A Walk with Wanda Ch. 02

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“Maybe that swim would be good.” Julie suggested.

“I thought you’d never ask!”

Wanda bustled across the sand of the quarry floor, jumping feet first into the clear, cool water. In seconds, she was in water well over her head.

Wanda floated onto her back, closed her eyes and drifted…enjoying the sensuous water caressing her body. The cool, clear water lapped between her thighs and around her breasts…until another spray of water splashed on her. “Brat!” she exclaimed and popped one eye open to see where Julie was. Julie was just outside of arms reach, so Wanda resumed letting the water cool her body.

In a few moments, Wanda felt Julie swim up next to her and grabbed her arm.

“Wanda… someone’s coming!” Julie whispered urgently.

Wanda smiled thinking…”sure there is, Julie” …and she continued to float…until Julie jerked her arm forcefully. This time she opened both eyes and lifted her head enough to let the water clear her ears.

Indeed, there was someone coming. Julie and Wanda heard the crunching of footsteps on the very trail that they had come in on.

They had left all of their things on the rock, their clothes, their lunch basket and Wanda’s backpack, its top left open and its contents available for inspection by whomever might happen across it.

Julie was noticeably shaken by the uncertainty of the situation and of the extreme vulnerability of it all. Hundreds of ‘what-if’ scenarios filled her head as she clung onto Wanda’s arm. She thought to dive and try to swim underwater to hide herself from the intruders, but just as her instinct to flee the situation was close to kicking in, two young women appeared from the mouth of the trail. Julie let out a huge sigh of relief at the appearance of the women. Wanda noticed this and laughed softly to herself.

The young women seemed to be of college age and were dressed in hiking shorts and bikini tops. They were carrying packs as well and the taller of the two walked toward the edge of the water.

“Hi!” she called out to Wanda and Julie as the other stood back near the trail opening. “Would you guys mind if we joined you?”

Julie looked quickly over to Wanda, hoping she’d ask them to leave. Wanda responded without consulting Julie, “Sure! C’mon in!” she shouted back.

The girl at the edge of the lake looked back over her shoulder and called to her friend who was now looking down at the pile of clothes and the backpack that we had left. She turned and walked over to join the girl at the edge of the lake. The two spoke to one another for a second and then they began to undress, slipping out of their shoes and dropping their shorts. The taller girl with the darker hair looked as if she was ready to get into the water, but her friend stopped her and the two spoke for just a moment. Julie and Wanda wondered what was going on. The blonde girl then reached around and untied her bikini bra at her back and then at her neck, tossing it to the ground, she then bent and shimmied out of the bottoms, turning to her friend as to say “there.”, but Julie and Wanda couldn’t hear. The brunette nodded and stripped off her swimsuit and grabbed the blonde’s hand, pulling her toward the water’s edge.

From their vantage point, Wanda and Julie could see that both girls had very nice bodies. Curvy, yet athletic. The brunette had a small patch of curls between her legs and the blonde appeared to be shaved, but it was difficult to tell because of her hair color. The girls waded in, slowly acclimating themselves to the cool water of the pit. Once waist deep, the brunette grabbed the blonde’s arm and pulled her forward, submerging her fully. The blonde popped her head back to the surface and pulled her long hair back from her face and onto her back. The brunette then dove in, swimming underwater toward Wanda and Julie.

The blonde paddled around in the shallows as the brunette began to swim toward Wanda and Julie. Wanda floated easily, her body seemingly suspended on the water. Julie treaded water as she watched the dark haired girl swam confidently toward the older pair.

Julie stayed close to Wanda as the younger girl approached, nearly hiding behind her. The dark haired girl stopped a few feet of the older pair and popped her head above the surface of the water. Her eyes were brilliant green and her lashes and brows were dark. She has a small nose and her hair was slicked back over her head. She was very pretty. She cleared her eyes of the water and smiled.

“Hi!” she said exuberantly. “I’m sorry to barge in on you guys.” She continued. “I saw your flags, but we were so hot from walking, we just had to get in the water and cool off. I mean, we knew you were women and everything”

“Our flags?” Julie asked suspiciously from behind Wanda.

“Yeah… The panties… in the tree… by the trail.” The girl explained.

“What?” Julie asked, her glance in Wanda’s direction.

“Right… If there are undies in the tree. Let us be… that’s the rule out here. It’s like a do not disturb canlı bahis şirketleri sign.” Wanda explained, pausing for a moment. “But there are no signs out here.” She smiled. “So we use flags.”

“But you ignored our flag-” Julie said to the girl.

