A weekend with Doug and Mich Pt1

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A weekend with Doug and Mich Pt1The email ended, “so how about coming round this weekend? After chatting for so long it seems to be right that we do some of the things we chatted about.”Doug & MichDee and I talked about it and without hesitation we agreed that we could go and we would know almost immediately if we wanted to stay with them.I replied quickly and said we would be coming over.It was Thursday night and excitedly we went to bed, made passionate love and huddled together with my cock straining in Dees cheeks we drifted off to sleep. Next day work was hell, Dee and I texted each other, talking about what we should take that evening, naughty lingerie, toys. What clothes Dee would go in, stockings of course but a dress or a skirt? We both left work at three to get home early. Once home I couldn’t resist sliding my hand down Dees panties to feel her soft bum and under to her very damp pussy. She broke away, “Plenty of time later for that, we have to pack and get ready, it will take a couple of hours to get there.”Then a text from Doug, “What time will you be here? We want to be ready for you.”I replied “About 7ish.”I sneaked into the room where Dee was dressing, rolling her black stockings up her thighs and fastening to her best and sexiest garter. Then she slipped on her sleek, above the knee black dress, covering her black half cup bra and stockings. Black heels and she was ready. Her case was packed and was a secret as to what she had put in it. “You’ll just have to wait and see.” She said. I had dressed casually, as most men would. But I did have my backless wetlook pants on. We packed the car and were off by 5. I put my hand on Dee’s thigh to feel her stocking tops and she smacked it playfully.We were off for our first encounter with another couple. Dee sat next to me and hitched her dress up to reveal her stocking tops. As we passed through town, passers-by who had looked into the car would have seen her sexy bahis firmaları thighs and stocking tops. Then onto the motorway, it would seem like an age before we got there. We arrived at Doug and Mich’s address and nervously I got out of the car. Opened the door for Dee and she swung round, showing me again her thighs as she stepped out. We rang the door bell and almost immediately the door was opened by Doug. “Hi, you made it, dead on time too. Come in.” He kissed Dee on the cheek, shook my hand and just said “Jeeze.” I handed him a bottle of bubbly.We walked through into the sitting room to be greeted by Mich. Dressed? Well hardly, she had a sexy dressing gown on, tied in a bow at the waist but clearly showing her ample breasts and glimpses of red lingerie. Dee sat nervously on the edge of the sofa, knees together, but the sheen of the stockings showed almost to the top.“I’ll open the bubbly, it will help us relax.” Doug disappeared to the kitchen.We talked to Mich who now had reclined, her dressing gown had opened below the belt and was clearly showing most of her stocking clad thighs. Dee responded immediately “Mmm, Ben loves me dressing in red.” And reaching forward undid the bow tying her gown and revealing her attire. As she did this Doug came back from the kitchen, “Wow, I didn’t expect to see you looking at the goods so soon.” Handing Dee and me flutes of champagne. We all stood, clinked glasses and toasted for an exciting weekend. Mich’s gown open and revealing her sexy body wrapped equally sexy lingerie. “So Dee what do you have under that dress?” asked Doug. Dee smiled, put her glass down and hitched up her dress to her waist and revealing her underwear. “Oh. I love it.” Mich responded and ran her free hand over Dee’s thigh. “So how do you plan the evening Doug?” I asked stupidly. “Well I think the girls should take off their dressing gown and dress and we take it from there.” And with that Mich dropped her kaçak iddaa gown to the floor and Dee lifted her dress over her head, both girls now standing side by side in their revealing lingerie. “Oh Dee, you look so sexy.” and leaning forward, kissed and licked on Dee’s left exposed nipple. Dee put her hand round the back of Mich’s head and pressed her lips firmly against her nipple. They broke their embrace and Dee bought their heads together and they kissed. Their tongues swirled together. They cupped each other’s breasts. Mich’s hand moved down and brushed Dee’s thong covered ass. My cock was straining in my pants and I guess Doug would be the same. “Doug,” “show Dee your underwear.” He quickly pulled off his shirt and dropped his trousers. Doug had a tight pair of satin red pants with a sleeve for his hard cock which stood proud and very erect. Dee looked at me and indicated with her eyes for me to do the same, so I pulled my tee shirt off and slipped my jeans down. “Do a twirl.” “Oh cute ass Ben.” Said Mich stepping towards me. “And a zip to open up the goodies inside,” her hand rubbing over the material over my crotch. “Are you a big boy like Doug?” “Sadly not, Doug’s cock is bigger from what I’ve seen on hamster and for that matter, what I can see now.”I guess you boys will be able to play with each other when we’ve finished with you. I’ve always wanted to see Doug with another man, he tells me he likes it too and I think by the way your cock is twitching in my hand that you would like to.” Mich reached out her other hand and wrapped her hand around Doug’s satin clad cock and pumping it. Dee stood to the side, I watched her tweaking her nipples and slipping her hand into her thong. Doug reached out grabbing Dee and pulling her towards him to kiss her on the lips. They snogged as Mich pulled me towards her and we too started to kiss, her tongue slipping inside my mouth. From the corner of my eye I watched as Dee kissed kaçak bahis her way down Doug’s chest and tummy, licking his belly button, before sinking down to his cock. “I think we should watch Mich.” I said and we moved to the sofa. We sat arm in arm fondling each other as we watch Dee getting to work on Doug.Dee wrapped her mouth around his covered cock and Doug pumped it inside her mouth. She pulled away and we saw the material has become opaque and we could see the veins and contours of his cock. Whilst watching Mich had undone this zip on my pants and my cock poking out of them was now engulfed in Mich’s mouth. The sensation was thrilling. I fumbled with her bra and released the clasp allowing her boobs to bounce free, then I cupped them in my hands, feeling her nipples harden to my touch. Mich dropped to the floor and continued to suck me. Her ass in the air was noticed by the others. Doug knelt behind her and pulled her red thong to one side and licked from her slit to her ass. Dee did the same and they took turns to make her wet. “I want to watch you fuck her Doug.” He pulled his pants down and his cock sprung free and Dee slipped it back into her mouth before taking it in her hand and feeding it to Mich’s pussy. I couldn’t see what was going on, but Mich moaned around my cock as he slipped in her and she jolted as he started to pump inside her. Dee was working on Mich’s nipples and flicking at her clit. Doug then exclaimed “OMG I’m gonna cum.” “I want to see you cum.” I called and Doug pulled out and started to wank his cock. Dee helped. His cock in front of me, he groaned. His cock spewed cum, splattering onto Mich’s arched back and hair, falling just inches from my chest and face. He fell back onto the carpet as Dee rose slightly to lick the cum off Mich’s back, then leaning towards me and kissing me passionately. Our tongues mingled and I tasted his cum for the first time. It was all too much for me and without warning I came too, this time in Mich’s mouth. She almost choked, but when I had finished she lifted her head and opened her mouth. My cum awash in her mouth. She turned to Dee and they kissed, savouring my cum.

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