried andwanted him to stop. Yea, he might end up doing that again some time, hell maybeeven with Kate and Ken.”Oh fuck, this is so hot…..”Dave looked over his shoulder and saw the white husband beating his cock offlike there would be no tomorrow.”Hey man, try holding the fucking camera still will ya?”He looked down at the white wife again, and said “You ready for the rest of it?”Kate just nodded as she tried gasping for breath. The final shove, brought bothof their pubic hair sets together, and Kate’s eyes rolled up into her head.”Okay baby, now I’m gonna give you a couple of things to remember this nightby.”She looked up at him as he was leaning down, wondering what he was going to donext. His mouth descended down onto her neck, and he started sucking very hard.Oh fuck, she thought, he’s gonna give me a hickey?While Big Dave sucked hard on her thick neck, his hips went into overdrive, ashe felt the first of many big orgasms coming on. Kate could feel it too andstarted to feebly push him away, but this black monster was much stronger thanshe ever imagined, and she felt his body tightened up.”NO…. NO…. please, your not wearing protection, and I think its the wrongtime of the month of me…. Oh God, please…. don’t….”But it was already too late.Dave looked over his shoulder at Ken and yelled, “You getting this? I’m seedingyour wife man, she gonna be pregnant with a black baby, that’s for sure!”Ken was trembling as with cum sticky fingers he was trying to zoom in on Kate’sface as she was being bred….Kate’s legs were out straight in a 45 degree angle and her body accepted theblack seed offering as it was being poured into her body. She knew thatmillions of those black bastards were already seeking out her egg, to cultivateit. What the fuck will Mom think of this, she thought for a momentary second,as the next pulse of cum was being delivered. Oh yes….er No, er … aw fuckit, let it happen she thought.When Big Dave pulled away from her neck, he saw the huge purplish spot, the sizeof a half dollar on her neck, and he smiled to himself. Yea, she was a bigoversized white wife, who would be good for fucking for as many times as hewanted her, before that belly of hers would really get big with his black baby.He planned on coming over to their house while Ken was at work, and fucking heras many times as he wanted to, and taking plenty of pictures as her bellystarted swelling.They had rested for about 15 minutes, before he pulled her over on top of himand she sank down onto his big cock again, and let out a deep sigh.”You be liking this black cock now, eh Kate?”She just nodded quickly and closed her eyes.”Kate, open your eyes and look at me!”Kate looked back down at the huge negro man, and with an open mouth tried togulp more air as her pubes finally melted onto his.”You gonna carry my baby…. you hear me?”Kate just nodded, as she started to rise up and down on his massive cock.”Say it, damnit!””I…. okay… uhm, I carry it to full term.”Ken looked in on amazement as he heard his wife say the words. So the fuckingcunt wants his baby eh?And thus Kate was passed around to a couple of the other black guys from thedocks at work. Ken made sure that they didn’t tell Big Dave, as he figured thiswould be his way of fucking Big Dave up. Cause he made sure that Kate had hercunt filled with black swimmers looking for her egg, if it hadn’t already beencultivated.As for Kate, her husband strangely disappeared a month later, and she wonderedwhat Big Dave meant, when with a smirk on his face, he told her that she wouldbe living at his place now, cause Ken would never be back.Kate had a big baby boy about nine months later, and right after that, Big Davestarted putting her big butt on the streets, after c***d services took theirbaby away. She earned him lots of money, till she too disappeared one night,never to be seen again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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