The girl looked back at Julie and cast her eyes down, almost apologetically. “We hoped that you wouldn’t mind.”

“You’re fine, dear… What’s your name?” Wanda answered, hoping to keep Julie from berating the girl further.

The girl smiled. “I’m Jen. That’s my room mate Sherri. We go to school over at Stevens Point .” She stopped and giggled a second. “We blew off class to go swimming today… and here we are.”

Wanda smiled and introduced herself. “My name’s Wanda and this is Julie. We’re from Appleton . We actually came because the kids will be out of school soon and we wanted to enjoy the day… so here WE are.”

Wanda and Jen chatted about the pit and the area. Wanda knew Stevens Point and knew people who went there. She brought up a few names and Julie, tired of treading water excused herself. “I’m going to go to shore… Should I get us some food out?” she asked.

“That would be great, dear… ” she turned to Jen. “Do you have enough to share, Julie?”

“Yeah, I think so. We can share.”

“Would you and Sherri like something?” Wanda asked Jen.

“That would be great” Jen answered.

Julie turned and began to swim slowly toward shore.

Wanda called over her shoulder… “No clothes, Julie…”

Julie pretended not to hear.

Wanda and Jen continued to float in the deep water as Julie made her way to the shallows. She could see the bottom beneath her again and put her foot down on the sandy surface below her. Julie walked toward shore and looked up to see the blonde girl sitting with her feet in the water. She looked up at Julie and said hello. “You’re Sherri?” Julie asked.

“Yes. And you’ve met Jen?”

“I did. ” Julie paused. “My name’s Julie.”

Sherri rose to her feet and extended her hand. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Julie was taken aback. Sherri was stunning… bright blue eyes and straight, light blonde hair. Her skin was clear and she had a gorgeous body. Her breasts were firm and her nipples pointed slightly upward. Her areola were fairly small and puckered and her nipples protruded proudly from them. Her waist was small and her hips flared out, revealing a small nest of light blonde curls between her legs. She seemed to have no problem with the idea of showing her naked body to Julie. Julie thought that to be a little odd, but then, she herself was totally nude before Sherri as well.

“Looks like you guys are going to have a little lunch with us.” Julie said. “My friend Wanda invited you.”

“That’s really nice of you.. thank you”

“I’ll get it out once I dry off a little.. I didn’t bring a towel.” Julie said.

“Here…You can use mine. ” Sherri offered. Sherri walked across the sand to one of the packs and bent down to it. Julie watched the young girl’s bottom as it jiggled with her walk and couldn’t help but stare as she squatted down. She was quite a sight to behold.

Sherri stood, turned and handed the towel to Julie.

Julie smiled and took the towel, dabbing her face in an effort to preserve what was left of her makeup. She was startled when she felt Sherri’s hands on her torso, dabbing at the drops left on Julie’s skin. Julie looked up at Sherri.

“Just trying to help.” Sherri said sheepishly.

“No… It’s fine. I just didn’t expect…”

Sherri just smiled. Sherri’s eyes dropped from Julie’s face to her neck. “I like your necklace… ” she said softly.

Julie reached up to her neck, her fingers wrapped around the chain collar that Wanda had put on her an hour before. A flush of embarrassment filled Julie, knowing that the choke collar was unmistakable. It wasn’t jewelry.

Sherri stepped closer. “Julie- I saw her put it on you.”

Julie pictured the scene in which Wanda had put the collar on her running clearly through her mind. Nude, bent over a rock, being savagely fucked by Wanda’s toy. Crying out in ecstasy as Wanda brought her to earth-shaking climaxes.

Julie’s knees began to shake. Sherri stepped closer and put her hands on Julie’s hips. “We watched you guys… through our binoculars… you two were so hot. “

Julie looked up into Sherri’s eyes. She was shocked beyond speaking that these two had watched she and Wanda playing earlier.

“I wanna play, too, Julie. ” Sherri said softly as she leaned toward Julie, her soft lips touching Julie’s for the first time. Julie pulled back slightly, overwhelmed by this sudden and unexpected advance from Sherri. “Don’t run away…” Sherri coaxed as she swiftly reached up for the canine collar around Julie’s neck. Sherri pulled Julie’s mouth slowly toward her own lips.

Wanda and Jen stayed out in the deeper water, chatting away as if they had known one another for years. Wanda had her back to the shore and hadn’t noticed canlı kaçak iddaa Julie and Sherri’s interaction. Jen’s eyes drifted over Wanda’s shoulders momentarily, observing what was happening on the shore between Sherri and Julie. She looked back at Wanda.

“Don’t look now, Wanda, but your little pet and Sherri are getting along quite nicely.”

“Really?” said Wanda, realizing a second too late that Jen had called Julie her ‘pet’.

“Uh-huh.” Jen’s eyes drifted over Wanda’s shoulder once again…

“So what are they doing?”

“Sherri is standing very close to Julie and they are talking.” Jen paused a second and then giggled. “Sherri just kissed her… and Julie backed up a little… Oh, my god!”


“Sherri just grabbed the chain”

“Her collar?”

“Yes!” Jen smiled widely. “You guys must have really steamed her up. She’s normally not that forward.”

“Steamed her up?”

“Oh yeah… watching you guys.”

“Watching us… swimming?”

Jen laughed. “No, Hon… We came across the two of you when we were walking in. You had Julie tied to the tree and we watched you.” she paused, “.from a ways away… through our binocs… We hid behind some rocks and watched you.”

Wanda was a little shocked and surprised at once, but she was also quite turned on. “So you know we…”

“Oh, yeah, babe… we know… and we do the same thing.”

“What do you mean?”

“Sometimes I tie her up and play with her… kinda like you guys do.”

Wanda’s head was spinning. Her instinct was to swim to shore and protect her ‘property’ from this intruder, but her more calm head told her to take control of this situation… and she would be rewarded. “I have an idea where we might have a little fun, the four of us. Would you play along with me?”

Jen grinned devilishly. “Oh, hell yes! I’d love to. Lead the way”

“Are there any limits?”

“Don’t kill her.” Jen laughed.

“Of course not!” Wanda replied. “But she may not like me too much for a little while.”

“I’ll let you know if anything goes too far, OK?”

“agreed.” said Wanda. “Shall we swim to shore for some lunch?”

“Yes… let’s.” said Jen, the devilish grin still on her face.

Sherri’s tongue slipped through Julie’s lips as she kept a tight hold on the choke collar. Julie had no real choice but to comply with Sherri. Julie heard the sound of splashing in the pond and looked past her captor. “They’re coming!” Julie blurted out as she Wanda and Jen swimming in their direction. Sherri jumped and let go of the chain and turned to look at the women swimming in their direction.

Jen arrived at the shore first and rose dramatically from the water. Jen’s lovely body glistened in the late June sun as water ran off of her skin. “Would you grab my towel, Hon?” she called to Sherri, who had taken several steps toward her. Sherri turned and walked quickly across the sand and stones toward the backpack. Julie couldn’t help but look Jen over. Jen’s body could best be called athletic. She had broad shoulders and muscular arms. Her breasts were smaller, but shapely and firm. Jen’s nipples stood at attention, Julie guessed from the cool water. Jen had a trim waist and fairly narrow hips, not as wide as Sherri’s and her legs were trim and muscular. The woman had the shape of a swimmer. To see her move through the water in the pit, it wasn’t hard to imagine her in competition

Wanda emerged from the water a few steps behind Jen, stopping at waist depth and pulling her hair back over her head. Wanda’s upraised arms showed her breasts at their finest- large and firm. Her nipples stood proudly erect above her areola. Water droplets cascaded over her skin. The swim had washed the excess makeup from her eyes. She was gorgeous.

Wanda moved slowly toward the shore and surveyed Jen’s sculpted form as she waited for Sherri to bring her towel. She intentionally lingered in the shallows for the opportunity to look over the younger women at closer range.

Sherri returned across the sand with Jen’s towel in hand. Her breasts jiggled as she walked briskly toward her friend. Julie watched Wanda’s eyes as she looked over the new arrivals. A faint smile and the intensity of Wanda’s gaze let Julie know that her mind was concocting a plan to involve the youngsters. Soon she would find out what that plan would be.

Julie turned from the scene before her to retrieve the picnic basket. She bent to retrieve the basket as the chain on her neck jingled. She raised her hand to the metal chain to silence it. Somehow, she just felt as if something was amiss. She couldn’t be sure of what it was, but something wasn’t ………

Julie lifted the basket and carried it over to a rock that the quarrymen had left when the quarry closed many years ago. It was large and flat and was just about the perfect height to sit on. She opened the basket and retrieved a tablecloth and spread it out over the surface of the flat stone. Over her shoulder, she heard the sound of Jen introducing canlı kaçak bahis Sherri to Wanda. The voices sounded very friendly and cordial. The others laughed as the spoke- maybe everything was OK.. Maybe Wanda didn’t see Julie kissing Sherri. Perhaps it was just a stolen kiss.

The others continued talking as Julie unpacked the sandwiches from the basket. She had made roll-ups from some leftover roast beef and Swiss cheese. She had also packed some strawberries and grapes. Julie had packed a nice lunch for two, not intending to have two extra mouths to feed. She hoped she had packed enough. Julie pulled the wraps and the bowls containing the fruit from the basket and set them out. She found a knife in the basket and sliced the wraps in half, making one for each of the women in attendance. “Lunch is ready…” she called to the others who were talking to one another near the water’s edge.

The others made their way to the rock, fussing over the lunch that Julie had prepared for them. Each helped themselves to a sandwich and a few pieces of fruit,

“It’s not much.’ chatted Julie nervously, “I brought some wine, but…”

The younger girls both told Julie how nice the lunch was and how it was nice of her to share with them. Julie never had a chance to tell the girls what had happened to the wine bottle.

The women stood chatting around the rock and munching their lunches over conversation. Sherri made mention of something that had offended her at school and Wanda took the opportunity to mention what was bothering her.

“You know, something happened here today that rather pissed me off. too.” she said, rather loudly. Her voice picked up the timbre and tone that Julie knew all too well. It was her domme tone. “Someone tried to take something of mine without my permission.” Sherri and Jen looked at each other, not knowing quite what to make of her statement. Julie knew exactly what was up. She braced herself for the worst.

“I saw you kiss Julie, Sherri… I saw you grab her collar…” Wanda said forcefully, yet coolly. “That’s my collar…” she paused, “on my pet.”

Wanda’s head spun toward Julie. “And you… you let her!” Wanda crossed her arms over her chest.

Julie cast her eyes downward. “yes.” she said softly.

“So then, do you want her??” Wanda insisted.

Julie stood mute, her eyes cast downward. She involuntarily began to draw her hands behind her, as to cover up her backside.

“Julie.” Wanda said, with still an edge in her voice. Wanda reached up to the looped end of the collar and put her index finger through it, tightening the slack around her neck. Wanda gave a tug on the collar and turned toward the edge of the rock where they had just had lunch. “Come.”

Julie walked a step behind Wanda as she led her by her collar in front of the younger girls. Sherri had a horrified look on her face, Jen just smiled wryly. Wanda stopped and turned Julie such that she faced the girls, her heels toward the rock. “Sit.” Wanda commanded, letting go of the collar. It went limp again around her neck.

Three steps away, Sherri shifted her weight toward Jen as Wanda’s intent gaze was directed her way. Wanda’s dark eyes burrowed into the pale blue of Sherri’s. “.. And what about you… don’t you think you owe me something for this?”

Sherri stammered for a second and turned her head to Jen.

“You’re on your own here… you’re the one who fucked up” Jen retorted, knowing full well that Sheri was seeking her protection. Jen backed away half a step.

Sherri looked up at Wanda. “I’m sorry…” she said, hoping that it would quell Wanda’s mood. It didn’t.

“I think you owe me.” Wanda said.

“..An apology? I just did!” Sherri protested.

“No…” Wanda said coolly. “I think you should be my other pet for a little while… Don’t you agree, Jen?”

“Absolutely.” Jen agreed instantly.

“Done.” Wanda said triumphantly. “But I only have one collar. You will take Julie’s… I think she will soon know her place… as will you.”

Wanda turned and strode over to Julie who was still obediently sitting on the rock. Wanda reached down and ran her fingers over the collar, finding the clip to release the chain from her neck. She released the clip and slid the chain slowly around Julie’s neck until it fell from her shoulders into Wanda’s hand.

Wanda smiled mischievously at Julie and then turned and strode back to Sherri. “OK, hon. pull your hair up. I don’t want any to get caught in my collar.” Sherri raised her arms and cradled her blonde locks up over her head. Wanda reached around her neck and clipped the collar in place around her neck. Wanda leaned forward and kissed Sherri softly on the lips and then whispered “I won’t hurt you, babe.” she paused. Then more loudly: “much”. Wanda turned and smiled at Jen… “Shall we begin?”

Wanda drew a circle about 3 feet around with her heel in the sand. She placed her finger in the chain’s loop and pulled Sherri into the circle. “This is your pen. You will stay here until I come and get you… understand?” Sherri nodded and dropped her hands to her side. “No, no… I didn’t tell you to drop your arms, did I? I think they look good up.” Sherri returned her arms to her head. “That’s better.” Wanda cooed… “Now… you stay.”

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